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Follow the dark path or use the light

Chaotix FAQ/Walkthrough

by Christopher

Sonic Heroes
Chaotix FAQ/Walkthrough
Copyright 2004 Christopher "SHADOW JACKY" Chism
e-mail:  [email protected]


Table Of Contents
I.     Version History
II.    Introduction
III.   Chaotix Storyline
IVa.   Basic Controls
IVb.   Team Chaotix Controls
IVc.   Power Levels  
V.     Location Guide
   VA.     Seaside Hill
   VB.     Grand Metropolis
   VC.     Power Plant
   VD.     BINGO Highway
   VE.     Bullet Station
   VF.     Lost Jungle
   VG.     Hang Castle
   VH.     Mystic Mansion A
   VJ.     Mystic Mansion B
   VK.     Final Fortress
VI.    "A" Rank Guide
VII.   Bosses
VIII.  My Thanks
IX.    Legal Crap!
X.     Other...
I.  Version History

Version Number:  1.75

(1/24/04) The start of a new...MY FIRST FAQ!  Will be adding locations to 
levels and missions where its needed.

(1/25/04) Did some more of the locations and hope to finish this up soon.

(1/26/04) because of school today I couldn't get as much done with the FAQ as 
I wanted to. But I hear of a snow storm approaching which will be a perfect 
opportunity to get a lot more done.  As of today, I just did more of the 
locations guide.

(1/27/04) Well, I got my was a snow day and I was able to finish 
most of my FAQ.

(2/07/04) Sorry but its been awhile since my last update.  I just added some
of my own times and scores to the A rank section.  More will come soon when
school stops sucking so much...

(2/22/04) Its been a while since my last update but school and other crap
gets in the way.  Today I only added a Tip for Egg Emperor given to me by
ShadowJedi.  Thanks!

(2/23/04) Made some corrections and added Extra mission scores and tips for
A ranks for 1st and Extra missions.  Extra mission scores are thanks to
Link4000.  Thanks!

(3/3/04) Got a great tip from a user of GF for Egg Hawk which will net you an
A rank for sure!  Thanks cdadams!

(8/14/04) Been awhile since I updated this FAQ.  Added level differences to
the controls section, some more tips, and re-read and fixed some errors.  I 
also will be adding some c00l stuff to the OTHER section located at the bottom 
so watch for that.

(8/16/04) Just fixing some "trailing lines" that are apparent in my FAQ now.
Kinda sucks because I feel this needs to be updated.

II.  Introduction

This FAQ is my first and will only cover Team Chaotix.  I started this FAQ 
because of all of the topics(including mine)about needing help with the Chaotix
and I figured since I finally was able to do the stages and get A ranks on the 
missions as just start a FAQ.  I hope this helps a lot as I want it 
to be.  I have been playing Sonic games since 1991 and have been a fan ever 
since.  I have not played every Sonic game in existence but I would like to 
one day and Sonic Heroes has been my most anticipated game since 2003.  

III.  Chaotix Storyline

Team Chaotix starts out like this...Vector is sitting in a chair relaxing in 
the office while listening to some music on his headphones, bobbing his head 
(the Team Chaotix Theme). The camera pans to Espio resting against the lockers 
when he hears a faint humming approaching.  The camera now pans to the double 
doors that lead to the main office and in comes Charmy barging in with 
excitement, a package, and great news!  But, with all of the hurry and rush, 
Charmy makes a frantic attempt to slow down and instead slams into Vector 
causing the package to fly into the air.  Espio reacts by throwing a kunai at 
the wall while catching the package by its string.  The package opens and 
drops a radio O_o.  Vector fumbles to catch the radio and its turned on.  
Listening to the mysterious voice, we find out that it requires their services 
and will pay handsomely.  Seeing as their big break in finally getting
a job after so long(an assumption), Vector and Charmy eagerly take up on the 
offer.  Espio has doubts but is persuaded by Vector and Charmy and all 3 
dispatch.  And so starts their mission.


*all is quiet in the office with Vector chilling in his chair at the 
desk when...*

Espio:   Hmm?
*humming can be heard as it gets louder*
Charmy:  It's here, Yeah!
*sees Charmy can't stop*
Vector:  Whooooaaa!!
*Charmy slams into Vector*
*package flies into the air*
*Espio uses his ninja skills and throws a kunai at the package*
Vector:  What's wrong with you!
Charmy:  It's here, It's here....We got work!
Vector:  WHAT?
*package opens and out drops a radio O_o*
*Vector fumbles to catch radio*
Vector:  Whooooaaa!
*radio turns on*
Mysterious Voice:  I've heard good things about you and require your 
                   detective services.
                   And I can pay handsomely!
Espio:   I've got a bad feeling about this...
Vector:  Espio, don't be silly!
Vector:  Besides, you know our policy.  We never turn down work that pays!
Charmy:  Yeah, you know our policy!
Vector:  C'mon boys, let's go!
Charmy:  Yes sir!
Espio:   Roger.


IVa.  Basic Controls


lol...j/k ;)

Here's the controls for the game as well as Team Chaotix

(I got these from the Sonic Heroes manual)

START/PAUSE:  Game Start/Pause Menu(also START selects from the Pause Menu)
Control Stick:  Move Characters
"A" Button:  Jump/Special Action
"B" Button:  Action Button
"L" and "R" Shoulder Buttons:  Rotate Camera Left/Right
"X" Button:  Clockwise Formation Change
"Y" Button:  Counter-Clockwise Formation Change
"Z" Button:  Team Blast
"C Stick":  View surroundings from leaders' viewpoint
IVb.  Team Chaotix controls:

-Speed Formation:  Espio

Spin:  Hold B either while standing still or running.  To increase speed and 
attack enemies

Rocket Accel:  Hold B and wait for team mates to follow behind and release for
a steady pace, or press again for second team mate to hit you further and 

Shuriken Throw:  Tap B.  Espio throws a shuriken.  Its not homing so aim 

Homing Attack:  Jump and Press A while in the air.  Targets nearby enemies or 
objects.(strength increases depending on level)  

Leaf Swirl:  Jump and Press B while in the air.  This is 2 things...(1)can be 
used like the other tornado attack to lift enemies off of the ground and to use
on the poles.  (2)Espio can turn nearly invisible and can sneak past sleeping 
enemies and pass through lasers.

Triangle Jump:  Do a homing attack towards any wall to stick on it, then press 
A to next wall.  Also using the control stick, you can go forwards or 
backwards.  While stationary on a wall, you can jump back and forth in one 
spot.(useful in some circumstances) Also Espio wont fall off.

-Fly Formation:  Charmy

Ascending Flight:  Jump and hold A while in the air.

Quick Ascent:  While Flying, press A to get a quick boost of height.

Thunder Shoot:  Press B.  Used to Stun and kill enemies(depending on your 

Stinger:  While Charmy is alone, press B to use his stinger to attack enemies.

-Power Formation:  Vector

Auto Homing:  Team mates automatically attack near by enemies.

Fighting Pose:  Press B.  gathering the others in your mouth to get ready to 
attack. To get out of fighting pose, just jump.

Fire Dunk:  During fighting pose, jump in the air and press B

Hammer Down:  Jump in the air and press B.

