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Sonic Heroes

Game Reviews for Sonic Heroes


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prcorby8926th Jan 2006, ID #258
This is the best Sonic Game ever! It is a lot better than Sonic Adventure DX. You get to control 3 characters in 4 teams. There are 14 stages and 7 bosses for each team. You will collect emblems and..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Added 4 Jan 2005, ID #12370
Great for sonic fans!

Review Score 95/125

Good game.Added 30 Dec 2004, ID #12267
Gameplay: 96%

Sound: 43% Team Rose's sound is dreadful.EEK Especially when 'Big' the cat says "My turn!" in a very low voice.

Graphics: 40% I hate the auto swing camera.

Bosses: 20% Their easy!

Extras: 30% Bit Blah.

Overall: Aprox.70%

I recommend only sonic-geeks (Like me + chainsaw massucure)

Sonic HeroesAdded 17 Dec 2004, ID #12083
Gameplay 9/10

Quite fast and sometimes frustrating because the camera on my version just loves going funny and annoying me.

Graphics 8/10

Graphics not bad. Big could of looked more like he did on the CG movies. Apart from that, no complaints.

Sound 9/10

Yes, I actually quite like the sound. Music pretty good. Nice instrument mixture. I've also got Team Chaotix's theme stuck in my head at the moment.

Difficulty 6/10

Team Rose = Easy. Other teams = Hard. Boss #5 was really annoying too.

Overall 8/10

Not a bad game, really addictive and pretty good. Really modern game and probably one of the best hitters of all the Sonic games.

Also, a slight error with Sonic because I discovered in Special Stage that Espio is about the same speed as Sonic. Still, one error won't bring the whole game down!

The GameAdded 23 May 2004, ID #8754
Sonic heroes is the best game ever get it now!

I would vote it 100%

Still faultyAdded 30 Apr 2004, ID #8470
Even though sonic and mario are my all time favourite characters in a game all the way back from retro times sonic team.

Still can't manage to make a good game they used to but now maybe its over for the little blue hedghog but anyway back to sonic heroes.

They still cant make it poor sonic team the graphics are like dreamcast still the gameplay is naff, thanks to the camera angle and the sound is the only good thing in this game god bless them.

All together I'd give this game a 59% out of 100% not worth buying unless you are a sonic freak (like me).

Added 3 Apr 2004, ID #7873
Very disapointing, yes the effects and battles look good but this game lacks in enjoyment after a while.

I think the sonic team created this for the top world players because the game can become frustratingly hard.

Many players are stuck at the end of power plant level with team sonic/dark.I have completed that level with dark but I find it harder with sonic.

Rail canyon stops people in their tracks when you really want to find out what happens to Shadow at the end.

There is no Chao garden or small animals so this game disapoints chao fans(including me)I found it helped me cool down in sonic adventure 1 and 2(which I have both completed)after a frustratingly hard level.

This game really disapointed me,I wish they would have created the levels at team rose standard but a tiny bit harder,and bosses at team chaotix standard.

Graphics:9 out of 10
Gameplay:7 out of 10
Baddies:10 out of 10
Bosses:7 out of 10
Charaters:10 out of 10
Bonuses:2 out of 10

Overall:4 out of 10


SonicAdded 18 Feb 2004, ID #6966
I've got to say that this game will only get most of it's sales through people loving the old Sonic from the Sega Mega-Drive days.

Although seeing Sonic, Tails & Knuckles together again after so long does bring a tear to the eye, but I feel that the game has a stinking degree of rushness about it.

You'd think for a game of such calibre, after so long in the making, would be a bit better. It oozes potential, but with a minimal story line and extra features the whole consept is lost.

The game does work in 3-D, and it's a very (VERY) fast paced game. It may be my personal opinion that the whole Sonic thing is destroyed, but that's because I have only played on the 2-D Sonic classics and feel a bit let down.

I don't want to put anyone off buying it, as the game can give hours of game play with 4 possible teams. But I don't really see why their isn't the option to play as just 1 character though.

You should buy this game though to make your own opinion.

Gameplay - 7/10
Graphics - 9/10
Sound - 5/10
Extras - 3/10

Overall - 6/10

Sonic HeroesAdded 13 Feb 2004, ID #6866
Gameplay 9/10

There is fast action gameplay in this title. The Power/Speed/Fly thing is excellent.
The 9 is because of the difficulty level! Even as Team Rose it is hard as hell.

Graphics 8/10

I found these amazing for backgrounds (as usual for sonic titles even the early ones) and Knuckles hair was great. Not any major complaints here except Team Rose looked quite crap except for Amy.

Sound 5/10

A bit annoying in parts. They got rid of the classic Sonic 3 music so it gets a 5. The voices for Team Rose were REAL annoying.

Overall 7.5/10

Maybe it was because I was prejudiced against Team Rose or maybe not who knows? Team Rose IS for the younger players. But I don't seee them getting past the Egg Emperor using the amazingly slow Big the Cat...

Its Brilliant...butAdded 13 Feb 2004, ID #1246

I give it an 8.Added 1 Sep 2005, ID #4519

THIS IS THE BEST SONIC GAME YET!!!!!Added 4 Apr 2005, ID #3618

My heart stopedAdded 24 Dec 2004, ID #2950

Photo Album

Complete game once to unlock photos…..

not very goodAdded 2 Jul 2004, ID #2127

To get to the place shown above put in: TRCK

Standardised Scores (I Know How You Hate Them)Added 30 Jun 2004, ID #2120

CoolAdded 27 Mar 2004, ID #1769

Box as Ashy Knucks Enter "MECCA" as a name in career mode to unlock Ashy Knucks.

Box as Barry Sanders Enter "MRBARRY" as a name in career mode to unlock Barry Sanders.

WOW!!Added 4 Feb 2004, ID #1487

The beat car is not the escudo pike peak version!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is the polyphony racing car! it accelerates like a bullet, brakes like a sumpthing and is has almost 900bhp

to get this car win 3 endurance races all on the super-speedway 100 lap race!

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