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Follow the dark path or use the light

Main Quest Guide

by BlackMist27

The Elder Scrolls IV:  Oblivion                   
Walkthrough and FAQ for the Main Quest
Written by: BlackMist27
This file is Copyright (c)2006 BlackMist27. All rights reserved.


Blades, Daedric gods, usurpers, everything will be thrown at you in this
Elder Scrolls game.

You start the game, as ever, in a jail and it's up to you to make the best of

Should this be your first The Elder Scrolls game, I would assume there
are quite a few things not clear yet, so a very brief Introduction:

The game takes place in Cyrodiil, the capital province of the empire of
Tamriel. The Blades is an organization of the Emperor's personal

Your job this time around, is to protect the empire from a daedric

Table of Contents:

Prison Break
The Amulet of Kings
Martin & Kvatch
The Priory and Cloud Ruler Temple
Mysterium Xarxes
Mehrunes Dagon Shrine
Daedric Artifact
Teaching Burd the ropes
Armor of Tiber Septim
The Great Welkynd Stone
Defense of Bruma
Camoran's Paradise
The Dragon Fires
The End

Prison Break

 As mentioned in the introduction, you start the game in jail and your first
task is getting out of there.

As the game starts, you find yourself inside the imperial jail, kept
company by the remains of an earlier convict, and being mocked by a
neighboring prisoner.

During this small time you'll be able to create the basic outline of your
character, that is the appearance , race and such. After you've chosen
those and have been given some time to experiment with the physics in
Oblivion, you'll be visited by an emperor on the run.

He'll fill you in on current events, and after you've heard him out, one of
his bodygaurds will open a secret passageway in your cell.

Follow them into the corridor beyond, and you'll be attacked for the first
time by mystic dawn followers. More on them lateron.

Again follow the blades and the emperor and they'll arrive at a gate,
they're able to go through the gate but you won't. Instead look to the wall
on the right of the gate and you'll see an opening, that's your exit.

once beyond, you've entered another part of the tutorial, here you can
learn a bit about casting spells, opening locks, fighting with a weapon and
more. There's not much in terms of directions I can provide here, only one
way to go and no way to walk the wrong way or get lost.

In case you have doubts anyway, keep an eye on your compass to be sure
of the direction you're going in.

Once you've fought your way past the rats and goblins that inhabit this
part of the dungeon, you'll arrive back in the normal parts of the prison,
and you'll meet up with the emperor and his gaurds once again. They're
under attack again, but unless you can use a bow, I recommend staying
out of this.

Speak to the emperor again, for some more info and he'll let you choose
your birthsign this time. After that's done you'll go along with the partie
and will eventually wind up at the place you were going to in the first
place. I recommend staying with the emperor there while the two blades
go back to fight of some pursuers.

The emperor will once again speak to you and this time hand you the
Amulet of kings. Once you have it, the death of the emperor is but
seconds away as an assassin makes it to your room and kills him. Try and
stay alive while waiting for one of the bodygaurds to return and he'll save
you from the assassin.

Speaking to Baurus, the bodygaurd, will give you your next quest. First to
get out of jail and out of the sewers in one piece, and second to deliver
the amulet onto the person most suited to have it.

Exit the room and follow the stairs down, to wind up in the sewers. fight
your way past a few goblins and rats again and you'll wind up at the outer
gate of the sewers.

Note! this is a great place to have a permanent save game as upon
touching the gate, you'll be able to change anything about your character
for the last time before entering the rest of the game. Saves you some
trouble next time you wish to start over.

And that's it, you find yourself outside now, and are ready to either do as
you wish, continue the main quest or both pherhaps?

The Amulet of Kings

 The Amulet of Kings, weilded by the rightfull heir; the one thing keeping
the Daedra out of Tamriel, and now you have it.

But then you're not the heir, are you? No don't worry, you're not ;-).
Speaking to Baurus earlier has given you your new course of action,
taking the amulet and delivering it to the grandmaste rof the blades,
located at Weynon priory near Chorrol.

This is one of those locations to which you can fast travel without even
having been there, so that's one option. The other is to do it the old
fashioned way and walk there and explore the land while you travel.

Whichever way you decide however, let's assume you go there right
away. At Weynon priory; you'll see a large building on the left and a
smaller building on the right, the right one is a small chapel and the left
one is where we're going now.

Enter it, and speak to the monk who addresses you upon entering to learn
a few things about the aftermath of the assassination.

