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Hey Noobs,
Everyone who has just started the the game I've completed it before and I have advise to tell.
1. In Viridian forrest walk around till you find a pikachu try your hardest to catch it!
2. Try to train hard for the Pokemon league, e.g. Find a fire(Lorelia), grass(gary blastoise/rhydon),phychic(agatha), electric(gary blastoise/pigeot), rock(Lance) and an ice(Lance) pokemon.
3. Your Pokemon need to be strong e.g. To beat the league aroung level 60 each.
4. Heres my team:
Electrobuzz lvl 64 moves: Thunder, Thunderpunch, Thunderbolt and Mega punch.
Venasaur lvl 67 moves: Solarbeam, Razor leaf, Cut and Body Slam.
Moltres lvl 71 moves: Fire blast, Fire spin, fly, wing attack.
Dugtrio lvl 98 moves: Dig, Earthquake, Fissure, Avalanche.
Articuno lvl 100 moves: Fly, Surf, Ice beam, Blizzard.
Mewtwo lvl 100 moves: Substitute, Strength, Phychic, Mystery Power.

Added 6 Sep 2006, ID #4371, by copycat
Ask.com and get

Missingo , not the pokemon. The trainer!

Enter the code 010057D0 by: doug3896
Then go into tall grass or
Fish and fight a pokemon
(random) NOT a trainer
And it will turn into a
Trainer battle and the
Trainer will be =

Added 21 Aug 2006, ID #4341, by doug3896


Talk to the man in Vermilion City which say are you in a hurry say no and he will show you something then fly to Cinnabar City and surf half land half water.... then you will encounter him it will make your sixth item the level that virus is.......

DONT TRY TO CAPTURE IT IT IS A VIRUS IT MAY RECK UP YOUR GAME.........if you are lucky you may meet squartle golduck snorelax and other Pokemon over lever 100.

Added 17 Aug 2006, ID #4335, by Kai9999

This kinda applies to Red as well, but no matter what you do with the rare Pokemon in the Safari Zone: don't bother with Bait or Rock as more than likely about 90% chance that they will run away.

Added 13 Aug 2006, ID #4328, by Kenny 2x4


First walk or fly to the 2 city. Then talk to the guy who hadnt had his coffee. He will ask you are you in a hurry anwer no. After he done fly to cinnabar island and surf on the right side of the island in till you see m and the 6th item be multiped

Added 10 Aug 2006, ID #4321, by nrrs_rndy

Tough and Harsh Pokemon

To have Tough and Harsh PKMN, do the Missingno. Cheat. Duplicate the Best Tms, all the items that boost your stats, and Rare Candies. Use all 3 on the best PKMN but for the rare candies, put it to level 50-60 and use the ultimate Tm's on them. There you go, Harsh and Tough Pokemon.

Added 23 Jul 2006, ID #4274, by Mario_4_Life

Lv:150 Mewtwo

Go to the cave with Mewtwo then exit. Fly to city two and talk to the guy who says he just had his coffee get him to show you how to catch pokemon. Then fly to the Cinnabar and surf the right coast. You will find missingnos, golbats, dittos, and a couple other Pokemon, but you have about a 5% chance of finding a mewtwo from lv. 110-150. Hope you have fun with this.

Added 17 Jun 2006, ID #4215, by Fair_Play_(Deoxys)

(Mew Lv:5) The true way to get mew!

First you need a Pokemon with sing and an abra and a very strong guy too. After you get to city number three heal your Pokemon then go to nugget bridge battle Gary and all the other trainers up until the rocket grunt.

After you beat him, heal your Pokemon again. Make sure you don't fight the guy in the grass near there or the youngster with the slowpoke. Go to the guy in the grass, press start as soon as he sees you. You must be as far away from him as possible when he spots you. Select abra and use teleport.

Then walk to the kid with the slowpoke. Stay at least two steps away from him. When he spots you he will walk to you. Battle him and win then use teleport again. Finaly walk up nugget bridge again and boom, there's mew.

Hope you have fun with this and good luck to you.

Added 17 Jun 2006, ID #4214, by Fair_Play_(Deoxys)

Rare Missingo Finder

This cheat helps people on my game I have all my Pokemon to lvl 100 right if you got one rare candy only works with one go to virdian city an talk to the old man who was blocking your way in the first part of the game he will ask you if you have time to let him teach to catch Pokemon.

