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Using GameShark Codes in Pokemon FireRed

If you are not familiar with a GameShark device you may be wondering how you enter all of those codes found on our Gameshark codes page for Pokemon FireRed. Well basica.. Read More

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Pokemon FireRed Cheats

There are no tap in cheat codes for this game, but on our cheat page we have some general info for easy level-up, catching legendaries, getting mew and other hard to catch Pokemon more easily.

Trainer Card Upgrades

There are no 'cheats' as such for Pokemon F..


Most commonly wanted cheats/info

Unlimited Rare Candy and Masterball

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Pokemon FireRed Questions

We have 4788 questions and 13855 answers for this game. See if your question has already been asked or ask your own to get the exact game help you need for Pokemon FireRed.

If you think you are great at Pokemon FireRed then test your knowledge by trying to answer the questions asked by our members, and help them out at the same time!

Why can't I use the tri-pass in FireRed?

where will i get a flash

The dotted hole

What is the first password on team rockets warehouse? (VBA)

How do you remove items that have been obtained from codes?

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Pokemon FireRed Walkthroughs

We have 32 Walkthroughs for Pokemon FireRed.

Walkthroughs to beat the Elite 4, complete game walkthroughs, team building FAQ and more are in our Pokemon Fire Red walkthrough section.

By Orphen89Sevii Island FAQ (GBA)

By dmon2Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough (GBA)

By SilverKadabraCodebreaker Cheat Codes Guide (USA/English Version) (GBA)

By strawhatFAQ/Walkthrough (GBA)

By Bronco11Constructing a Good Pokemon Team by Bronco11 and Bleepman:Part 1 (GBA)

By Railroad Runner ArticunoPokemon FireRed Non-spoiler walkthrough (GBA)

By strawhatPokedex (GBA)

By strawhatSpeed Walkthrough (GBA)

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