Combo Power Attacks:  While in Fighting pose, press B to fire first team mate,
press B again to fire second team mate, then press B again to do a circular 
attack. (results depend on your level)

Bubblegum Descent:  While in the air, press and hold A to descend slowly to the
ground or to ascend by using an updraft(ex. a fan)


Team Blast: Chaotic Recital

Press "Z" when your Team Blast guage is filled.  Will kill all enemies on
screen excpet for bosses and gives ring bonuses.  Not very effective against 

After Team Blast has been used, there is a red bar that appears and will slowly
lower.  During this time ANY enemy you kill WILL give you ring bonuses.  A
quick way to gain a lot of lives fast.  

Also a trick with their blast...since rings can also accumulate to the energy
going towards Team Blast...while in the red zone of it, killing a lot of
enemies will already go towards your next Team Blast.  Handy for ROBOT CARNIVAL


IVc.  Power Levels

This spot will give you a description of the differences in each characters
abilities when they collect a power core.  Power cores are spread out through
the stages and can be found in capsules, balloons, or randomly inside enemies.
Depending on the color of the core, that character will recieve 1 level higher
power.  Each character starts out at lvl 0 and maxes out at lvl 3.

Blue Power Core=Speed
Yellow Power Core=Flight
Red Power Core=Power

Speed:  lvl 0:  Has basic controls with little power and can take a while to
                kill certain enemies.  Homing attack is short and has to rely
                on Leaf Swirl to travel on poles.  Has to rely on all skills
                if needed.

        lvl 1:  Same as lvl 0, but Homing Attack has gained some power and can
                take out enemies faster this time.  Also Homing Attack range
                has increased.  

        lvl 2:  Homing Attack power and range has increased.

        lvl 3:  Homing Attack power and range are at max.  You do not need 
                Leaf Swirl to lift enemies into the air or to use poles.  
                Homing Attack and Rocket Accel can now replace Leaf Swirl for 
                those functions besides turning invisible.

Flight:  lvl 0:  Basic controls are still needed.  Thunder Shoot can only stun

         lvl 1:  Same as lvl 0, but Thunder Shoot can not only stun but take
                 off minimal damage off of enemies.
         lvl 2:  Thnuder Shoot is more powerful and will most likely kill 
                 weaker enemies and bosses than stun.

         lvl 3:  Thunder Shoot can kill all weaker enemies and do damage to 
                 tougher enemies and bosses.  Except for the giant hammer

Power:  lvl 0:  Basic controls are still needed.  Stronger than Power and
                Flight in order to take out tough enemies early in a stage.
                While doing Combo Power Attacks, the 3rd attack cannot be used.

        lvl 1:  Stronger and Combo Power Attacks can be used fully but still
                weak.  Vector will shoot out musical notes on the 3rd attack.

        lvl 2:  Stronger and Comber Power Attacks has changed.  On 3rd attack,
                Vector will shoot a long stream of fire.

        lvl 3.  Power is at max and CPA has changed once more.  On 3rd attack,
                Vector will shoot huge bubblegum bubbles that can ricochet off
                of walls and explode momentarily or when in contact with an
                enemy.  Provides long range and large explosive range.   
V.  Location Guide

This is the section where the most people on the boards get stuck.  This 
section tell you where to find those damn near impossible to find items in 
certain stages and missions.  And its just a quick listing of the locales.  
So without further a'do...


1st mission:  Find 10 Hermit Crabs.

1.  After the first loop you come to, go up the hill and stop at the top.  Go
to the right and stop at the edge.  Now look over and you can see a platform 
down there.  The crab is on that platform.

2.  Getting back on the main path, there's a small stand with a hermit crab
in plain sight.

3.  Staying on the main path, we now come to a wall and a robot.  In the middle
you can smash the huge stone wall to get through.  Also the crab is right there
where you smashed the stone.

4.  You now have 2 choices. (1)go down the hill. (2)break the boxes to reveal 
a jump pad.  Choice (2) is what you want so go on the jump pad to go flying to 
the next crab which is sitting on a small stand like the 2nd crab.

5.  Still on the main path you come to your first checkpoint and another wall.
The crab is on the left column.

6.  Going through a little speed run and through the loop AND crossing the sea,
you now are on a beach setting.  There are 6 columns(3 on left and 3 on right).
A crab sits on the shortest column on the left.

7.  The crab is inside of the smashable block in the same area as the 6th crab
but on the right side on the highest column.

8.  As you approach the nearby cannon, switch to power formation and hop in.
There's a wooden box sitting on a platform that contains a crab but the cannon 
wont take you to it.

9.  Go back to the cannon and hop in as Charmy this time to be launched to a
crab on top of the tall stone pillar.

10.  Still on the main path you come a another portion of beach that has a
raised level in the middle.  Get up there and there's a stone block.  You 
can't smash it BUT you can move it.  Just use Vector and hit it and it'll move
to reveal a crab.

OK, That's the 1st for the 2nd Mission

Extra mission:  Find all 20 Hermit Crabs!

Continue from the 10th crab for the rest of the crabs.

11.  Still on the main path you come to a hill with dash pads to get up 
there.  A crab is in front of the pads.

12.  Going up the hill, you come to your second checkpoint.  Now before you go 
down that hill ahead, there's a platform in the distance to the left in the 
chasm.  Head over there and smash the wooden box to get a crab.

13.  Now going along the main path, you come to another cannon.  Hop in the 
cannon as Vector to take you to the platform in the sea.  there's a crab on 
the platform you land on inside one of the smashable blocks.

14.  On the main path you come to your 3rd checkpoint and a flower to your 
right.  Use Charmy to sting it by pressing B close to it and jump inside to be
transported to another flower.  The crab is also there.

15.  Getting back on the normal path,  you come to a drop point.  You could
either go down or take the speed rings to a different location.  Go down 
instead and you'll come to another movable block.  Move it to reveal a crab.

16.  Still going on that path, you come to 2 movable blocks.  The crab is 
under the right block.

17.  Ok, there is a cannon on the high stand but hop in as Charmy this time.
You'll be launched to a higher position and with 2 choices.  (1)take the low 
road or (2)take the high road.  Take the high road and there's(gasp)a movable 
block.  You know what to do.

18.  Go back to the cannon that got you up there and continue on the lower 
beach path.  Along the beach search for a crab...Should be near the water by
a path of rings.

19.  After finding that crab, head further along the beach and to the cannon.
You don't have to hop in but their are smashable blocks to be smashed and one 
of them contains a crab.

20.  Just head along the main path until you come to a dead end with a 
flower.  The flower will take you back to the beginning of the level but you 
wont need it because...THE LAST CRAB IS RIGHT THERE!


1st mission:  Clear out the ememies of the city!

Well this level is pretty easy so instead of listing where they are, I'll just
walk you through it.  There are a total of 85 robots to be killed and there is
no time limit.