Jauffre, the gransmaster and reason you're here can be found on the
second floor, usually up the stairs to the right in the library.

Speak to him for even more info, and for some supplies, but mainly
because he'll tell you where to find the heir to the throne, an illegitemate
son of Uriel Septim; Martin. That's both good and bad news, good
because you know the empire isn't yet lost and bad because Martin is in a
city besieged by Daedra; Kvatch.

Jauffre asks you to go to Kvatch, and bring Martin with you back to the
Priory. You'll agree (naturally) and you can go off.

You can also however stick around a bit more, and speak to the other
people at the Priory for some usefull assistance. Like a free horse from
speaking to brother Maborel, and free supplies from the chest unlocked
by Jauffre.

The horse can be found at the back of the Priory, in a small stable and
once you have it, you're off to the next quest, finding Martin.

Martin & Kvatch

 Right then, on to Kvatch, as I mentioned before a city under siege by

Travel there and while you're riding up the slope leading to the city, you'll
see many people running away and will likely notice large flames from
afar. Welcome, that's your first view of an Oblivion gate.

Just before reaching the actual city, you'll come across a barricade and
three gaurds defending the position. Speak to their captain Savlian Matius
to learn the facts of the attack, and the fact that Martin was spotted still
inside the city, fleeding to the chapel of Akatosh.

The captain also asks you to help him close the Oblivion gate, that is to
lock the gate for him. now you can dart past the gate into the city, and
even easily get to the chapel, and find Martin there, but there's little point
as he won't agree to come with you untill after you've locked the oblivion
gate so that everyone can get out of there together.

So, next up, the Oblivion gate and locking it. You enter the gate not by
litterally "walking into it" in fact you can walk right through it and
nothing happens. No you enter it by "activating" it in the way you would
activate a door or chest.

Before I start on the actual inside of that gate, first some general info on
Oblivion gates. Each gate is held in place by a Sigil stone, simply remove
the stone and the gate will shut. Sounds easy eh? What's the catch you
wonder? Good question, eash Sigil stone is located at the top of a Daedric
Citadel filled with several levels of Daedra, and surrounded by Oblivion
landscape again filled with Daedra.

So the basic principle for each gate is the same, enter it, find your way
into the main citadel (I say main as some Oblivion gates have several
citadels), fight your way to the top and take the sigil stone to close the

Now some features of the landscape there; See those longish brownish
plantlife? Avoid them! See those red circles on the ground with 4 claw
like features on them? Avoid them! See those pillars with the
aforementioned red circles on top of them? Avoid those most of all!

Aside from that, you'll meet up with levelled Daedra both inside and
outside the citadel, and be carefull of the lava as well of course.

Right then, back to bruma. Once inside the gate you'll see what I just
described and a plutora of other things. At first it will look like chaos to
you, and lateron pherhaps the same but so long as you remember the
tower is where you need to go, you'll be fine.

From the gate, travel due northwest to find a survivor of the Kvatch
guards, you can choose to either take him along or have him go back to
the captain outside Kvatch, I choose the latter but if you can use the help,
the first is a good option.

After that encounter, travel due north to thew main citadel you see
dominating the surroundings there.

You'll notice two towers next to it, the one on the left you don't need at
all, the one on the right you also need. But first things first, enter the main
citadel; Blood feast. Enter the tower, to arrive on the "blood feast" level.
Fight your way up to the "rending halls" level and then even higher to the
"corridors of dark salvation" level.

On that level, in the first large room you get to, exit the tower through the
door in the center of the west wall. You'll find yourself on a walkway
leading to the Reapers sprawl tower in which you can find both another
remaining prisoner, and the sigil keeper who has a key to the final room
you need to go to for the Sigil Stone.

Kill one, speak to the other and make sure not to forget the key. Then
return to the main tower, open the door now on your left with the key and
continue onto the sigillum Sanguis. Once inside there find your way to
the top, touch the Sigil stone and you're done. Fow now at least.

The world will turn upside down for a minute and you end up back
outside Kvatch, next to a now ruined oblivion gate.

Speak to the captain Savlian once again and he'll ask you to come along
in breaking the siege of Kvatch, accepting it basically means going inside
and killing all the daedra that are in that part of town. Once done, speak
to the captain again and this quest is finished. The siege is lifted and now
Martin will accompany you to Weynon Priory.