Say yes and then go to cinbar island surf by the gym go up and down till you find a Pokemon with a goofed up name something like this mumnd or missengo if you have put your rare candy in sixth place you have more than 100 rare candys then you can use them on your Pokemon to get alot stronger.

One thing that you don't do is catch it or your game messes up on you trust me it's happend two times to me (warning: lvling up Pokemon mite mess up the ending for you) meaning if you use it the end will be too easy for you and theres no point going thougha dead hard game and then having a easy ending!!

Added 4 Jun 2006, ID #4198, by woodsy1414

Legendary Birds

This is just random, but most people think that the legendary bird Pokemon (Moltres, Articuno etc) can be caught only by a master ball. But I caught Moltres after two goes with an ultra ball. Moltres was asleep and had just less than a quarter of it's health left. So give it a go with an ultra ball

Also someone told me that if you hold down UP and B while catching a Pokemon, theres a much better chance you'll catch it. I haven't tried it yet but they said it definitely works. So try that too

And finally my Pokemon Red game is completely ruined because of a MissingNo cheat. So I would advise you to not give them a go. OK yeh thats about it :D

Added 31 May 2006, ID #4194, by gracedelonge

Over 100 rare candies!!!!!!!!!

This cheat also works in red, but not in yellow.

First put 1 and only 1 rare candy or master ball or whatever you want to duplicate into the 6th slot in your inventory. Then, fly to veridian city and have the old man teach you how to catch pokemon.

Next, go to cinnibar island or whatever, it's called and surf up and down along the right coast of the island untill you encounter wild misingno (or sometimes it's called wild m').

That looks really wierd and knock it out, do NOT catch it and withdrawl it from your PC, it will mess up your game.

Check your inventory and the item you duplicated should have a wierd symbole next to a 9, keep using that item and it will eventually go back up to another wierd symbol next to a 9 after you use those up a blank next to a 9 should be there.

Don't worry, if you use those up it'll got to 99 but I sugest you don't go down to 0 for that because then they'll be gone, just get down to one and use this cheat again.

Hope it helped

Added 29 May 2006, ID #4192, by imaloony8.0

Hi, it's me Purple Wurmple, your very own cheatmaster. So today I will be telling you about a cool cheat for Pokemon Blue Version. ALL YOU MEW FANATICS OUT THERE, BOY HAVE I GOT A CHEAT FOR YOU!!!

This cheat will allow you to get a Mew, WITHOUT SHARKING!!! "That's immpossible!!" you say. BUT THAT IS WHERE YOU WOULD BE WRONG!!!

Just follow these directions exactly and you can get your very own Mew. Okay, so first you have to have not beaten the trainer just left of Nugget Bridge. You also have to have not beaten the Youngster with a Slowpoke on the way to Bill's sea cottage.

Now don't panic if you've already beaten them, because there is another way to get Mew WITHOUT RESTARTING YOUR GAME. This will be explained in The Mew Cheat # 2 (scroll down a bit). If you havn't, that's great! In Ceruealean City, heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center.

You will also need an Abra with Teleport, or a Pokemon with Fly (disregard-don't bother healing your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center if you have Fly). You must have a Pokemon that knows Sing/Sleep Powder, or another sleep move.

Also make sure you bring a lot of Poke/Great/Ultra Balls. Now go to the trainer just left of Nugget Bridge (the one in the grass). Be sure to go all the way up to the wall and stay touching the wall, or the cliff, and then, when you get to the wall that goes toward the trainer, follow it and stay right at the wall.

When he comes into your screen, just so that you can see him, but be sure to be still touching the wall, because he can see just as far as you can. Now go up 2 steps, so he is out of your screen, take one step right, one step down and SAVE THE GAME!! Now, take one step down, and while taking that step press and hold the Start button.

If you did it right, he should not have time to walk up and the Start Menu will come up. Teleport or Fly back to Ceruealean. The ! Sign should come over his head, but then you will Teleport or Fly back to Ceruealean. Once at the Pokemon Center go to Nugget bridge and then go to the Youngster with the Slowpoke on the way to Bill's house.