You start out by going down a slope then going through a loop.  You come upon
a set of springs and there are [4] flying robots to destroy.  Also grab the 
blue power up.  Moving along you come to a set of boxes and [1] robot in front
of the path.  Going up the path you can spot [2] robots on top of some boxes
and as you get close they will charge at you with their spears(also there's a
shield in one of the boxes).  Hit the springs as Espio in front of the wall to
go in the air and home attack the [2] flying robots and land on the platform
that sits on a blimp.  There are [2] robots on the blimp as well.  Go for the
balloon that is in the air for a power up for Vector and destroy the [1] turtle
to progress.  Going along the path, there are [3] flying robots to be killed.
head around the corner to spot [3] flying robots.  The door to you right 
doesn't open so don't worry about it.  Use Charmy to cross the gap and hit the 

You should have 18 robots by now.

Going on the jump pad will take you to a balloon with 10 rings in it.  Going
along that path you come to a hole with [2] flying robots, 3 boost rings, and
an invincibility box.  Getting out of the hole you come to [6] robots and [1]
turtle.  You can go in the door to your right by pushing in the lever as either
Espio or Vector if you want but there are no robots in there.  Going up the 
path there are [4] robots, and 3 boxes.  The boxes have nothing in them and 
the springs don't lead to anything.  Moving along you can take the jump pad 
but go as Vector to fly through the rainbow rings in the air for points.  Your 
now moving fast down the slope and coming to a loop, then a corkscrew and to a
jump pad and through the air to a window into a building.  2nd Checkpoint is 
in sight so get it.

You should have 31 robots by now.

Killing the [1] turtle will lower the bridge to get across but checkout the 
doors to your left and right first.  The door to your left contains [3] robots 
and the right door contains [1] robot and a box.  Going across the bridge,
there are [2] robots behind the set of boxes to the right and left that try to 
surprise you and moving further [1] robot falls from the sky.  Destroy the 
boxes to find some rings.  Moving along, [2] robots run at you and [1] with a 
laser gun.  Kill them and also the [1] turtle.  Hop in the cannon as Vector 
and aim for the [3] flying robots in front of you.  After those, move along 
and take out the [2] robots with laser guns and head for the flower.  You have 
2 choices from here.  (1) take the flower to the next location.  (2)look to 
your left for a platform.  (WARNING)If your not good at flying then take the 
flower and read the next paragraph.  If so, then read the rest of this.  So 
you decided to be bold and go for the platform. Use Charmy and fly over there.
Now continue up the path and grab the 1up.  Go through the already open door 
O_o and carefully line yourself up to jump between the 2 pillars to get the 
1up(this is harder than it looks).  If you drop down and go, you'll see a 
flower.  That flower is the one you would have came out of if you didn't go 
this way.

You should have 48 robots by now.

Moving along you can see [1] robot and [2] will drop from the sky(many people 
miss these 2).  Going up the path, you hit some springs to give you a combo 
opportunity.  Home attack the [5] flying robots and move on, but before you 
drop off the path there is [1] flying robot in the distance in front of you.
Moving along you come to [1] turtle that is guarding a cage with a switch 
inside.  You wont be able to open the cage until you kill the turtle.  Hit the 
switch to open the door and there is [1] blue flying robot.  Use Charmy to 
reach the boost ring to send you in the air to land on the path ahead.
Destroy the [2] flying robots and move on.  Around the corner is [1] robot 
with a stone shield.  Kill him to open the cage and hit the switch to open the
door.  You now come to [1] sleeping robot and a boost ring to go through to 
reach the area ahead.  3rd Checkpoint in sight.

You should have 63 robots by now.

Another cannon to hop in as Vector so you can aim for and kill the [3] flying 
robots high in the air.  Its safe if you fall as there is a boost ring to 
catch you.  If you go for the robot in the center last, the boost ring will 
take you to a rainbow ring.  Moving forward there is [1] flying robot and a 
balloon.  Dropping to the floor below, there are [2] robots and a pole to go 
up.  Use Leaf Swirl to create wind so Espio can spin up the pole and move on.
There is a "fly" gate ahead and [1] flying robot to kill.  Fly over the wall 
and you'll be greeted by [2] robots that fall from the sky.  Hit the springs 
and kill the [1] turtle that is sitting on the switch to open the door.
Another know what to do.  Hit the speed pad to help you up the path 
and to a Checkpoint.  But make sure you don't run off the edge...

You should have 73 robots by now.

Go across the gap by using Espio to home attack the [2] flying robots in the 
air.  Kill the [1] turtle and destroy the boxes for some goodies.  Hit the 
springs and its GRIND TIME!  Land on the rail and your team mates should give 
you a run down on how to grind.  Along the rails, kill the [1] flying robot 
and move on.  You should come to [2] flying robots and move along.  [3] more 
flying robots are up ahead so kill them and move on.  You now should be on a 
rail that will have a spring on the end to take you high into the building.  
You land on a platform with [2] flying robots to kill so the cage will open.  
Hit the switch and use the pole to go up and will launch you to a spring, then 
to another, and through a hole and you drop in front of [2] robots with stone 
shields.  The flower will take you to the beginning of the stage but of course 
you don't need it because...YOU KILLED 85 ROBOTS!!


1st mission:  Defeat the 3 "gold" turtle robots!

This place is simple to find the gold turtles but the 1st one might give you 
trouble.  Just a quick listing as Seaside Hill.  The gold turtles are the 
strongest of turtle and can only be killed by flipping them upside down with 
Leaf Swirl.

1.  Once you start the stage, turn around and use the flower to get to the end 
of the level.  [1] gold turtle is there and also a bunch of other baddies.  
Use the flower again to get back to the start.

2.  Going on the main path you will come to a gold turtle inside of a cage.  
You have to find a switch to open the cage.  The switch is under the metal 
boxes on the right side as you come in.  Kill him.

3.  After killing the 2nd turtle, you come to your 1st Checkpoint.  Use Charmy 
and jump on the giant weight and use that to get you to the pulley.  In front 
of you is another gold turtle.  To open the cage you have to hit the red 
panels in the sky by using Charmy and using Thunder Shoot to hit them.  You 
have to hit them from a distance or they will spin if you get to close and wont
be able to hit.

Extra mission:  Defeat the 5 "gold" turtle robots!

Keep going from the 3rd turtle.

4.  After getting the 3rd turtle, you should come to a great hallway with 2
ways to go.  Take the bottom way and you should come to a gold turtle in a 
cage. But to open it, you need a switch.  The switch is inside the same type 
of cage the special stage keys are in but its hovering.  It's located further 
ahead where you'll see 2 flying robots and a green turtle.  But if you have 
Team Blast ready, you don't need to do all of that crap. :p

5.  At the 3rd Checkpoint and using the flower ahead, you teleport to the next 
location.  Go to the other side of the shaft you are in to spot the last gold 
turtle.  But the switch is way down where the elevator is.  Go down the hole 
and kill the 2 flying robots and the cages will open.  Know make your way back 
up the shaft and kill the last robot.

VD.  BINGO Highway

1st mission:  Collect 10 casino chips!

Here's just a listing of the first 10 casino chips to find.

1.  At the start, IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!!(if you miss this chip, you 
might as well quit playing right now).

2.  In a cage after the wind tube you came out of.  Kill the robots to open it.

3.  After going down the slide, you hit some springs.  Land on the table and 
drop down below to land on a pinball table.  The chip is in front of the EXIT 
hole.  Don's worry, its on some square panels so you wont fall in.  But,
depending on the color, they will disappear.  If anyone has played Sonic 2 on
the Genesis/Megadrive and remembers Casino Night should know the 
colors.  If not, then its green, yellow, red, then gone!

