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Final Fantasy VIII


Final Fantasy VIII: Monsters FAQ

by Scott Ong

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                F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   V I I I
                Final Fantasy VIII Monsters FAQ [English Version]
                            Final Version
                             By Scott Ong
                 E-mail: [email protected]
World Map Source:

<<<< Disclaimer >>>> - please read this!
This FAQ is meant for personal usage only. It cannot be altered and
it can only be reproduced in electronic form only. It cannot be 
published in magazines, articles and any other form of reproduction. 
The FAQ is not meant for sale. Any offenders will be severly dealt with
This FAQ is made by me, Scott Ong ([email protected]). This is an
unpublished work of Scott Ong 1999-2000. If you want to use this FAQ for
your website or webpage, feel free to do so as long as you do not make
any changes to the FAQ. You are allowed to print the FAQ out, but make
sure that you did not sell it for cash! These FAQs made by me, 
are not meant for sale!  Final Fantasy VIII and the characters are 
copyright of Squaresoft.

<<< Reference Sites >>>
Official Final Fantasy VIII Website -
Official Squaresoft Website         -
/  I  \_________________________________________________________________
Table of Contents                                             
I     Table of Contents
II    Revision History / List of Authorised sites
III   Author's Note 
IV    Brief Introduction on Monsters
1.0   Credits
1.1   List of Abbreviations
1.2   Monster Besitary
      1.2A Cards Page 1
      1.2B Cards Page 2
      1.2C Cards Page 3
      1.2D Cards Page 4
      1.2E Cards Page 5
      1.2F Miscellaneous
1.3   Important Storylines ("SPOILERS!")
1.4   Strategies
      1.4A Miscellaneous Strategies
      1.4B Bosses Strategies
      1.4C Weapons Strategies
1.5   Frequently Asked Questions
1.6   Ultimate Weapon Upgrading Guide
1.7   Contact the Author
1.8   Frequently Asked Questions
/ I \___________________________________________________________________
Version Updates and authorised sources.
-[Version 1.0]-
 |---  - Initial release of Monster List Besitary.
       - Complete entire Monster Besitary except some of Devour status.
         and info section. Some combat strategies are not up yet.
       - Added Strategies Section, and an enhanced combat strategy
         against Omega. Plus a couple of brand new strategies.
-[Version 1.1]-
 |---  - Added more strategies, including one more devastating one.
       - Complete the scan ID information. 
-[Version 1.2]-
 |---  - Remove Area List section
       - Added more information to the Omega Strategy
-[Version 1.3]-
 |---  - More stuff regarding combat.
       - Added a few more strategies.
-[Version 1.4]-
 |---  I have started to use paragraphs instead of point form to 
       illustrate what has been added to the FAQ. I have added a few
       more strategies regarding battle against Omega and other BOSSES.
       A reader has also sent me a strategy that can allow you to defeat 
       the Elynole as it was just a piece of cake...
-[Version 1.5]-
 |---  I have added some of the taste status [for Hexadragon] and made
       some corrections about the FAQ. I have added another 5 questions
       about FF8 [also frequently asked]. Therefore check out the 
       Frequently Asked Questions. I have updated some of the 
 |---  Finally, a final update has been made to one of my FAQs. I will
       no longer accepting any more strategies. Clear up all typos and

This FAQ can be found at the following URL:
Scott's FAQ Page    


Best viewed with:
WordPad - included in Windows 95/98/NT. 
Make sure you did not use Microsoft Word or you will see a lot of green
lines (hopefully not too many..) and red lines as the FAQ are being 
typed without the Tab Key. [If you are interested to know why, refer to 
the Writers Guide found in GameFAQs.]
/ II \__________________________________________________________________
From the Author
Why create this FAQ?
Why bother to create a mini-FAQ? Well, I have been recieving mails 
about people saying that they have managed only download a portion of 
the FAQ.. I can't really sent 500 KB over my mailbox for everyone. 
That's why, I have decided to create a sub-FAQ. This will be the first
sub-FAQ. The detailed list of monsters really takes time, if you want 
to use any part of the information, please give me credits. BTW, don't
read the spoilers section unless you have gotten the Ragnarok section. 
Section 1.1 is a compulsory section as it gives information about the 
abbreviations used in this FAQ.

Note for those whom want to contact me:
Write in with "Final Fantasy VIII" or "FF8" as your subject.
Write clearly what your problem/contribution are.
If it is regarding combat, tell me the GFs that you have found.

* I will not sent my FAQs to anyone who request through e-mail. It's 
  too tiring for me. (as my FF8 FAQs are a bit too huge)

- Added some of "lost" strategies
- Added some of the Devour status for most monsters. [the remaining is
  up to you guys to fill up. ^_^;]

                                                           -[Scott Ong]-
/ III \_________________________________________________________________
A brief introduction about monsters...

As in almost all RPGs (it stands for Role Playing Games for those whom
still do not know...), there is always good guys and the bad guys. I 
have been serving the web and found that most sites tends to focus on
the characters more that the monsters. [of course, there are some
exceptions.] Monsters played a vital role in RPGs as they contribute
the fun for your battles. Here is basic facts about monsters in FF8.

- The monsters don't just disappear, in fact there are some "dying"
  sequences... [e.g. Defeat the T-Rexaur does not causes it to 
  disappear instantly [except for ST-Atk-J with 100x Death], it will 
  groan and fall onto the ground [negative response: Yummy, we will be
  having Dino meat for dinner.. :)]

- The monsters does not allow you to get fixed EXP. This is one big
  problem, I have yet to solve. The monster does not give fixed EXP. 
  In fact, you can gain 1,000+ EXP from a monster that nabs you only
  about 600 EXP (want to know how? read on..). The longer the battle,
  the higher EXP you will received. The higher the Level of the 
  monster, the more EXP you will received. The last person to kill
  a monster will normally gets the most EXP. However the AP, you could
  gain from a monster is fixed. (well how about the most AP?, read 
  on..). Monsters at different levels nabs you different items. So take 
  note. AP allows GFs to learn new abilities such as Str +20%.

- Monsters do level up in FF8.. They will gain additional moves, like
  for example the T-Rexaur will have a special attack that grab your
  character and swing the character into the air. [which only appears 
  when the T-Rexaur is Level 100).

- There is no Morph Command. Well, you can't get additional items by
  morphing monsters as there is no Morph Command in FF8. Instead they
  have replaced with Rare Item Ability. There is no more Steal command
  too, which has instantly replaced with the Mug Command.

- Random Draw List. Well, the Draw Command allows you to draw magic
  from the monsters and stock it for your own usage (which means no more
  MP!). The draw list is random... for example:

  Bite Bug                            
  Level 1 ~ 15    Draw: Fire, Scan    
  Level 16 ~ 35   Draw: Fira, Scan    
  Level 36 ~ 100  Draw: Firaga, Scan

  Ruby Dragon
  Level 1 ~ 15    Draw: Fire, Aero
  Level 16 ~ 35   Draw: Fira, Aero
  Level 36 ~ 100  Draw: Firaga, Tornado, Flare, Meteor

- Cash (Gil) Problem. A lot of e-mails I have received asked me how to
  get gil as they can't get gil by defeating monsters. Yeah, that's 
  true! You can only get gil by walking through your SeeD Level. That's
  the way that SeeDs get their salaries. Need to take tests [*sigh*, 
  school is already killing me, yet still need to take SeeD test..]. 
  There is an alternate way but you must have some cash inside your 
  inventory before you can do so. 

- Some monsters return from the previous FF Series. For example, Bomb
  has return from FF Tactics and Tonberry has return from FF VII. Well,
  as for characters, there seems to be no methods have been proven 
  correct. Besides the methods that I have found, are a bit too 

- Don't expect monster's HP to be so restrained... Yeah it is true. For
  example the Ruby Dragon has massive amount of HP (89,100 HP!) at a 
  level 100! Well now you can expect of the BOSSES in the later game.
  FF8's Difficulty arises from here..

- There are three basic status of fighting and here they are:

1 Chance for first strike! - All your character's ATB will be at its
2 Struck First! - All monsters will have their command first.
3 Back Attacked! - 1) Your characters will have their backs facing the
                      monsters.. Monsters will have their command first.
                      Equip GF Cerberus' Alert to prevent this.
                   2) Your characters will be facing the monsters' back,
                      well don't be fooled by the Imp ^_^; Initative
                      fall into your character's hands.

- Most monsters have cards except for certain monsters such as GIM-52A
  (purple robots found D-District Prison), Raldo (remember those stone
  like monsters that you face at the training center where you encounter
  Ellone for the 2nd time?) and others. There are only a few to emulate
  anyway ^_^; 

- The bird's nest story from FF VII is back.. During Obel Lake's Quest,
  you need to look for the stones right? There is one stone that is 
  found inside the nest which leads to an instant battle against the
  Thrustaevis. For FF VII, you will face a giant ostrich at Corel Mt.
  which is the mother of the chicks and get you 10x Phoenix Downs. I
  have finally solved the Obel Lake and I will reveal in Part II and
  also the walkthrough

- Not all precious items can be gotten from monsters. For example, to
  get Glow Curtain, you can't get it by defeating monsters. Instead,
  you can get this by converting 100x Malboro's Tentacle into through 
  Eden's GF Abl Med-RF. But you wonder how I get 100x Malboro
  Tentacle? Malboro are so tough.. therefore this FAQ comes handy.
  This is another reason why I make this FAQ.

- Conditions for Game Over (these words may seem....)
  - All character's HP drop to 0.
  - All characters are under Petrify status.

- When a monster is being pertified, you will recieved 0 EXP but still
  recieves its AP. The most EXP you can get, are from the monsters found
  in the Island closest to Hell/Heaven. The least EXP are from the 
  Cactaurs and Level 1 monsters (through Lv Down). 

- You can get a ripped part of the EXP gained if you wounded the monster
  in the battle from running away [hold R2 and L2]. You can also get some
  items if the battle consist of more than one enemy and you have 
  defeated the monster. Example: Vysage usually appears with Lefty and
  Righty. If you defeat Vysage and run away, you will get the items [
  Lightweights or Wizard Stones].

- There are draw points on the World of FF8 and it is your interest to
  get them all. Most of the quests such as the Obel Lake Mystery and
  Elabeak Peninsula Mystery can only be done on the World Map. I would
  also like to express my thanks to those whom have helped me in solving
  the mystery.

- More battle combats.. You can get to do all sorts of new commands such
  as Revive [which is equalvent to Full-life], Recover [which is 
  equalvent to Full-cure], Devour [instant death attack against one foe
  and may gain bonuses/damage] and much more. So it will be your 
  interest to test them out...

- List of Status Ailments in Battles
  I think it will be necessary to mentioned them..
  Sleep      A "ZZZ" appears on the character, ATB stops moving.
  Doom       A red counter of 24 seconds [basketball?], when it drops to
             zero, the character will be instantly killed.
  Petrify    A white counter of 20 seconds, when it drops to zero, the
             character will be petrified [turned into stone..] and will
             be unusable if not cured.
  Confuse    The character will be turning around in circles.. ATB still
             moves as normal, but auto-attack commands will be selected.
             May does damage to oneself, enemy and even allies.
  Silence    A speech bubble with "....". Character is unable to use
             Magic, GF and Draw Command. GF-type Commands (Recover, 
             Treatment, Revive, etc) will still be usable.
  Darkness   A black cloud surrounds the head of a character. Hit rate
             reduce by half.
  Zombie     The colour of the character turns dull green except for the
             weapons. Becomes undead [recieved damage from healing 
  Berserk    Character becomes red hot. ATB moves normally but as it 
             reaches the character's turn, the character does an auto-
             attack to one.
  Poison     A green cloud appears. ATB moves normally but as you 
             excute a command, the HP drops by a small portion. 

  To counter these, I guess you should all know by now.. if not, feel
  free to contact me.

- In the previous FF series, FF7 and FFT, there are not much emphasis on
  the Elemental Arts. In fact, now they have possess a greater 
  importance as it allows your character to boost to its optimum 
  attacking power. In my own opinion, I think that Elem-Atk-J can be 
  very damaging if you know how to use it. Like I managed to does 9999 
  HP to the Jumbo Cactaur each time.. Refer to the strategies for more

- One more thing to clear.. You will not necessary get Level 2 Magic 
  such as Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, etc. If you are just a border line
  levels such as 20+. The best level to get the Magic is to attain at
  least 25 for Level 2 Magic. [as you see, the draw list differs as it
  based on the monster's level.] As Level 3 Magic, Level 40 would be
  recommended even though you could get the strongest magic at Level 35.

- If you spot your time counter turning red, don't worry as this shows
  that you have accumulated over 100 hours of gameplay.
/ IV \__________________________________________________________________
Frequently asked questions [related to battle combat.]
Summoning Woes...

Why does the Odin does not appeared?
The rate that the Odin appears are random, which means it will begin at
the start of the battle. I guess the higher is your luck, the more
appearance that Odin will made. When you get Gilgamesh, this guy can 
appear even in between battles... But pray that he will not use his
Excuilpur ^_^; I myself believe that Death Spirit increases 
compability with GF Odin.

