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Sonic Heroes Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Sonic Heroes


We have 8 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Heroes please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : GameCube : PC : PlayStation

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team choatix second mission for lost jungle

I need to know the location of the chao. I found only nineteen of them. Where is the last one?

Easier way to beat the Egg Emporer

Some easier ways to beat the final boss are as follows: Get everyone on your team to level 3. To do this, when you get to the first gap in the bridge, switch to your fly character and fly through the booster. Your fly character will get a level up. Then switch to your power character. When you get to the speeders that blast you up to the big platform, go instead to the gong thing and punch it. Your power character will get a level up. Switch to your speed character. After the Egg Emporer begins to run away, instead of using the speed boosters, use the tornado pole. Your speed character will get a level up. Repeat 2 more times. This will make your speed character faster, your flight character will fly longer, and your power character will be stronger. Also, use TEAM BLASTs as much as possible.

Only 2p mode

In 2p mode hold A-Y to put metal skin on.
Holp I helped.

How to walk through stone pillarFirst go to ocea..

How to walk through stone pillar
First go to ocean palace zone then go to one of those things were you have to be
Tails and you will see a crease in the wall be knuckles and walk straight into
The crease and you will be in the wall.

Floating robot

While you are Team Chaotix go on Lvl 4 or I think it's called Grand Metropolis then turn invisible with espio and on the first turn you see robots standing on boxes and you better make sure your in stealth mode or your invisible or it won't work then use the Ninja stars on the boxes then there is your floating robot.

Super Boss Showdown, Pt. 2

I am sorry I only did bosses 1 & 2 last time, but I thought that having 4 parts would be better. Now I shall show you how to terminate Bosses 3 through 5.
Boss 3: Robot Carnival
A Rankings: Sonic 2:30.00 Dark 3:30.00
Rose 1:30.00 Chaotix 3:30.00

And thus the fight begins. To start off the battle, Eggman will sic a group of Flappers on you. Destroy them with Homing attack or Fire Dunk. This repeats once more. Then Eggman changes to bunnies & Gun Flappers. Destroy the Bunnies with Homing attack & the Flappers with Cream. Now Eggman's steaming red now. Now he has a 3 row, 3 column box of Flappers. If you got at least 2 Yellow Power Cores, use Cream to destroy them. If not, use Amy to blast 'em to bits. You're half way there!
Now Eggman's trying to shock you with Electro Flappers. Use Cream to destroy them, or use Team Blast if you have one on you. Now, if you already used it now, hit the springs in Power mode to get a Team Blast, then float over tothe balloon with Big's Umbrella to get a shield. Destroy all of the bad guys with Team Blast once the gauge runs out. Or just go nuts with Big. Now Eggman has few Resources left, so he brings out 8 Flappers at random. Use Big to smack 'em down. This is the Last phase, so if you have a Team Blast, now is the time to use it. Otherwise, you will fight 4 Klagens & 4 Camerons. Destroy them with Fire Dunk.
Boss # 4 Egg Albatross
A Rank: 2:00.00
This boss has 3 parts so this'll be one heck of a battle. Start by using Amy to destroy the wings. Detach the Cameron blasters first, so they don't hit you back. Then smack the blimp propeller to destroy that, too. Finally, fight the Egg Hawk (again, aww...) using Boss 1 strategy. This time he only has 15 HP, so a Team Blast will obliterate him once & for all.
Boss # 5: Team Battle # 2
A Rank: 30.00
Use the same strategy from Team Battle # 1 & you should win easy, but with Team Chaotix, just use Amy's Tornado Hammer. I did it, & I got 10.00 on the dot.


Super Hard Difficulty
Beat the game with 141 Emblems and all A ratings.
Metal Skin
Hold A and Y after selecting a 2-player level to receive a "metallic" skin covering your team.

CG Threatres
Team Chaotix Cinema: Complete Team Chaotix in Story Mode
Team Dark Cinema: Complete Team Dark in Story Mode
Team Rose Cinema: Complete Team Rose in Story Mode
Team Sonic Cinema: Complete Team Sonic in Story Mode
Last Story
Collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds and finish all stories to unlock the last story.
New 2P Modes
2P Action Race - Unlocked from start
2P Bobsled Race - Collect 80 emblems
2P Expert Race - Collect 120 emblems
2P Quick Race - Collect 100 emblems
2P Ring Race - Collect 60 emblems
2P Special Stage - Collect 40 emblems
2P Team Battle - Collect 20 emblems

Metal skins

To get metal skins for any character go on any two player modes and pick your team and straight after you pick your team hold A+Y until the battle starts and your characters will be in their metal skin.

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