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Sonic Heroes


Super Hard Mode FAQ

by Pelord

By Pelord ([email protected])


A. About the FAQ
B. Updates
C. General Info
D. Stage Information
E. Other

A. About the FAQ

This is a FAQ made as a general guide to the "Super Hard" Mode in
Sonic Heroes for the PS2/GameCube/XBox.  I'm basing this FAQ off
the XBox version of the game, but I'm sure everything is the same
for all versions.  I won't be going into full level walkthroughs
in this FAQ, since you should already know the main layouts of
the levels already, if you are reading this :P  I'm only getting
into the main differences between the levels in Super Hard Mode 
and the normal Story mode levels here.

B. Updates

April 29, 2004 - First release.

C. General Info 


First things first, you need to know how to unlock Super Hard
Mode before you can play it.  Here's the breakdown on what you
need to get...

120 Emblems (56 1st missions, 56 2nd missions, 8 bosses)
141 A Ranks
7 Chaos Emeralds

(In other words, everything)


Now to explain what the heck Super Hard Mode actually is.  You 
play through the 14 main levels of the game as Team Sonic, in 
which you encounter areas and challenges that appeared in all
four of the team's stories.  The levels are mostly combinations
of the Team Sonic and Team Dark levels, but there is a little 
amount of Team Chaotix thrown in as well.  There are no bosses,
no emblems, no rankings, and no emeralds involved.  There are 
suprisingly enough, no continues, either. If you lose all of 
your lives, you have to start back over at Seaside Hill again 

If you need some extra lives, play through a stage that you can
easily gain lives, then quit before completing the stage.  Your 
level progress isn't saved, but your lives count should be.

D. Stage Information

Here, I'll try to describe the level differences between the
normal Story Mode stages and the Super Hard Mode stages.  I'll
also try to make note of any difficult spots that may cause a
bit of a problem.

There really isn't much to say here, but there are many places 
where you need to use the Light Speed Dash to cross large gaps.
There are also quite a few spiked spheres scattered in several
places, especially the bobsled rides.

Just a few differently placed objects and enemies placed about,
really.  The 'Turtle Islands' actually seem to be a bit easier
here, for some reason... but that just might be me...  There is
a 1up near the final checkpoint, just before the rock chase.

This is nothing more then Team Dark's level with differently
placed enemies, and a few more areas where you need the Light
Speed Dash (and sometimes a combination of jumping across a group
of enemies using Sonic's homing attack, then the Light Speed Dash).  
You shouldn't have any problem with this...

Once again, this is mostly what you went through as Team Dark.
However, this is where you start to enounter some very annoying
enemy placements.  The real problem in this level will arise
when you reach the energy core room.  You have to be faster then
usual if you want to beat the burning energy from getting to you.
At the point where there is a barrier blocking you from moving 
upwards, you have to use Knuckles to destroy one of them, which
can take a few seconds to set up.  The final biggie here is the 
very end.  After escaping the core, you are surrounded by three
Gold Turtles, in which you HAVE to defeat in order to reach the
Goal Ring.  I prefer a Team Blast for such an occasion.  (The 
only good news here is that there is a 1up right next to the 
final checkpoint, which is right at the entrance to the core.)

You might as well go for the ring bonuses while you are here, 
to get some extra lives.  There are the common Light Speed Dash
areas, as well as some new target switches.  At the point you
would normally cross a gap, leading you to a gold colored ramp
with speed boosters, you have to cross said gap by jumping 
across those green star blocks.  I suggest using Tails for those.
Some of the locked doors have the pull-switches in some odd places
as well... the first locked door has them to the far left and right
of the surrounding area, and the second one has them high up above
the door, to the left and right.  The Pinball tables themselves 
haven't seemed to change, unless you count the additions of the 
enemies, but then again, Team Dark had them too.  There is also a 
very sneaky robot which tries to drop in on you right in front of 
the Goal Ring.  Don't let him suprise you...

By now, you better like using the Light Speed Dash... anyway, 
the first thing you might notice is in the first 'elevator' 
shaft... the fan isn't moving, so you need to use Tails to fly up 
to a boost ring to get to the top.   There isn't much else to talk 
about here, except for one point in the level where you run into a 
big red "X" that seems to be blocking your way.  Look around the 
blue pipes to find a way on top of them, and go over the top of the 
"X".  The only other thing to mention are the spiked flying robots
on the slides, but those aren't really a problem.