Speak to him inside the chapel, and he'll follow you. Now you can either
travel on foot, or fast travel back to the priory. Don't worry, chossing the
second way will have Martin follow you right along and you end up
together just outside the priory.

The Priory and Cloud Ruler Temple

Assuming you fast travel back to the Priory, you'll arrive in chaos. Eronor
comes running at you, and swiftly explains what's happened and what's
still happening. Maborel Dead, and the priory under assualt.

Be sure to kill the assassins asap since not doing so, can result in the
death of important characters. Kill first the attacked coming at you, then
the two behind the priory, and together with brother Piner and Martin go
into the chapel to save the life of Jauffre.

Be sure to keep the last two alive as with their deaths, the MQ will be

Once you've saved them, follow Jauffre to find the amulet of kings has
been stolen and listen to some more talk before Jauffre mentions the next
stop; Cloud ruler temple, an Ancient blades fortress to the north of

Either fast travel there, or take the horses behind the priory, personally I
recommend fast travelling as the horse method didn't exactly go smooth
for me ^_^.

Once in cloud ruler temple, speak to Jauffre to get the opportunity to join
the blades, doing so will give you a free set of armor and nice weapons,
and then he and Martin, after asking them about it will explain yet more
of what's to come.

Mysterium Xarxes

For this next quest, Jauffre sends you back to the Imperial City to check
up on Baurus, the bodyguard who helped you at the start of the game.

Fast travel to the elven gardens district, and go to Luthers Boarding house
where he has his current residence. Inside you'll find him seated at the

Rather then a warm welcome, he'll instruct you not to say anything but to
simply sit down next to him, do so and he'll mention someone sitting
behind the two of you might be a spy.

As instructed, wait till Baurus get's up, then see the other person
following him and follow the other person. A short fight follows, make
sure Baurus survives. Speak to him to learn the attacker is part of the
Mythic dawn cult.

Baurus suggests you investigate further on the book you find on the
attacker's body, and suggests you speak to Tar-Meena at the arcane
university. She's usually found there in the lobby of the arch-mage's

Speak to her about the book and she'll mention you need all 4 books to
figure out the next clue, she gives you the second part and instructs you to
go to the first edition bookstore in the Market district to find the third

Once you speak to the shopkeeper there you'll find he does indeed have
the book, but is holding it for someone. You have several options here,
the first is getting the disposition of the shopkeeper over 70 and he'll sell
you the book rather then wait for the other customer, I don't recommend
this as you need the other guy (Gwinas) anyway.

Second is either pickpocking Gwinas for both the book and a note on a
meeting he's arranged to get the fourth book, and killing him for that
same information is also an option btw.

There's also a peacefull solution though, Follow Gwinas back to his room
at the Tiber Septim hotel, confront him with the knowledge that you
know he has that book and tell him the mythic dawn was behind the
murder on the emperor and he'll hand over both the book and the info
without a fight.

Once you have both, speak to Baurus once again, standing outside of the
boarding house this time, and he'll ask you to follow him to that meeting
right now. Be prepared as you'll face three mythic dawn assassins.

Follow baurus into the sewers, and fight your way past another few rats
and mudcrabs and such and you'll reach the place just outside the room
where the meeting is scheduled, here Baurus asks you if you want to be
the one to go in, or if you wish to be the backup, choose and either go in
through the door, or up the stairs. Either way, the cultists come in, speak
for a bit and then attack.

Kill them and on the body of Raven Camoran you find the fourth and last
book of the series. Baurus will mention taking off for cloud ruler temple,
and you're left on your own to solve the riddle of the four books.

If you're not sure, or want someone to tell you, simply speak to
Tar-Meena 4 times on 4 different days and she'll give you the clue. It's not
that hard however, simply put the first letter of each paragraph next to
one another and you get a special sentence:
Green emperor way where tower touches midday sun

Basically, this means go to the green emperor way right there in the city
(it's the road around the palace), wait untill noon and then look at the
surface of the only unnamed column in there. A map will light up and
clicking on it will give you the location of your next quest; Lake Arrius

No need to even report back to Jauffre, though you can if you so wish.

Mehrunes Dagon Shrine
 You're really supposed to go here to recover the amulet of kings, though
that's not something you'll be able to do.

Your map shows the location of these caverns now, unfortunately no fast
travel is possible. Rather travel to cheydinhal and then it's just a small
treck upwards.