Is there a way to make the Phoenix appear without using the Phoenix 
No.. Sadly to say, this great GF from FF7 [for those whom have played 
FF7 before, Phoenix is really your saviour from those Weapons.] can only
be summoned using Phoenix Pinions. To get Phoenix Pinions, refer to the
strategies sections below. Phoenix Pinions can be used through the item
command. It's possible when all characters are dead and at least one 
character has the Item command, along with at least 1x Phoenix Pinion, 
the Phoenix will be summoned automatically.

When do I know when tap Square during Boost?
Practically, you need intution... You must feel when it is needed... As
you see the Square tap for long period, the cross will eventually appear
and that's the time to stop. It is a skill that can't be teached. You 
need to try it out yourself.

Why sometimes the summon period for a certain GF is so slow and the 
others are so fast?
This is due to the compatibility rating. The higher the compitability,
the faster the GF will be summoned. Note that you can build up the 
compatibiliy by using GF compatibility items. [refer to Part II]. The
best compatibility item is the LuvLuv G which can obtained throughout
your journey or through Card Mod-RF.. Oops forget the card ^_^; Refer to
Part II.

Limit Break Woes..

How do I use Limit Breaks?
Typically for all characters [including Laguna, Edea, Ward, Kiros and
Seifer], you need to get to critical status. Critical status means the
character has low HP. Let's say Squall as an example...

Situation 1-------------------------------------------------------------
In this situation, it is impossible to use Limit Breaks, unless.....
Squall's HP: 9999 / 9999 --> no Limit Break

Situation 2-------------------------------------------------------------
For this situation, there is a slight probability that you will not 
excute a Limit Break. Just tap Circle and you will see a golden blinking
triangle on the right of the Attack/Mug Command. Next push Right and you
will see the name of the character's Limit Break!

Squall's HP:  880 / 9999 --> Limit Break! [880 is less than 10% of his
                             maximum HP.]

Situation 3-------------------------------------------------------------
No matter what HP you have, using Aura spell or Aura Stone [Aura spells
can drawn from draw points found at the Island closest to Hell/Heaven,
whereas Aura Stones can be gotten through Card Mod-RF or your battles
against the Propagator at Ragnarok.] The character will be shinning 
yellow and you will be able use Limit Break easily.

How do I get Squall's new Limit Breaks?
Basically, you need to tune your weapons and he will get new Limit 
Breaks. To tune weapons, refer to Part II. You will see the word, 
"Renzoukuken" replacing the "Attack/Mug". To inflcit more damage, tap
R1 when you see the light shine within the box. Refer to Part II. As 
for Lion Heart for every time excution, it's impossible. [well, what
are the Limit Breaks used for.] I guess Squall will only excute Lion 
Heart when his HP is low as 5% of his max HP and other members are low
in HP. I guess it depends on Luck.

How do I get Zell's new Limit Breaks?
Get Combat King magazines. These magazines allow you to have new Limit
Break [or sub-Limit Breaks.]. Zell's combat can be chained unlike other
characters. Refer to Part II. For those whom want to save trouble, you
can have Auto Duel. You see the word "Duel" replacing the "Attack/Mug"

How do I get Quistis' new Limit Breaks?
This is the toughest among all characters... you need to find items
called Blue Magic Items and these items allows Quistis to learn new
Limit Breaks. It works practically like the Enemy Skill Materia in FF7,
but you get it by using items dropped or mug from enemies. Refer to
Part II for more information. You will see the word "Blue Magic" 
replacing the "Attack/Mug" command.

How do I get Selphie's new Limit Breaks?
Getting hers is a bit unique. You can acquired during battles. While she
is critical status, you will be able to select spells. Out 1 of 10 
chances, you make get rare spells such Full-cure, Rapture, Wall and The
End [for The End, it seems to me about 1 out of 20 chances or worse..]
There is a trick in getting her Limit Break. Just follow the steps:

1) First of all get Selphie to critical status
2) Tap Circle to change turns, have the next member use a magic and
   meantime return Selphie and have her excute her Limit Break.
3) Before the other member cast the spell, open the Playstation lid
4) The character whom is casting the spell looks freezed.. in her/his
   casting pose. Now happy select your spells!
5) After finished selecting your desired spells, choose to cast.
6) Close the Playstation Lid and the freezed member will start to 
   cast the spell! And it is followed by Selphie casting her Limit

How do I get Irvine's new Limit Breaks?
I believed that you must get the corresponding shotgun for the 
corresponding Ammo. Which means, not only you need to get Ammo, you 
must tune up his Shotgun. I am not so sure about this.. need some 
testing. To get new Ammo, make full use of Ifrit's Ammo-RF.

How do I get Rinoa's new Limit Breaks?
This works the same as Zell, but you must get Pet Pals magazines
instead. Just simply open the magazine and switched to the Status
Screen, press Square and it will brought up the Limit Break Manuals.
There you will find the bars next to the Limit Breaks. Just simply
select the bar that you wished to filled. Next get back to the field
[cities or the World Map] and walk around [use Diablo's Enc-None, 
note this may decrease your SeeD ranking..]. The bar will start to fill
up. Rinoa has a high tendency in using Angelo Cannon or Angelo Strike 
instead the Wishing Star.. I think that, the more danger Rinoa is in, 
the higher the rate that she will execute the Wishing Star. I am not
sure whether it works if you drive on a car or a Chocobo that the bar
will fill up or not.. Anyway, Rinoa must be in your party. As she was
being repeatedly hit, Angelo will appear using Angelo Rush or 
something else. She can get the new skill called Angel Wings while at
Ragnarok in Disc 3. Angel Wings prevent you to use her as the computer
picks the spells [even it's not found in her inventory, same applies 
to Selphie.]. Angel Wings cast all attacking magic except for support
and recovery magic [except for Dispel].

How do I get Limit Breaks for other characters?
Typically, they don't have as you see only a small box appears at the
left hand corner of the screen. As for Seifer, if you could recruit him,
he could used other Limit Breaks such as Demon Slice and Bloodfest... 
Well, if anyone on Earth knows how to use him after the Dollet Mission, 
it will be nice if you could share with everyone in the world.

Combat Woes..

In my case, Squall can only does a merely 200 HP damage with his Flame 
Saber, and his strength stats are only 40+, is there a way to improve 
Yes! Through Junctioning. Listen up everyone, the key difference from 
FF8 along with other RPGs is this system. In FF7, you can get higher 
attacking power, by getting better weapons or accessories. But in FF8,
the Junction System has replaces all these... Well, the weapons can only
give a merely +10 Str points at most. To get boost up Str, you need to
get a Junction Ability called Str-J, this ability allows you to junction
magic to boost up the character, also customize them. The Junctions 
works according to its corresponding abilities. Like to boost up HP, 
you need to get HP-J

Can I rearrange my characters? I don't want Squall to stand in the 
This is just a small section that I have missed since the first time
playing.. You can rearrange your members! That's right. Just simply 
press X on the character's name and move the cursor to another 
character and you can perform a simple exchange.

How to equip commands?
This is one of the section that getting on my nerves. Just read the
Basic Tutorial section at Part I [NA]!

How do I steal from a monster?
Use Mug Command [200 AP learnt from Diablos or Bahamut], remember that
you must equip it under the abilities. Refer to Basic Tutorial of Part
/ 1.0 \_________________________________________________________________
Credits (people tends not to scroll the bottom page... ^_^;)
Hmm, I have make a minor/special change for my style in FAQ writing.. 
Yeah, if you are observant, those fancy layout ^_^;. I have intend to 
shift the credits page here:

GameFAQs - CJayC for working hard on updating GameFAQs! Thanks for make
the site possible where we FAQ writers can post our FAQs on it.

Staff of The Round Island - thanks pals for helping out in maintaining
my site. Occasionally please visit it and support it! Special Thanks to
Ad B, Holy Griffon, Yashiro Leonhart, Rini, Rubulmdragon, Hojo and 

Markweb Jimenez ([email protected]) - Thanks for updating my FAQs. 
(even though you spoiled the word wrap and make those silly English
errors.. for Part II). Thanks for helping out on the site too. Anyway
it has been fixed. But I would still like to thank him for updating
Part II.

Steven Bruck ([email protected]) - for being helping me out in
the translations for the Japanese version.

Heero Yuy ([email protected]) - thanks for helping me out in the item
list translations for the Japanese version.

Sung Kato ([email protected]) - for being a great pal in terms of
gameplay and strategies. Thanks pal!

Akuma2000 - for his strategy against Bahamut and Jumbo Cactaur.

r_ronjah - for the strategy on the Doomtrain and The Murderer. BTW, 
thanks for the infinite gil cheat [not gameshark] but it is already 
mentioned FF8 Japanese Part II under Hidden Stuff.

Prasetia Gunawan - for his cheap strategy on gaining EXP and AP.

Bloodchylde <[email protected]>
Thanks for the note for when to tap Square for Shiva's boost. It's kinda

BoBaFeT & Sephiroth  <[email protected]>
For one of the most powerful and useful strategy against the Ultima

<[email protected]>
For telling me a strategy against the Omega Weapon. Quite helpful.

Shawn Nicholas <[email protected]>
For his strategy against Sorceress Edea at Disc 2

Joshua Banker Rock Hill, SC <[email protected]>
For contributing a strategy to defeat Ultemicia. It was pretty 
unbelievable that Ultimecia has over one million HP when your characters 
are at level 100!

Dan <[email protected]>
Thanks for telling me that you can draw Reflect from Iron Giant.

Omega 2003 <[email protected]>
Thanks for the strategy against GF Diablos.

oDiN <[email protected]> for his strategy against the Omega
without using Aura!

[email protected] for his valuable strategies on getting rare items such
as Dark Matter and Accelerator!

[email protected] for his strategies on Omega and a mini-power up 
and junction guide!

[email protected] for a strategy that can pumped up your characters by
40 levels in a day. I have tested this myself and it really works!

Fong Liu <[email protected]> for the strategy to allow Squall 
having easy Limit Breaks

Vox Necros <[email protected]> for his strategy to force
Elynoles to easy defeat!

Jason Kennedy ([email protected])
Thanks for your foolproof strategy on fighting Adel with Squall under
level 50.

GFMoomba ([email protected])
Thanks for correcting me for information regarding Bombs.

Donald Choi (hidden - owner does not want to disclose his e-mail)
Thanks for telling me the taste of Hexadragons.

Want to contribute? Just e-mail me something relevant will do (that are
not found in Part II (JP and US version), of course ^_^; this FAQ..). 
/ 1.1 \_________________________________________________________________
List of Abbreviations
Okay.. let's get to work.. I will first start off to tell everyone that
be expected of a lot of abbreviations [it will be very tedious to type
out every word..]. Here is the legend:

Key          Defination
Name       - Name of monster  
LV         - Level of a monster from its minimum level to maximum level
HP         - monsters' minimum HP to maximum HP
Taste      - the effect by using Devour command to that monster [Eden]
             Refreshing/Delicious/All systems go!/Increased morale - 
             Gained HP, Bonus, fix status ailments.
             Awful/Barf-Bwahh... - lost HP + abnormal status according 
             to the monster
             No Taste - typically applies to all mechanical beasts.
AP         - AP point gained to that monster [this is very important..]
Steal      - Item you will steal from that monster by using Mug command 
Drop (')   - Item that you will find after battle
Rare Item  - Item that you can find when equiped with Rare Item.
Attack (^) - list of monster's attack 
Draw (*)   - magic you can draw/gained to that monster by using Draw.
Descri.    - description, what monster look like or similar to 
Where      - the locations of the monsters.
Card       - using the card command.
NOTE       - my battle strategies ^_^;
Info       - the list of words that I noted while scanning...              

^ Notes on the attack list
Monster also get new attacks when they level up same as your characters.
One major difference from FF8 between other RPGs, is that the monster
too also get Level Ups and have more HP at a higher level. Usually the
key factor that causes this will be Squall's Level. To fix this, uses
Tonberry's LV Down. At lower levels, you will see the monster using that
tactic. Attacks are being enclosed in the brackets are names that I 
think of it myself. [quite creative, huh?]. The monster also uses 
spells, just BOSSES, some of them even use Blue Magic Items...

' Notes on Item Drop
You can get better items by equiped the Party Ability, Rare Item which
can be obtained from GF Bahamut. Most of the time, you will get GF 
items than Junk Items with this ability equiped. So make full use of 
this. You can less better items, if you perform LV Down or LV Up. 
Below is a slight scenario.. 

Bite Bug 
Level 1 ~ 10    M-Stone Piece [draw list: Fire, Scan]
Level 11 ~ 25   Magic Stone   [draw list: Fira, Scan]
Level 26 ~ 100  Wizard Stone  [draw list: Firaga, Scan]

NOTE: Rare Item does not mean that you will get the item always.
Without Rare Item, you can also get rare items. The Rare Item only
helps to increase the success rate. Piss.. really have a hard time to
get the Devour status.. 

One more thing about this.. You can only get items from a monster if
you did not use the Mug Command. So it is like a double-edged sword..

