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Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

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Walkthrough for The Sinking City

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The Sinking City is a third-person detective adventure game that is inspired by the works of horror author H.P. Lovecraft. The game is set in the fictional city of Oakmont, Massachusetts during the 1920s and the story follows private investigator Charles W. Reed, a WWI veteran and Navy diver who survived the Great War only to come home plagued by strange visions of a drowned city. Reed travels to the waterlogged town of Oakmont to find answers and as he searches for clues to the cause of the terrifying visions that are plaguing he becomes embroiled in the mystery of Oakmont's unrelenting flooding. This The Sinking City walkthrough and guide will help you solve the mystery of the visions.

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy
Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy


Get comfortable with the slow pace of the game. The Flood and flooded streets will make traveling around Oakmont difficult for Reed. Try not to get frustrated as you are forced to switch between boating and walking numerous times as you will have a lot of ground to cover navigating the city.

Unlock Fast Travel Points

You can make life easier for Reed if you unlock the fast travel points that are scattered throughout Oakmont. Keep an eye on the compass and whenever it becomes a rose icon it is to indicate that there is a fast travel phone booth nearby. More often than not is is worth taking a detour to unlock fast travel point which is achieved by heading towards the phone booth until its name appears on your screen. You will only be able to use a phone booth as a travel point during the game if it has been unlocked.

First Aid Kits

It is important that you know how to heal Reed as he will take damage while battling the supernatural enemies he will encounter. To heal Reed you need to select the first aid kits from your weapon wheel where it will appear as a syringe. To use a first aid kit you simply have to aim and fire it like any other weapon in the game. You will find first aid kits scattered around Oakmont as you explore the city. You can also craft them in your inventory using two alcohol and one spring coil or get them as rewards.

Antipsychotic Shots

It is important that you manage Reed's sanity so that it does not stay drained for too long as allowing this to happen will result in Reed dying. Once Reed's sanity begins to drain your vision will become progressively more warped which will make navigating the world more difficult. This can be instantly cured by going to your weapon wheel and selecting the antipsycotic shots which are administered the same way as the first aid kits. Antipsychotics require one alcohol and one coil spring to craft. Check out our Mind's Eye Guide to find out more about Reed's supernatural ability.

Chalk Signs

Make sure as you explore Oakmont you keep your eyes open for the chalk marking clues that are everywhere, these visual clues are there to help you navigate the city. These include a 'H' chalked on doorways which indicates you can enter through them, hashtags with one extra line on things such as lockers, boxes and crates that let you know you will find something useful inside such as crafting materials or ammo. A sign to be weary of though is a double V symbol with an M in a diamond which means you are about to enter an infested area. Although you will encounter tough enemies you will also be able to obtain good loot in these areas.

Enemy Attacks

Reed is slow and does not have any superhuman abilities so avoid or escape from enemies whenever possible as the liklihood is you will lose health and supplies if you engage them. If however combat is inevitable you need to take your time with your shots and not waste ammo. Most of the enemies in The Sinking City have weak points which Reed can exploit but they will be hard to hit. Remember also that reloading is a lengthy process that leaves you open to attack, this means it is essential that you carefully aim your shots before firing. If you are low on ammo you can conserve what you have against the weaker enemies by using your shovel.

Upgrade Weapons

At the start of the game the pistol Reed has is adequate at dealing with the enemies he encounters but as you progress through the game and the Wylebeasts get deadlier and you are faced with more and more local goons it becomes plainly obvious that Reed will need something better. Avancing through the game by completing the story investigations will reward Reed with new weapons such as a revolver, shotgun. battle rifle, and when you get towards the end of the game a submachine gun.

Open Loot Containers Multiple Times

The location of the containers Reed finds throughout the game that contain loot such as first aid kits, ammunition, and crafting materials can be revisited and opened multiple times as the game does not remember which boxes were searched and they will spawn new loot. Take advantage of this to stock up on ammo and first aid kits.

Check out our Investigating Tips page to find out how you can quickly solve the different cases

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy


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