Once inside, the first gatekeeper speeks to you as a brother. He assumed
you're part of the guild and offers to take you tino the shrine. The
downside to this however, and the reason why I reloaded a save game
after my initial response, is because you permanently loose any gold you
carry at that moment.

The second gatekeeper confiscates your stuff, so if you're not smart there
you'll find yourself in hostile territory with no ways to defend yourself. If
you choose the sneak approach, drop everything before speaking to him.

Alternatively, kill both gatekeepers and fight your way inside. Once
inside the antechamber room, go to the right, untill you see a door on the
left, that one leads to the actual shrine. The rest here is nice for loot,
though comes with the price of having to fight additional guards.

Inside the shrine, regardless of the way you choose to get there, you'll get
to listen to a speech from, and for the first time see, Mancar Camoran. If
you choose the undercover method, after his speech you're asked to kill a
victim lying on the altar there, do so and you cna get out easier, if you
don't but instead grab the book mysterium Xarxes (the original) everyone
will come at you.

Of course choosing the combat method at first will give you a fight no
matter what. Anyway you do it, make sure to grab the book and return to
cloud ruler temple.

Getting out of the shrine there is a bit harder as you'll obviously be
attacked by just about everyone and their cousin, and you can't exit the
same way you came in. From the alter, you came in on the left side but
now your exit must be on the right side. This exit takes you to the living
quarters in the caverns there.

Head right at the first turn, then left and then take the right turn again.
The left is a dead end so if you're being chased, that's the wrong way to
go! This brings you to another large room, the exit is to the far left. follow
the path again in the next room take the exit on the right, and then turn
right again, the door on the left there is not the way so be sure to take the
right. The next door you come to brings you back to the very first
entrance room at Lake Arrius. And is the way to freedom.

Once outside, travel to Cloud ruler temple and report your success to
Martin to finish the quest.


This next quest is one of the easiest around. Speak to Juaffre and he'll
mention he fears the cloud ruler temple is being spied upon, and you're to

He sends you to speak to either, or both, Captain Steffan right there at
cloud ruler, or to captain Burd down at Bruma. The first says you should
spy on the spies, and find out what they know and the second leads you
nearly straight to them.

Spying involves being at the place Steffan specifies before 7p.m. and
following the two spies back to their base, then killing them.
Alternatively, speak to Burd in Bruma to find there might be something
wrong with Jearl as she took a recent trip south.

This way involves picking the lock of jearls house. So you need a
lockpick but make sure no one sees you else you're violating the law.

You'll find Jearl and the other spy in the basement of Jearl's house, along
with their orders (lying on a small table there). Kill both and take the
orders back to Jauffre to finish the quest.

Daedric Artifact

Speaking to Martin again, will have him tell you that he needs 4 items
and with them, you'll be able to enter the paradise of Camoran and
eventually kill him.

The first is a daedric artifact, any will do. If you don't already have one, I
strongly recommend doing the quest for Azura's simply because it's so far
the easiest I've done ;-).

Open the book modern heretics, lying on Martin's table and the location
of this shrine will be marked on your map. Located straight north from
the Lake Arrius caverns you visited earlier.

Travel there, I fast travelled to the caverns and then used my horse to
travel due north, and you'll find a few will-o-the-wisp's near the shrine,
kill them and keep at least one of their ingredients.

The wait untill the time is either 5-7 am or 5-7 pm and "activate" the
statue of Azura. She'll give you her quest; find and kill 5 vampires. Travel
due southeast to the Gutted mine (I encountered an oblivion gate just
outside, so that might be a little detour for you ;-))

Enter the mine and the vampires shouldn't be too hard to locate inside. Be
carefull though and try to take them out as soon as possible. As soon as
they see you, they turn invisible and without a detect life spell or
something similarly usefull, they're hard to find again.

Kill all five and report back to the stature for the end of this quest and her
reward, Azura's soulgem. A reusable soulgem.

Now just my advice to do Azura's quest, you can do whichever one you
want to do.

Travel back to cloud ruler temple, and speak to Martin to finish this quest
and go on the second scavenger hunt.

Teaching Burd the ropes

You can now choose which quest you wish to do next; After speaking to
martin you know you need to get the armor of Tiber Septim, however
speaking to Jauffre he asks you to close a gate that's just opened outside
of Bruma. You can choose to either close the gate, or to ask Jauffre about
Talos to find out where to find the armor.