* Notes about the Draw List
Here is the explaination. As you see, whenever monsters level up, you 
will get new spells such as Firaga, Tornado, Curaga, etc. This spells 
can be obtained from strong foes. For those whom want to take a short
cut, you can get them by using the Tonberry's LV Up and you will get
new spells. Refer to Guardian Force Section found in Part II for more 

Situation #1
Fire* - this denotes that you can draw.. (it is not 100% accurate, it is
        just an estimation.)
        -> Fire from Level 1 ~15 Monsters
        -> Fira from Level 16 ~ 35 Monsters
        -> Firaga from Level 36 and above Monsters

Situation #2
[Death] - this denotes that you will get this new spell as the monster
          has gain its level.
          [Death]- you can draw Death from the monster from Level 16 
                   onwards, but can't below Level 16.
          {Death}- you can draw Death from the monster from Level 36
                   onwards, but can't below Level 36.

Situation #3
{Scan -> Dispel}- this denotes a spell replacement..
          [Scan -> Dispel]- you will draw Dispel instead of Scan from
          a monster that is Level 16 onwards, but could only draw Scan
          from the same monster below Level 16.
          {Scan -> Dispel}- you will draw Dispel instead of Scan from
          a monster that is Level 36 onwards, but could only draw Scan
          from the same monster below Level 16.
/ 1.2 \_________________________________________________________________
Monster Besitary
Clear with the abbreviations? I will tell you guys to read the list
first before.. If you don't.. don't expect get help from me! It will be
very frustrating and you will be provoking a volcano...

Most of these monsters can be encounter mostly inside Ultimecia Castle 
at disc 4 in random, except for monster on the list at the last part. 
So, Let's start our hunting or knowing the monster... ^_^; as the 
saying "Knowing one foe, half the battle is already won." Okay on with 
List. I have arranged in form of cards... enjoy the list!
/ 1.2A \________________________________________________________________
Card Page 1
  GEEZARD   LV.1-100   HP: 120-2,000     Taste: Awful         AP: 1
  Steal/Drop: Screw, Magic Stone, M-Stone Piece, Wizard Stone, Geezard 
  Rare Item : Healing Water, Screw
  Card      : Geezard Card 
  Attack    : Bad Breath, (Bite), (Swipe)   
  Draw      : Cure, [Cura], Thunder, [Thundara]
  Descri.   : Red-grey color ugly face stay mostly in grassy land in 
              western continent [Galbadia.] Usually appears in pairs or 
  Where     : Dollet - Hasberry Plains
              Galbadia - Great Plains of Galbadia, Montersou Plateau,
              Shenard Hills
              Timber - Vaulny Canyon, Nanchuket Island, Mandy Beach
              Missile Base 
              D-District Prison 
              B-Garden (NORG's Anger)
  NOTE      : If you need one for this, you ought to be shot ^_^; Ideal
              for storing Cura in middle stages. It's Bad Breath does 
              damage against all allies plus inflicit the Sleep Status.
              You can easily killed it with ST-Atk-J junctioned Death.
  Info      : Lives in humid places. It sneaks and lurks on humans that
              passes by. Uses status attack when fully grown.      

  FUNGAUR  LV.1-100    HP: 200-2,200     Taste: Delicious     AP:1
  Steal/Drop: Sleep Powder, Magic Stone, Silence Powder, Fungaur Card,
              M-Stone, Wizard Stone.
  Rare Item:  Wizard Stone, Sleep Powder
  Card      : Fungaur Card, Biggs & Wedge Card
  Attack    : Confuse, Sleep, Fire*, Rip Laser
  Draw      : Sleep, Scan, Silence, [Confuse]
  Descri.   : Large orange mushroom with 2 large eye it shrunk itself if 
              defeated. Usually appears in large numbers, especially in
  Where     : Dollet- Hasberry Plains [forests]
              Galbadia- Great Plains of Galbadia 
              Timber - Vaulny Canyon, Nanchuket Island, Mandy Beach
              Esthar- Grandidi Forest
              Laguna Dream Seqeunce #1
  NOTE      : If you need one for this, you ought to be shot ^_^; It is 
              weak against physical attacks. The Rip Laser does a small
              amount damage compared to its magic.
  Info      : A giant walking mushroom. Uses status change attacks with
              damage attacks.

  BITE BUG  LV.1-100   HP:200-2600       Taste: Okay           AP:1
  Steal/Drop: Magic Stone, Wizard Stone, M-Stone Pieces, Bite Bug Card
  Rare Item : Wizard Stone
  Card      : Bite Bug Card, Elvoret Card
  Attack    : Poison Needle, Fire, Fira, (Bite), (Embeded Fire attack)   
  Draw      : Fira*, Scan
  Descri.   : Big blue insect like a bee or a fly
  Where     : Balamb- Accauld Plains
              Trabia- Winter Island (you will find the Shumi Tribe)
              Trabia- Bika Snowfields
              Great Plain of Esthar (before Lunar Cry Incident)
              Trabia Canyon 
              Laguna's Dream Sequence #3 at Winhill.
              Balamb Garden (NORG's Anger)
              Esthar- Morded Plains
  NOTE      : The bitebug is weak against Ice/Wind elements. Junction
              Blizzard*/Aero/Tornado to inflicit more damage. Fly 
              Monster. Indeal monster for storing Scan. It's Poison 
              Needle causes Poison, so take note.
  Info      : A bug monster that files, stay calm and attack. It's not a 
              very strong enemy.

  RED BAT   LV.1-100   HP:150-2,000+     Taste: Taste Okay      AP:1
  Steal/Drop: Vampire Fang, Magic Stone, M-Stone Piece, Wizard Stone,
              Red Bat Card.
  Rare Item : Vampire Fang, Wizard Stone
  Card      : Red Bat Card, X-ATM092 Card
  Attack    : Vampire, (Bite), Ultra Sound    
  Draw      : Thunder*, Scan, [Drain]
  Descri.   : A red & black bat (vampires..)
  Where     : Balamb -Fire Cavern 
              Centra- Centra Ruins, 
              Deling City- Sewers, 
              Galbadia -Tomb of the Unknown King
  NOTE      : Weak against Wind, so junction Aero/Tornado to inflicit 
              more damage, an ideal monster for storing up Drain [you 
              can also use Drain on it.] The Ultra Sound does damage to
              all and Vampire drains ally's HP. Fly Monster. 
  Info      : A type of bat with huge mouth lurks in dark places, dives
              quietly from the air to its target.

  BLOBRA    LV.1-100   HP:350-3,840      Taste: Delicious       AP:3
  Steal/Drop : Rune Armlet, Wizard Stone, Magic Stone, Blobra Card
  Rare Item  : Rune Armlet, Wizard Stone
  Card       : Blobra Card, Granaldo Card 
  Attack     : Sticky Tap, Cure*, Slow, Shell, (Lengthen punch)
  Draw       : Shell, [Blind], [Protect], [Confuse]
  Descri.    : A blue blob with a big mouth and eyes 
  Where      : Tomb of the Unknown King [weak against Earth]
               Centra Ruins [weak against Holy]
               B-Garden- MD System [weak against Fire]
  NOTE       : Indeed this is a very special monster. It's weakness 
               lies on which type of area you find it. For example at 
               the Tomb of Unknown King, it is -very- weak against 
               Earth. It works differently for those you find at Centra
               Ruins. It is weak against Holy.
  Info       : A half-liquid creature resistant to physical attack. 
               Elemental weakness different with each one that it 

  GAYLA     LV.1-100   HP:150-13,000     Taste: Delicious       AP: 2
  Steal/Drop: Mystery Liquid, Wizard Stone, Magic Stone, Gayla Card 
  Rare Item : Mystery Liquid, Wizard Stone
  Card      : Gayla Card, Gerogero Card
  Attacks   : Hypnotize, Sleep, Gastric Fluid, (Tail Whip), (head bang)
  Draw      : Sleep, Thunder*, {Meltdown}
  Descri.   : Black & white stingray floating like a kite [more like a
              sting ray to me.]
  Where     : Trabia Winter Island - where you find the Shumi Village 
              Trabia- Trabia Crater, Thor Peninsula, Bika Snowfields
              Esthar City (before Lunar Cry Incident)
              Trabia Canyon
  NOTE      : This monster has one of Quistis' Blue Magic Item called 
              the Mystery Liquid which allows her to learn "Acid". 
              Ideal monster for stocking up Meltdown. Fly Monster. The
              Hypnotize causes Sleep, so take note. It's Gastric Fluid
              does a handy sum of damage against one ally.
  Info      : Puts enemies to sleep with the ttacks. Splits fluid which 
              removes enemy's strength.

  GESPER    LV.1-100   HP:200-4000       Taste: n/a           AP: 2
  Steal/Drop: Black Hole, Wizard Stone, Magic Stone, Gesper Card
  Rare Item : n/a
  Card      : Gesper Card, Iguion Card
  Attack    : Degenerator, Telekinesis, Protect, Blind, Curaga, (Punch)
  Draw      : Shell, Protect, [Float], {Dispel}
  Descri.   : Blue & Gray like a hunchback mechanical monster [quite an
              Esthar old model..] 
  Where     : Centra-Excavation Site (Laguna's Dream Sequence #2)
              Lunatic Pandora's Research Center (Laguna's Dream 
              Sequence #4.)
  NOTE      : This beast is rather damaging.. if you wait for a long 
              time. It's Degenerator removes the character from the 
              battlefield [which seldom misses] and you can't revive 
              that character. It's telekinesis lifts up your 
              character.. [circus?]. Weak against Poison.
  Info      : Esthar's defective weapon. Attacks enemies and allies 
              alike. Degenerator destroys opponent.

  FASTITOCALON-F  LV.1-100   HP:300-8,200+     Taste: Okay      AP:3
  Steal/Drop : Water Crystal, Fish Fin, M-Stone Pieces, Fastitcocalon-F 
               Card, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone
  Rare Item  : Water Crystal, Fish Fin
  Card       : Fastitocalon-F Card, Tonberry King Card
  Attack     : (Bite), (Whip), Blizzard*, (Hide)
  Draw       : Blizzard*, Scan, [Water], Sleep
  Descri.    : Huge orange colored fighting fish with an attitude
  Where      : mostly in the shoreline in any continent.
  NOTE       : Weak against Fire, Nullifies Water. Junction Fire* to 
               Elem-Atk-J. Always appears in groups of three. Defense
               is extremely high when underground. Can force it appear
               by inflicit sufficient damage. Summon GF Ifrit and you 
               will have no woes..
  Info       : A fish that swins in the ground only fin can be seen. One
               theory says that it may be a shark....

  BLOOD SOUL   LV.1-100   HP:650-6,500      Taste: it's rotten   AP:1
  Steal/Drop : Zombie Powder, Wizard Stone, Healing Water, Blood Soul
               Card, Magic Stone, M-Stone Piece 
  Rare Item  : Healing Water, Zombie Powder
  Card       : Blood Soul Card, Abadon Card
  Attack     : Berserk, Blind, Silence, Zombie, (Bite), Disease Breath,
               Breath of Death, Curaga.
  Draw       : Zombie, [Float -> Blind], [Silence -> Sleep], [Dispel] 
  Descri.    : small brown shape like a jelly fish only floating
  Where      : Winhill - Winhill bluffs, Humphrey Archipelago.
               Esthar- Grandidi forest
               Deep Sea Research Center, 
               B-Garden MD System (NORG's Anger)
               Galbadia Missile Base 
               D-District Prison.
               Galbadia- Montersou Plateau, Shenard Hills, 
               Lallapahooza Canyon
  NOTE       : This monster can causes a series of damage [status 
               related] to your characters. It is very weak against 
               Holy. Undead monster. Use Revive or Life for an instant 
               victory. Don't use Drain at it... Weak against Fire.
  Info       : Floats with gas that fills its body. Looks weak but its
               status changing attacks may prove otherwise.

  CATERCHIPILLAR  LV.1-100    HP:730-7,360     Taste: Delicious   AP:2
  Steal/Drop: Spider Web, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone, M-Stone Piece,
              Caterchipillar Card.
  Rare Item : Spider Web
  Card      : Caterchipillar Card, Trauma Card
  Attack    : (Tail Whip), (bite), Ultra Waves, Sticky Web 
  Draw      : Thunder*, Cure*, [Slow], {Stop} 
  Descri.   : A giant caterpillar
  Where     : Balamb- Accuald Plain's forests, 
              Trabia- forests, near mountains.
              Esthar- Grandid Forest
              Winhill - Laguna's Dream Sequence #3
  NOTE      : Strong against Earth Attacks, Weak against Fire/Ice. 
              This monster allows you to nab a blue magic item [
              Spider Web]. It's Ultra Waves does damage to all 
              characters.. It's Sticky Web causes Slow/Stop Status.
  Info      : Use an attack called Ultra Waves that damages all 
  COCKATRICE LV.1-100   HP:520-5,200     Taste: Delicious     AP: 2
  Steal/Drop : Cockatrice Pinion, Coral Fragment, Magic Stone, 
               Cockatrice Card, Dynamo Stone 
  Rare Item  : Dynamo Stone, Cockatrice Pinion
  Card       : Cockatrice Card, Oilboyle Card
  Attack     : (Forward Kick), (Upward Kick), Petrify Stare, Break, 
               Electric Discharge, Electrocute.
  Draw       : Thunder*, {Break}
  Descri.    : An average peacock with an antenna ^_^;
  Where      : Timber- Vaunly Canyon, Shenard Hill
               Esthar- Grandidi Forest, 
               Esthar- Nortes Mountains, Sollet Mountains.
               Galbadia- Lallapahooza Canyon
  NOTE       : Thunder/Poison does not work on it. It has a petrifying
               ability. So be on your guard. Junction Thunder* to your
               character's Elem-Def-J. It allows you to get Corel 
               Fragment [a Blue Magic Item] Weak against Wind.
  Info       : Petrifies enemies with its tail. Uses thunder by flapping
               its wing. Uses Electrocute when fully grown.

