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SnowRunner Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for SnowRunner

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SnowRunner Walkthrough and Guide
SnowRunner Walkthrough and Guide

SnowRunner is a driving simulation game where you get in the driver's seat of powerful vehicles and try to conquer harsh terrain on an untamed open world. The obective in SnowRunner isn't to break speed records and race against fellow truckers, but rather to complete contracts in order to earn XP and upgrade your vehicle. In order to complete these missions you will have to face and overcome challenging terrain and realistic physics by planning ahead and driving carefully. Check out our SnowRunner walkthrough and guide to get help in the game.

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Switch Truck Immediately

Make sure that as soon as you have completed the tutorial you immediately switch to the truck you find outside your first garage. This will initially cost you cash but failing to switch at this point of the game will hinder your progress. Basically, the highway truck you get from the tutorial will struggle traversing the challenging terrain you will encounter.

Get Better Trucks

Whenever you sell an item in SnowRunner you will be given the item's full cash value. Getting the full purchase price back means you will not be wasting any money so it is important that you make sure you upgrade to better trucks whenever you are able to. You can get your hands on additional cash by selling the free trucks you find out in the maps.

Using All-Wheel Drive

To traverse some of the adverse terrain you will encounter in SnowRunner you will need to use your truck's all-wheel drive. What you need to remember is that if you enable it your truck will use significantly more gas so it is important that you only use it when you need to. Make sure it is switched off when you are driving on the blacktop or going downhill.

Buy New Tires

Tires in SnowRunner make a noticeable difference so make sure when you rank up and are granted access to new trucks and customisable options you buy new tires with better ratings. This is important as the tires on most of the early vehicles are poor for both offroad and mud.

Repair Pathways before Contracts

Before you take on contracts you should first explore the map to get a feel for it and find out if there are any road blocks such as damaged bridges or rock slides which will hinder you. Repairing pathways first will ensure you are able to deliver the cargo you pick up when you take on a contract.

Contracts with Multiple Objectives

Some contracts in SnowRunner have multiple objectives. There will be instances where you will leave a warehouse, make a delivery, and then have to return to that same warehouse to get another load of cargo. If you know what cargo is needed for available tasks and missions it may be worth your while to bring a trailer so you can complete two objectives for one trip.

Avoid Hazzards

Pay close attention to the road in front of you as there will be hazzards such as puddles of water and darker mud which can sometimes be avoided altogether by driving around them. As you progress through the game you will get better at deducing what to stay away from.

Pulling Yourself with the Winch

There will be instances where you will need to use the winch. You can use it to either drive towards what you winch onto, or you can pull yourself with the winch itself. If you are using the winch to pull yourself you need to ensure that the thing you winch onto weighs more than your truck otherwise you will just rip it out of the ground.

Gas Stations

During the early maps you will routinely drive by gas stations. In the later maps though they can sometimes be far and few between which means it is important that you pay attention to how much gas you have and your choice of truck, as you will need to make sure you are able to get to your cargo and get it back.

Tricky Areas

Be aware that if your truck tips over or wrecks in such a way that it causes its cargo to fall out, that cargo will remain there after you have driven off. This means you need to be extra careful when you need to make your way through a tricky area as you do not want the additional problem of having to deal with getting obstacles out of your way there on future runs.

Unlock Khan 39 Marshall

The Khan 39 Marshall can't be found on any of the maps in SnowRunner, it can though be purchased in the High Roller Pack DLC for just under $22K.


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