4.  Coming to your first BINGO slide, the ship is in the air where the [6] is.
Use the ramp to reach it.

5.  Head for the [9] as its in front of the slot.

6.  Coming off the pinball table, there are a set of green balls to bounce on.
Use those to get the chip in the air.

7.  Along the way you come to a hall with 2 dice blocks.  A chip is sitting on 
one of them.  

8.  Below the Dice blocks is another pinball table.  The chip is on the left 
side of the table.

9.  Going on the main path, you come to another plain slide.  You go down it 
but then drop to another slide with 2 flippers on each side.  Use those to get
the chip that is behind the square panels.

10.  Coming off the slide, you hit some springs.  This chip is being stricken 
by electricity from the green flying robot.  Kill him and collect.

Well that's the first mission.

2nd mission:  Collect all 20 casino chips!

Just leave off from the first 10.  And I don't know if you noticed but...there 
are big green signs with an arrow pointing down.  Chances are it's pointing at
a chip.

11.  You enter a glass hall with a fan at the end.  Use Vector to float up to 
the top and you'll see some square panels again.  Use those as a path to reach 
to chip at the end.

12.  As you break the glass and drop, there is a chip floating in the air.  
It's safe to use Charmy to get it.

13.  Going down the slide, you will have to spot the [3] and [4] early.  They 
will be on 2 separate paths.  The chip is in the middle before the paths split.

14.  Go for the [5] as its on a bridge that is hard to get on and stay on.  The
chip is after the [5].

15.  After the [6], you head around the corner and the chip is in front of some
square panels in the middle.

16.  After the slide, you come to another pinball table.  The chip is in the 
middle at the top.

17.  Get off of the table by going to the bottom and through the tube.  The 
chip is in the air but you can use the springs to get it.

18.  Moving along, you come to a wall with green balls to bounce up and a door 
with an X.  Ignore the door for now and go up.  The chip is in plain sight in 
the middle surrounded by rings.

19.  Stay where you are and locate 2 switches behind 2 pillars.  Those will 
open the door with the X on it.  Go to the door and use Espio to go past the 
lasers(use leaf swirl).  Grab the chip and the rings if you want.

20.  Go back to chip number 18 and use the flower.  The flower will transport 
you to a pinball table.  This is one you couldn't get to before.  The chip on 
the table so locate the green arrow sign on the right side and it'll be there.


1st mission:  Destroy 30 capsules!

This place is kinda hard and the capsules are the tall red and white tanks.
Once again, I'll walk you through it just like Grand Metropolis.  

You start off on rails and come to a huge tower.  Head to the and destroy the
[4] capsules surrounding the cannon.  Now use the cannon as Vector and launch 
yourself to the location.  There are [2] capsules behind the grating.  Get 
back to the cannon and either be Espio or Charmy to reach the top of the 
tower.  Kill the robot with the shield and also the [1] capsule.  Hit the 
right switch and head for the rails.  Hit the 1st Checkpoint and continue.  

You should have 7 capsules.

Continuing on, there is a capture robot and [1] capsule.  After that, drop down 
and to your left is [1] capsule.  Proceed to make your way out of the pit and 
stop at the top of the hill.  Of course kill the robot and jump towards the 
platform in the air ahead to get [1] capsule.  Up ahead you should see [2] 
more capsules.  Under them are switches to activate the pole.  Use the pole 
and you be sent to another pole and to a set of rails.  Watch out for the 
trains along the left and right rails.  You'll see 3 switches and [2] capsules.
Change to Vector so you can hit all 3 switches at once.  Going through the 
door, there is a robot charging at you.  Kill him and move on to the grating on
the ground.  Use Vector and do Hammer Down to break the grating and head down 
while getting the balloons.  Kill the capture robot and the 2 robots with 
lasers at the top of the stairs.  Now at this cannon if you enter as Vector 
you will get to destroy the super metal box for some rings, or go in as Charmy 
and get launched into the air to a boost ring which will take you to a balloon
with rings in it.  Either way is fine.  Snag the 2nd Checkpoint.

You should have 14 capsules.

Moving along, you come to a capture robot and narrow bridge to cross.  I 
suggest flying across to risk not dying.  Kill the robots around the corner 
and you can see [1] capsule behind the fence.  You could fly to the other side 
and deal with it or just use Hammer down near the capsule and it'll be 
destroyed.  Hit the switch and head through the door.  There are 4 robots in 
here along with [2] capsules.  Before jumping in the giant cannon, locate a 
second hall besides the one you came from but it'll be blocked with metal 
boxes.  There are [2] capsules behind the boxes.  Now hop into the center of 
the room and get ready for a long ride.  Be sure to get as many of the 
balloons in the air by pressing left or right.  You now are done flying through
the air and land on some rails.  After riding the rails, you are automatically 
changed to Vector to use the fans to float upwards on ahead.  Be sure to get 
the [1] capsule where the 2 fans are.  Hit the 3rd Checkpoint and continue.

You should have 20 capsules.

There is a set of fans ahead so use Vector to float across.  Stop at the fan 
with a switch in the middle.(position yourself over the switch and drop to it 
and use the bubble again) Now stay afloat in that spot and turn the camera 
around so you can see what's to your left.  head over to the platforms where 
[2] capsules are.  Go back to the fans and finish going across being careful 
not to die.  That switch was used to open the door ahead which has [1] capsule 
inside.  Now fly to the top and smash the grating and fall through.  You are 
now on a high-speed transport train.  Destroy the boxes if you want and go on 
the rail to reach the other platform.  Kill the capture robot and take care of 
the [1] capsule.  Fly over to the next platform to your left and there is a 
robot with a shield and [3] capsules.  Continue and kill the robot and head to 
the pole.  Use the pole to reach the other platform ahead and kill the robots 
there.  Use Triangle Jump to get across the gap(be careful not to hit the 
flipping panel).  Kill the capture robot and use Vector and hit the blue 
button on the train car and your off on some more rails.  Grinding along you 
come to some springs and a bobsled all ready for you to ride.  This part is 
kinda tricky and I suggest going slow but speed up as you come to the lasers 
on the track to jump over.  Along the track there are [9] capsules.

Well that's it for 30 capsules.

Extra mission:  Destroy all the capsules!

just leave off from the 30 you picked up and getting the rest on the bobsled 

After that little escapade, you come to some more rails.  Grind along those 
and change the light rails to red and grind to the next area.  There is a 
Checkpoint so hit that.

You should have 36 capsules.