/ 1.2B \________________________________________________________________
Card Page 2
  GRAT      LV.1-100     HP:300-5,600    Taste: Taste Awful     AP:2
  Steal/Drop: Silence Powder, Magic Stone, Sleep Powder, Grat Card 
  Rare Item : Wizard Stone
  Card      : Grat Card, Shumi Tribe Card
  Attack    : (Tentacle beat), Vampire, Gastric Juice, Sleep, Silence,
              Sleeping Gas.
  Draw      : Sleep, Silence, [Berserk], [Confuse]
  Descri.   : Looks like a man-eater with a long tentacles
  Where     : Balamb Garden Training Center
              Balamb Garden (NORG's Anger).
  NOTE      : Pretty weak.. but considered along with its other attacks.
              It can does a series of damage. An ideal monster for 
              storing up status spells. It's gastric juice causes 
              Poison against 1 ally. It's Sleeping gas causes Sleep 
              Status on all characters.
  Info      : It's body is mosty a digestive bag. Digset enemy by 
              catching with its vine. Use a gas attack that causes 

  BUEL      LV.1-100   HP:50-1,840       Taste: Tastes Okay       AP:1
  Steal/Drop: Magic Stone, Buel Card, M-Stone Piece, Wizard Stone
  Rare Item : Death Spirit, Wizard Stone
  Card      : Buel Card, Krysta Card
  Attack    : Thunder*, Reflect, Blizzard*, Fire*, Death, (Spin attack)
  Draw      : Thunder*, Blizzard*, Fire*, {Death}
  Descri.   : Like a kite with a face which rotates vertically.
  Where     : Balamb- Fire Cavern 
              Galbadia- Tomb of Unknown King, 
              Centra- Centra Ruins 
              Deep Sea Research Center. (during Bahamut's Quest)
  NOTE      : It is extremely weak against physical damage. Make sure 
              you have Death junctioned to ST-Def-J. Weak vs. Wind/Holy.
              Sometimes even Ultima does not works well..
  Info      : Any magic attacks are almost inaffective. However very, 
              very weak against physical attacks.

  MESMERIZE LV.1-100   HP:645-6,450      Taste: Refreshing     AP:2
  Steal/Drop : Mesmerize Blade, Life Ring, Wizard Stone, Mesmerize Card, 
               Magic Stone, M-Stone Piece.
  Rare Item  : Healing Mail, Regen Ring, Mesmerize Blade, Life Ring
  Card       : Mesmerize Card, Propagator Card
  Attack     : Blade Shot, (Head Dash, after Blade has broken off), 
               Blade Slice, Hind Kick
  Draw       : Cure*, Esuna, [Life], {Dispel}
  Descri.    : Looks like a Deer only its horn are Crescent 
  Where      : Trabia - Eldbeau Penisula, Sorbald Snowfield, Winter 
               Island, Bika Snowfield, Trabia Crater, Hawkwind Plains,
               Great Plains of Esthar (before Lunar Cry Incident)  
               Trabia Canyon (during Laguna Dream Sequence #4)
  NOTE       : It's blade shot packs a punch.. so beware. However an 
               ideal monster for storing up spells such as Cure*. 
               This monster is great when your characters are under 
               status elemental woes.
  Info       : Has a large blade for a horn. This blade has a healing 
               effect when used as an item or make magic.

  GLACIAL EYE LV 1-100  HP:320-3,200     Taste: Tastes Okay     AP:1
  Steal/Drop : Vampire Fang, Arctic Wind, Glacial Eye Card, Wizard 
               Stone, M-Stone Piece, Magic Stone.
  Rare Item  : North Wind, Vampire Fang
  Card       : Glacial Eye Card, Jumbo Cactaur Card
  Attack     : (Slap), Blizzard*, Reflect, Petrify Stare, Vampire
  Draw       : Blizzard*, Cure*, Scan
  Descri.    : Look a floating gel with a face, resembles one of Unknown
               in FF7 in the Crashed Gelinka.
  Where      : Balamb- Accauld Plains, near mountains
               Esthar- Minde Island, Morded Plains
               Trabia- Winter Island (plains and snowy grasslands),
               Bika Snowfield               
  NOTE       : A pretty good monster for stocking up spells. It has 
               Blizzard and Cure which makes it an effective monster.
               Ice has no effect on it. Fly Monster. Weak against 
               Fire. Petrify Stare causes Petrify status to one ally.
  Info       : A floating Monster that uses Ice Magic. When running low
               on HP, uses Vampire to suck HP from opponents.

  BELHELMEL   LV.1-100   HP:300-5,760      Taste: No taste        AP:2
  Steal/Drop : Saw Blade, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone, Laser Cannon
               (rare), Belhelmel Card, M-Stone Piece.
  Rare Item  : Laser Cannon, Saw Blade
  Card       : Belhelmel Card, Tri-Point Card
  Attack     : Berserk, Counter Slice, Thunder*, (Slice), Laser Eye,
               Counter Laser Eye
  Draw       : Thunder*, [Berserk] -> {Confuse}
  Descri.    : A flying mask with a sharp edge. It is a mask being
               embedded a blade.
  Where      : Timber- Shenard Hills 
               Galbadia- Montersou Plateau
               D-District Prison
               Missile Base
  NOTE       : This monster has two fighting styles. One is when it is
               furious (swing greatly...) and smile (normal). It will
               become when you attack it too often or stock 9x of it 
               spells (result it using Counter). It will smile if you
               fail to draw magic. Weak against Holy, Strong against
  Info       : Has a rotating blade around its face. It's battle 
               tactics change when it face changes.

  THRUSTAEVIS  LV.1-100   HP: 300-6,300  Taste: Delicious  AP:3
  Steal/Drop : Shear Feather, Windmill, Thrustaevis Card
  Rare Item  : Windmill, Shear Feather
  Card       : Thrustaevis Card, Garguntua Card
  Attack     : Aero, (Tail Whip), (Dive), (Repeated Bite), Tornado
  Draw       : Blizzard*, [Scan -> Aero], {Tornado}, Float
  Descri.    : Like a vulture on it deep-blue in color with 2 pair of 
               wings. Most of time appears in pairs or one.
  Where      : Great Plains of Galbadia, 
               Timber- Vaulny Canyon, Nanchuket Island, Mandy Beach
               Dollet- Hasberry Plains (mountains)
               D-District Prison.
  NOTE       : This monster turn out to be one of monsters that allows
               you to draw a great Strength boosting spell, Tornado. 
               -Extremely vulunerable- against Sleep/Blind Status
  Info       : A monster on the Galbadia continent. Usually swoops down
               to attack enemy but also bits and causes wind gust
               when danager.

  ANACONDAUR   LV.1-100    HP:250-24,800   Taste: ????      AP:4
  Steal/Drop : Venom Fang, Dragon Skin, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone, 
               Anacondaur Card
  Card       : Anacondaur Card, Mobile Type 8 Card       
  Rare Item  : Venom Fang, Dragon Skin
  Attack     : Dark Mist, Squeeze, (Slap)
  Draw       : Fire*, Cure*, {Bio}
  Descri.    : A large cobra shape snake
  Where      : Timber- Vaunly Canyon (forests) 
               Dollet- Hasberry Plains (forests) 
               Deep Sea Research Center
               Esthar- Grandidi Forest
  NOTE       : It's Dark Mist does damage plus Poison status against
               one ally. It's Squeeze attack does twice the damage of 
               its normal attack. Weak against Ice. Strong against Fire,
               Absorbs Poison. ST Weakness: Sleep/Blind/Death
  Info       : A large venomous snake that use squeeze attacks. Use 
               Caution when its HP is low, its splits poisonous fluid.

  CREEPS      LV.1-100    HP:60-6,200       Taste: ????    AP:2
  Steal/Drop : <Coral Fragment>, Dynamo Stone, Creeps Card, Wizard Stone,
               Magic Stone, M-Stone Piece, Cursed Spike
  Rare Item  : Cursed Spike, Dynamo Stone
  Card       : Creeps Card, Sphinxara Card
  Attack     : (Swipe), Heart Break, Thunder*
  Draw       : Thunder*, Life, {Death}
  Descri.    : A thin shadow creature with red eyes floating.
  Where      : Deling City Sewers 
               Esthar- Grandidi Forest 
               Galbadia Garden [The Garden Crash]
  NOTE       : Weak against Holy. This black shadow do some harm too..
               It's Heart Break could does a handsome attack... Quite
               high evasion stats.. Better to have Squall do the 
               attacking. Absorbs Thunder. Selphie's Flail tends to
               miss very frequently.
  Info       : Has a flat black body like a shadow. Said to be a living
               creature. Kills its opponent when it dies.

  GRENDEL   LV.1-100   HP:300-30,000      Taste: Delicious    AP:6
  Steal/Drop : Dragon Fin, Dragon Skin, Grendel Card
  Card       : Grendel Card, Tiamat Card
  Rare Item  : Fury Fragment, Dragon Fin
  Attack     : Breath, Tail Blade, (rising bite), (cross swipe)
  Draw       : Fire*, Blizzard*, Double
  Descri.    : A blue & brown coloured lizard-like only it has fur
  Where      : Island Closest to Hell 
               Winhill- Winhill Bluffs (hilltops)
               Galbadia - Lallapahooza Canyon (hilltops)
               Deep Sea Deposit (Ultima Weapon's Quest)
  NOTE       : Weak against ST such as Sleep/Blind/Death. It is weak
               against Earth/Wind/Blizzard. Absorbs Thunder. It's Breath
               carries a Thunder Elemental. So make use of Thunder* 
               junctioned to Elem-Def-J combo. Make sure your characters
               has high evasion stats as its Tail Blade can does a 
               massive 4000+ HP damage to a low-Vit character at Level 
  Info       : A smaller type of dragon. Sometimes appears in groups of
               two. May be more dangerous than other dragons.

  JELLEYE   LV.1-100   HP:65-6,500       Taste: Tastes okay     AP:3
  Steal/Drop : Wizard Stone, Jelleye Card, M-Stone Piece, Healing Water,
               Magic Stone
  Rare Item  : Wizard Stone
  Card       : Jelleye Card, Fujin and Rajin Card
  Attack     : Reverse, Bite, Fire*, Blizzard*, Thunder*, Silence, Sleep
  Draw       : Fire*, [Blizzard*], [Thunder*]
  Descri.    : Pink, red & blue jelley fish with 3 eyes much like a kite 
               to Markweb and a flaten hourglass to me.
  Where      : Centra-Lenown Plains, Poccarahi Island, Centra Crater,
               Serengetti Plains, Nectar Peninsula, Vorn Mountains,
               Shalmal Peninsula.
               Galbadia Garden (The Garden Crash)
               Esthar- Minde Island.
  NOTE       : Very weak against Holy, weak against Wind. It can change
               its tactics as it differ from battle to battle. Take note
               you can killed it with Death junctioned to ST-Atk-J.
  Info       : Changes it attacks as the battle progress, its magic also
               changes from fire to ice to thunder, etc.

