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Follow the dark path or use the light

Weapons FAQ

by ConigliettoRosa

                              THE GODFATHER
April 19th, 2006
V. 1.1b

Well, hi all you guys out there!
This is the very first FAQ i write for a game, so I hope it can be useful and
of course understandable!
I'm not a native English speaker: I'm just an Italian university student who 
has just started specialising in English: feel free to correct and criticise 
this work by E-Mailing me... just do not complain pointlessly!

I've always been in love with gangster movies and games: I already can hear you 
saying "of course, HE IS ITALIAN, he's a damn mobster himself"... well, that's
what really spoils Italy's reputation: Italian mob (aka "MAFIA") is a 
plague, a plague that everyone must fight in order to see it disappear 
once for all from this sick world:
it's very sad to be identified as a mobster when you travel abroad just
because you are Italian: looks like we are famoust just for Pizza and Mafia!

One last thing: I'm what many people would call a "gun nut": I love firearms, 
I'm very damn fond of'em, I go weekly to the shooting range and I study the 
subject on my own just for historical and scientific interest.
But I'd not call myself an expert: I'm just a fond.
You'll find some historical and technical notes here and a lot of critics about
the unrealness of this game's weapons: If you don't mind such things, just say 
"whatever" and go on reading. ;) 

I've divided this FAQ into sections, each can be quickly found by pressing 
and writing the code in brackets that you find in the index. Enjoy!

[VH] - VERSION HISTORY                         |
[CS] - CONSIDERATIONS                          |
[UP] - ABOUT UPGRADES                          |
[LD] - LISTING AND DESCRIPTIONs                |
       [.38] .38 Revolver                      |
       [.45] .45 Handgun                       |
       [MAG] Magnum Revolver                   |
       [THO] Thompson M1928 SMG                |
       [SHO] Shotgun                           |
       [MOL] Molotov Cocktail                  |
       [DYN] Dynamite                          |
       [BOM] Time Bomb                         |
[PS] - PLAYSTYLE                               |
[END] - ENDING: THANKS TO, E-MAIL...           |

[VH]                         ---VERSION HISTORY---

April 18th 2006: Version 1.0
April 19th 2006: Version 1.1b: corrected various spelling mistakes,
                 added locations of upgrades, changed E-Mail address,
                 added some "thanks to"s, added Version History.

[CS]                           ---CONSIDERATIONS---

Just a quick point: weapons in this game are not balanced at all: it will take
very few shots with any weapon to blow a vehicle into a fiery mess, and too 
many shots to kill some enemies: now, since their energy depends on their level
(listed between their energy bar and their name) I have tried to calculate 
every weapon's firepower by listing how many shots does it take to blow a 
vehicle into pieces: the numbers vary according to the vehicle: Pick-ups will
stand more shots than any other car in the game, and usually the faster is a
car, the weaker it is.

[UP]                            ---ABOUT UPGRADES---

Weapons can be upgraded by some fixers hidden all over the game areas:
once you upgrade a weapon its improved version will replace the old one
FOREVER (yeah, no way to go back to a weaker version,whether you like it
or not. And I do not like this at all).
Furthermore the ammunition you'll find in your hideouts or on dead enemies
will be fully compatible with your new toy:
This means that the average .38 rounds for the Level 1 .38 Revolver will
also fit the Level 3 version. 

Two last important things:
 1) Every time you purchase an upgrade you'll be ambushed by some members
    of the family controlling that area (Tattaglias for Brooklyn, Straccis
    for New Jersey and son on): be quick ore be dead! Show'em your new little
    friend! They will spawn EVEN IF you do not purchase the upgrade,
    so beware.
 2) It's not necessary to upgrade a weapon step-by-step: you can directly 
    upgrade a weapon from level 1 to level 3! Of course you might prefer to
    keep a weapon just to level 2 (as I do with the Thompson, see below).