Before going on, go back on the rails but this time make the light rails blue 
and ride them to a new spot.  There are [4] capsules located here(oh and just 
in case you missed some capsules on the bobsled run...there's a flower to take 
you back around that area).  Now continue on where the Checkpoint was and Use 
Espio to go through the lasers and hit the switch to deactivate the lasers.  
Now you can see a platform in t he air with a robot on it.  There's a switch 
to be hit so get that.  It opens a door up ahead where [1] capsule is.  And 
get the [2] other capsules that are on the left and right of the door.  Now 
head up and through the grating and to another transport train.  Going along 
the train, you go on the rail to get across, kill the capture robot, and fly 
over the near invisible fence.  Collect the rings if you want and fly over the 
next fence.  Destroy the [1] capsule and use the flower to transport to the 
next flower.  Go across the gap by using Triangle Jump as Espio and being 
extremely careful.  Make it across and destroy the [2] capsules and hit the 
switches and use the pole to head up and over to the next pole and to the next
area.  You probably noticed a capsule on top of a platform on the train car.  
So get that [1] capsule and head back and fly to the platform up ahead and 
destroying the [1] capsule.  Now keep going you can spot the last [2] capsules
while killing the robot with a shield.  And your done and it only gets better!


1st mission:  Rescue 10 Chao!

The chao are small and can be easily overseen if your not careful.  I will 
just list their locations.

1.  Found in a cage at the start of the stage but you have to kill the giant 
robot to get it.

2.  Along the normal path, your going up and around some giant roots in the 
center.  You can get the chao that is just fluttering around on the pad that's 
on the main path.

3.  After that one immediately turn around and fly into the air to spot a pad 
with a chao on it.

4.  Still on the main path, you spot some boxes.  The chao is inside of those 

5.  After the 1st Checkpoint you come to, there are some vines ahead to swing 
on.  Swing on those to get across.  Kill the giant robot that comes your way 
and to the right behind the leafs there is a pad with a chao on it.

6.  Killing the giant robot opened the cage with a chao in it.

7.  After running through the loop, you land in the next area.  Look to your 
left to spot a mushroom with a chao on it.

8.  Using the gong to get across the gap, you spot a black frog.  The fruit 
will kill the flying robots and as you come to the 2nd set, to your right in 
a pad with a chao on it.

9.  After using the flower to go across the gap, you come to a green frog.  
Go near him so the good rain can come and make some things grow.  Wait for all 
of the pads in the air to come out.  Going back a little, fly into the air to 
spot a pad with chao on it.

10.  Same area, different pad.

That's the 10 for this mission.  Having fun yet?

Extra mission:  Rescue all 20 Chao!

As usual, leave off from the last chao.

11.  After getting out of the crevice, kill the silver flying robot to open 
the cage and get the chao.

12.  Moving forward you come to a "groovy" alcove(and the 2nd Checkpoint.  
Instead of going in, fly on top of the awning and to the center.  Kill the 2 
silver flying robots to open the cage where the chao is.

13.  Coming to 2 giant robots, you have to kill them to open another cage 
with a chao.

14.  Using the flower to transport to the next area, go to the pulley for a 
safe way of getting down.  Go to the 2nd pad then switch to Charmy and fly in 
the air.  Up ahead a bit is another pad in the air with a chao on it. 

15.  After getting that one, you come to another giant robot.  Kill him to 
open the cage to get at the chao.

16.  Before going through the lasers as Espio, head to the left and jump over 
the huge vine and at the dead end is a chao.

17.  After taking the flower to the top and landing, kill the 2 silver robots 
to open the cage for the frog.  Go near the frog so he'll make it rain.  Don't 
take the spring yet, instead go to the right side of the tree your on and Use 
Charmy to get the chao in the air.

18.  Go to the left side of the tree your on and use Charmy to get the chao 
that is in the air.

19.  Use the spring to the big root and using the vine to get to the next 
area, there is another cage with a chao in it.  Kill the 2 robots to open it.

20.  To the left of the boxes is a chao that is flying in a circle.


1st mission:  Get the keys inside the haunted castle!

Another quick list to the locations of the keys.

1.  After the loop and you hit the springs, its in the center of the area.

2.  After turning the whole level upside down for the first time, after 
grinding through the loop, and using the platforms to get to the top of the 
tower, and flying to the next tower ahead,  the key is under the small 
platform with the 4 torches surrounding it.

3.  After opening the door to get in the castle, the key sits on a stand after 
the robots.

4.  After that key, you come to a platform that takes you upwards.  You get to 
a rail but ride it UPwards and follow the path to the dead end where the key 

5.  After grinding down the spiral, you come to a Checkpoint and another 
sphere to make everything upside down.  The key is under another platform with 
4 torches surrounding it.

6.  Get on top of that platform where you just got the 5th key and use the 
flower to transport to another area.  Use Espio to sneak past the sleeping 
robots and get the key.  Use the flower to get back.

7.  After that last key, be careful of flying across the huge gap to the tower 
ahead.  Make sure you hit the switch and move on.  Taking care of the robots 
and then touching the sphere, you are now right-side up.  Instead of going 
forward, go back to a cage with a key.

8.  Go forward now and be extra careful of this "walk of faith".  remember to 
walk slowly look at the torches carefully to see where to go.  The key is near 
the end of this path.

9.  Heading into the castle again, at the end of the open area is a wall with 
a crack in it.  Break that part of the wall to reveal a key.

10.  Just go along the main path until you come to the last key.  Its not hard 
to miss.


1st mission:  Blow out all the "red" torches.

This mission can be hard if you try to go through it fast.  Go slow to find 
all of the torches and you'll find that its rather easy.  I'll walk you 
through this one.  To blow out the torches, Use Espio's Leaf Swirl.

As you come in through the door at the beginning, there are [4] torches to be 
put out.  Kill the robot and hit the switch to open the door and through the 
hall and into the next room.  Go to the other side and in the air is a red 
panel to be hit.  Hit that to open the cage with the sphere inside.  Touch 
that so the room will change and kill the robots that appear to proceed. In 
the hall there are [4] torches and in the next room, there are [2].  Continue 
upward, you fly up onto the big weight and fly up more from there and hit the 
1st Checkpoint.  

You should have 10 torches put out.

Hit the switch to proceed and into a huge room.  There are [4] torches here 
as well as robots with shields and a magician robot.  Kill them to deactivate 
the lasers ahead.  Touch the sphere and kill the robots that have come alive 
from their portraits.  Continue on and blow out the [2] torches.  Use the 
flower next to transport to the new area.  Watch out for the robot with the 
spiked shield as you come out.  Get the Checkpoint

You should have 16 torches put out.

Moving on there are [2] torches near the doorway to the small hall.  Kill the 
magician robot to open the door and proceed.  There are 3 spheres but 2 are 
lit.  Touch the far right sphere and the skeleton will change movement.  Use 
the platforms to reach the back of the room and to the flower.  Use the flower 
to be transported to the new area.  In this area there are [12] torches to be 
put out.  After those, look in the air around in that room and find another 
red panel to be hit.  This will open one of the doors.  Find the door and 
touch the sphere to continue.  Snag the Checkpoint.

You should have 30 torches put out.