  GRAND MANTIS  LV.1-100  HP:130-13,000  Taste: Delicious     AP:4
  Steal/Drop : Sharp Spike, Grand Mantis Card, Wizard Stone, Water 
               Crystal, Magic Stone, M-Stone Piece
  Rare Item  : Water Crystal, Sharp Spike
  Card       : Grand Mantis Card, BGH52IF2 Card
  Attack     : Super Arm, Melting Bubbles, (Swipe)
  Draw       : [Water], Esuna, Life
  Descri.    : Combination of a large spider and a mantis, much like a 
               giant lobster
  Where      : Centra- Lenown Plains, Serengetti Plains
               Esthar- Kashkablad Desert 
               Deling City Sewers
  NOTE       : This monster can be quite tough for its physical attacks.
               Junction Blind to ST-Atk-J to prevent this. It's Melting
               Bubbles causes Silence status to one ally. Can be killed
               using Death ST-Atk-J Combo.
  Info       : Used to live in water, but now lives above ground. 
               Skewers enemies with its large claws and causes major

/ 1.2C \________________________________________________________________
Cards Page 3
  FORBIDDEN   LV.1-100   HP:221-22,100     Taste: It's rotten    AP:4
  Steal/Drop : Dead Spirit, Betrayal Sword, Curse Spike, Forbidden Card
  Card       : Forbidden Card, Red Giant Card
  Rare Item  : Cursed Spike, Zombie Powder
  Attack     : (Thrust), Double Sword, Death, Confuse, Blind, Stop, 
  Draw       : Zombie, Blind, Stop, {Death}
  Descri.    : A skeleton holding with a two rusty swords
  Where      : Centra - Centra Ruins 
               Galbadia -Tomb of the Unknown King 
               Esthar- Grandidi Forests
               Esthar- Nortes and Sollet Mountains
               Trabia- Winter Island (near mountains)
  NOTE       : Undead Monster. The best way to defeat it is by using
               a Phoenix Down, Revive command or Recover. Quite a strong
               foe at high levels. Don't use Drain junctioned to 
               ST-Atk-J. Very weak against Holy. Weak against Fire. 
               Poison has no effect.
  Info       : Not afraid of death. Its death blow kills enemies with 1

  ARMADODO   LV.1-100   HP:187-18,700     Taste: ????     AP:3
  Steal/Drop : [Fury Fragment*], <Turtle Shell>, M-Stone Piece, 
               Armadodo Card, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone
  Rare Item  : Fury Fragment
  Card       : Armadodo Card, Catoblepas Card
  Attack     : Earthquake, (Swipe Claw), (Roll Attack), Protect, Shell
  Draw       : Protect, Shell, {Quake}
  Descri.    : a green shell with red skin, Knocks on his back if hits 
  Where      : Galbadia- Tomb of the Unknown King 
               Centra- Centra Ruins
  NOTE       : Not quite a strong foe. 
  Info       : The legs are small compared to its body and it falls
               easily when attacked with force.

  TRI-FACE   LV.1-100    HP:216-21,600     Taste: ????     AP:8
  Steal/Drop : Poison Powder, Star Fragment, Curse Spike, Tri-face Card
  Rare Item  : Star Fragment, Cursed Spike
  Card       : Tri-Face Card, Ultima Weapon Card
  Attack     : (Bite), (Triple Bite), Poison Gas
  Draw       : {Slow -> Stop}, {Silence -> Pain}, {Blind -> Flare}, Bio
  Descri.    : A big dog with one small head with a two big mouth at 
               the side. Looks quite alike like GF Cerberus.
  Where      : Deep Sea Deposit (Ultima Weapon's Quest) 
               Island Closest to Heaven 
               Esthar- Grandidi Forest 
               G-Garden -Hall (The Garden Crash)
               B-Garden MD System (NORG's Anger)
  NOTE       : This monster can be quite mean if you battle it at Level
               100. It's status causing breath [which causes Sleep/
               Silence/ Pain/ Berserk/ Poison] is very damaging. Plus 
               its attack power becomes that strong that your characters
               can't withstand the damage. The best way to defeat it is
               to junction Blind to your character's ST-Atk-J and 
               Blizzaraga to Elem-Def-J.
  Info       : A mosnters with three heads, the 2 heads on the right are
               not real but they bite and spit Poison as they were.

  FASTITOCALON  LV.1-100  HP:400-3,000+     Taste: Delicious    AP: 1
  Steal/Drop : Fish Fin, Wizard Stone, Fastitocalon Card, Fastitocalon-F 
               Card, Tonberry King Card, Water Crystal
  Rare Item  : Water Crystal
  Card       : Fastitocalon Card, Tonberry King Card
  Attack     : Water, (Whip), Confuse, Sand Storm
  Draw       : Water, Blizzard*, Scan, {Confuse}
  Descri.    : It is a huge fish (shark..) with big mouth and orange 
  Where      : Galbadia- Dingo Desert (where you find D-District Prison)
               Centra - Vorn Mountains.
  NOTE       : Weak against Fire, Nullifies Water. Junction Fire* to 
               Elem-Atk-J. Always appears in groups of three. Defense
               is extremely high when underground. Can force it appear
               by inflicit sufficient damage. Summon GF Ifrit and you 
               will have no woes.. The only difference that this 
               monster also uses Sand Storm and higher attacking power.
               The monster mostly nabs you a Water Crystal.
  Info       : A fish that swins in the ground only fin can be seen. One
               theory says that it may be a shark....

  SNOW LION   LV.1-100   HP:121-121,000  Taste: ????    AP:10
  Steal/Drop : North Wind, Healing Mail, Biggs & Wedge card, Snow Lion 
  Rare Item  : Silver Mail, North Wind
  Card       : Snow Lion Card, Biggs and Wedge Card
  Attack     : Ice Breath, (Tail Whip), Blizzard*, Berserk
  Draw       : Blizzard*, Berserk 
  Descri.    : Like a giant Penguin only it has a big mouth and eyes
  Where      : Trabia - Bika Snowfields, Winter Island
  NOTE       : Indeed one of the strongest foes. Junctioned Sleep/Death/
               Blind to your character's ST-Atk-J to kill it. To have 
               9999 HP damage at a strength of 255, junction 100x Firaga
               to your character's Elem-Atk-J. It's Ice Breath causes
               damage to all characters and also carries an Ice element.
               Absorbs Ice and weak against Fire.
  Info       : Lives in the northern snowfields. Takes time to defeat 
               because of its high HP. Uses Ice Breath.

  OCHU     LV.1-100    HP:40-40,000     Taste: Barf-Bwahh...    AP:7
  Steal/Drop : Ochu Tentacle, Magic Stone, Giant's Ring, Force Armlet, 
               Ochu Card
  Rare Item  : Giant's Ring, Force Armlet, Ochu Tentacle
  Card       : Ochu Card, Elvoret Card
  Attack     : Ochu Dance, Drink Magic, (Tentacles), Earthquake, Blind
  Draw       : Silence, Blind, Confuse, {Pain}
  Descri.    : A giant man-eater plant like Malboro and a bigger version
               of Grat
  Where      : Timber- Vaulny Canyon (forests) 
               Island Closest to Heaven 
               Esthar- Grandidi Forest
               Trabia - Hawkind Plains (forests)
  NOTE       : Probably the weakest foe found in Island closest to 
               Heaven. It's Ochu Dance causes damage and also the Slow/
               Curse status. Its Earthquake attack causes Earth element
               damage to all foes.
  Info       : Likes to live in the forests. Attacks with its tentacles
               and also uses status attacks.

  SAM08G    LV.1-100   HP:400-6,000+     Taste: n/a       AP:4
  Steal/Drop : Running Fire, Screw, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone, SAM08G 
               Card, M-Stone Piece
  Rare Item  : n/a
  Card       : SAM08G Card, X-ATM092 Card
  Attack     : Store, Rocket Launcher, Shoulder Charge, Gatling Gun 
  Draw       : Shell, Protect, [Life], {Reflect}
  Descri.    : A dinosaur shape monster with a rocket pod on its 
               shoulder (160mm cannons..)
  Where      : Galbadia- D-District Prison 
               Galbadia Missile Base
               Lunatic Pandora (before Lunar Cry)
               FH- (Balamb Garden's Arrival), 
               Esthar- City (during Arrival of Lunatic Pandora)
  NOTE       : Not quite strong. Weak against Poison.
  Info       : A living weapon made by Galbadia. Carries 155mm cannon 
               on both shoulders and a 60mm vulcan cannon in its both.

  DEATH CLAW  LV.1-100   HP:222-22,200     Taste: ????     AP:3
  Steal/Drop : Shear Feather, Windmill, Curse Spike, Death Claw Card
  Rare Item  : Cursed Spike, Windmill
  Card       : Death Claw Card, Granaldo Card
  Attack     : (Death Claw), Gas, (Swipe)
  Draw       : Aero, Dispel, {Reflect}
  Descri.    : Large Polar bear with four sharp arm claw. It has a 
               couple of damaging attacks.
  Where      : Centra- Lenown Plains (forests)
               Esthar- Grandidi forest
               Galbadia Garden [The Garden Crash]
  NOTE       : Another average monster. This monster is pretty weak as
               its attacks could only inflicit minor damage. It's gas
               weapon could causes Sleep status to all allies, so take
  Info       : A monster with 4 claws. Attacks with shear power but also
               uses gas attacks.

  CACTAUR    LV.1-100  HP:112-1,600+     Taste: Refreshing   AP:20
  Steal/Drop : Cactaur Thorn, Jet Engine, Cactaur Card
  Card       : Cactaur Card, Gerogero Card
  Rare Item  : Jet Engine
  Attack     : (Kick), 1,000 Needles, (Escape)
  Draw       : Haste
  Descri.    : small green Cactus man with super hyperactive speed and
               evasion. Pretty hard to hit it..
  Where      : Esthar-Kashkabald Desert 
               Cactaur's Island
  NOTE       : This thing can only be hurt if your character's Hit Rate
               is over 100. The best attacking weapons are gunblade (any
               type..) and the Strange Vision (Selphie's Ultimate 
               Weapon). It's 1000 Needles will cause 1000 HP damage and
               it's karate kick could causes random damage, pretty 
  Info       : A speedy cactus of the desert. Damage always amount to 
               1000 units with it's special skill 1000 Needles.

  TONBERRY  LV.1-100   HP:350-35,000     Taste: Refreshing      AP:1
  Steal/Drop : Chef's Knife, Tonberry Card
  Rare Item  : Chef's Knife
  Card       : Tonberry Card, Iguion Card
  Attack     : Everyone's Grudge, (walk forward), Chef's Knife, Death 
  Draw       : Death
  Descri.    : Similar to Tonberry of FF7, but it look like turtle with 
               no shell and holding a lantern along with a knife.
  Where      : Centra Ruins
  NOTE       : No weakness against elements and status. This is the 
               thing could does tedious damage. You need to have 100x
               Death to protect your character's from its attacks. Its
               Everyone's Grudge could does a massive damage to one 
               character based on the damage. Note that the Chef's
               Knife hits randomly. The Tonberry will normally use up
               some of its turns for walking. Degenerator and Rapture
               does not work on it. Summon GF Diablos to finish it off.
               Gatling Gun packs a punch. Doomtrain is worth summoning
               for it reduces its' Vit to 0.
  Info       : Mysterious looking living in dungeons walks slowly 
               towards the enemu and kills that enemy with Chef's Knife.

  ABYSS WORM  LV.1-100  HP:260-26,000    Taste: Delicious     AP:6
  Steal/Drop : Windmill, Shear Feather, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone, 
               Abyss Worm Card
  Card       : Abyss Worm Card, Abadon Card
  Rare Item  : Windmill
  Attack     : Sand Shake, (head rise), (Head Whip), Tornado, Gastric 
  Draw       : Aero, {Tornado}, {Quake}
  Descri.    : A giant orange worm look like it stock its head
  Where      : Esthar-Kashkabald Desert
               Galbadia- Dingo Desert 
  NOTE       : Not quite a strong. Sand Shake causes damage to all
  Info       : A head protruding the earth only a part of the body is
               exposed. Use Earthquake when attack by enemies.


/ 1.2D \________________________________________________________________
Card Page 4
  TURTAPOD  LV.1-100   HP:42-5,000       Taste: Delicious   AP:2
  Steal/Drop : Life Ring, Wizard Stone, [Healing Mail*], Turtapod Card
  Card       : Turtapod Card, Trauma Card 
  Rare Item  : Healing Mail, Life Ring
  Attack     : (Defend), (Spin)
  Draw       : Cure*, Esuna, Dispel, {Life}
  Descri.    : Blue and yellow creature, but it looks like a small 
               chair along with sharp spikes at its edges.
  Where      : Esthar- City (Lunar Cry)
               Witch Memorial Hall (Lunar Cry)
               Great Plains of Esthar (Lunar Cry)
               Lunatic Pandora 
  NOTE       : Quite a weak enemy. Note that when it closes up, its
               defensive stats will drop. Counter this with Meltdown.
  Info       : Atatcks with magic and sharp claws. It may change into
               defensive mode in order to protect itself from danager.
  VYSAGE (head) LV.1-100  HP:210-21,000  Taste: n/a     AP:6
  Steal/Drop : Wizard Stone, Vysage Card, <Lightweights>, Magic Stone,
               M-Stone Piece.
  Card       : n/a
  Rare Item  : Wizard Stone, Lightweights
  Attack     : Sigh, Esuna, Stare, Reflect, Haste, Protect
  Draw       : Esuna, Haste, [Bio]
  Descri.    : Black with gray stripes head of a monster which stuck out 
               from the ground
  Where      : Esthar-Great Salt Lake 
               Winhill- Winhill Bluffs, Humphrey Archipelago.
               Timber- Shenard Hills
  NOTE       : Pretty a formidible foe.. It's Stare can causes a series
               of status attacks such as Darkness, Confuse, Silence. 
               It's Sigh can cause damage to all foe. It is weak against
               Holy. Junction 100x Holy to Elem-Atk-J. Sigh causes 
               status ailments. Stare causes Petrify. Curse can only
               be done with Lefty and Righty and it causes Doom.
  Info       : A monster shaped like a face. It uses support magic and
               special attacks when attacking with Righty and Lefty.

