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The Outskirts: Downtown

The Last of Us Walkthrough and Guide by AbsoluteSteve
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The Outskirts: Downtown

Last Updated:
[ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Evacuation Leaflet (ALL)
[ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Firefly Pendant (Joseph Lenz - 113) (ALL)
[ ] 5 Parts + 1 Parts (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Field Ops Log (ALL)
[ ] 2 Handgun Ammo (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/2) Blades (E/-/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Binding (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
[ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Rag (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Alcohol (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/-/-/-)
[ ] 5 Handgun Ammo (E/N/-/-)
[ ] 25 Parts (E/N/H/S)
[ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (3/4) Alcohol (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Rag (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Health Kit (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Revolver (ALL)
[ ] Shiv (E/-/-/-)
[ ] Lead Pipe (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Health Bar (E/-/-/-)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Health Can (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Health Can (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/-/-)
[ ] 2 Revolver Ammo (E/N/-/-)
[ ] 1 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
[ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/S)
[ ] 4 Parts (E/N/H/S)
[ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Molotov (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Rag (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Firefly Map (ALL)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Note to Derek (ALL)
[ ] 50 Parts (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
[ ] Health Can (E/N/H/S)

The Outskirts

Move underneath the viaduct and start climbing it. There's a hole in the fence allowing you to drop down to a closed-off area. Search the flowers close to the car wreck near the viaduct to find [5 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)]. Crawl back underneath the structure following the stream, then head up and keep going until you reach an intersection. A little further down the street you'll notice several sheets of paper lying on the ground; search here to find the [EVACUATION LEAFLET (ALL)]. You can safely ignore the dead end street to the left as there's nothing to be found, so head down the road following Tess and Ellie.

Before traveling up, search the truck immediately left of this path to spot [5 PARTS (E/N/H/S)]. Follow Tess and Ellie, then move through the nearby building. Before entering the Goldstone building, travel to the square in the far back of the area, which has several trees in it. There's a [FIREFLY PENDANT (JOSEPH LENZ - 113) (ALL)] hanging in the tree to the far end. Instead of wasting ammunition, look for a brick or bottle behind it and throw it at the pendant to make it drop down.

Enter the building and ignore the room to the left, which doesn't contain any items. Inspect the fresh corpse, then head through the closed door next to the stairs and search the long table to find [5 + 1 PARTS (E/N/H/S)]. Head upstairs and grab the [FIELD OPS LOG (ALL)] from nearby the body, as well as [2 HANDGUN AMMO (E/N/-/-)]. Ignore the doorway on level 5 for now and head all the way up to find [(1/4) BLADES (E/N/H/-)], [(1/2) BLADES (E/-/-/-)] and [(1/4) BINDING (E/N/-/-)].

Back downstairs at level 5, remove the dead Clicker who's blocking the door and search the drawer in the back of this room to find [(1/4) BLADES (E/N/H/-)]. There are [5 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)] in the cabinet closeby. Crawl underneath the fallen cabinets to reach the adjacent office. Before heading through the next door, search the other sides of the desks to spot [(1/4) BLADES (E/N/-/-)] and [(3/4] BINDING (E/N/H/S)]. Unlock the door with the help of Tess and a short scene will play. Note: It is impossible to die in this scene.

You can find a [RAG (E/N/H/S)] and some [ALCOHOL (E/N/H/S)] in the next room, although Tess will grab one of these and hand it over to you the second you grab the other item. These can be combined into Health Kits. It's not recommended to use a Health Kit to patch yourself up at this time (even though Tess tells you), as you'll run into a couple of healing items soon enough.

The closed door in the adjacent room can only be unlocked by using a shiv, but there are plenty of items inside the storage room behind it, so it's well worth the trouble: [(1/2) BINDING (E/N/H/-)], [(1/2) BLADES (E/N/-/-)], [(1/4) BLADES (E/-/-/-)], [5 HANDGUN AMMO (E/N/-/-)] and [25 PARTS (E/N/H/S)] can be found in the cabinet to your immediate left, and [10 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)] in the one behind it. Head through the main hall and enter the room at the end; here, boost Tess up, then climb up yourself with her help.

After the scene, there are several ways to deal with the Clicker. Your goal is to get to the scaffolding at the other side of the hall; this isn't too hard since you can easily distract the Clicker by throwing bottles or bricks across the room. There are, however, some items you might want to collect in this area, so killing the Clicker (or avoiding it while searching, which is scarier) has its benefits.

One way to kill the Clicker would be to use your gun, but that would be a plain waste of ammunition; the preferable dispatching method here is crushing its head with a brick. In order to do this you must equip a brick and sneak close behind the Clicker (until the triangle 'grab' prompt appears; do NOT press triangle though, it's not much use here). When you're close enough behind it, press square several times to crush its head. You may want to distract the Clicker first by throwing a bottle down one of the hall's doorways to approach it more easily from behind. With the Clicker out of the way, feel free to search the place thoroughly.

You can find a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/S)] in one of the desks inside the main office (along with various bottles and bricks). If you've already got full health, this won't be of use. The restroom contains more useful supplies: [(3/4) ALCOHOL (E/N/-/-)] and a [RAG (E/N/H/-)]. Should you have lost any more health, a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/S)] in a cabinet near the ledge you climbed up should help balance things out. With all said and done, climb over the scaffolding to continue.

A [HEALTH KIT (E/N/-/-)] can be found next to the body. Hop downstairs and pull the cabinet up to clear the passage. Follow Tess and Ellie outside to reach the lower (4th) level. Head through the doorway and turn right to find a [WOODEN STICK (E/N/H/-)]. To the left you'll find a [REVOLVER (ALL)] with 6 bullets inside. Make your way to Tess and Ellie and the situation you're in becomes apparent; you'll have to go down to clear the area, meaning four Runners and one Clicker need to be killed.

