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Firefly Pendants

The Last of Us Walkthrough and Guide by AbsoluteSteve
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Firefly Pendants

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PENDANT #1: David Michael Vigil
After going outside with Tess, search for a ladder behind a vehicle, then
enter the building. The room in the back on this floor contains the

PENDANT #2: Ben Glueck
After dropping down from a fire escape, follow Tess through the alley.
Move underneath an obstacle to reach a small square with a bench. Inspect
the tree to spot this pendant hanging in one of the branches; shoot it to
pick it up.

PENDANT #3: Philip Liu
When Ellie first joins you, check the Firefly bodies in the street to
find this pendant on one of the bodies.

PENDANT #4: Joseph Lenz
Before entering the large Goldstone Building, move to the back of the
area and look at the furthest tree; spot the pendant hanging in one of
the branches. Throw a nearby brick at it to collect it.

PENDANT #5: Michael Kiper
In the museum, inside the room with the collapsed ceiling (there's also
a giant bell in this room), head up and immediately climb up on the LEFT
side, then keep hugging the while moving to the end to find this pendant.
Show those Uncharted moves, Joel!

PENDANT #6: Melinda Davidson
Right before you reach the Capitol Building, wade through the water and
move to the left side of the street. Hop in the gazebo to find the
pendant inside.

PENDANT #7: Shiyao Jiang
At the flooded subway section where you're supposed to get Ellie across
the tunnel by using a raft, check out the flooded tunnel to the left side
of the area; the flooded room contains this pendant.

PENDANT #8: Hui Wang
At the town's main street, climb the large camper and look for this
pendant on top of it.

PENDANT #9: Alex Raymond Vincent
Follow Bill to an open area with several carwreck. After clearing this
place from the infected, move to the far right side of the area and look
up at the green roadhouse sign; this lantern has the pendant hanging from
it. Shoot it in order to collect it.

PENDANT #10: Peter Mrozik
After moving through the graveyard you're back on the streets. Move
through the first backyard and check this house to find the pendant in
the kitchen.

PENDANT #11: Mazden Risk
When you reach the quarantine zone's checkpoint, head through and defeat
the hunters in the area with the tents (and inside the bookstore). This
pendant can be found in the alley next to the bookstore, at the far end
of the area.

PENDANT #12: Colby Reed
After you go through the restaurant and meeting up with Ellie again, but
before entering the ball room, inspect the women's restroom to find this

PENDANT #13: Lucas Rios
After meeting Henry and Sam, follow them and climb up a truck and roof,
then enter the building. In here, BEFORE entering the architects' office,
check the restroom to the left to find this pendant.

PENDANT #14: Josh Scheffler
At the end of the beach you'll reach a large fisherman's boat. Search
inside the hull to find this pendant.

PENDANT #15: Robert Righetti
When you enter the sewers, walk a couple of meters and keep a look out
for a small opening to your right side with water coming out of it. Head
through and search for the pendant in the room on the other side.

PENDANT #16: Eddie Fuentes
In the area where you have to move Ellie across the water with a raft,
dive into the water and inspect the ground near the wrecked vehicle on
the left side of the area.

PENDANT #17: Matthew White
Cross the streets until you reach a dead end (you'll already have passed
the ice cream car). In the yard next to the last house in the street you
can spot a few small houses the children used to play with. Inspect the
tree to find the pendant hanging from one of it's branches.

PENDANT #18: Ryan Oliverio
Follow Tommy to the generator room and head downstairs. Before talking
with him, head to the far end of the area and search the cabinet in this
storage room to find this pendant.

PENDANT #19: Brent Pino
When you reach the ranch by horse, search the trophy room in the far back
to find this pendant.

PENDANT #20: Hope Pino
After hopping over some barricades and passing the football graffiti
logo you'll reach an intersection. Head right and check the tree with the
yellow leaves to find the pendant hanging in it.

PENDANT #21: Alex Rohner
After moving through the library you'll reach a large square with a
statue in the middle of it. Right before jumping over the road blocks to
reach this square, look to your right and climb the container next to the
building to reach a room with this pendant.

PENDANT #22: Joe Warren
In the infected part of the dormitory, defeat the Bloater and loot his
body (or close to it) for this pendant.

PENDANT #23: Erik Griggs
In one of the tents in the corner of the square, right before the Science
Building you can find this pendant. The tent is in the far (intially)
left corner.

PENDANT #24: Sadie Pearle Hickman
In the room where you discover where the sounds came from, search the
cabinet in the far right corner to find this pendant.

PENDANT #25: Travis Kristoff
After moving through the maze-like environment with Clickers, Ellie will
be boosted up by David to reach some catwalks. In the corner of this area
is a storage room; a Clicker will come out of it. Avoid or defeat it and
search the room for this pendant.

PENDANT #26: Paul D. Braun
After dropping down the hill and going through the first house, head
right and check the wooden gazebo to find this pendant inside.

PENDANT #27: Katerina Perich
Head down the highway's exit and move past the bus; drop down to the left
railing (or walk around the vehicle) and search the ground near the
orange objects to find this pendant.

PENDANT #28: Nicole Hoo
In the area with the large Fedra tent, stand with this tent on your left
side and walk to the near end of the area until you pass a portable
toilet. Look up at the lights standing near the green tent and shoot the
pendant off.

PENDANT #29: Natalie Hoo
After moving through the bus, back on the streets pass the long bus and
look behind it to find this pendant.

PENDANT #30: Bryony Stewart-Seume
After heading upstairs to reach the final part of the area, look for a
closed door behind the counter which requires a Shiv to open (this is
also the last door in the game that requires a Shiv). Crack it open to
find the last Firefly pendant.

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