  VYSAGE (hand) LV.1-100  HP:138-13,800  Taste: n/a     AP:6
  Steal/Drop : Lightweights, Regen Ring, Wizard Stone, Rune Armlet,
               Magic Stone, Vysage Card 
  Card       : Vysage Card
  Rare Item  : Regen Ring, Life Ring [Lefty], Rune Armlet [Righty]
  Attack     : Righty - (Slap), (Grab along with Righty), (Squeeze)
               Lefty  - Silence, Drain, Draw, Stop, Meteor, Quake, Demi,
  Draw       : Lefty  - Bio, Demi, Quake, Regen
               Righty - Shell Protect
  Descri.    : Black along with gray stripes in color, heck it is just 
               a pair of hands. 
  Where      : Esthar-Great Salt Lake 
               Winhill- Winhill Bluffs, Humphrey Archipelago, Shenard
  NOTE       : Weak against Holy. Both of them are very powerful.. Lefty
               can does all sorts of magicial attacks [that's alot..] 
               However, it is not quite strong in defense. Physical
               attacks works quite well. Righty is a monster that relies
               more on physical attacks and is usually be covered up
               with spells such as Protect and Reflect. Junction 100x
               Blind to ST-Atk-J works well. Anyway, Doomtrain will be 
               the most apporiate summon. [it causes Vit 0 and does
               9999 HP damage at Level 100!]
  Info       : Lefty- A large left hand protruding from the earth. 
               Sometimes cures party members with status abnormalities.
               Righty- A large right hand protruding from the earth.
               Can't uses magic, Uses strength to attack with force.

  T-REXAUR  LV.1-100   HP:760-76,000     Taste: ????     AP:10
  Steal/Drop : Dino Bone, Star Fragment, Wizard Stone, T-Rexaur Card
  Card       : T-Rexaur Card, Shumi Tribe
  Rare Item  : Star Fragment, Dino Bone.
  Attack     : (Great Bite), (Bite), (Tail Whip), Quake
  Draw       : Fire*, Thunder*, {Quake}
  Descri.    : Look like the king of dinosaurs, T-Rex, but it is 
               actually an Allosaurous.
  Where      : Balamb- Accauld Plains (forest) 
               Island Closest to Hell 
               B-Garden Training Center
  NOTE       : The most powerful foe in Balamb areas. It attacks can 
               does whooping damage of 4000+ at high levels. It's Tail
               Whip does damage to all characters. The best way to
               defeat it and gain most EXP, is by junction Blind/Sleep
               to ST-Atk-J. Junction 100x Blizzarga to get 9999 HP 
               damage on the foe.
  Info       : Alive since the beginning of time. Its power and HP are
               very high. It is better to run if you encounter one.

  BOMB      LV.1-100   HP:44-4,400       Taste: Danger!     AP:1
  Steal/Drop : Bomb Fragment, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone, Bomb Card,
               Bomb Spirit, M-Stone Piece
  Card       : Bomb Card, Krysta Card
  Rare Item  : Bomb Spirit
  Attack     : Suicide, (Anger), (Bite)
  Draw       : Fire, [Fira], {Firaga}, {Meltdown}
  Descri.    : Big orange balloon (pumpkin?) with a pair of small hands.
               Originated from former FF series.
  Where      : Balamb- Fire Cavern 
               Centra- Centra Ruins 
               Deep Sea Research Center 
               Lunatic Pandora
               B-Garden (during NORG's Anger)
               Esthar- Shalmal Peninsula, Minde Island
  NOTE       : Very damaging. It can causes a suicide accident that 
               will instantly kill your ally (if HP is below 4,400, 
               based on the Bomb's HP). As you attacks or draw magic, 
               it becomes bigger and it will sooner or later explode!
               Weak against Ice (extremely weak), Weak against Wind.
               Junction 100x Blizzaga to your characters' Elem-Atk-J.
  Info       : A monster power by fire. Usually plain but still a 
               dangerous monster that becomes gigantic or explodes
               with attack.


  BLITZ     LV.1-100    HP:72-7,200       Taste: No taste     AP:2
  Steal/Drop : Dynamo Stone, Betrayal Sword, Power Generator, Blitz Card
  Rare Item  : Dynamo Stone
  Card       : Blitz Card, Propagator Card
  Attack     : (Charge up itself), (Swipe), Thunder*
  Draw       : Thunder, [Thundara], {Thundaga}
  Descri.    : Dress in white the guy who cast Thunder on itself.. Hmm
               it looks more a barbarian to a knight to me.
  Where      : Centra Ruins 
               Centra- Lenown Plains Forest, Serengetti PLains, Nectar 
               Esthar- Grandidi Forest, Kashkabald Desert, Shalmal 
  NOTE       : Don't ever use Thunder as it does not only absorbs the
               damage but its Speed and Strength stats also increases.
               Absorbs Thunder.
  Info       : Becomes electrified when attack with thunder. Attacks 
               while its electrified causes thunder damage.

  WENDIGO   LV.1-100   HP:160-16,000     Taste: Delicious  AP:2
  Steal/Drop : Steel Orb, Steel Pipe, Strength Love, Wendigo Card
  Card       : Wendigo Card, Jumbo Cactaur Card
  Rare Item  : Strength Love
  Attack     : Shoot, Grab, Dribble, (Punch), Powerbomb
  Draw       : Berserk, [Protect]
  Descri.    : Yellow spot and green color headless gorilla, like the 
               one in Congo movie except it is headless ^_^;
  Where      : Timber- Vaulny Canyon 
               Great Plains of Galbadia [Outside Deling, red desert]
               D-District Prison
               Galbadia Missile Base
               Dollet- Hasberry Plains [forests]
  NOTE       : The killer damage is the move, Shot as it does a bounce
               on one character and reject across the entire party. 
               Better make use of Blind/Sleep to ST-Atk-J combo.
  Info       : A strong monster but not good at magic. Uses powerful
               physical attacks, replying on its strength instead.

  TORAMA    LV.1-100   HP: 320-32,000    Taste: Delicious       AP:4
  Steal/Drop : Regen Ring, Moon Stone, Wizard Stone, Torama Card
  Card       : Torama Card, Tri-Point Card
  Rare Item  : Moon Stone, Regen Ring
  Attack     : Esuna, (Blaster), LV5 Death, Meteor, Confuse, Holy, 
               (Angry), (Charge), Blizzaga
  Draw       : Death, Demi, Life
  Descri.    : a giant Leopard with a pair of long whiskers, quite wise 
               too ^_^;)
  Where      : Esthar- City Area (after Lunar Cry) 
               Great Plains of Esthar (after Lunar Cry)
               Lunatic Pandora
               Deep Sea Research Center
  NOTE       : Beware of it's LV5 Death as it could cause a instant
               gameover when characters are at level 100 and are not
               protect against Death. It randonly uses powerful magic
               such as Meteor and it's consider a tough cookie.
  Info       : Use multiple magic attacks while sitting. Even more
               powerful when it uses its blaster attack.

  IMP       LV.1-100   HP:110-11,000     Taste: Tastes Okay..    AP:5
  Steal/Drop : Poison Powder, Dead Spirit, Cursed Spike, Wizard Stone, 
               Imp Card
  Rare Item  : Cursed Spike
  Card       : Imp Card, Garguntua Card
  Attack     : Berserk, Blind, Holy, Meteor, Firaga, Blizzaga, 
               Thundaga, (Fly), Break 
  Draw       : Blind, Silence, Confuse, Break
  Descri.    : Red-violet small demon with a red long nose with wings 
               and a devil-like tail
  Where      : Esthar City area (after Lunar Cry)
               Great Plains of Esthar
               Deep Sea Deposit (during Ultima Weapon Quest), 
               Lunatic Pandora
  NOTE       : Better make sure of Elemental defense as it could cast
               spells like Firaga and Blizzaga. Holy junctioned to
               Elem-Def-J is essential.
  Info       : A devlish looking monster with wings. Uses powerful
               magic despite its small size.

  BLUE DRAGON LV.1-100   HP:410-41,000   Taste: Refreshing     AP:6
  Steal/Drop : Dragon Fang, Dragon Skin, Blue Dragon Card, Fury Fragment
  Card       : Blue Dragon Card, Mobile Type 8 Card   
  Rare Item  : Dragon Skin, Dragon Fang, Fury Fragment
  Attack     : (Grab Punch), (Punch), Breath, (Tail Whip), Reflect
  Draw       : Drain, Break, Death, Bio
  Descri.    : early version of Bahamut and Tiamat, and it looks a bit
  Where      : Island Closest to Hell
               Trabia- Winter Island (near the mountains)
               Trabia- Hawkwind Plains (forests)
  NOTE       : One great strange part about this foe that is you can't
               drain HP from it. It's damage are a bit strong. Best
               work with Blind/Sleep/Death ST-Atk-J Combo. Weak against
               Cold. Absorbs Poison.
  Info       : A dragon that walks on 2 legs, Attacks with breath that
               causes statuses changes and drops a rare item called
               Fury Fragment.

Map Help
 | . . . . . . . . .  |  On the left, you will find a simple ASCII
 |.   a  ______      .|  art map of Shumi-Winter Island map. It's a 
 |      / Shumi\      |  zoom-in portion. The dots represents the 
 |     |Village |     |  mountains surrounding the Shumi Village
 |      \_|  |_/    b |  building, you can encounter the Blue Dragon
 |____________________|  if you wanders near the mountains. If you go
                         far from the mountains, you will definitely
                         not encounter Blue Dragons.

  ADAMANTOISE  LV.1-100     HP:425-42,500    Taste: ????      AP:4
  Steal/Drop : Turtle Shell, Whisper, Orichalcon, Adamantine, 
               Adamantoise Card
  Rare Item  : Adamantine (defeat both), Orichalcon, Whisper
  Card       : Adamantoise Card, Sphinxara Card
  Attack     : Shell, Protect, (Bite), White Wind, Sand Storm
  Draw       : Blizzard*, Shell, Protect, {Reflect}
  Descri.    : A normal black turtle (of course with a hard shell!) 
               usually come in pairs.
  Where      : Long Horn Island (shores)
               Dollet- Hasberry Plains (shores, behind Dollet City, 
  NOTE       : Pretty amazed from the difference in the difficulty from
               the Japanese version and US version. It's normal attacks
               are strong and its Sand Storm does damage to all allies.
               Its White Wind restores HP for both Adamantoise. 
               Junction Blind to ST-Atk-J and summon Pandemona to 
               finish it off. Weak against Wind. Earth has no effect.
  Info       : It's high defense make it difficult to defeat. Owns rare 
               items that makes it worth the effort.

Refer to the World Map found at my FF8 website 
<> for the location of Long Horn Island.

  HEXADRAGON  LV. 1-100   HP:400-40,000   Taste: Delicious     AP:8
  Steal/Drop : Red Fang, Inferno Fang, Hexadragon Card, Star Fragment
  Rare Item  : Star Fragment, Red Fang
  Card       : Hexdragon Card, Tiamat Card
  Attack     : (Kick), Fire*, Breath, Melt-Eye
  Draw       : Fire*, [Dispel], [Shell], [Protect]
  Descri.    : Black covering along with a blue color torso. Has a 
               large tail (Z-shaped), 3 pairs of legs and multiple red 
  Where      : Island Closest to Hell
               Esthar- Talle Mountains (after Lunar Cry)
               Esthar- Great Plains of Esthar (before Lunar Cry)
  NOTE       : Quite a stronge enemy. Absorbs Fire damage. Weak 
               against Ice. Junctioned Blizzaga to Elem-Atk-J and Firaga
               to Elem-Def-J. It's attcks are strong, so make sure you 
               have used Blind ST-Atk-J combo as well. It's Melt-Eye 
               causes Fire element damage to all characters. It's Breath
               causes non-element damage to one ally.
  Info       : A type of mutated dragon burn with 6 eyes. Uses fire 
               magic and special breath attack.

/ 1.2E \________________________________________________________________
Card Page 5

  IRON GIANT  LV.1-100  HP:780-78,000    Taste: no taste!     AP:8
  Steal/Drop : <Star Fragment>, Moon Stone, Running Fire, Wizard Stone, 
               Iron Giant Card
  Card       : Iron Giant Card, Fujin and Raijin Card
  Rare Item  : Star Fragment 
  Attack     : Mighty Guard, Grand Slash, (Slash)
  Draw       : Haste, {Quake}, Shell, Protect -> {Reflect}
  Descri.    : Dark Blue armored with short knees warrior holding a 
               giant blade. Also makes it appearance in FF7.
  Where      : Deep Sea Deposit (Ultima Weapon Quest) 
               Esthar City Area (after Lunar Cry)
               Lunatic Pandora
  NOTE       : It is weak against Thunder. Poison does no effect on it.
               It is a mechnical beast with strong armor. Junction 
               Thundaga to Elem-Atk-J and Sleep/Blind to Elem-Atk-J. 
               May need to use Dispel to remove Mighty Guard.
  Info       : Hard to damage due to its steel armor. Doesn't use magic
               but its sword causes significant damage.