[LD]                     ---LISTING AND DESCRIPTIONS---

[.38] .38 REVOLVER
Ammo Price: $50
The weakest gun in the game: fires six shots only, and soon you'll find that 
they won't be enough to kill a single higher level enemy
(such as warehouses guards).
So, what's it for?
well, its description says it's not very noisy: I would'n bet on it, since 
every time i had to do a stealth kill it lured packs of enemies anyway.
Just carry it with you: it's cheap, and it's still an ammo resource, good for 
It's also very accurate: you can use it to headshot-kill foes from afar, when 
the game doesn't allow you to lock them with the auto-aim.

Now, remember that actually a .38 revolver, even just a snub-nose as this is,
is a lot more powerful and can easily splatter your guts all over a room: do 
ot underestimane a weapon just because it sucks in a game!
but you already knew this, didn't you? :)

you can carry 6+36 bullets. very weak. it takes some 10-12 shots to blow up a 

LEVEL 2 ($ 7500):
 you find this upgrade in the southest square of Little Italy (check it on the
map): although its description says it will fire more quickly, I didn't notice
any difference with the basic version.
you can carry 6+60 bullets. Becomes more powerful (blows up a vehicle in 6-8 
shots, just like the Level 1 .45 Handgun).

LEVEL 3 ($ 75000):
 Changes the gun's name to "Saturday Night Special".
Found in Court Park, East of Little Italy's southern bank.
Allows you to carry 6+80 bullets, and becomes even more powerful: it will blow 
up a vehicle in just 4-6 shots: it's roughly the same power of the basic 
Level 1 Magnum revolver.

 in my opinion upgrading this gun is a complete waste of money: save it for 
more useful weapons, and remember that the lack of power of the basic LV1 
Revolver is a great advantage: there will be mission where you are asked to 
kill enemies with multiple shots (i remember one where i had to kill a guy 
shooting him to the knees, then to the shoulder and eventually to the neck:
try doing it with a too powerful gun and keeping him alive all along
the process!).
Furthermore it's an excellent cheap weapon for those ambushes where
you hide behind a wall and take your time to snap your opponents' heads
out one by one.

[.45] .45 HANDGUN
Ammo price: $75
A more balanced weapon: its highest capacity and power will make it become your
favourite choice in early stages of the game: as accurate as the .38 Revolver,
it's very good for "headshot ambushes": Just hide behind a wall, right-click on
a target, aim and lock on his head and blast him out! You'll find this being
useful even late in the game: you'll be able to sweep out hordes of high-level,
Thompson-wielding Barrese foes by simply hiding and head-shooting!

 As for the .38 Revolver this gun (a Colt 1911 model) is actually a lot more
powerful than in the game: the .45 ACP round is known as the perfect 
man-stopper, along with the .357 magnum.
Another annoying thing is that the upgrades make this gun even less realistic:
its capacity improves (and by the way those times there was no way to find
a .45 holding 10 or more bullets. not a Colt at least), and the Assassin
has that both useful and nasty full-auto fire: you guys might
love all these boons but I really find this very sad.

You can carry up to 8+48 bullets. Blows up a vehicle in 6-8 shots.

LEVEL 2 ($ 12500):
Found in the Underway beneath Manhattan Bridge, in Brooklyn.
Holds 10+70 Bullets. Blows a vehicle up in 4-6 shots.

LEVEL 3 ($ 250000):
Changes name to "Assassin".
You can find it in the dumping area in the very southern bottom of Brooklyn;
there is also a strange crate containing a lot of cash! And it will respawn
just like Banks! how cool!
carries 14+140 shots, and becomes fully automatic! not as fast as the
Thompson, but will come very handy. Its powerseems to be the same of the
Level 2 version.

 Although the Assassin could turn to be an excellent gun to hack your way 
throughout the whole game, the basic version is still be an useful back-up 
option just as it is.
It's up to you to decide whether stick to the Assassin or save the money for 
the Python Level 3 Magnum, or else.
My opinion is that this gun is TOO awesome, and i also can't stand seeing a 14
round .45 caliber handgun in this historical period... but of course, this is 
my playstyle.

