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Sonic Heroes PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 32 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Heroes please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : GameCube : PC : PlayStation

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Unlock Metallic Team Sonic Characters in 2-Player Modes

Select a 2-Player mode and when picking a character at the 'Character' select screen hold X + Triangle and keep the buttons held through the 'Level' selection screen and release them when the game starts.

Unlock Metallic Characters in Single-Player Mode

This feature becomes enabled when you have collected 141 emblems in Single-Player Story or Challenge mode.

Unlock Super Hard Difficulty Setting

This feature becomes an available option when you have completed the game with ALL 'A' ranks and collected 141 emblems.

Sonic Heroes

Two-player Quick Race -

In Story or Challenge modes collect 100 emblems to unlock the two-player quick race.

Two-player Ring Race -

In Story or Challenge modes collect 60 emblems to unlock the two-player ring race.

Two-player Special Stage -

In Story or Challenge modes collect 40 emblems to unlock the two-player special stage.

Espio's Magic Trick -

Push A+B to make Espio invisible when playing with team Chaotix.

EasyTeam Blast

This is how to get easy team blast (Ching Ching)

Push and hold Square and /\\ in FLY FORMATION and the character should float up (it may take a while it's hard to do!!!!!)

Please rate my cheat....

Unlock FMV Sequences

Complete Story mode with the indicated team to unlock their FMV sequence in the CG Theatre.

Unlock Team Rose FMV Sequence:

Complete Story mode with Team Rose.

Unlock Team Sonic FMV Sequence:

Complete Story mode with Team Sonic.

Unlock Team Chaotix FMV Sequence:

Complete Story mode with Team Chaotix.

Unlock Team Dark FMV Sequence:

Complete Story mode with Team Dark.

Many cheats

i dont know if it works but if you do fire dunk while in teams special move. after its done you should get a blue line bost in the team special gage.

secreat cheat.

To get extra lives. first chose first stage in the casino.

Next go to the part of the level where the dice are spinning and there is a ball in the middle and on dice is going up and down over a pinball table.

chose fly type and fly to the last dice and hop in the slot machine. after you do that, go down to the bottom of the pinball tabe and fgall to a plateform. go down and get the ballones with the cannon with knuckles. then you get in the cannon again with tails and repeat the proses. except for the knuckles. The ballones hold a power up for knuckles.i got atleast like 1,000 ring in one hour.

Metallic Characters (2 Player)

To have Metallic characters, simply hold x and /\ after selecting a character in a 2 player mode.

Do more Team Blasts

After team blast has finished each team does a special move,

Team Sonic-After team blast switch to sonic and use BLUE TORNADO you will continue to do team blast until the gauge has gone down to 0.

Team Dark-Stop Time until gauge has dropped to 0 (10 seconds).

Team Rose-Become invincilble for a limited amount of time.

Team Chaotix-When they defeat an enemy they gain rings.

METAL CHARCTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this cheat everyone keeps saying but all you do is go to 2p mode, select teams, which battle or race you choose and stage then hold down Triangle and cross meaning X and wait till the stage is set, but metal only works when you do only 1 stage

Egg Emperor (TEAM ROSE)

When fighting as Team Rose, DO NOT use Big. Instead use Thunder shoot.

This method is easier as you will find yourself on the ground most of the time if you use Big.

How do i make a glitch

can so one help me some of these cheats are hard so can someone give me a glitch cheats

How to do The Power Plant:- Stage 4

This isn't really a cheat, just a tip how to do The power plant with Teams Sonic and Dark.

Don't level up Omega or Knuckles (Power types) just power up Sonic, Shadow (Speed Type), Tails and Rouge (Fly Type) Sonic and Shadow's homing attack gets powered up so destroying the robots is easy enough and when there's a flying robot use ,the fly type attack, Thunder Shoot.

Team Sonic vs. Team Dark!

Whem taking on Team Dark use Use Fly Type to take them out!

Flying Beats Power

Power beats Speed

Speed beats Flying!

How to get an A-rank on robot storm (team dark)

To get an A-rank with team dark with robot storm just keep on doing team blast to get a quick team blast go to fly-formation and press square+triangle at the same time and repeat this 4 (or less) times. in the time the time stands still load up another team blast keep on doing this until you complete the level

this will get an A-rank on this level for sure

(If you do this with team chaotix you will get many lives)

Running Rocket Accel

It's best to do this in a lot of space just to let you know. Basically, to do a Running Rocket Accel: Hold the square button as usual, but wait until Sonic/Shadow/Amy/Espio say something like "Ready?" and then release the square button.

Easy way to get team blasts

Turn to power formation & keep punching at thin air.

It should work !

Team sonic:continue team blast with tails&knuckles

To continue teamblast with tails use thunder shoot.

