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Pittsburgh: Financial District

The Last of Us Walkthrough and Guide by AbsoluteSteve
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Pittsburgh: Financial District

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Back outside, move to the left and follow the first marauder until you can take him out behind the car so his body stays out of sight. Move behind the large concrete bench with grass and a lantern on it and curve around it as the second marauder comes close; take him out once you've fully circled around. You should know that there's a marauder on the balcony of the balcony up ahead, so you cannot take out the guy outside right now. Move closer to the building on the right side (the cafeteria) and take out the marauder inside, who first needs to come down; he'll start walking to the other exit where you can safely strangle him.

Stealth Approach

In this cafeteria, head upstairs and move towards the emergency exit in the corner. Follow the balcony to reach the vantage point where one of the marauders is keeping watch; an excellent opportunity to dispatch him stealthily. Go back downstairs via the cafeteria and move closer to the building further down the street; a marauder patrols it. When he moves to the storage room in the back, quickly follow him (but make sure the other marauder outside isn't looking) to dispatch him. The marauder patrolling outside can now be taken out without any problems arising; he's got a Lead Pipe you may want to grab.

This leaves us with just one other marauder in the building across the street. You'll want to take him out when he's inspecting the back alley, so move behind the wall in the middle of the building and curve around. Unfortunately, as soon as you take him out, a new group arrives who'll start searching the area. Hide behind the wall in the middle of the building again and dispatch the marauder as he checks out the alley (and possibly spots his comrade).

It's difficult to stay hidden during this part, and it's not really necessary either; they already know you're here. Move back to the streets and try to take out one or two more marauders in a stealthy fashion. The others can be taken care of in any way you want; Ellie will help out. After defeating the last of them a scene will play.

Grab the [3 RIFLE AMMO] afterwards, then start searching the entire area. The ground floor of the cafeteria contains a [HEALTH BAR], [(1/4) ALCOHOL], [(1/2) BLADES] and [(3/4) SUGAR]. The cafeteria's first floor doesn't house any items but connects to the balcony of an office which contains [[(1/2) EXPLOSIVE], a [RAG] and [1 ARROW]. The store below doesn't contain anything except the [FIREFLIES NOTE] in the storage room with the decayed bodies.

The building across the street only contains [3 PARTS]. Move to the far end of the street and search the table behind the truck to find [25 PARTS]. Open the garage door on the left to continue. You can find [10 PARTS] in the cabinet and a [RAG] among the trash. Move the cart over to the opening in the corner to climb up. In this room you can find [5 SKILL PILLS] and a Workbench, so if any of your weapons need upgrading, now's a good time to spend some parts on them.

Continue to trigger a scene. Make your way through the hall and go upstairs afterwards, then immediately hide behind the door and let the two hunters pass you. The office up ahead contains a [HEALTH BAR] and the [FINAL ATTACK NOTE].

Exit the building by dropping down from the truck and head down the street, where you'll run into more hunters - lucky you. One of them is on the second floor in the building across the street. You'll want to be careful of the various Nail Bomb boobytraps around here; move inside the building close to you and search the place to find [(1/2) BLADES].

Go back outside and hide behind the cars and concrete road blocks while making your way across to the building with the hunter, and be careful of traps. Enter through the doorway next to a police car; there's a burning barrel inside the building. Sneak upstairs to find out there are in fact THREE hunters inside this room, complicating matters somewhat. It's rather difficult to perform three stealth strangles here, although it certainly can be done. Be warned, however, the timing is fairly precise and does require skill.

As you head upstairs, the first hunter will move to watch over the streets. Hide behind the desk and wait for him to move to the right; IMMEDIATELY sneak behind him and strangle him, then immediately sneak behind the right side of the first desk in the room up ahead. The hunter closest to the street side will notice his buddy in the other room has decided to take a nap and will walk towards him to investigate; quickly move behind him to perform the strangle. The third guy in the corner can now be taken out without too much trouble. Again, the timing of all of this is rather precise.

Note: Alternatively you can skip this room, or enter through the other entrance and just collect the unique collectible behind the counter.

On top of one of the desks you can find [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] and you can find the [MOB ATTACK NOTE] behind the counter around the corner.

Head back to the building across the street and go down the hall, moving underneath the trap wire, but wait with going outside until the hunter outside end their conversation. Whenever the hunter in the distance is looking away, move behind the nearby car. When the hunter closest to you is standing on the right side of the armored vehicle (close to the other hunters, move behind this vehicle and wait for him to come back over to this side so you can strangle him unnoticed.

Move to the front side of the armored vehicle and closely monitor the two hunters across the street (on the left side). Unfortunately, there's a third hunter all the way across the other street at the intersection, so you'll have to sneak past a rather specific route to take both guys out unnoticed. The good news is; it *can* be done.

When the patrolling hunter starts walking away from you, quickly move towards the concrete roadblocks and hide behind the orange block. If done correctly, the other hunter won't notice. When the patrolling hunter gets close to your position, wait for him to turn around, then hop over the concrete roadblocks and immediately strangle him. The other guy can now be taken out easily from behind, and you can now sneak through the nearby building to take out the other guy down the street.

Search the ground nearby the bodies underneath the 'Death for Freedom' graffiti to find [5 PARTS]. Search the building for [2 SHELLS], the [TRUCK NOTE], [(1/2) BINDING], [(1/2) RAG], a [HEALTH CAN] and a closed door (requiring a Shiv to open) that leads to a richly filled storage room containing [10 SKILL PILLS], [SUGAR], [EXPLOSIVE], [(1/4) BLADES], [(3/4) RAG], [4 HANDGUN AMMO] and [50 PARTS]. Not too shabby!

Stealth Approach Streets

When you're all done exploring, boost Ellie up to the fire escape ladder at the end of the street to get to the other side of the wall. You can have an optional conversation with Ellie by standing close to the Military Preparatory School's gate. Search the garbage on the other side of the area to find [(1/2) ALCOHOL] and a [RAG].

Proceed down the alley and you'll soon hear more hunters converse; the military vehicle you saw early is out on the streets, so you'll need to be careful. The building's office contains [(1/2) ALCOHOL], but the area that the two hunters are searching doesn't contain anything (on Hard), so it's not worth the trouble investigating it (although you certainly can take out both guys without getting seen). Instead, simply continue through the alley and pick up a [LEAD PIPE] near one of the cars around the corner and strangle the hunter.

Carefully move behind the car in the middle of the street, but only when the gunner of the vehicle is looking away (as indicated by the turret's direction). Enter the building and kill the hunters inside; the small office can be searched for [(1/4) BLADES] and [(3/4) RAG]. Move through the back alley and waste the two hunters coming at you, then head inside the building at the far end.

Head upstairs and search the first room to your left for [ALCOHOL]. Use the fire escape to go up one more level, then use the ridge to get across an open window of the building across the street. Inside this bedroom, check the small cabinet for [2 PARTS] and [(3/4) BINDING]. Check the bathroom for [5 SKILL PILLS], followed by the living room, which houses [(1/4) BLADES]. Move through the window and make your way across the wall to end this part of the chapter.

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Jul 15th 2015 Guest
How do you pass the armour truck?
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Nov 1st 2014 Guest
how to pass the truck in financial district
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Mar 21st 2014 Guest
head over towards the billboard after jumping down off the truck for another optional conversation with Ellie
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