I chose the first, so let's handle the Bruma gate first shall we. Jauffre
sends you to find captain Burd, who's standing just next to the Oblivion
gate. The catch here is, you shouldn't simply close the gate for them, you
should show Burd how it's done.

So travel together with Burd and two of his guards through the gate and
into oblivion. Once there be prepared for some heavy resistance, but don't
worry as you came prepared. Again at the very center you'll find the
Tower that contains the sigil stone, so follow the path untill you wind up
north of the tower, then travel south to find the entrance. The entrance is
facing west.

Just like at the kvatch tower, fight your way upwarts. It should be easier
due to the help of Burd and his men. Beware though in the rending halls,
there are some nasty spikes coming out of the walls here, and even a
falling blade. Make sure to avoid them.

Above that is corridor of dark salvation and above that your goal, this
towers Sigillum Sanctus. Kill the daedra there, and have Burd next to you
as you touch the Sigil stone to shut down this gate and be brought back to
just outside of Bruma.

Report back to Jauffre and you'll have finished the quest.  

Armor of Tiber Septim

 The armor of Tiber Septim, you're supposed to get it to martin so he can
use the blood still on it in a spell.

Jauffre sends you to Sancre Tor, a legendary place to the north of Chorrol,
and to the southwest of Bruma.

Before going here, make sure to have either an enchanted or Silver
weapon, as you're bound to meet lofs of ghosts and wraiths inside.

This is a fairly easy dungeon, in the first hall, fight your way past the
undead untill you reach a small platform with an undead warrior wearing
a somewhat odd looking helmet. Kill it to learn it's the ghost of an
Ancient Blade warrior. Be carefull though that you don't walk into dead
ends, there is one in peticular with a very nasty surprise for unsuspecting

Rielus (the name of the Blade) will tell you the tale of Sancre Tor, how he
and three others were trapped there and explains how you can get the
armor. You need to kill the undead bodies of his three friends before you
can access the armor. Also, don't forget to search the bodies of the four
blades for very nice artifacts.

Trhough the near door, brings you to an entry hall, one door leads to the
tomb of the Reman emperors, that is the last door you need. In each of the
other three halls however is another Undead blade to be found.

To the left of where you entered is the prison, the fastest route to the
blade: from the entrace, right, left, right, left, the second right, third left,
first left, and then turn right to find the Undead blade. Kill it and return to
the entry.

Next from the entry, take the door leading to the hall of judgement, as it
will save you some time.

Follow the path untill you reach a large room, to the far right is where you
can find the blade. Kill it and rather then heading back the way you came,
take the exit to the right of where you entered the room to find a path
straight to the catacombs, the last hall of this dungeon.

Once inside, you'll see the undead blade nearly at once, kill it and return
to the entry now since you're nearly done.

When you reach the entry, take the door leading to the Reman Emperors.
Inside you'll see the four ghosts of the blades kneeling, they'll break the
spell that would otherwise prevent you from reaching the armor. Wait
untill it's gone, walk up to the tomb and take the shield.

Walk back to the exit of Sacre Tor, and travel back to Cloud temple to
report your success and hand Martin the armor.

The Great Welkynd Stone

 The third of four items sees you travelling to an Ayleid Ruin, the last one
to have a great Welkynd stone.

Miscarcand can be found to tne northeast of Kvatch and is a pretty basic
dungeon again. One thing be hard to find, or at least it was for me ;-), is
the hidden switch for the gate to the second level. From the entrance,
follow the path untill you can only go left or right, go right and then left
again, just beyond this staircase on the left side is the switch.

Head back to the staircase, and now head right to track back a bit. Follow
the path there, leading over a bridge and you'll find yourself at the gate to
the second level.

In this section again follow the path untill you arrive at a large hall, in this
hall be sure to go to the south end first, beyond a door there is the button
to get another gate out of the way. Once pressed, head to the north side
for the door leading to Morimath and the great stone.

Again, following the path here will lead you to a large room with in the
center the great stone, don't worry about the staircases though, they'll only
activate themselves once you've picked up the great stone, so don't bother
searching for a button. Instead walk around the platform to find the path
up. Be prepared for a fight though, as both a lich and a number of
zombies appear once you've taken the great stone from it's place.

Kill them all, and walk to where the lich used to be to find a very fast way
back outside.

Once outside, travel back to the cloud ruler temple and speak to Martin to
finish this quest.

