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Best Agent Guide

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Valorant Best Agent Guide

In Valorant characters are called 'Agents' and each have their own unique playstyle and abilities. Unlike other games in the genre like Overwatch where you have access to several powerful abilities on short cooldowns a character's abilities in Valorant are more varied, and most of them have to be bought. Also unlike other character-based shooters your agent isn't stuck with a specialized weapon, Valorant is the same as Counter-Strike where you can spend money buying weapons, armour and abilities at the beginning of each round. Check out our Best Agent Guide to find out who the best character is in Valorant

Ability 1

An ability you can purchase between each round.

Ability 2

The second ability you can purchase between rounds using credits.

Signature Ability

Every agent will receive their signature ability each round for free.

Ultimate Ability

This ability will charge up from getting kills.


Class: Sentinel

Region: China

Sage is one of the starting characters in Valorant and she is the healer out of all the currently available characters. She uses an array of orbs to keep enemies at bay and heal herself and her teammates, and her ultimate ability resurrects a fallen teammate. Sage is a good choice for sniper rifles and long-range rifles which she can use to support the team from range. Use Heal Orb every round, it is a free skill renewable every round.

Ability 1: Barrier Orb

Cost: 300

Conjure a large, solid wall. Right-click to rotate the wall before casting.

Ability 2: Slow Orb

Cost: 100

Cast out a radianite orb that breaks into a slowing field upon impact with the ground. All caught in the field are slowed, grounded, and make noise when moving.

Signature Ability: Healing Orb

Cost: Free

Heal an ally or yourself to full health over a few seconds.

Ulitmate Ability: Resurrection

Cost: 7 Points

Target a friendly corpse. After a short delay, revive them with full health.


Class: Duelist

Region: El Salvador

After a set time of playing Valorant you can unlock Raze, she uses an array of explosive abilities to decimate her opponents. Raze should be one of the first characters to enter bombsites where she can then use Paint Shells and Blast Pack to clear areas where enemies could be lurking or hiding. Use Boom Bot to see if enemies lie ahead and Blast Pack to propel yourself onto areas that give you a different angle of attack. Use Paint Shells at least once each round as they are powerful and you get one renewed.

Ability 1: Boom Bot

Cost: 100

Equip a Boom Bot. Fire will deploy the bot, causing it to travel in a straight line on the ground, bouncing off walls. The Boom Bot will lock on to any enemies in it frontal cone and chase them, exploding for heavy damage if it reaches them.

Ability 2: Paint Shells

Cost: 200

Equip a cluster grenade. Fire to throw the grenade, which does damage and creates sub-munitions, each doing damage to anyone in their range.

Signature Ability: Blast Pack

Cost: Free

Instantly throw a Blast Pack that will stick to surfaces. Re-us the ability after deployment to detonate, damaging and moving anything hit. Raze isn't damaged by this ability, but will still take fall damage if launched up far enough.

Ultimate Ability: Showstopper

Cost: 6 Points

Equip a single-use rocket launcher with the ability to one-shot enemies. Damage from this ability is consistent throughout the entire blast radius.


Class: Duelist

Region: United Kingdom

Phoenix is one of the starting agents in Valorant. He is a fire-wielding duelist who has an array of offensive skills. Equip him with rifles and SMG´s and use Curveball to flash behind corners. When defending a planted spike, use Hot Hands and Blaze to cut off areas enemies could potentially use, these abilities can also be used to heal when in dire need. Run it Back should be used to scout bombsites for information and when numbers are against you.

Ability 1: Blaze

Cost: 200

Cast out a flame wall that blocks vision and damages anyone passing through it. You can bend the wall when casting by turning while holding left click. Phoenix Heals from the Fire Damage of this Ability.

Ability 2: Hot Hands

Cost: 100

Throw a fireball that explodes after a delay or upon impact with the ground. The fire zone damages enemies, and heals you. Phoenix Heals from the Fire Damage of this Ability.

Signature Ability: Curveball

Cost: Free

A flare orb that takes a curving path and detonates shortly after throwing.

Ulitmate Ability: Run it Back

Cost: 6 Points

Mark your current location. If you die during this ability’s duration, or when this ability’s duration expires, you’ll be reborn at the marked location with full health. Does not recover Armour.

Check out our Agent Tier List to see how the different characters in Volarant rank against each other.

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