  BEHEMOTH  LV.1-100   HP:670-67,000     Taste: ????     AP:12
  Steal/Drop : Barrier, Giant's Ring, Behemoth Card, Moon Stone, 
               Energy Crystal
  Card       : Behemoth Card, BGH521F2 Card
  Rare Item  : Energy Crystal, Giant's Ring, Barrier
  Attack     : Assualt Horn, Meteor, Holy, Flare, Tornado, Firaga, 
               (Horn Rush), Mighty Guard 
  Draw       : Regen, Tornado, Flare
  Descri.    : A gaint Purple bull with a pair of tiny wings at its back 
               and armed a pair of large black horns. Returns from FFT. 
  Where      : Deep Sea Deposit (during Ultima Quest), 
               Esthar City (Lunar Cry)
               Great Plains of Esthar (Lunar Cry) 
               Lunatic Pandora 
  NOTE       : Perhaps one of most powerful enemies in the game. This
               guy always uses Meteor as its counter. The Assault Horn
               packs a punch. Junction 100x Death and you can say good
               bye to it. Simple huh?
  Info       : Use powerful magic such as Meteor. A strong enemy that's
               hard to defeat.

  CHIMERA   LV.1-100   HP:600-60,000     Taste: Refreshing     AP:10
  Steal/Drop : Red Fang, Inferno Fang, Energy Crystal, Chimera Card
  Rare Item  : Energy Crystal
  Card       : Chimera Card, Red Giant Card
  Attack     : According to the its features (the heads and its tail)
               Lion Head- (Bite Attack)
               Eagle Head- Tornado 
               Toad Head- Aqua Breath, Water
               Goat Head- Dispel, Confuse, Stop, 
               Serpent Tail- Bio
  Draw       : Water, Bio, Esuna, Thunder*
  Descri.    : A 4-headed yellow dragon armed with the 4 different heads
               and a giant serpent tail.
  Where      : Island Closest to Heaven 
               Esthar-Kashkabald Desert
  NOTE       : Just take note of the Lion Head and Toad Head. 
               Junctioned 100x Blind to ST-Atk-J to prevent the Lion 
               Head from creating harvoc. Junction 100x Water to absorbs
               its Aqua Breath (which does damage to all allies)
               Absorbs Thunder and Water. Poison has no effect.
  Info       : A monsters with 4 heads that uses magic and physical 
               attacks, status changes, and their original skill, Aqua

  ELASTOID  LV.1-100   HP:220-16,000     Taste: n/a      AP:3
  Steal/Drop : Laser Cannon, Screw, Elastoid Card, Steel Pipe
  Card       : Elastoid Card, Ultima Weapon Card
  Rare Item  : n/a
  Attack     : Meltdown, Shell, Protect, (Buckle drop), (Spin Attack),
               Beam Laser
  Draw       : Dispel, Shell, Protect, {Meltdown}
  Descri.    : Gold in color, 4 long poles, looks like a giant 
               windchime. A hob is being embedded its middle.
  Where      : Centra-Excavation Site (Laguna Dream Sequence #1)
               Esthar- Lunatic Pandora Research Center (Laguna Dream
               Sequence #5)
               Lunatic Pandora (during Lunatic Pandora's Arrival at 
  NOTE       : Weak against Thunder, Poison has no effect. Same method
               for against mechnical beasts, junction 100x Thunder* to
  Info       : Anti-personal weapon made in Esthar. Floats with anti-
               gravity engine. Attacks with its 4 pilable metallic legs.
  GIM47N    LV.1-100   HP:300-3,400      Taste: n/a     AP:3
  Steal/Drop : Steel Pipe, Steel Orb, Screw, GIM47N Card, Fast Ammo
  Card       : GIM47N Card, Oilboyle Card
  Rare Item  : n/a
  Attack     : Rip Laser, (spin punch), Chain Gun
  Draw       : Cure*, Esuna, [Life]
  Descri.    : A yellow big robot with a boxing gloves, like to move its 
  Where      : D-District Prison, 
               FH- (Balamb arrival at Fisherman's Horizon)
  NOTE       : I think fighting this mechnical beast is no worries. It
               is very simple for its low attacking power. Rip Laser
               does damage to one ally and Chain Gun does damage to
               all allies. Junction Thunder* to Elem-Atk-J to inflicit
               more damage. Weak against Thunder, Poison has no effect.
  Info       : An older type of Galbadia support weapon. Has laser 
               cannon but mostly punches using steel orbs on both hands.

  MALBORO   LV.1-100   HP:1,435-143,500  Taste: Increased morale  AP:12
  Steal/Drop : Malboro Tentacles, Cursed Spike, Tonberry King Card,
               Force Armlet, Malboro Card
  Card       : Malboro Card, Tonberry King Card
  Rare Item  : Malboro Tentacles, Force Armlet
  Attack     : Bad Breath, Earthquake, Dissolving Acid, Eerie Sound Wave
  Draw       : Bio, Demi, Quake
  Descri.    : A large green plant with a big mouth and you will hear 
               him laugh before the fight (curly tentacles..)
  Where      : Island Closest to Heaven
               Island Closest to Hell 
               Esthar- Grandidi Forest (see map below)
  NOTE       : As one of the strongest monsters, this is indeed a tough 
               one. Junction Sleep/Berserk/Pain/Confuse to nullify its
               Bad Breath (or you have to wait for the counter to stop)
               Draw and cast Demi [it's 9999 HP damage...]. It's Eerie
               Sound Wave does damage to all allies. It's Dissolving
               Acid damge to one ally. Absorbs Poison. Weak against
  Info       : Uses Bad Breath, which causes all status abnormalities. 
               Be ready with status defenses before fighting it.

The Grandidi Forests
            /  . . . . . . . . . . . \  Legend   
           |  .ggggggggCFgggggggggggg \   ggg   Grandidi Forests
            \. ggggggggggg.......... gg|  ...   mountains
          | | . .|  RC    Research Center
           \|_._ . .|  LG    Lunar Gate
T r a b i a |   |ggggg . .gggggggggg.g |  TP    Tears' Point
            \   | ggggggggggggggggggg /   MH    Sorceress' Memorial 
             \__/..................../          Hall
        . . TC . . . . . . . .  . . |     GL    Great Salt Lake
       |                            |     TC    Trabia Canyon
       |    M o r d e d             |
       |         P l a i n s        |  I have been receiving e-mails
     __|                            |  like where to located the
    |  \. . . . . . . . . . . . .. .|  Grandidi Forests. You can't miss
    |   \. . . . . . . . . . .......|  it as it is located in northern
    |    \                          |  part of Esthar. You can only
    |  GL|______________   RC    LG |  enter it through one of doors
    |    /              \           |  from Ultimecia's Castle. The area
    |___/   E S T H A R |           |  marked "ggg" is the Grandidi 
       |                |   MH    TP|  forest itself, you can't really
       |                |           |  miss it. The island closest to 
                                       heaven is located northwest of 
                                       the Grandidi Forests.

  RUBY DRAGON LV.1-100  HP:891-89,100  Taste: All systems go!    AP:14
  Steal/Drop : Fury Fragment, Inferno Fang, Red Fang, Energy Crystal, 
               Ruby Dragon Card
  Card       : Ruby Dragon Card
  Rare Item  : Fury Fragment, Energy Crystal
  Attack     : Breath, Fire*, Meteor, Reflect, (claw swipe)
  Draw       : Fire*, {Aero -> Reflect}, {Meteor}, {Flare} 
  Descri.    : A giant red dragon with a large black eye brow, thus 
               forming like a V-shaped horn 
  Where      : Island Closest to Hell 
               Centra- Lenown Plains (forests), Serengetti Plains 
               (forests), Lolestern Plains (forests)
               Trabia Canyon (Laguan's Dream Sequence #4) 
               Esthar- Grandidi Forest, Nortes Mountains
  NOTE       : Considered as the strongest non-BOSS monster. It's Breath
               packs a punch against all allies and it is non-elemental.
               It's Claw Swipe does a whooping 2000+ HP damage to one
               ally. Make use of Vit-J and get it above 100. [Characters
               with 100 and below will be instantly killed.] Of course
               HP must be 8000+ and above. Make use of Meltdown, Demi
               as you can cause more damage to it. Have Firaga to 
               Elem-Def-J, so that it has become an alternate source
               of regaining HP. Drain ST-Atk-J works fine and it will be
               better if you get Revive and Recover. Weak against Holy/
               Blizzaga. Absorbs Wind/Fire. Doomtrain will be the best
               GF for the fight. It's weak against the following combos:
               Meltdown/Doom/Sleep --> Summon Doomtrain to do harvoc!
  Info       : Strong and smart dragon. If enemies are using Reflect. 
               It casts Reflect on itself to mirror the attack.

  ELNOYLE   LV.100     HP: 82,000         Taste: Can't      AP:18
  Steal/Drop : <Moon Stone>, Energy Crystal (drop only), Elnoyle Card
  Card       : Elynole Card, Catoblepas Card
  Rare Item  : Energy Crystal
  Attack     : Storm Breath, Meteor, Dispel, Holy, Pain, Death, 
               (Claw Swipe), Tail Needle
  Draw       : {Double -> Death}, Pain, Holy
  Descri.    : Similar to Elvoret at Dollet tower in disc 1 except it 
               is dull gray in color.
  Where      : Esthar City- look for Esthar Soldier who answer 
               "Heehehahahehe" [north from the place where you find 
               Odine's laboratory] (Lunar Cry)
  NOTE       : One of most toughest cookies in the game. You can't 
               perform level down or devour it. Simply a strong enemy.
               You can easily defeat it when your characters are at
               Level 100, junction 100x Blind to your characters' 
               ST-Atk-J. Can't Level down the monster. Storm Breath does
               damage to all allies. Make use of Tornado junction to
               Elem-Atk-J. Weak against Wind.
  Info       : A powerful monster. Uses magic but also uses Tail Needle
               which causes heavy damage.

The map below is the map that is taken from Part I of my FF8 NA FAQ.
Head to area marked [6]. BTW, this code may not work for the Japanese
version/Import version.

Esthar City Map.
|                            <E>                        |LEGEND       | 
|           _ _ _ _ _         |          _ _ _          |-------------|
|          |         \        |         /    |          | E   Elevator|
|          |         [2]--- [ 1 ]--- [10]    |          | []  Area    |
|          |          E               E|     |          | --  Path    |
|          |                           |     |          |             |
|         [3]-- [4] -- [5]            [9]-- [11]        |             |
|          |            |              |     |          |             |
|          |            [6]__          |    [12]        |             |
|   [20]--[17]E________/     \_[7]_____|     |          |             |  
|          |_             ______/      |     |          |             |
|            |           /             |     |          |             |
|            \_ [16]-- [15]-- [14] --[8]----[13]        |             |
|                        |            |                 |             |
|                      [18]          [19]               |             |
|                                     |                 |             |
|                                  WORLD MAP            |             |

[1]  It is the main compound of the city, there is a Draw Point here.
     [Blizzard] Most of them are card players. 
[2]  Left Elevator Junction. Just go to the elevator and pick your 
     To Odine's Laboratory
       Via Airstation
       Via Inner Skyway
[3]  The area with the red pipe of the left.
[4]  A busy street and you will be able to view the picture of the main
[5]  A path with a yellow travelling duct on the left with the elevator.
[6]  A busy street with the town folks being dressed in green.
     *You will find the werid guy in black here!*
[7]  A street with yellow duct on the right. You will find a draw point 
[8]  The Front Gate of Esthar City, exit to the Rent-A-Car station. 
     Head here after done with your shopping. Right of it is the Esthar 
     Shopping Mall. Here are the prompts:
     To Presidential Palace
     To Shopping Mall
     To Odine's Laboratory
[9]  The path heading upwards with intersecting the path below. On the
     sides were the green pipe and the yellow pipe.
[10] Right Wing Elevator Junction. Just go to the elevator and pick 
     your choice.
     To City Entrance
       via Shopping Mall
       via Inner Skyway
[11] Screen with the red pipe on the right of the street.
[12] Red pipe on the right and a trace of the green pipe. There is a 
     construction works.
[13] The Shopping Mall. Refer below for more details.
[14] The horizontal street with the "LEFT SIDE" and "RIGHT SIDE" 
     letterings on the pipe.
[15] Odine's Laboratory Elevator Junction
     To Presidential Palace
     To City Entrance
     To Airstation
[16] Here you will find a stop for the elevator and the Save Point.
[17] The red pipe on the right with the elevator. The left path leads 
     to the Airstation.
     To Presidential Palace
     To Odine's Laboratory
[18] Entrance of Odine's Laboratory. Can't enter it yet. A guard 
     prevent you from doing so. There is a Draw Point here. [Quake]
[19] The Rent-A-Car Platform. To rent a car, examine the panel and pay
     3,500 gil to rent a car. If you want to walk. Stand on the 
     platform, and choose first option to exit the town. There will
     be an CGI of the elevator platform moving.
[20] Esthar Airstation. You will know the usage of it later.
<E>  E stands for the elevator.
/ 1.2F \________________________________________________________________

  OILBOYLE       LV.1-100    HP:200-20,000     Taste: ?????      AP:10
  Steal/Drop : Fuel, Wizard Stone 
  Card       : n/a
  Rare Item  : Fuel
  Attack     : Oil, (Grab and Suck), Light Beam, Water 
  Draw       : Esuna, Blind, Cure*, Confuse 
  Descri.    : White creature with red torso, looks like a mutation or 
               advance version of Blobra
  Where      : Balamb Garden MD Level [NORG's Anger]
               Ultimecia Castle
  NOTE       : Weak against Fire. Water has no effect. It's Light Beam
               packs a punch compared to Oil. Both affects only one
  Info       : This creature lives underground. Its slimy body is full
               of oil. Attacks by splitting oil.