Defense of Bruma

Well, depending on your choice this can be one of the longest or one of
the shortest quests in the main quest. It's suggested to you that you get the
aid of the other cities in Cyrodiil to help defend Bruma while you carry
out another part of Martin's plan.

However if you're confident that you don't need the help of others, or
pherhaps not the help of everyone, then you could go along with the quest
and simply start it right now.

I'll assume however that you, like me, will get the help of the other cities.

One note, there's no sense in going to the Imperial city for this, they won't
help you no matter what.


Speak to countess Milona Umbranox in the castle here. She'll ask you to
close the gate located to the northwest of the city.

Upon entering the gate, you find yourself once again in enemy territory,
This time you won't be able to simply walk up to the citadel, instead there
are two caves connecting you to the upper part and the Citadel.

Two caves with rather different ways to get there, unless you wish to
enter another puzzle, I recommend the cave closest by. That is from the
entrace gate, turn left and then almost immediately right, a small bit up
the mountain. Fight past some daedra in there and you wind up close near
the entrance of the Citadel.

From the acces of this cave, walk a small bit counter clockwise and you'll
find yourself at the entrance of the Citadel.

Once inside, no catches. Simply fight past all the daedra to the upper
levels and once there touch the sigil stone to close the gate and be
transported back to Anvil.

Speak to the countess again and she'll give you her support. On to the
next city now.


Speak to count Regulus Terentius here, He'll ask you to locate and close
the gate located to the northwest of the city. (Be sure not to make the
same mistake I did, that is closing the wrong gate and then thinking the
game has glitched ;-) )

Upon entering Oblivion here, head south and then east. Be carefull of the
turrets there though, but east is the way to go as you can open a gate by
activating switch at the top of the shrine there.

After opening the gate, either return to where you came into the world
and go north through the now open gate into the citadel, or head a bit
further north from the shrine and then turn west to enter the very same

Once inside, same old same old. Fight your way upwards and touch the
sigil stone.


Here the situation becomes a tad more complicated, still speak to the
Count to get the quest to close the gate, but the complication arises when
you speak to the guards just outside the Gate.
They'll mention the son of the count was trying to show off, and entered
the gate together with a friend. So now not only are you expected to close
the gate, but also to save the life of the son of the count.Though don't
worry, even with a dead count's son you'll be able to complete this quest.
The reward however will be less good.

But don't worry, looking for the son won't inconvenience you too much,
in fact he'll be waiting for you right along the route you need to take to
the Citadel anyway.

Head due east towards the citadel and you'll notice a few friends of the
count's son lying dead. Apparently their mission wasn't as much a success
as they thought it would be. Just before getting to the bridge leading to
the citadel, you'll meet the only two survivors, the count's son and a friend
of his.

After finding them, they'll play as backup untill they're either killed or
untill you close the gate. Speaking to the son also triggers the gates across
the bridges to open btw.

Cross the bridge, enter the citadel, watch for those nasty spike and blade
traps again and fight your way upwards all the while keeping the son
alive, and you're done. Take the sigil stone, thus closing the gate and you
wind up just outside Cheydinhal again.

Speak to the son to be given an honorary position in his organisation, the
knights of the thorn. Then speak to the count again to finish the quest.

Assuming you kept the son alive, you'll also be rewarded with the choice
of a unique artifact, either a sword with desintegrate armor enchantment
or a staff with a damage strength and shock enchantment.

You'll of course also receive the count's aid for the overall quest.


Speak to countess Arriana Valga here to get the quest. The gate is located
to the south of the gate of Chorrol.

Upon entering the gate, you'll notice two citadels, one right next to you
and another one due south. The one next to you has some great loot, but
isn't your goal here.

You'll notice the center Citadel is surrounded by 5 smaller towers, you'll
need to go through at least one of those to reach the central tower. Enter
the central tower, and Fight your way upwards, you'll find yourself unable
to go any higher.

The key to this mystery are the other towers. Going through one of them,
will allow you to get higher up on the main citadel. Once higher in the
citadel, the story becomes the same again. Fight your way past traps and
daedra to get to the Sigil stone, collect it and close the gate.

Report back to the countess and she'll agree to send aid to Bruma.


Rather then needing to close a gate here, you already did that, here you're
expected to help free the castle. Apparently that's still held by the Daedra
and that's where you come in.

Travel to the chapel at Kvatch there and speak to captain Savlian Matius.
He'll ask you to come along with liberating the castle, agree and he'll lead
the way out the eastern chapel doors. You'll come across some Daedra
there, the way to the castle is very short but also blocked, that is the gate
leading to the actual castle is blocked.

