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Loading Page Tips

XCOM 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Jasper Nikki
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Loading Page Tips

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Here is the collection of basic tips that appear during loading pages aboarding or outgoing a mission.


  • Choose the location of your radio relays wisely, as their cost increases with every relay you construct.

  • Power Relay Facilities provide a +10 increase to power capacity when built atop a power coil.

  • Radio Relays reduce the intel cost of making contact with nearby regions.

  • Geospace

  • Make sure to check back with Resistance HQ and the Black Market every month, as they will have new staff available for recruitment.

  • To sabotage an alien facility and set back the aliens' Avatar Project, you must first contact the region where the facility was built.

  • XCOM can gain intel by scanning at Resistance HQ.

  • Making contact and building radio relays across a continent can lead to unique and powerful bonuses.

  • Making contact with multiple regions is the key to gaining a steady income of supplies.

  • The Avatar project can be temporarily delayed, but it cannot be stopped. You are in a race against time.

  • Research and Resources

  • Elerium cores are valuable loot items, as they are required to create any specialized ammunition, grenades or armors in the Proving Ground facility.

  • Every month new scientists, engineers and veteran soldiers are available for recruitment at Resistance HQ.

  • Experimental projects in the Proving Grounds facility can be done multiple times, granting a different but equally powerful result each time they are undertaken.

  • Research alien and ADVENT datapads for significant intel gains.

  • Alien autopsies can lead to powerful upgrades for your soldiers.

  • Combat

  • Always attempt to flank enemies before attacking them, they will be easier to hit and score critical hits against.

  • Ambush enemies by placing multiple XCOM units in overwatch before breaking concealment.

  • An increased Dodge stat can lead to "graze" shots, where only partial damage is applied.

  • Any timed loot on the map is recovered if you complete the mission before the timer expires.

  • As a soldier's position approaches a flanking angle on an enemy target, they can benefit from a "Good Angle" bonus to their hit percentage.

  • Enemies with a "target" icon on their HP bars are visible from the Movement cursor's current location; useful when previewing your soldiers' moves.

  • Enemy bodies are only collected as loot if XCOM does not "evac" from the area.

  • Hacking ADVENT towers with your Specialist soldiers can provide powerful tactical bonuses, but be careful; failing your hack can have negative consequences.

  • If a wounded soldier becomes "shaken", they can recover by killing an enemy and remaining unhurt on their next combat mission.

  • Overwatch shots suffer no aim penalties when triggered as part of an ambush.

  • Overwatch will be cancelled if the overwatching unit takes damage or is suppressed.

  • Rangers with the Phantom ability will begin every mission in concealment, even if the squad does not.

  • Upon reaching the rank of sergeant, soldiers will have more extensive customization options.

  • Use grenades to "shred", or remove, the armor of tough enemies before the rest of your squad engages them.

  • When controlling a Ranger, right-click on an enemy to initiate your charging melee attack.

  • When evacuating a squad, the gear of any dead or incapacitated soldiers not carried from the battlefield will be lost.
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