Ammo price: $ 100
As you could expect, this is a slow-firing extremely powerful revolver: If you
Improve your Firearms Skill to the maximum level you'll find yourself being as
accurate and cool as Clint Eastwood in any Dirty Harry or Western movie!
Due to its slowness, in early stages of the game you'd better take cover before
opening fire, expecially when you're facing more than two enemies at the same
Oh well, taking cover is ALWAYS a good idea in this game.

 This is funny: this revolver looks exactly a S&W M 1917 revolver.
What's funny?
Well, it was chambered for the .45 ACP round! the very same round of the Colt
1911 described above, and the same used by the Thompson SMG! this means that
all these three weapons should have all the same power!
We could pretend this is a .357 magnum revolver (since this cartridge was 
invented in the '30s), but the gun look is still the same. 
By the way this was the revolver that Harrison Ford used in the
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" movie.
One Last Thing: "Python" is the name of the most famous .357 magnum revolver:
the Colt Python, which became (and still is) a status-symbol during the '50s.

You can carry up to 6+36 shots, and you'll need 4 to 6 shots to blow up a 

LEVEL 2 ($ 25000):
Found in the square at the end of Galvin Street, Hell's Kitchen:
There will be some Corleones fighting some Cuneos... and hiding nearby you'll
find the upgrade.
Now you can carry 6+48 shots, and you'll blow up vehicles in 2-3 shots; low 
level enemies will die in just one shot, while high level ones will take
up to 2, or 3 if you're unlucky.

LEVEL 3 ($ 250000):
Changes name to "Python".
It's in the park on the 52nd street, nothnern side of Hell's Kitchen...
Near the Cuneo Family's headquarters! Enjoy this lovely piece of artillery
to storm their mansions and gain lots of reputation points and money!
  The PythonCarries 8+80 bullets, and punchs a lot of stopping power:
you'll be able to kill almost any enemy with just a single shot,
and it blows up vehicles in just 2-3 shots: oddly the same amount required
by the Level 2 version, even if its power is almost doubled against enemies.

This is my weapon of choice, along with the Level 2 Thompson: I strongly 
recommend buying the Python upgrade, but I think it's just up to your playing 
Just consider that when you'll have $250000 ready to spend you'll be likely to 
have at least 6-8 ranks in the Firearms skill, so your aim should be pretty 
You could probably go through the whole game by using only the Python.
Anyway always carry with you the Level 1 version at least: it will get you out 
of troubles quickly: holds more bullets than the shotgun, it's damn powerful 
and at long range is the only thing that can kill quickly a high level enemy.

Ammo price: $ 150
How could such a game exists without the most famous '30s firearm ever?
The Tommy Gun is not as good as it should have been actually, but it still 
comes in handy: is good to provide some covering fire when you have to move to 
a hiding place to another during firefights, and it's also useful when you are 
facing several enemies all close to each other... or a single high level one at
close or medium range.
Unfortunately it's pretty weak (since it fires .45 caliber ammo, it should have
been a bit more powerful that the .45 handgun, thanks to the longer barrel), 
and it doesn't use the notorious 50 or 100 bullets drum magazines... I'm sure 
the programmers made this choice in order to keep the game balanced: how many 
players would use any other gun, if they could buy a cheap fast firing, 
powerful gun with a large magazine?

The actual Thompson fired 1500 round per minute (that's 25 per second!); while 
the military version (the M1 which you can find in any WW2 game) fired just 600
rpm... but that's anyway more than the 5 shots per second that you get in this

You can carry up to 25+250 shots, and it takes 30-40 shots to blow up a 
vehicle: use it to pepper a single high level enemy at close-medium range by 
locking him with the auto-aim and then aiming to his upper body: at least one 
shot should behead him by chances!

