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Enemy Tactics

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Infected Runners:

These are in the earliest stage of the fungal infection and haven't lost their vision yet, so stay out of their sight. Runners are just as fast as a dashing Joel and are usually encountered in groups. If a group of Runners overwhelms Joel, press R2 to break free from their slashes and dash to safety. All types of attacks (Ranged, Melee or Stealth) are effective against Runners, but try to conserve your scarce ammunition.

Infected Stalkers:

Stalkers are in the second phase of the fungal infection. They are very fast and will actively hunt Joel; there's no sneaking around once they have detected you. If they grab you, quickly press square (as with Runners) to free yourself, then quickly melee them to death. The same combat tactics apply to Stalkers as Runners.

Infected Clickers:

Clickers are in the third stage of the fungal infection and have fully lost their sight. They compensate their lack of vision by using echolocation clicks, pinpointing the exact location of even the slightest noises. Clickers are much harder to take down than Runners and cannot be strangled; the only way to kill them stealthily is by using a Shiv. Never approach a Clicker up front or they'll grab you; in order to break free you'll have to use a precious Shiv.

Alternatively you can distract Clickers by making a noise (throwing a brick or bottle will do the trick). Should it come to (ranged) combat, note that it takes at least two headshots to down a Clicker. Should you manage to land a first headshot, the Clicker will be briefly stunned, allowing you to take the second headshot slightly more easily.

Killing a Clicker with a brick is best done by approaching it from the back (never from the front, or it'll grab you); once the triangle button appears, instead quickly tap square. Bashing the brick against its head three times will do the trick.

An alternative method to kill a (sole) Clicker is to stun it by throwing a brick (or bottle) at it. IF, and only IF the Clicker is stunned, QUICKLY dash towards it and rapidly melee it to death. This is a dangerous method and you need to be ruthless during the melee spree or the Clicker could grab you. Alternatively you can hit it three times, back away, stun it again, then finish it off. In either scenario, be warned that this is a tricky method to pull off correctly.

Clickers are not as fast as Runners but are almost as fast as a running/jogging (not dashing) Joel.

Infected Bloaters:

These large foes are in the final stage of the fungal infection and move rather slowly. They can sustain a lot of damage; Molotov Cocktails and Nail Bombs are effective on them. Do not get close to them and do not try to sneak up on them; any kind of close contact means instant death. The Bloater will also hurl dangerous spore bombs at you, which you'll naturally want to avoid.

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Jun 25th 2015 Guest
On the sewers at the end I ran through got back to Ellie then I only have 2 Molotovs n limited ammo how do I finish to get to the suburbs on grounded mode been playin this week part for couple of days with no success can you please help
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