Continue and put out the [4] torches in this hallway and move on.  Use 
triangle jump to cross the gap.  Go down the stairs and down into the hole.  
Look for a crack in the wall and use Vector to break it.  Hit the switch to 
open the door that you saw while dropping in.  Float up there and exit.  There
are [2] torches in the hallway.  Go up the stairs and don't worry about the 
hole as there are springs to get you out of the hole.  Now you come to a door
but the switch is high in the air.  Use Charmy to get it.  Moving on, you come
to another big room.  Touch the sphere and the statues will come alive.  Kill 
them to open the door on the other end of the room.  There are [2] torches in 
this hallway.  In the next room is a giant armored robot.  To kill him is the 
same as the others but you have to get his helmet off and you can only attack 
its head.  Kill him open the door on the second floor of the room and blowing 
out the [2] torches by the door.  In the next room there are [2] torches and a
flower.  Use the flower to head for the next area.  There are [4] torches in 
this room only.  Now look for all of the cracks in the wall and smash them 
with Vector to find a way out.  After you find your way out, there are [2] 
torches in the small hallway.  Stand where the shadow is and move out of its 
way so the weight can come down.  Jump on that and ride it to the top and get 
in Power formation to get all 3 switches.  Get the Checkpoint

You should have 48 torches put out.

In this huge room, you can grind on the web to reach the left and right side 
of the room.  There are [4] torches in this room.  Also get the switch on the 
right side to open the door at the other end from where you came in.  Moving 
on, you come to a room full of lasers.  Use Espio and kill the magician robot 
and touch the sphere.  Jump off the platform you land on and kill the robots 
if you want and head down the well.  You are now in the "nexus" O_o.  There 
are [4] torches to be blown out and a flower.  Use the flower to transport to 
the next location and are now in the "anti-nexus" O_o.(ok I came up with the 
names of these weird places) Blow out the [2] torches here and head to the 
other side for the last [2] torches.  And watch out for the giant armored 


2nd mission:  Blow out all the "blue" torches! 

This mission has less torches to be blown out but they are in some weird 
locations.  So this is one you don't want to rush.  Also the stage is set up 
the same so you can follow the above on how to get from room to room.

Same as before, you come through the door into a room.  There is [1] torch to 
be blown.  Continue on till you come to the big weight,  there are [2] torches 
on the left and right and [1] on the shadow of the weight so be careful 
getting that one.  Fly upward and to the Checkpoint.

You should have 4 torches put out.

Continue on till you get to your first Flower.  Behind the flower is [1]
torch.  Don't worry about dying as there is wind to float you.  Coming to 
the next area after using the flower, there is a Checkpoint.

You should have 5 torches put out.

Moving on, there is [1] torch high above the door way.  So use the boxes to 
jump high enough to blow it out.  By the magician robot to open the door, 
there is [1] torch above him.  In the next room where the giant skeleton is, 
the huge platforms have a blue flame on each one.  So blow out the [2] there 
and return to the 3 spheres.  Choose the far right switch and blow out the [2] 
new flames.  Now head for the flower but don't use the flower.  There is a 
sphere behind the flower so touch that.  [2] new flames appear on the 
platforms so put those out. Now head for the 3 spheres and touch the far right
one and head for the flower.  In the circular hallway, there are [4] torches 
high in the air.  Just get below them and stir up some wind and they should 
blow out.  Look for the same red panel to open the door to a sphere and to the
next area. Get the Checkpoint.

You should have 17 torches put out.

Moving on, there is [1] torch in the air.  Down the hall you can probably see
[1] torch that is rather low.  To get that one, just be super careful and jump 
high directly above the flame and blow it out.  By the time you blow it out, 
the flame is gone and you can stand on the platform.  Continue down the stairs 
and in the fan pit.  Find the switch to open the door and float to the door 
and out of there.  Continue on till you get to the room with the first giant 
armored robot.  Kill him and go to the hand on the floor your on.  A flame will
appear to be blown out(that would be [1]).  Continue till you come to the room 
with the flower.  As you approach the statues, blue flames will appear on the 
spears(that would be [4]).  Use the flower to get to the next area.  In this 
area there are [2] torches that are behind 2 of the crack in the walls.  Now 
get out of there and there are [2] on the right and left side of the giant 
weight's shadow.  Head up and into the next room.  Get the Checkpoint

You should have 28 torches put out.

In the giant spider web room, there are [4] big flames to be put out.  Be 
careful.  Exit this room and Use Espio to touch the sphere.  There are [3] 
torches in the air.  Put those out and head for the well.  Into the "nexus" 
there are [4] torches here.  But your probably wondering "where the hell are 
they?"  Well my friend if you look at where the red flames are and look on the
floor, that's where they are.  But to get them, just stand above them and blow
them out.  Use the flower to enter the "anti-nexus".  This is where the last 
[6] flames are.  There are 3 on the right and left side.  Be careful flying 
about this place as getting to the high platforms can be a hassle.  And you 
should be done.


I know what your thinking, these keys got to be the hardest to find.  But in 
reality they are not.  Which is really surprising.  Although the keys are easy 
to find, surviving the stage  isn't.  So here's a list to where they are.

1st mission:  Find the keys to the cell where the client is locked up!

1.  At the beginning and after the first rail, you come to 2 robots with 
shields.  Kill them to open the cage with a key inside.

2.  When you come to the first giant armored robot, the key is in a cage 
behind him.  Kill him to get it.

3.  After the 2nd key, hop on the spring and land on the fan and use that to 
land on the rail.  Grind to the next platform ahead and kill the 2 robots 
with stone shields.  Killing them opens the cage to a cannon.  Hop in the 
cannon as Vector and shoot yourselves at the super metal boxes.  There's a 
switch to be activated and that turns on the fan.  Float to the highest 
possible height to a platform with the key.

4.  Coming to your first E-2000 robot(yellow with a shield on its arm)you have 
to kill him to open the door ahead.  The key is in front of the lasers.  

5.  After the long rail ride with huge lasers, you land to yet another E-2000 
robot.  Kill him to open the cage with a key inside.

Well done with that mission.

2nd mission:  Find all 10 cell keys!

Again just leave off from the 5th key

6.  Coming to an open area that looks like a hude cage with a fan in the 
center  with 2 robots with spiked shields and another E-2000 robot, there is a 
key inside the cage.  Kill them to get at it.

7.  After dealing with 2 giant armored robots, you come to 2 more!  Kill them
to open the cage with a key inside.

8.  After using the flower to go to the next area, there is a key above a hole.
You wouldn't see it at first so clear out the area of all of the robots and

9.  After some tricky platforming, you come to a corridor where you can use 
triangle jump to get across.  At the other end is a cage with a key inside.  
Kill that robot to get it.

10.  Use the flower to get out of there and to another corridor.  Kill the 
E-2000 robot and get across.  It's really hard so I advise to jump at your 
highest near a wall and go for it.  After that, you can see a cage with a key 
in it.  But you have to kill 3 giant armored robots to get it.  There is one 
on the left huge platform, one on the right and one way ahead that's shaped 
like a U.  Kill them and return to the cage to get the last key!


VI.  A Rank Guide

Let's see, so you want to start getting A ranks for the UBER SUPER HARD MODE!!!
Well there are a lot of A's and emblems you have to get.  This section will 
give you some tips on Team Chaotix's A ranks for each Level, Boss, and Mission.
IMO, Team Chaotix's A ranks are the 2nd easiest of the teams to get IF you 
learn the locations of most levels requirements.  Most of these can be done 
just by completed the level in a incredibly fast time and others you need some 
skill.  Their A ranks are based on Score only but time is very helpful for the
plentiful time bonuses they give you.  One really important thing to remember
when going for scores for A ranks...DON'T DIE!  If you die your score will be 
reset to ZERO and you'll have to restart the level!