LEVEL 2 ($ 25000):
It's in the left corner of the 79th street, top north of Midtown.
holds 50+500 bullets (don't ask me how can this be possible, since a single
.45 ACP round weighs roughly 21 grams: this means that 500 rounds weigh some
10 kilograms (22 punds)!) and blows up a vehicle in 25-30 shots: it becomes
more useful thanks to the larger magazine and higher power: I use this version
a lot: it's also very effective when you are seriously wounded and need to
escape to a vehicle or a hiding place:
just spray bullets and strafe!

LEVEL 3 ($ 500000):
Changes name to "Dillinger".
It's in the south side of the 25th and 3rd street cross,
behind a wooden fence.
Holds up to 75+750 bullets and will blow up a vehicle in just 20 to 30 shots!

I don't recommend buying the Dillinger: at such a price you can buy both the 
Python and the Assassin, then you can save just $ 25000 to purchase the 
excellent Level 2 Tommy gun.
All this in my opinion, of course: i hate the look of the Dillinger and its 
unreal 75 round magazine.

Ammo price: $ 125
A very good friend in the very beginning of the game, when you mostly face low
level enemies: one shot at close range will end a sorry conversation most of 
the times... and a second one will be ready and available if the ba$tard is 
still on his feet. Powerful and cheap: that's your shotgun!

You can carry up to 2+12 shells, and you'll need 3-5 shots to blow up a vehicle
at close range.

LEVEL 2 ($ 25000):
You can carry 2+24 shells, and it's powered up so that you can blow up a 
vehicle in 2-3 shots at close range, no mention of those poor mobsters that 
will dare challenging YOU!
It won't be as effective as the Level 3 Magnum, but it's ten times cheaper!

LEVEL 3 ($ 450000):
Changes name to "Sweeper".
This is the only level 3 upgrade that can be found in two different places.
It's hidden in a sewage tunnel in the east side of the Little Italy Industrial
Park (between Franklin's and Sterner's).
You can also find it in the Garden Parkway Viaduct in New Jersey:
it's in the only trainyard area west of this road... 
North of the Straccis' Mansion.
Its price is the same in both the places!

This is the ultimate ass-kicker's weapon: an aggressive look, an awesome 
firepower and a large capacity magazine! Holds 10+100 rounds, and will blow up
any vehicle in just 1 or 2 shots at close range; furthermore it will still pack
a lot of stopping power at longer distances!

CONCLUSIONS: this gun is so awesome that I DO NOT use it: first of all makes 
the game too simple, second it's not historically correct... and since I am a 
gun nut I can't stand seeing an automatic shotgun in such a beautiful game!
Anyway if you don't mind these points you should probably stick to it: it's 
cheaper than the Dillinger and more, moooooore effective.
Otherwise I just recommend upgrading the Shotgun to level 2 and keep saving
money for the Python or the Assassin... But i won't finish saying that it's
just my own opinion.

Price: $ 100 each
this is an useful device when you need to put on stage as much mess as you can:
throw it from afar to enemies hiding behind crates, then watch them burning or
running away, ready to be peppered by your loyal Tommy gun!
Just remember:  DO NOT throw it while you are on low ceiling areas: 
unfortunately the game doesn't allow you to calculate the throw height, so 
you'll probably get badly wounded... or worse.

Price: $ 500 each
this is an excellent DEFENSE weapon!
Yeah, it's for defense: sometimes you'll find yourself critically hurt
surrounded by overwhelming Thompson wielding enemies, blazing your poor
character hid behind a poor car, which will catch fire in a few seconds...
Well, just draw a dynamite stick and throw it wherever you want in the area 
(not necessarily to them): they'll ALWAYS RUN AWAY, looking for cover!
you can use those few seconds to either run away for your life, or reorganize 
your tactics. Just remember that you have just lit a dynamite stick... ;)

Dynamite is also used to open safes and bank caveaus: place it and take cover!

