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Trick to catching a Snorlax. 'Oops! I accidentally defeated him' hint for Pokemon FireRed

Trick to catching a Snorlax. 'Oops! I accidentally defeated him'

Okay, so anyone who has played Pokemon Fire Red knows the whole story with the two Snorlax. It puts a bit a pressure on oneself when you know there's only two in the entire game. So basically, you only get two chances to catch Snorlax. (Unless you trade it in from another game) Well, I just realized a way to keep the stress off from thinking "There's only two in the whole game!" This only works for an emulator (Like VideoBoyAdvanced). This isn't really a cheat, just a game tip.

I fought the same Snorlax a good 6 times before I caught him. And I haven't even gone after the other one yet. But first I want to refresh your memory, or inform you about Snorlax. He has some very high defenses against most attacks and is at lvl 30. His Rest ability can be a pain in the butt but you just have to be patient. Also, once he gets into the red, USUALLY, no matter how weak the attack may seem, it almost always seems to be the finishing blow to defeat him, losing your chance to catch him. And unless you are using an Ultra ball (which typically isn't available yet in the game at this point), you won't be able to catch him unless there's only a few points worth left in his health.

So anyways, on to the tip. First of all, I used a femaleClefable as my key Pokemon in this battle. It has to be female as the Snorlax is male, and 5 out of 6 times I fought the Snorlax, it would fall in love for my Clefable and most of his turns become immobilized. Three key abilities I found that were effective with my Clefable are: Sing, Dream Eater (taught by the tubby guy behind the cuttable bush in Viridian city), and Minimize.

The second thing you'll need is to stock up on Super Potions, Awakenings, and Ethers(if you can't find them in department stores, then save the ones you find in your travels) Now here's the first part of the real tip. Save your game at this point. And I mean physically save it in the emulator menu, not the game menu. With the Emulator, it will not automatically save your progress for you, you have to manually do it yourself.

Now, go wake up Snorlax with the poke flute you should have by now and this will bring you straight into the battle. The first thing I do is use Minimize to raise Clafable's (a regular Clefary works too) evasiveness until it is maxed out. If you want to bring in another Pokemon to do some status ailments, a Pokemon with high defense that can use smokescreen or sand-attack to lower Snorlax's accuracy helps too. Once you've done so, lay down the sing ability if Snorlax isn't already asleep. Any time he falls asleep, use Dream Eater. This will also heal up your Clefable as part of the attack (like absorb or leech life) and will do more damage than physical or elemental attacks will. If you run out of pp, that's what the ethers are for. Don't wait for your Clefable to wake back up if Snorlax uses yawn on her, that just wastes turns. I use this method to widdle away at Snorlax's health. If your Clefable gets knocked down too much in HP, use a Super Potion to revive her health. If you accidentally defeat Snorlax without catching him, this is where the trick comes into play: Go up to the emulator menu and select "Load game" or whatever it is called on your emulator, and select the slot you just saved the game to prior, and WOOLA! You have another shot at catching the very same Snorlax!

Don't forget to use the itemfinder on the spot where Snorlax was after to find leftovers.

Hope this helped!

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Feb 22nd 2011, ID#13378


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Feb 15th 2015 Guest
Any difficulties, just made use of my recently catched haunter which seemed unreachable to Snorlax's attacks to get him weak and caught it with a second greatball.
ID #516587
Apr 5th 2014 Guest
My Pikachu Used His Fat Belly Like A Trampoline While He Was Sleeping And Used Thunder When He Woke Up. Pikachu Then Took A Huge Dump Into His Mouth And Shouted Pika Pika.
ID #371797
Aug 26th 2013 Guest
i accidently got crit when trying to catch both snorlaxes...... now they are both gone and i don't know what to do... so frustrated but i can't reverse..... plz anyone if you can then help me!