Not only did they throw the occasional spiked sphere and/or enemy 
on a rail here and there, but a few rails are missing, and there 
are a few more giant trains to worry about.  At the point where 
you first start to see the large trains, stay to the right side 
until you see a train fly past you from behind, then follow it.  
Be careful when you get near solid ground again, because the train 
is circling the area.  You need to pay close attention to the 
rails after you pass the area with the 'Rhino' robots racing along 
the side of you.  At one point, you will find a parked train in a 
station, with a switch in a cage.  You need to switch to Tails and 
place Sonic and Knuckles on a switch on each side of the train to 
open the cage.  The 'large fan' area is another point of interest.  
You need to defeat all the enemies around the area, and you will 
notice that there are three flying robots in the distance.  You 
can either try using Thunder Shoot to get them, or Sonic's homing 
attack.  Defeat them all to get access to the switch which allows 
you to use the triangle dive on the fan to float upwards.  
Immediately after this area, you will reach the spiraling rails 
with the two spiraling trains.  While avoiding the trains, try to 
get onto the rails that lead into the right-hand side tunnel.  
These rails will get you past the trains.  

Strangely enough, you start this level at Team Sonic's regular 
start point.  Right away, you have to worry about enemies on the 
very first rail you start on!  It's not too bad though...  After 
the first train tunnel, when you reach the area where you would 
hit the switch to change a set of rails, there are a bunch of 
regular switches.  Destroy the robots to lower the first two cages, 
then hit those, and so on, keeping in mind you'll have to switch 
to Tails to keep Sonic and Knuckles on the last two.  Your first 
REAL change of plan comes after the checkpoint where the two Rhino 
robots ride the rails to your left and right.  After those rails, 
the pole you would usually use to cross the large pit is replaced 
by two of those grey spinning platforms.  You have to run across 
them as Sonic, then use the Tornado jump at the end of the second 
platform, to grab the pole.  After dropping through the next 
grating in the floor, the nearby cannon is gone, and you have to 
jump across a spinning platform, then Light Speed Dash across.
You need to take the long way into the cannon room (in case you 
couldn't guess).  When the cannon launches you, be ready for a
complete mess of spiked spheres to dodge.  The next train tunnel
is missing the pole, so you need to jump on top of a grey platform
above a train to get across to the next train car.  The train car 
with the area where you use the triangle wall jump has a spinning
platform in the way, as well.  The bobsled ride has quite a few 
spiked spheres in the way, but for the most part, you can go by
them slow, just as long as you get enough speed to jump the lasers.
The door to the final cannon room is opened by shooting several
target switches with Thunder Shoot.  Fly over the large pipe wall
near the entrance to the cannon room to find an enemy guarding a

Near the start, the path is blocked off by a large grey mushroom.  
You can either fly over it, or look to the right of it, and 
grind the ivy rail.  The flower rides have added spiked spheres 
(who would of guessed? :P).  The large pit before the second flower
ride requires you to fly to the first platform as Tails, then using
Sonic's homing jump on the fruit to get across.  Near the end, you 
have to run around the tall mountain while defeating robots that 
appear around it, in order to open a cage.  The rest of the level 
is similar to Team Dark's level.

Not too many suprises here, unless you count replacing the normal
large robots (with the giant hammers) with the armored ones.  The
second giant armored robot is guarding a 1up, if you are interested.
There is one area immediately after a checkpoint where the swing
vines have been removed, and you need to use Sonic's homing attack
on the robots to cross the large abyss (ABYSS! :P).  The flower ride 
has spiked spheres in the way (big suprise there).  Since you 
probably finished this level as Team Dark with an A Rank,  there 
shouldn't be any problem here.  Just be on the watch for a few 
random enemies on the last ivy rail.

Two things you'll notice right away... the HUGE ghosts, and a lot
of unlit torches.  To light the torches, attack them as Knuckles.
Several places where you need to light torches include near the 
beginning, the room with the pole just after the second flip switch
(the switch, by the way, is guarded by invisible flames which appear
when you get close to the switch), at the end of the invisible path
outlined by blue flames, the tall tower a bit after the middle of 
the stage (which has a 1up at the top of it, near the switch), the 
door that leads to the area with the Eggman/Metal Sonic statue, and 
the door with the Goal Ring behind it.  The area with the statue of
Eggman/Metal Sonic doesn't have the swing poles, and you have to
use Sonic's homing attack on a group of enemies (and a ghost) to
cross the pit.  (After hitting the switch to invert the area, you 
might feel like using Team Blast on the enemies that run at you, 
but if you do, you'll take out a few of the flying enemies in the
process, and you won't be able to jump across the others.)