You will notice you can't bring up the Start Menu, talk to people or anything else. Make sure to stand more than one step away from him, and make him walk up to you, or the game will freeze. Battle him and then, no matter how the battle ends, you have to get back to the Pokemon Center in Ceruealean somehow except by walking (Fly or Teleport).

Now, once you are back at Ceruealean Pokemon Center, go to Nugget Bridge. When you take a few steps onto Nugget Bridge, the Start Menu will pop up, all by itself (YAY, it's good to see that again, as you can now use the start button, talk to people, and everything else). Close it by pressing B (sometimes, instead of the Start Menu, the saying the Rocket at the end of Nugget Bridge says will pop up. It doesn't matter which, just close it somehow.), and after you close it a battle will start (?). The Pokemon is Mew and is at Level 7. Catch it and there you go, your very own Mew.

The Mew Cheat # 2

If you've already beaten both those trainers, not to worry. Just find a person you haven't battled yet, and who can see just as far as you can. First find a Pokemon that has a special stat of 21. Go to the trainer and SAVE THE GAME!! Now, take one step towards he/she, and while taking that step press and hold the Start button. If you did it right, he/she should not have time to walk up and the Start Menu will come up. Teleport or Fly or Dig and Fly to Fushia.

Now go onto route 13, 14 or 15 and find a Ditto (it is okay to battle Pokemon before the Ditto, but the Ditto must be the LAST Pokemon you fight). Get the Ditto to transform into the Pokemon with the Special Stat of 21 and then kill it. Fly/Teleport back to the route/place where you Flew/Teleported away from the Trainer.

Then once on that route/in that place the Start Menu will pop up. Close it with B and then a battle will start. If you did this cheat correctly, the Pokemon should be a Level 7 Mew. This can be done with other Pokemon /trainers to get different Pokemon (for instance, instead of battling the Slowpoke Youngster on the way to Bill's Sea Cottage, you can battle the Hiker that is closest to Nugget Bridge on the right side, which will result in a Level 7 Nidoqueen.

Happy rare Pokemon hunting! Note: I have only used this cheat 4 times and the Pokemon I got were Mew, Nidoqueen, Gastly, and a Chansey (CAN YOU BELEIVE IT? A CHANSEY! AT LEVEL 7! YIPPEE!).

That's another cheat for you from Purple Wurmple!

Added 25 May 2006, ID #4186, by purple_wurmple

149 rare candies, master balls, or anything you can get mor then

NOTE: you must be able to go to Cinnabar Island to do this.

Firstly you must put the item you want lots of in 6TH place in your bag, you can do this by pressing select in your bag.

Next you go to VIRIDAIN CITY and go to the man that used to be lying on the floor and then got coffee, talk to him and say NO.

He will then show you an example of catching a Pokemon, when he has finished and stopped talking to you FLY to CINNABAR ISLAND.

Once there go to the RIGHT side of the island, when you are there SURF.

When you start surfing go UP and DOWN the side of the island.

Keep going untill you come across a Pokemon.

This is a very special Pokemon called either MISSINGNO. Or something wierd, and it looks like a messed up rectangle thing.

If you don't come across this Pokemon you will come across a rondom Pokemon which is over level 100.

Well any way once you come across MISSINGNO. You immediatly run away.
When your out of the battle look at your item of choice, it will have wierd symbols for the amount but really it means 149.

So thats how you can get 149 of an item you can do this cheat more than once.


Added 14 May 2006, ID #4176, by rob_bob

Unlimited Items

As I'm sure many of you know, there is a way in Blue to get unlimited items, for those of you that don't know, pay attention lol. -- To start you'll need a flying Pokemon, one of the items you wish to get many of and a Pokemon that can surf. --Chose the item you want to have many of, put it in the 6th position of your pack.( Example: If you chose Rare Candy then you should have 5 items above it like; Old Rod, Potion, Pokeball, Repel, Leaf Stone, Then Rare Candy.) -- Now fly to Viridian City and talk to the man that shows you how to catch Pokemon, let him show you again. Now fly to Cinnabar Island, Surf up and down the right side of the island, along the edge. Keep surfing until a Pokemon called a Missingno Appears, fight it, or just run away, *Do Not Catch It*. Now check your pack, the item in the 6th possition in your pack will have a number and a weird sign beside it, the sign is because there are more then 100. Go to your PC to unload some of them. Remember that you can shuffle items to change which ones get duplicated, the ones in the 6th spot will always be the one to get duplicated. You can keep doing this over and over again.**Warning** Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT catch MIssingno, as tempting as it is it will RUIN your game. I guarentee it will, don't even bother trying. If you accidently catch it, release it at once, do NOT let it go into your PC. -- I recommend duplicating the following items: Rare Candy(Up Pokemons Levels Easily), Master Ball(Catch Every Pokemon Without a Fight), Nugget(Sell High).