Price: $ 2000 each

Used in open areas is exactly the same as the dynamite.
But if you use it in ANY room of ANY building you'll have to run outside as 
quickly as you can: the WHOLE place will blow up like a 4th of July!
The only use for this is to win a clan war, or to conquer a family's 
headquarter... at the risk of your own life.
NOTE: if you are on war with a family and you die by the explosion that blew up
one of its controlled places, you'll win the war anyway... so since 
"resurrection" is very cheap in this game you should not worry too much about 
running to safety: it's just a matter of pride, I guess.

[PS]                         ---PLAYSTYLE---

This section is pretty pointless, but I'd like to make some considerations:
You can easily buy all the weapons in this game, though getting quickly both 
the Sweeper and the Dillinger could take quite a lot.
But I think your purchases just reflect your style of playing: there are the 
shotgun-nut guys, who spent thousands of hours playing DooM and Duke Nukem 3D 
and now can't even sleep if they don't have their trusty 12 gauge friend 
under the bed:
these guys will be likely to enjoy the Sweeper and its look: 
I'd not be surprised if they started hanging around New York dressed
in Duke Nukem style: blond, short hair, short shirt and braces,
dark sunglasses... Hanging around from a brothel to another. 

Then there are the Dick Tracy fans, those people who fell in love with the 
Godfather movie (and the Untouchtables, and many others): these are people 
who'll go through the whole game with just the level 2 Tommy Gun, being it the
most historically correct version in the game.

Not to mention the Clint Eastwood disciples: They'll dress in grey, grow some 
beard and hang around the dark and dirty alleys with just a full powered Magnum

Just enjoy this wonderful game, people: play as you wish, and feel not forced
to buy and upgrade everything: feel free to say "this sucks" when you see the
Dillinger or the Assassin: this game is pretty easy, so you do not actually 
need to become a tank! ;)

[END]                          ---ENDING---

 I'd like to give my thanks to Electronic Arts for having created such a good 
game (even if it could have been longer, and have had better graphics, and more
historically and technically balanced weapons... but since 9 out 10 EA games 
just suck (did someone say "Medal of Honor- Pacific Assault?) i think we have
been lucky this time).
 I also thank all my English teachers but that old bossy mummy we have at 
University, and the Fallout game series: they taught me a lot.
 Let me thank all those people who fight against war and violence ('cause I'd 
give up all my firearms knowledge to see a better, more peaceful world), and
those ones who fight for animal rights (LET RABBITS LIVE!!! Poor bunnies).
 Thanks also to God: without him I wouldn't know who to curse against when this
crazy world pisses me off.
 Thanks to Colt and Smith & Wesson for the best revolvers ever.
 Thanks H.P. Lovecraft for his horror tales, and the Call of Cthulhu RPG.
 Thanks to Gary Gygax for creating the D&D world.
 Thanks to Wizard of the Coast for having spoiled the D&D world: now I moved
           to funnier RPGs.
 Thanks to Talsorian Games for the Cyberpunk Role Playing Game.
 Thanks to my grandfather: a model for my life.
 Thanks to Gamefaqs for hosting this guide.
 Thanks to all the people who reported me any mistakes they found here.
 Thanks to Italian policemen, who arrested the last Italian Mafia boss
           after a 30-years-long investigation, on april 11th.
           May the ba$tard rest in pieces.
 Thanks to my girlfriend Sabrina, who bears me daily.

So, have you found any errors, mistakes, or have you got any comment?
E-Mail me at elf85 (at) libero (dot) it
( "at" and "dot" are written in order to avoid spam bots, of course you guys
know that they mean " @ " and " . ")
(V.1.0 E-Mail address has been removed)

Last But not least: Please don't steal these contents!
I'll be happy to allow you using them, just E-Mail me before so that I can see
your work, and pleeeeease give me proper credits!