If you have either bow and arrow, or some spells, try and take out the
daedra atop the castle walls. That makes walking and running around that
area a lot easier.

Speak to the captain once again and he'll give you a solution to the locked
gate problem, a secret route leading to the inside of the castle's gatehouse.
First things first however, the key. travel back to the chapel and speak to
private Berich Inian. He has the key and being polite to him will also get
him to explain the route you need to take to get to the secret passageway.
The private will follow you along, and speak to the other soldiers in the
chapel will get you a few more helpers.

Follow the route leading you through the crypt, onto the underground way
into the castle. Be prepared to face a number of daedra guarding the way.
Follow the entire path and at the end you'll find yourself in the gatehouse
of the castle, with two gates and one lever. Activate the lever, and
assuming the soldiers that went with you are still alive, you'll have both
them and the soldiers with captain Savlian to wipe out the daedra in the
courtyard, and later inside the castle itself. With all those soldiers that
shouldn't cause a problem.

Once you've found the body of the late count of Kvatch, and given his
signet ring to Savlian, the captain will agree to aid Bruma.


Speak to count Marius Caro here for this quest. The gate is located to the
northeast of the city.

Enter the gate to find yourself on a small island across the way from the
main citadel. Travel a small way west to find a cave leading to the main
island. Fight your way through it and arrive on the main island.

Your first goal should be to enter the main citadel, it cannot be reached
through normal means. You'll have to go through the smaller towers to
open the gates blocking the entrance to the Citadel. It's not that hard,
except for the Daedra you might encounter.

Once inside the main citadel, it's back to business as usual as you'll have
to fight through daedra, avoid traps and find the sigil stone.

Find it, close the gate, return to the vastle and speak to the count to get his
support for the Bruma struggle.


Another difference here, speak not to the count at first, but to one of his
stewards, Mercator Hosidus (unless you killed him during the mages
guild quests) or the argonian Hal-liurz.
Speak to them and explain the situation, and they'll set up a meeting with
the count.

You might think this odd? The count is a vampire so he doesn't show
himself too often lest he be detected.

Speak to the count to hear the same story you've heard before, close the
gate for support. The gate is located to east of castle Skingrad.

Once inside you'll see two smaller towers and a large third tower which is
across a pool of lava. Your first step is the two smaller towers, at the top
you'll find switches that will activate a bridge across the lava, leading to
the actual Sigil tower.

It's basically fighting your way past daedra again, activating the switches,
in the main tower it's the same, fight your way up and touch the sigil
stone to close the gate of oblivion and re appear near Skingrad.

Return back to the count, report your success and he'll agree to aid

Bruma Gate

Once you have the support of all various cities, you can head back to
cloud ruler temple and report your success to Jauffre.

Speak to Martin to start the actual quest here. He'll tell you to contact the
countess and set up a meeting in the chapel of Bruma. Speak to her and
be prepared, getting her to the chapel means you're almost going to war so
make sure you're prepared.

Inside the chapel, the countess will speak to Jauffre and Martin and then
will wait for your final go ahead before starrting everything.

Travel together with martin, Jauffre and some blades to the gate of bruma
and you'll be cheered by folks in the streets, or rather Martin will be, and
you can observe that.

Provided you got the aid of all other cities, just outside the gate you'll be
greeted by 10 warriors ready to aid you in the defence of Bruma. Follow
martin to the site of the impending war and defend him, yourself and the
others as a total of 4 oblivion gates open.

I found that with all the help of all the cities, I could even stand by and do
nothing while they take care of everything, so your real task here doesn't
start untill the great oblivion gate opens in the center of that small valley.

As soon as it opens, and when you're sure nothing bad will happen to
your companions, head inside as soon as possible.

Why asap? Because this is one of few quests in oblivion that has a time
limit. Once inside the gate you'll immeditately notice a large daedric
machine "crawling" towards the oblivion gate. Your task should be to
take the great sigil stone before that machine get's all the way through the

Impossible? no, but it is hard. So be swift here; enter the first tower on
the left. Go to the top and follow the bridge leading to the tower further
along. travel down here and exit on the other side to find yourself nearly
past the daedric machine. Run along following the path there and before
you you should see two more small towers and a large Citadel, enter the
tower on the left as it's closest.

Again go to the top as soon as possible and flip the switch that will open
the gate blocking your access to the main citadel.