Added 28 Apr 2006, ID #4152, by VintageLady

Fast level up with daycare

When you place your Pokemon with somebody from the day care, leave the daycare and go to a border between a route and a town/city and keep walking back and forth from the route to the town/city (do this for about 5 minutes) and go back to the daycare and your Pokemon should be much stronger

Added 25 Apr 2006, ID #4143, by pikachu101

Unlimited items

When you have fly and surf put the item you want unlimited (e.g. Masterball) in 6th place in item list, fly to viridian city, talk to the guy that earlier said he was havinga coffee and wouldnt let you, if he asks you are you in a hurry answer yes.

Immediately fly to cinnibar island and surf up and down the right side of the island, you will find a Pokemon called misingno, don't catch it it will corupt your game, after beating or running away from it you will have unlimited items in the 6th place, repeat with other items to have unlimited of them aswell.

Although they eventually run out, just repeat the cheat for the same effect. (you can also find Pokemon of over level100 doing this. REALLY!

Added 24 Apr 2006, ID #4139, by jimmytheicecreamman

How to get all three starter Pokemon without a gameshark!!!

1.link up with a friend who has Pokemon blue/red
2.If he/she has just started a new game and has a diferent starter Pokemon you want trade him/her anything but your starter Pokemon
3.after trade ask him/her to start new game and get the LAST starter pokemon
And do same steps

Added 19 Apr 2006, ID #4132, by gamefreak95

This helps you to make your item 99

This works only in Pokemon blue,red and green.(NOTE:-it does not work in Pokemon yellow)

NOTE:- you should have fly and surf

First keep the item in the 6th slot which you want to make into 99.

Then fly to the veridian city and talk to the old man.

He asks you 'are you in a hurry' .Say no.then he shows you how to catch a pokemon.then fly to cinibar island and surf rightside border of cinibar island (up and down).


Then see in your item and you will find that item 99.

Added 19 Apr 2006, ID #4131, by sathya siva

How to get a Kangaskhan Quickly


But it's still a pretty sweet trick.


........(Have a Pokemon that knows Fly and a Pokemon that knows Surf. Have one empty space in your party. Have at least one Rare Candy in your Inventory.)

Read that First. ^^

Yes, yes, you all have heard this cheat before. But it is different from the one you are all familiar to!

First, you go to Viridian City. Talk to the Old Man who didn't have his coffee that one morning when you tried to go to Viridian Forest, but he wouldn't let you pass. Answer "No" to his question and watch him catch a Weedle. Immidiately Fly to Cinnabar Island and Surf off the East Coast.

Go up and down the coastline, so it looks as if you are Surfing on both Land and Sea at the same time, half and half. You may encounter a 100+ Pokemon, like Pideot, Level 128, but no worries.

Just keep trying until you encounter a Missingno, or ' M '. If it is Level 0, catch it. If it is some other level, Run Away or destroy it.

DON'T PUT THE CAPTURED MISSINGNO INTO YOUR PC. THAT WILL TOTALLY SCREW YOU UP. Use that Rare Candy from before and it will turn into a Level 1/100 Kangaskan!

Added 14 Apr 2006, ID #4119, by Maximus404


Ok go to the city where misty's gym is.

Then go up the bridge with the trainers then go to the grass and catch abra,then go left to the area with the trainer,but don't fight him stop right in front of where he can see you.

Then step down one step but right when you stop just really quick press start.Then when it's on the menu go to Pokemon and use abra to use teleport then you will go back to the poke center but go back up the bridge and your start menu will pop up.

Then press 'B' then the starting battle music will appear and you will be in a battle with Mew level 7! It's really cool!

Added 14 Apr 2006, ID #4118, by ricky9
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