There are several ways to do this, and while it's certainly possible to rush into the action guns blazing, that's definitely not recommended seeing how scarce ammunition is. A more stealthy approach is definitely advisable: Start by dropping down and picking up the [LEAD PIPE (E/N/-/-)] and [SHIV (E/-/-/-)] near the corner straight ahead. Crouch and move around the corner to spot a Runner with his back turned towards you. It's a 100% safe and supplies-saving stealth kill if you sneak up on him and strangle him by first pressing triangle as it comes up, followed by square. You can find a [HEALTH BAR (E/-/-/-)] on the concrete block he was standing next to.

Move back to the corner you came from and check the distant hall for a Runner who patrols it; he'll head through the doorway to the left of the far end of this hall and come back out of another one closer to you. As soon as he exits that room, move down the hall until you reach the intersection; stay in the hall you're currently in and when no one is looking, move behind the nearby desk. When the runner returns (in the hall) and heads inside the room at the end of this hall, follow him inside to strangle him; do this when he's standing still, or a split second after this for the safest result. In this room you can find a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/-)], a [HEALTH CAN (E/N/-/-)] and a [WOODEN STICK (E/N/-/-)].

(Alternatively you can also choose to first kill the Runner in the main hall; the nearby Clicker won't notice a stealthy strangle - your choice.)

When the coast is clear, move back to the desk in the hall you previously hid behind, and closely monitor the Runner that regularly stands close to the nearby doorway; when he turns his back on you, quickly sneak up and strangle him. (Be warned though, he'll first turn around, so wait until he starts walking further away from you for a guaranteed stealthy strangle - Clickers do not hear this type of takedown, so you're safe.)

This leaves us with only one more Runner and Clicker. There's a [HEALTH CAN (E/N/-/-)] on the nearby cupboard should you need it (now or later). Head back inside the hall you came out of and sneak to the far end; don't move too close to the corner however. When the Runner in the area around the corner turns his back on you and starts walking away, take your chances and sneak up on him for some strangling fun. If done correctly, only the Clicker is left, standing still in the middle of the area. Grab a brick from nearby the concrete pillar, quietly approach it (until the triangle button prompt appears, which you don't want to press) and melee it to death with it.

If something goes wrong during all of the above, you can either restart the encounter or take out the remaining foes and cherish the fact that you've already conserved some ammunition. You can find a [WOODEN STICK (E/N/H/S)] near the same concrete pillar where you found the above brick, and a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/-/-)] on the desk in the nearby corner. There's also [2 REVOLVER AMMO (E/N/-/-)] near the body in the main area. With the lobby thoroughly explored, head up the concrete path to find another body with [1 REVOLVER AMMO (E/N/H/S)]. Move the cabinet out of the way so Tess and Ellie can pass, then hop over and explore this room to find [(1/2) ALCOHOL (E/N/H/-)], a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/S)] and [(1/4) BLADES (E/N/H/-)].

Tip: If you haven't crafted anything so far, now's an excellent time to do so. Craft a Shiv and a Health Kit to make room in your inventory, allowing you to collect more supplies.

Head down by going sideward and crawl underneath the concrete floor to reach a relatively spacious area. Descend further down and crawl underneath the opening, then turn left and move through the tunnel with the skeleton. Proceed until you reach a large sign that reads 'Oliver LLF'. Instead of going down immediately, follow the upper path and move along the wall to the right in order to find [5 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)] and [(1/2) BLADES (E/N/H/-)]. Head down to find [(1/4) BLADES (E/N/H/-)] and [(3/4) BINDING (E/N/H/S)], then head down and search the blue bench to find [1 PARTS x4 (E/N/H/S)]. You can find [5 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)] next to the phones on the left side of the area. The dead Firefly leaves you with a [MOLOTOV (E/N/H/S)] and a [RAG (E/N/H/-)]. You can find the [FIREFLY MAP (ALL)] near the escalator.

Proceed by moving through the opening on the other side of the room, near the vending machines. The room ahead is crawling with Clickers; fortunately you can find a Shiv in the cabinet to your left. If you already have three Shivs you can grab the nearest Clicker (but *only* from behind) and use a Shiv to dispatch it stealthily. Sneak towards the left to spot a female runner feasting on a body; curve around and grab her from the back to silently strangle her.

Clicker Area Goldstone Building

You can find a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/-)] and a [WOODEN STICK (E/N/H/-)] in the nearby destroyed general store, as well as the [NOTE TO DEREK (ALL)] by going behind the counter. Further down this hall, a Runner is standing still in the corner, but this leftmost hall is also guarded by a Clicker. It's best to turn back and head for the entrance. From here, make your way to the right side of the area, avoiding the Clicker in the right part of the main area. When you've reached the rightmost hall, you can either continue onward to the far end or optionally collect some items.

It just so happens that the safe you found a note about is located in the shop to your (initial) right, in the corner of the area, but it also just happens to be the home of a Runner who's standing in front of it, faced towards you. While you can still grab it and perform a melee move on it, Clickers will hear this and come investigate. Quickly grab the [50 PARTS (E/N/H/S)] from the safe, sprint to the other side of the area and hide until things have settled down. When you're ready, make your way back to the rightmost hall and move to the far end. The Clicker here can be killed by using a brick (from its back). If you're heard, either sprint for safety and hide, or grab the nearby ladder to access the next area - in either way that's where you'll need to go.

Tip: Keep a brick with you before heading up the ladder; you never know when it may come in handy (hint: soon enough).

Note: If you've lost health, you can find a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/?)] in the middle of the Clicker-infested area, and a [HEALTH CAN (E/N/H/S)] in the store to the upper right (not too far from the final exit). Both are fairly risky places, so be warned.

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