Pass through the gate, enter the main citadel and fight your way past two
sigil keepers, daedra and traps to get to the sigil room and take the stone.

Once you have it, that's it. An end to the rushing, now you can relax for a
bit as Martin congratulates you and such.

Camoran's Paradise

You're nearly done now, so don't worry. Report back to Martin at the
cloud ruler temple to receive this next and nearly last quest.

He'll ask you to travel to Camoran's Paradise and kill the madman. Enter
the portal as it's opened and you find yourself in lovely terrain. Your goal
lies to the east, keep that in mind and consult your map if you need be as
I've heard more then a few people that were lost in here.

Following the path will lead you to a bridge and you'll see a Xivilai in
front of it. No sense in avoiding it so best speak to him right away. He'll
explain you need something he has to enter the next part of paradise, and
he'll hand it over if you do him a service, you can however simply kill
him and take it.

Assuming you agree to do a service for him; travel north and you'll find
another cave. Enter it and speak to the humans there of an Imprisoned
Xivilai and why he was imprisoned, free him to gain the favor of Kathutet
or kill him to force yourself into a fight with him anyway.

Travel back to kathutet and either face him in battle, or receive the bands
peacefully, either way put them on and then enter the cave across the

Follow the path here leading to the door marked "forbidden grotto", to
enter there you need to have the bands on. Enter it and find yourself in a
nice dungeon, where quite a few people are being tortured and such.

Just inside the second room here, you'll be spoken to by a former follower
of Camoran who's seen the light and now wishes to help you. Agree and
he'll guide you a bit along the way and help you get past the high level
dremora in there.

At one point he'll tell you to get into a cage as a dremora comes to check
on him, don't worry, it's not a trap. Though you will be lowered down to
the lava, you never actually go in as he keeps his word.

On the other side of this lava pool, the exit to the second level is but a
small way due south.

Once there, simply follow the path first a bith south and then north of
where you entered to come across a Xivilai Medrike, you really need to
kill this one as he holds the key to the exit.

By this time Eldamil has removed your bands and you'll be able to exit
the Grotto as normal.

Back outside, Camoran can be found just a little to the northeast. He has a
mansion there. You'll be greeted by the two children of Camoran you
killed earlier, but don't worry about killing them just yet as they only
respawn any way and they mean you no harm, not yet anyway.

Enter Camoran's mansion to find him standing in front of a throne. He'll
tell you a number of things and then the fight is on. I suggest going after
him and ignoring his children as they both respawn and killing them
really does nothing for you.

Once he's dead, you're automaticaly given the amulet of kings and you'll
find yourself back at cloud ruler temple. 

The Dragon Fires

Once back at cloud ruler temple, speak to martin to hear the next course
of action, travelling to the Imperial city, lighting the dragon fites and
containing Oblivion.

Well, easier said then done as after travelling to the city's palace district,
and meeting with the chancellor, you'll learn the city is under attack, by
none other then Mehrunes Dagon himself. Be carefull, as shortly
thereafter two or more mythic dwan assassins enter the council chambers
looking for blood.

After you hear about the attack, speak to martin and you'll suggest using
the amulet of kings to defeat Dagon, he'll ask you to accompany him to
the temple of the one in the city there and he'll do the rest.

Well that's what you need to do now, escort Martin through the city, keep
him alive and make sure you both reach the temple intact. At one point,
just before the entrance you even have to go up against Mehrunes
himself, if only for a short time.

Hurt him enough to get him to stagger and run past him with martin in
tow to enter the temple of the one.

Speak to him again and sit back and watch as the rest of the story unfolds.
I won't spoil too much here, but I will say one minor thing; Our side wins

The End

 Well that's it really. Evil has been vanquished, the empire saved thanks
to first you and then Martin.

Having done all the quests you now should have a fame of 40ish,
meaning everyone wil be very charming to you.

Cloud ruler temple can be used by you as you please, and now you're
ready for everything else.martin is gone however, you won't see him

So that leaves but one thing for me to say, congratulations on beating the
main quest!

One thing however that comes from beating the main quest, sort of an
after reward, is a full suit of Imperial Dragon armor.

Speak to Councillor Ocato after having finished the main quest, and he'll
mention he's given the order to construct a suit of armor for you.

After you speak to him about that, wait for two weeks and then go to the
Imperial legion district in the imperial city, and visit the armory there for
your armor.

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