ID #306878
May 30th 2013 Guest
*********************-*-----******************REAL WAY TO CATCH SNORLAX:Hey guys im so excited i just cought it with my mr mime cuz of the sound proof snore did nothing the attacks mr mime had was pysbeam ?, confusion, trick(to take his berry away so if mime gets hit wit a yawn ill bounce bk) and magical leaf(to take it down a bit) but i keept fighting after a while of it resting i cought it wit a spybeam that confused it plus it was close to death and it was asleep the key is to get 3 status problems its hard to type what im tryina say but basically it was i hit it wit a spybeam to get it on red that hit got it confused on top of that it was asleep and it took 1 great ball in that situation
ID #286501
May 22nd 2013 Guest
I didn'w caught him both times and i didn't save the game! Now what???????
ID #284551
May 19th 2013 Guest
Used a graveler and blew him up.. Switched to wartortle and used seismic toss.. In genius
ID #283967
May 9th 2013 Guest
Make him sleep, poison or paralize him, it's a LOT easier that way. I catched him while he was paralized with a super ball
ID #281302
May 8th 2013 0Pokemonfan0
Sorry guys but it isnt that hard because i captured him with my charizard lvl 50 and didnt have to use any potions only 3 greatbals
ID #281051
May 8th 2013 0Pokemonfan0
Guys sorry but i got him in the first try whit a charizard lvl 50 and 3 greatbals
ID #281048
Feb 3rd 2013 Guest
Another trick is just have a game boy advance and save just before you fight snorlax. Then fight him and if you accidentilly beat him just turn the game off and back on. It will not destroy your gameboy or your game trust me I have done this a thousand times. This also works for legendary Pokemon and each elite four member
ID #249918
Jan 15th 2013 Guest
The best way to catch the snorlax early in the game is use dragon rage couple times from gyrados, snorlax will then use rest, and the cheppa berry to wake himself up. After use dragon rage twice again by gyarados, bring in hypno, us hypnosis.. may fail the first time but works the second. Use hypnos confusion and then send in the great ball. Super potion may be needed on hypno if stats go below 43hp left. Sure fire way of catchin snorlax
ID #243028
Oct 16th 2012 Guest
I caught him thanks to disable it takes a couple of tries since he can fain those type of pokemon in one blow but once you get it on sleep it took me 3 great balls and there you go
ID #197203
Jul 3rd 2012 icefire_01
there are two snorlaxes, but if you want to catch one earlier in the game, I used a primape (evolved from mankey) with it's fighting type moves. it was level 29 btw. caught it with one karate chop and a pokeball just lower it down to red and keep trying.
ID #159973
Jul 2nd 2012 Guest
A pokemon with False Swipe may help once you get in the red zone.
ID #159646
Jun 1st 2012 Guest
I used 9 great balls and failed, re tried, caught it with the second regular pokeball..
ID #147793
May 5th 2012 Guest
OMG Made a bet that i would catch Snorlax on my first try for $200 then first turn. throws pokeball, snorlax was caught bingo effortless + $200
ID #139496
Sep 27th 2011 Guest
Trololololol caught him first try with a normal pokeball now what? Just a tip, if you only manage to catch one and for whatever reason you want some more Snorlaxes (They're awsum I wouldn't blame ya) you can always mate it with a ditto, walk around and PROFIT!!!! u mad bro?
ID #76982
Aug 27th 2011 Guest
If you are using emulator, use SHIFT F1 to save the game , then catch him, if it failse press F1 agian and it will load instantly, repeat untill caught.
ID #70491
Aug 6th 2011 Guest
i cant catch the second snorlax either. i've tried 7 times :O but i caught the first snorlax during my first try.
ID #64430
Jul 24th 2011 Guest
Is it possible to catch both snorlaxes because i cant catch this second one??????
ID #60846
Jun 16th 2011 Guest
good tips =)
ID #49634
Jun 16th 2011 Guest
save game before trying to catch it if you fail turn off game and turn it back on ... easy .
ID #49633
Jun 8th 2011 Guest
Lol Snorlax why don't u give us advise on capturing a mew
ID #47760
May 18th 2011 Guest
That's a lot of gaff to just say save the game and reload if you fail.
ID #43645
Apr 12th 2011 Guest
i dont get why is it so hard to capture one snorlax. I HAVE NEVER FAILED BEFORE.
ID #37054
Mar 16th 2011 colt nichlson
OR....... just save it normally, (without an emulator whatever the heck that is.) and use great balls and a strong pokemon, snorlax is a relatively calm pokemon, it doesnt do much thinking, so neither should you to catch it.
ID #32919
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