To continue teamblast with knuckles use fire dunk.

NOTE:instead of a blue excel with sonic you will see a red excel.

Spheres that Help You

Normal Sphere - Regular type of sphere to collect.

Power Sphere - Boosts level of power gauge.

Score Sphere - Boosts Score.


Rings, Power Core, High Speed, Invincible, Barrier, team Blast Rings, Lup, and Fly Charge.

Sonic Team Blast Attack

Here is something I found out thats wierd. First you level up all characters on team sonic. Then you find a set of enemies (a group of 5 plus is the best) and make sure you stay away from them so you can hardly see them. Then perform a team blast. After this switch to sonic and homing attack on the group. The result is sonic's attack in the team blast

I found this help topic somewhere When you co..

I found this help topic somewhere

When you complete one of the story modes, go to the challenge screen. Notice that one of the stages is not there. To play this stage you must get all seven Chaos Emeralds. You can get the Chaos Emeralds by playing the stages before you face the Boss.

Get the key for that stage and go to the bonus stage. Then, catch the Chaos Emerald before you get to the end of the bonus stage. Once you get the all seven Chaos Emeralds, you can play the final stage. There is only one Chaos Emerald for each set of levels.

I did that and I did story mode with all the teams!

Team Metal Sonic

To get Super Hard Mode get all A ranks and Emblems (141 A Ranks and 120 Emblems) then go to Super Hard Mode on 1 player then top right where "???" is will be Super Hard Mode (trust me it works ;))

To get Team Metal Sonic after you've done the above go to 2 player and use metal skin cheat (press X and triangle) at loading screen, do this and play 50 times!

Super Hard Difficulty

Collect 141 emblems while playing.

Flight Boost

When in fly formation (tails, rouge, charmy or cream) fly up as high as possible (recomennded for first timers, you can do this at any hight, but it's really hard) and just let them drop, make sure there is somthing to land on below them, then, right as soon as you hit the ground, (the exact moment!), press the X button and, hold it in. You will fly up a bit higher then normal but it's a big help!!!



Get to V.I.P table as team sonic

To get through those security lasers to the V.I.P table as team sonic, all you have to do is change to sonic and use rocket accel to go through the lasers. Upstairs you will find an extra life and a bonus special stage key. You need to activate the switch near the top of the I on the vip sign.You will need to fly up to it and pull it. Sonic must then use Light dash to get across.

Note: This may not work sometimes


How to get sonic at super sonic speed

Grab 13 or more speed boots power up boxes and sonic or shadow will go super sonic fast. To get amy or espio to go supersonic fast get 25 or more. Comments and critizism is accepted.

Stages for every team



Stage-seaside hill-easy

Stage-ocean palace-easy

Boss-egg hawk-unbelievably easy

Stage-grand metropolis-simple

Stage-power plant-hard

Boss-team rose-easy

Stage-casino park- difficult

Stage-bingo highway-hard

Boss-robot carnival-easy

Stage-rail canyon-hard

Stage-bullet canyon-hard

Boss-egg albatross-annoying

Stage frog forest-hard

Stage-lost jungle-annoying

Boss-team dark-easy

Stage-hang castle-easy

Stage-mystic mansion-difficult

Boss-robot storm-difficult

Stage-egg fleet-hard

Stage-final fortress-frustrating

Boss-egg empiror-unbilievebly easy if you know strategy


Stage-seaside hill-easy

Stage-ocean palace-easy


How to get all 7 chaos emeralds

First get speacal STAGE MODE in 2 play mode then pick Team sonic in 2P Mode.

Make sure not to let anyone to play With you then go TO stage 3 in 2P Mode.

Make sure you PASS the chaos Emrald then GO to challenge mode AND get That little gold key in the stage, Where it shows the CHAOS EMRALD But MAKE sure not to get hit.

Tip: in 2P mode and hold x and Triangle While its loding AND Your Characters Will turn into METAL.

Easy way to defeat metal madness and metal overlord

When you are team sonic for metal overlord there is an easy way to defeat it use team blast 5 times.

Cya later dudes...

Infinite lives

To unlock infinite lives you have to press square square up up down down and square on the main menu and you will have infinite lives

Flying without Tails or Sonic

You must be tails for this cheat to work.In Casino Park get Team Blast.In one of the Pinball Games Boost your way to the top. Once you get to the edge and about to fall of to fight some robots use team blast. After you use it you will fall on the floor and see some robots. When you land on the floor Knuckles will be at the bottom and it will look like he is hanging on to somebody like he normally does when your flying but there won't be anybody there. I'm not sure if you can attack. But if you want to stay like that DO NOT switch formations or you will switch to that character and the other to will be behind you like normal.

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