This one has it all.  You'll be lighting more unlit torches to 
unlock doors all throughout this level.  There are some in and
around the big room with the lone armored robot, just before the 
room where you need to use the triangle wall jump to reach the web
rails, and in the room with the white light stuff and ghosts (it
is that room before the 'three altars' area).  In the room with 
the large skeleton statue, the left platform has a large hammer 
robot on it, but it's best to just avoid fighting it.  I shouldn't 
have to explain that the bobsled rides have more ghosts and lasers 
to worry about, but I might as well (and I just did!).  The 1up 
that appears on a rail just after the long bobsled ride with the 
Rhino robots is still there, though.  At the point where you would 
usually drop into the well to reach the room just before the 
'Three Altars', there is a switch instead.  This switch teleports
you to a circular room with a lot of breakable walls.  Seem a bit
familiar?  You should figure out what comes next... the spider web
room!  Switch to Tails, and grind on the web as normal, dropping
Sonic and Knuckles off at the switches on the far left and right
of the room.  After this, you eventually reach the 'Three Altars'
area.  The Tails part of this area has fewer platforms (it also
has one of those extra flight power balloons), and the Knuckles
part only has one fan to get you across.  The Sonic part is the
same, but it's easy for the robot on the center platform to shoot
you while you are crossing the pit.

There really isn't much to talk about here.  There are a lot more 
cannons and E-2000 robots (including the Gold ones), but nothing
you can't really handle.  Before the second propeller ride, a rail
is missing, but you can easily jump across using Sonic and a homing
attack on the balloon there.  You will have to destroy all of the
E-2000 robots to unlock the doors in the way, but you should be 
used to that by now.  In case you didn't know about it, during 
the second propeller ride, is a ship with a 1up on it.  While
flying, you'll pass by a ship that has another propeller on it.  
That one has the 1up on it.

Mostly Team Dark's level, but there are some things that you should
keep an eye out for.  At the point in Team Dark's level where you 
have to hit the three switches to activate a fan that shoots you
HIGH up (it's surrounded by cannons and an armored robot, it's also 
where the last Team Chaotix cell key is), you have to switch to 
Knuckles, leave either Sonic or Tails on the bottom most switch, 
punch the target to reach the top area, then leave your other 
teammate on the second switch, and use a cannon (not the attacking
ones, the ones you go inside) to reach the third switch (the second 
and third switches are under cannons).  The next thing to watch for
are the rails with the laser cannons.  A couple rails have E-2000
robots on them, so be careful of what's in front of you.  The 
laser cannons themselves will try to fire at the rail you are on,
so watch the rail for when the laser is about to fire.  You can
either go slow and dodge the lasers, or try to speed up to avoid
them from firing at you.  The final HUGE laser requires a lot of
speed in order to get by it without blasting you, but it's not
too difficult to get by it.  Some say you can use Tails to fly past
the laser, but I've never had to do it.  The final thing in your way 
is right at the Goal Ring.  It's in a cage, and to remove it, you 
have to defeat two large armored hammer robots.  Defeat them, and 
you are done.  Enjoy watching the end credits again (which are the
same as the Final Story credits), and gaze in awe at the 'THANK YOU
FOR PLAYING!' screen with a picture of Team Sonic on it.  Don't you
feel a little ripped off now (j/k)?

E. Other

If anyone has anything important that I can add to this thing, 
please e-mail it to me ([email protected]).  I'd appreciate
anything related to the unlit torches in the haunted stages (I 
probably missed some of them), and some 1up locations would
be helpful too.  Some other things to add to my short Stage 
Information for levels like Ocean Palace/Grand Metropolis/Frog 
Forest would be nice, but I'm not looking for long, dragged out 
walkthroughs...  Please make note in your subject line that you
are sending me something related to Sonic Heroes, or your message
will probably be deleted.  You will be credited for anything I use.

If you want to use this FAQ on your site, e-mail me first at
[email protected]  I'll probably say yes, but let me know
about it first.  As with the FAQ Addition Requests, please make 
note in your subject line that you are sending me something 
related to Sonic Heroes, or your message will probably be deleted.

I don't care if you cut and paste pieces and stuff from this FAQ 
onto a site or message board, but don't claim it as your work, and 
if anyone asks where it came from, make sure to mention it came from 
this FAQ.  DO NOT cut and paste the entire FAQ (or the entire Stage
Information section) anywhere without e-mailing me about it first.

I don't think I can really stop this, but please, DO NOT e-mail me
anything about this game that isn't related to the Super Hard Mode.
I will not answer any questions about the game related to getting
A Ranks, getting the Chaos Emeralds, defeating bosses, second
missions, or anything like that, by e-mail.  





Sonic Team

Someone who told me that section D (Stage Information) was labeled
incorrectly (it was labeled as C)

...and YOU (as MegaMan X... I mean, FAQ reader person :P)

Find 'ColonPee' (:P) 
5 times in this FAQ.

"A new day brings new adventure.  But for now... Rest easy, Heroes."