SEASIDE HILL  1st mission:  Collect 10 Hermit crabs!

A Rank:  45,000

-First things first, learn where the first 10 crabs are and this will be a 

-Go for as many combos as possible as there aren't as many enemies in this 
stage to kill.

Extra mission:  Collect all 20 Hermit crabs!

A Rank:  35,000

-Same as mission 1 but with more crabs to get

-Learn the locations and get them as fast as possible

-Sometimes going through the stage as fast as possible will get you an A

OCEAN PALACE  1st mission:  Rescue the chao trapped in the Palace!

A Rank:  50,000

-This one is fairly easy to get an A.

-Go through the stage while killing as many robots as possible

-Go for combos as well

Extra mission:  Rescue the chao trapped in the Palace, without being

A Rank:  43,000

-This one isn't so easy but can be done

-I suggest playing as Espio over most of the stage

-Remember to use Leaf Swirl to turn invisible so the robots can hear or see

-Slow down if you have to

-If you dont get an A the first time, try for more combos and level up
Espio first


A Rank:  Under 1:00:00

-refer to the bosses section

GRAND METROPOLIS  1st mission:  Clear out the enemies of the city!

A Rank:  65,000

-This one is quite easy and also one of my favorite stages

-There are so many robots in this stage that you will most likely get the
"A" without even trying

-Go for combos as well, they dont hurt not to try but just in case you feel
you need the extra points

Extra mission:   Clear out the enemies of the city within 8 minutes!

A Rank:  60,000

-O.K. same as mission 1 but just go about this faster if you need to

-Just look at you time to what you got in mission 1 and if its under 8
minutes then you have no problem

-Nothing has changed in this mission except that you are timed

POWER PLANT  1st mission:  Defeat the 3 "gold" turtle robots!

A Rank:  45,000

-This is easy as well as long as you dont die

-Know where the 3 you want to go for and get them fast

-This is one if you can get through this fast enough, your time bonus should
be enough for an "A"

Extra mission:  Defeat the 5 "gold" turtle robots!

A Rank:  40,000

-Same as mission 1 but just 2 more to get and they are further ahead

-But this time you have less points to aim for


A Rank:  Under 00:30:00

-refer to the bosses section

CASINO PARK  1st mission:  Win 200 rings!

A Rank:  32,000

-This is pretty straight forward and very easy to do

-Just dont get hit by an enemy or die and you should be fine

-Go for the slot machines gather rings there

Extra mission:  Win 500 rings!

A Rank:  14,000

-Same with mission 1, aim for slot machines and try to get a jackpot with
all 3 characters int he machine

-At the 3rd Checkpoint, there is a Table in front to get on.  Get on the Die
block as Charmy and then fly to the slot machine and all 3 should fall in.
The jackpot is 600 rings total and you can knock this mission out fast.
If you dont get it, then fall out of the table and follow the path until you
get to a cannon.  Go in as Charmy and it should take you back to the
Checkpoint so you can try again and again and again!

BINGO Highway  1st mission:  Collect 10 casino chips!

A Rank:  32,000

-Learn the locations and keep at it

-Time isn't a factor as by the time you get 10, you should have finished it
fast enough for an adequate time bonus

Extra mission:  Collect all 20 casino chips!

A Rank:  20,000

-Try and get all 20 as fast as possible

-You have less points to aim for so take your time also

-Learn those locations and hopefully you can do it!


A Rank:  Under 3:00:00

-refer to bosses section

RAIL CANYON  1st mission:  Infiltrate the Terminal Station!

A Rank:  32,000

-What can I say, if you have played as Team Sonic, Rose, or Dark on this
stage then this should be a breeze

-When you get to the oval trap of rails, there are 2 switches to activate.
One is in the center but be careful getting it.  Kill the robot to open the
cage to get it.  after that ride the rails around until you come to a platform
with 2 robots on it.  Kill them and the Rhino that's on his rail to open the
cage with the switch.  Now with both activated, ride the rails out of there.

Extra mission:  Infiltrate the Terminal Station within 6 minutes!

A Rank:  34,000

-I'll agree, this one is a toughie at first but you'll get it

-Practice this course and the oval rail trap

-Get through as fast as possible while killing along the way, but not too

BULLET STATION  1st mission:  Destroy 30 capsules!

A Rank:  32,000

-Learn the locations and kill as many robots as possible for combos

-This can be easy or hard for anyone as its sometimes easy to die

-Practice doesn't hurt either

Extra mission:  Destroy all the capsules!

A Rank:  26,000

-This one will take some time as the capsules are pretty spread out

-Go at this at a good pace and please dont die

-Frustration will occur!

-Go through the bobsled run slow but not too slow

-Practice also and learn the locations


A Rank:  Under 2:00:00

-refer to bosses section

FROG FOREST  1st mission:  Get through the forest without being detected by 
the frogs!

A Rank:  40,000

-Same as Ocean Palace's Extra mission but its easier as your only looking
out for frogs

-Listen to your pals as they will say when a frog is near by

Extra mission:  Hurry and get through the forest without being detected
by the frogs!

A Rank:  42,000

-oh boy, you only have 4 minutes to cut through here

-do not waste time killing everyone

-move through most of this stage as Espio as possible

LOST JUNGLE  1st mission:  Rescue 10 chao!

A Rank:  40,000

-Learn the locales

-Go for combos

-Also finish as fast as possible

Extra mission:  Rescue all 20 chao!

A Rank:  32,000

-you have less points to aim for

-learn the locales

-this one is easy as long as you dont die


A Rank:  Under 00:30:00

-refer to bosses section

HANG CASTLE  1st mission:  Get the keys inside the Haunted Castle!

A Rank:  35,000

-This is of medium difficulty

-Dont die like always

-go for combos

-basically like the other hunting missions

Extra mission:  Find the keys inside the keys inside the Haunted Castle
without being detected by the enemies!

A Rank:  23,000

-Another stealth mission

-Same as always, use Espio to turn invisible when needed

-This is too broad to just stick with Espio most of the time

-Take your time

MYSTIC MANSION  1st mission:  Blow out all of the "red" torches!

A Rank:  25,000

-Take your time, the last thing you want to do is rush and go right past a
torch without noticing until you have reached the end

-You have a small goal to aim for

-Killing and getting combos will help you tremendously if you go past
12 minutes which is the point where no wont get a time bonus

Extra mission:  Blow out all of the "blue" torches!

A Rank:  20,000

-Less points to aim for (phew!)

-Take your time on this as well, its too easy to pass a blue torch if not

-Kill and get combos because you will probably exceed the time bonus limit


A Rank:  Under 4:00:00

-refer to bosses section

EGG FLEET  1st mission:  Infiltrate the flagship without being detected by 
the enemies!

A Rank:  33,000

-This can be difficulty sometimes if your not careful

-Learn the points to where you can zoom by as Espio and always on these
missions to level up Espio first.

-Its a big place so detection is somewhat hard

-Use Team Blast if needed

Extra mission:  Hurry and get to the flagship without being detected by
the enemies!

A Rank:  30,000

-What can I say but to do this stage only FASTER!

