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The Outskirts: The Museum

The Last of Us Walkthrough and Guide by AbsoluteSteve
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The Outskirts: The Museum

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Once you're back outside, head up to reach the downtown area. You'll need to climb over the truck to the right, but that's impossible without some sort of boost. Unfortunately, the house nearby contains the cabinet you're looking for, along with three (inactive) Runners. Sneak inside (through the destroyed wall near the truck) and strangle the first Runner to your left. Head back outside and enter the house from the other side to strangle the second Runner. The third one poses no real threat after this, and can again be killed with a melee move. Also search this house for [(1/4) BLADES (E/N/H/-)], found inside one of the drawers on the wall. Push it against the truck, then climb over. Turn around and search the inside of the truck to find a [WOODEN STICK (E/N/H/?)] and a [MEDICAL PAMPHLET (ALL)]. Open the garage door up ahead to trigger a scene.

In this room, search the inside of the red truck container for [5 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)], then check out the Workbench next to the door in the left corner. Workbenches can be used to upgrade your weapons by using parts you've scavenged along your journey. You cannot upgrade/craft and holsters right now (since those also require 1 Tool), but you upgrades for your 9MM Pistol and Revolver are available.

Tip: You can get all first upgrades for both your 9MM Pistol and Revolver if you've collected all possible Parts up until now. Save your Skill Pills for later; Skills like Maximum Health, Weapon Sway and Shiv Master are more useful than what you can currently boost.

In the next room, grab the [1 REVOLVER AMMO (E/N/H/S)] from the desk and head inside the door on the other side; in this small room, look for [(1/2) BLADES (E/N/H/S)] in one of the desks, then enter a large room. Inspect the right side of this room, underneath the collapsed floor, to find [(1/2) BLADES (E/N/H/-)] and [(3/4) ALCOHOL (E/N/H/-)] next to some crates. Head up by moving over the collapsed floor and hop on the left side of the floor and, while standing with your back against the wall, move to the far end to find a [FIREFLY PENDANT (MICHAEL KIPER - 109).

Firefly Pendant Michael Kiper

Head upstairs and make your way through the rooms. Before going through the doorway next to a broken showcase with an antique suit on a mannequin, check the nearby cabinet for a [(1/4) BLADES]. Lift the beam up ahead for Tess and Ellie, then follow the tunnel to reach an area with Clickers. If you've still got a brick in your inventory, equip it to waste the first Clicker (by approaching it very slowly and carefully from the back). Retreat inside the tunnel and wait for the other Clickers to back away. (Be sure to back away far enough, or they will pull you back out).

Unless you want to sneak past it, and assuming you've still got a Wooden Stick, the second Clicker can be dealt with by waiting for it to come close enough to Joel (to get the Triangle button prompt, which you don't want to press) and quickly smashing it four times. If you don't want to use your Wooden Stick (or don't have it), you'll want to collect a brick from the large room to the right. Remember that it's better to have them approach you as you're crouched in silence (approaching them is always risky). The third Clicker can be either avoided or killed by using a brick (or hurling one at it, then going for a rapid (and somewhat dangerous) melee spree).

If you're injured, check the cafeteria on the left side of the hall to find a [HEALTH CAN (E/N/H/-)] in the cabinet in the far right corner. You can also find [(1/2) BLADES (E/N/H/-)] on the counter. The door in the cafeteria (immediately to your right as you enter) is locked and can be opened with a Shiv; inside the storage room you can find [4 HANDGUN AMMO (E/N/H/S)], [ALCOHOL (E/N/H/-)], [3 REVOLVER AMMO (E/N/H/S)], a [RAG (E/N/H/S)], [10 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)] and [25 PARTS (E/N/H/S)].

When you're done scavenging, follow the main hall to a staircase and go through the door on the next floor. Kill the Runner at the end of this hall (for example by stunning him with a thrown brick, then rushing over to melee him to death), then head through the door. After the short scene, prepare yourself for a big fight; rush over to Ellie and waste the Runner. Many more emerge, so grab a bottle or brick from around the room and kill them as soon as possible; you'll probably want to shoot a couple of them as well (and if you've been saving on ammunition, this shouldn't be too much of a problem).

Tip: On the 'Survivor' difficulty you'll want to use a Health Kit before going up so you're good to go health-wise. The best way to defeat all the Runners is to go on an absolute melee frenzy, moving from single target to single target. Don't stop mashing the square button until your opponent is dead, and stay away from groups of Runners by dashing through the room like a madman.

Museum Runners Fight

After defeating all the Runners speak with both Tess and Ellie for optional conversations. Head through the window in the corner of the area and make your way to the roof afterwards. Place one of the large wooden planks on top of the iron railing (of the staircase) to trigger a scene.

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