FINAL FORTRESS  1st mission:  Find the keys to the cell where the client is 
locked up!

A Rank:  65,000

-The first 5 keys are easy to get to

-the problem is either dying or not enough points

-kill and go for combos as they are essential

Extra mission:  Find all 10 cell keys!

A Rank:  55,000

-Less points to aim for which is good

-If your not good at the last section where the last 5 keys are, then
practice is all

-This can be difficulty and also take your time if needed


A Rank:  Under 3:30:00

-refer to bosses section

At this part I added in MY OWN boss times and level scores.















BINGO Highway






























This section will be for to help you get through these pesky bosses.  IMO, 
they aren't that bad.  Might be annoying but not that tough to handle.


Difficulty: *

Here's my method.  I see he can be very easy to kill but collecting the power 
ups for at least Charmy.  The Thunder Shoot can do some MAJOR damage to these 
bosses if everything goes as normal.  You start out on a straight path with 
the Hawk in front.  Watch out for the cannons and just run past him.  You 
should come up to a sand area with some flying robots to kill.  Kill them and 
hope they give you some powerups.  Now, if you ran past him and arrive at the 
sand area before him, he'll keep going and wont stop.  But if you let him get 
there before you he'll rest and try to fire at you.  Try and hurt him as much 
as possible.  Keep doing this  and he'll be dead in no time.  Also the boxes 
hold powerups as well.

MY strat for an A.

Run right past him and get to the flying robots and pray they give you a 
flightpowerup.  If not then don't fret.  Go to the next straight path and kill 
the robots that you approach and hope they have flight powerups.  All you need 
is at least 2 to do some good damage.  If you do manage to get 2, let him get 
in front of you so he can rest at the sand area.  Now's the time to punish him 
with Thunder Shoot.  Hit him until dead.  Hopefully you have done this in the 
required time.  If you didn't manage to get 2, then you might have to worry.  
At the 2nd sand area, in the left box is 2 flight powerup boxes.  But the 
problem is that each and every time I go for them, he takes off.  so if you 
can manage to have him stay there while you get the boxes, then by all means 
do it that way.  And if you have, please contact me via e-mail.

cdadams's strat!(definite A rank)

Get the Egg Hawk to the first rest spot and use Vector(works for any team)and
get into the fighting pose and shoot your mates at the head of the Hawk.  It
does great damage.  Repeat until he is dead.

Team Dark

Difficulty: *

The team fights aren't that hard, just annoying at times.  And for that A they 
expect you to finish the team off with the quickness.

You start off on a hexagonal tower with boxes a plenty and powerups.  The 
object here is to knock the other team off completely.  There's nothing really 
much to it, just beat the crap out of them before they do you.  Oh and they 
wont hold anything back either.

MY strat for an A.

Its so simple.  Just do Leaf Swirls all over the place until they are all gone.
Hopefully you have killed them in rather quick time.


Difficulty: **

Your first Robot invasion.  These can be fun if you can fight!  Eggman will 
keep sending wave after wave of robots to kill you.

You start out on a big circular platform with some springs that will take you 
to a balloon with team blast in it.  This is quite simple as well.  To 
progress, just kill all of the enemies in the area until its all over.  You 
get powerups from the enemies as well so things can go rather fast.

MY strat for an A.

Another simple one.  Just kill..Kill...KILL AS FAST AS YOU CAN!  It cant get 
any simpler than that...can it?


Difficulty:  ***

I say this one is more annoying than Egg Hawk.  Oh, isn't that the Hawk 
strapped to a blimp?  Man, I think the Doc has ran out of ideas.

So This is like Egg Hawk but with more stuff going on.  For one, he has more 
guns, 4 sound cannons, and more enemies running around the place.  Which is a 
great opportunity to get powerups super fast.  This guy comes in 3 states.
The one you see at the start.  He is slow this way but just watch out for the 
crap that he throws at you.  After you take out his wings, he'll be just a 
blimp and the hawk.  The blimp will shoot out spiked balls from its side.  The 
blimp shouldn't be a problem unless you try to get in its face.  Then once 
that's taken care of, the Hawk is left.  I think you know what to do.  but 
this time he wont stop.  Just keep an eye out for everything that comes your 
way and you'll do fine.

My start for an A

Remember Egg Hawk...(not the rest spots, but getting Charmy to lvl!)
Do the same stuff here.  But you have more time and can get the powerups a lot 
faster.  YAY!  


Difficulty: *

This is the same as the Team Dark fight but with less powerups.  Same thing 
applies here.

MY strat for an A.

Same as before, go nutz with the Leaf Swirl and you'll do fine.


Difficulty:  ****

The diff. went up as this has become annoying to me and probably you when you 
do it.  So...This is the same as ROBOT CARNIVAL, but with more ROBOTS!  And 
you'll have to do some traveling.  If you see a cage, you wont be able to get 
at it until the area your at is completely done.  If its a Sphere, then by all 
means touch it when your ready.  If its a Cannon, look around to see if there 
is anything to get in the air.  If so, hop in as Vector and aim for the 
balloons.  If not, then hop in as either Espio or Charmy to move on.

MY strat for an A.

Same as ROBOT CARNIVAL...kill as fast as possible.  And when you get to a 
cannon, hop in as Espio or Charmy and don't worry about the balloons in the 
air.  You have to get through this place as fast as possible.  Remember to 
use Team Blast as time wont pass when its being used.  And only use it when 
you are surrounded(especially by the giant armored robots).


Difficulty:  *****

Ok, I take that back...THIS IS THE UBER ANNOYANCE OF BOSSES!  I swear I wanted 
to rip the armor off myself just to kill him with my bare hands.  So here we 
go...You start out on a stretch of one of his airships and he is right in 
front of you.  You have to stay as close to him as possible without getting 
hit by his horizontal and vertical slashes.  If you stay too far away from him,
he'll charge right at you and there is nothing you can do to dodge it.  When 
you reach the end of the airship you are on, there will be 1 of 3 things.
(1)A jump pad to get a balloon with a Flight powerup. (2)a pole to use to get 
the Balloon with a Speed powerup.  (3)A gong to take you to a balloon with a 
Power powerup.  Now when you reach a big circular arena where he is in the 
center,  Use Thunder Shoot to null his shield and attack his core.(the colored 
ball in his chest).  Just watch out for the missiles and cannons that fire at 
you.  Use team blast are in trouble.Keep doing this and he should die.

ShadowJedi's strat!

When you get to the Areaa area, use Charmy (of course get him to at least 
lvl 2) and stay high in the air above Eggman and keep using Thunder Shoot.
Not only does it hinder his shield but also inflicts damage onto him and you
are safe out of the way of the rockets and missiles that will be fired at you.

Thanks Shadowjedi.

MY strat for an A.

Do what was said but faster.  You have a lot of time to deal with him and you 
can take him out by the second arena area.  




First I would like to thank Gamefaqs and my time spent there EVERYDAY.  Also 
to all of my friends over the internet.  This game for coming out in the new
year.  The weekends so I can play this game so much.  My gaming skillz of what
they become so I can get 100% in this game.  

a list of those who have helped me with 
this FAQ...

Tooya San
and possibly more if I need it.



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