  PROPAGATOR     LV.1-100    HP:125-12,500     Taste: n/a         AP: 5
  Steal     : 8x Wizard Stone
  Drop      : Aura Stone, Ultima Stone, Flare Stone, Shell Stone, 
              Protect Stone, Death Stone, Holy Stone 
  Rare Item : n/a
  Card      : n/a
  Attack    : BiteBite, Silence, Blind, Bio, Thunder* 
  Draw      : Thunder*, Cure*, Esuna, Life
  Descri.   : 6-10 meter ailen monster
  Where     : Inside Ragnarok (The Space Incident)
  NOTE      : Yeah, no fear.. refer to strategy found in walkthrough
  Info      : A monster living in space ship Ragnarok. Very violent in
              nature. Attacks anything moves within the ship.

  PuPu     LV.1-100     HP:10-810        Taste: n/a    AP:0
  Drop      : Accelerator
  Rare Item : Accelerator
  Card      : PuPu Card
  Attack    : (none), Elixir Please!, More Elixir Please!, Thank you
  Draw      : Cure*, Fire*, Blizzard*, Thunder*
  Descri.   : Cute alien, can't explain more.. (refer to UFO Sighting
              Incident for more info.)
  Where     : Balamb - Accauld Plains where Balamb Garden formerly 
              located (must did all the UFO Sighting before this)
  NOTE      : I would recommend you not to kill it as that's the only
              way to get PuPu Card [which in turns get the Hungry 
              Cookpot.]. Anyway Accelerator can be gotten through
              another method. Make sure you have aleast 5 Elixirs and
              a character with Item command.
  Info      : An ailen from other planet. Someone destroyed its UFO and
              the alien is in need of help.

  UFO?     LV.1-100     HP:121-12,100     Taste: n/a    AP:0
  Drop      : Aegis Amulet
  Rare Item : Aegis Amulet
  Card      : n/a
  Attack    : (none)
  Draw      : Demi
  Descri.   : small blue and white Unindentified Flying Object with a 
              yellow antenna 
  Where     : Grandidi Mountain north of Chocobo Holy Region (refer to
              UFO Sighting Incident in Part II for more info)
  NOTE      : Not a strong foe (even an enemy), Just attack! 
  Info      : Unidentified flying object from outher space.
  RALDO      LV.1-100    HP:24-2,800   Taste:????     AP:2
  Steal/Drop: Magic Stone, Wizard Stone
  Rare Item : ???
  Card      : n/a
  Attack    : (claw Swipe)
  Draw      : Fire*, Thunder*, [Protect], Shell 
  Descri.   : A small version of Armadodo only with high defensive 
              stats, It is like a solid rock!
  Where     : Balamb Training Center 
              Ultimecia Castle
  NOTE      : Due to its high defensive stats, it will be more 
              advisible to use Magic on it than normal attacks.
  Info      : May look slow due to its stone-like body, but it is
              actually quite fast, appear in numbers.

  ESTHAR SOLDIER LV.1-100    HP:120-6,000  Taste: n/a    AP:1
  Steal     : Potion, Tent, Hi-Potion
  Drop      : Magic Stone, Potion, Tent, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down
  Card      : n/a
  Rare Item : n/a
  Attacks   : Shotgun, (knife strike) 
  Draw      : Cure*, Thunder*, Blizzard*, Fire*
  Descri.   : Type 1- Navy blue in color, Its head looks a grasshopper
  Where     : Centra- Excavation Site (Laguna Dream Sequence #2)
              Lunatic Pandora Research Center (Laguna Dream Sequence 
              Esthar Odine's Labortary (Laguna Dream Sequence #5)
  NOTE      : It just like the G-Soldier in Laguna's Dream Sequence. 
              Junction 100x Bio to your characters' Elem-Atk-J or 
              ST-Atk-J to deal with it. Weak against Poison
  Info      : Esthar Soldier who uses both gun and sword. Shotgun attack
              can cause major damage. Not a strong enemy.

  ESTHAR SOLDIER LV.1-100    HP: 150-6,500  Taste: n/a    AP:1
  Steal     : Potion, Tent, Hi-Potion
  Drop      : Magic Stone, Potion, Tent, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down
  Card      : n/a
  Rare Item : n/a
  Attacks   : Shotgun, (knife strike), Boomerang Sword, Soul Crash 
  Draw      : Thunder*, Blizzard*, Fire*
  Descri.   : Type 2- Dark Navy blue in color, Its head looks a 
              grasshopper (cyborg version)
  Where     : Centra- Excavation Site (Laguna Dream Sequence #2)
              Lunatic Pandora Research Center (Laguna Dream Sequence 
              Esthar Odine's Labortary (Laguna Dream Sequence #5)
  NOTE      : Weak against Thunder, Poison has no effect. The Soul 
              Crush is the move that it uses on Ward and Kiros at 
              Laguna's adventure at the evacuation site. Its Boomerang 
              Sword affects all allies. Junction 100x Thundaga to 
              inflicit more damage on it (of course, use Elem-Atk-J)
  Info      : A cyborg in the form of an Esthar Soldier but far 
              stronger. It only uses physical attacks.

  ELITE SOLDIER   LV.1-100    HP:50-3,000+    Taste: n/a  AP:2
  Steal/Drop: Cottage, Tent, Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion
  Card      : n/a
  Attack    : (Charge), (Double Shot), Thunder*, Potion
  Rare Item : n/a
  Draw      : Fire*, Blizzard*, Thunder*, {Scan -> Dispel} 
  Descri.   : A red soldier of Galbadia with a metallic padding on its 
  Where     : Dollet Mission, Balamb Arrival at Fisherman's Horizon,
              Esthar during arrival of Lunatic Pandora, Lunatic Pandora.
              Galbadia Missile Base, Timber Town
  NOTE      : A stronger G-Soldier. Has quite strong attacks against
              low level characters. Quite good enemy for storing magic.
              Weak against Poison.
  Info      : An officer acting together with G-Soldiers, Reflect him 
              first he uses recover magic on other soldiers.

  G-SOLDIER       LV.1-100     HP: 50-1,200   Taste: n/a    AP:1
  Steal/Drop : Potion, Tent, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down
  Card       : n/a
  Attack     : (Sword Swipe), Fire.
  Rare Item  : n/a
  Draw       : Fire*, Blizzard*, Thunder*, Cure* 
  Descri.    : A blue soldier of Galbadia holding a sword
  Where      : Dollet Communications Tower 
               Lunatic Pandora 
               Esthar- arrival of Lunatic Pandora 
               FH- Balamb Garden Arrival at Fisherman's Horizon, 
               Balamb Garden- Garden Crash
               Galbadia Missile Base
  NOTE       : The basic human enemy, extremely weak. Good for stocking
               the basic elementals. Weak against Poison. Sleep 
               junctioned ST-Atk-J works well on this guy.
  Info       : G-Soldier that use magic with a sword. Strong enough but
               nowhere near as strong as any SeeD member.

  GUARD           LV.1-100     HP: 50-1,200    Taste: n/a    AP: 1
  Steal/Drop : Remedy, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down
  Rare Item  : n/a
  Card       : n/a
  Attack     : (sword swipe), Sleep
  Draw       : Sleep, Silence, Blind, Cure*
  Descri.    : same as G-Soldier
  Where      : D-District Prison
  NOTE       : Weak against Poison. Typically make them sleep before 
               they did so! While they are "sleeping", summon GFs to 
               finish them off!
  Info       : A Prison secruity guard. A Galbadia Soldier that trained
               in sleep magic to capture escapees.
  PARATROOPER   LV.1-100      HP:50-3,000+    Taste: n/a     AP:1
  Steal/Drop : Remedy, Antidote, Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion
  Rare Item  : n/a
  Card       : n/a
  Attack     : (sword swipe), Blind, Demi, Water, Silence, Reflect, 
  Draw       : Sleep, Blind, Water, Silence
  Descri.    : Similar to G-Soldier, Guard of Galbadia on its green
  Where      : Balamb Garden - The Garden Crash
  NOTE       : These guys are quite dangerous as they could cast Demi,
               along with dangerous status spells such as Silence. It
               will be best if you have equipped the Treatment command.
               Junction 100x Silence or 100x Sleep to ST-Atk-J, could 
               does serious damage against it. Weak against Poison.
  Info       : Soldier assigned to Galbadia Garden. Specializes in 
               sneak attacks. Much stronger than regular Galbadia 
  GIM-52A       LV.1-100   HP:105-11,000   Taste: n/a    AP:3
  Steal/Drop : Missile, Running Fire
  Card       : n/a
  Rare Item  : Missile
  Attack     : Micro Missile, Haste, Gatling Gun, Ray-Bomb, (Charge)
  Draw       : Haste, Slow, {Dispel}, {Reflect}
  Descri.    : A blue robot keep moving its hands, looks like Weltall of 
  Where      : D-District Prison, 
               Esthar- City (Arrival of Lunatic Pandora)
               Inside Lunatic Pandora (before Lunar Cry) 
  NOTE       : Weak against Thunder. Cast Slow on it and cast Haste on 
               your members and attack! Make use of Thunder Elem-Atk-J 
               Combo. It's Micro Missile does 3/4 damage to one ally.
               Gatling Gun does damage to one ally. Ray-Bomb does 
               damage to all characters.
  Info       : A Galbadia Machine that attacks with magic and missile.
               The more advance models uses high powered beams.

  SLAPPER       LV 40     HP: 1710        Taste: n/a   AP: 3
  Steal/Drop :  Hi-Potion, Potion, Phoenix Down
  Card       :  n/a
  Rare Item  :  n/a
  Attack     :  (Slap), (teamwork)
  Draw       :  Blizzard, [Blizzara], {Blizzaga}, {Water}
  Descri.    :  A monster dressed like a hockey player
  Where      :  Galbadia Garden (The Garden Crash)
  NOTE       :  Pretty a weak monster.... Use Fire Elem-Atk-J Combo.
  Info       :  A member of Garden's semi-human ice-hockey club, 
                attacks with speed and teamwork.
/ 1.3 \_________________________________________________________________
Important Storylines (!SPOLIERS!), Press Page Down 11 times.
In RPGs, there are generally important sequences about the game. They 
may include in differences in gameplay. For example, you will be able
to access more areas and thus allow you to have more leisure. If you
find along the Monster Besitary, I have shortened the sequences using
key words such as "Lunar Cry", "The Garden Crash", etc. Here they are:

/ Lunar Cry Incident (Disc 3 onwards, after getting Ragnarok) \_________
Upon your jounery to Lunar Base, Rinoa (possessed by the future witch 
Ultimecia) has freed the Adel (whom is sealed inside the ice chamber..),
which causes the Lunar Cry which struck several years ago to occur once
again. From the "Realm of Evil", the Lunatic Pandora (which has settled
at the Tears Point), absorbs the energy of evil, thus causing the 
following areas become infested with more powerful, devil-looking 
monsters. The Lunar Cry has occured once and it forms the Centra Crater
where you find the Centra Ruins.

Esthar City (the streets of Giant Esthar City) It is on the World Map
Original                       After Lunar Cry
Gayla                          Behemoth
Bite Bug                       Elynole

Great Plains of Esthar (where you find the building structures of 
Lunatic Pandora Research Center, Tears Point, Lunar Gate, Witch 
Memorial Hall)
Original                       After Lunar Cry
Hexdragon                      Behemoth
Mesmerize                      Torama
Bite Bug                       Imp
Caterchipillar                 Tutrapod

/ "The Garden Crash" (Disc 2) \_________________________________________
At Disc 2, you will experience this sequence where the two Gardens 
colliding together.. Seifer, Fuijin and Raijin at the other party as 
they were in search of Ellone. Galbadians start to invade the Balamb 
Garden along with Paratroopers.. You will start to have a sequence
where Rinoa is in life-threatening damage [she is with Zell, coz she 
wants Squall's ring (with Griver engraved in it.)] Galbadia Garden is
also full of monsters too.. the Sorceress generally wants to prolonged
the time.

Monsters (Balamb Garden)
Elite Soldier

Monsters (Galbadia Garden)
Death Claw
Slapper (only in the hockey fields)
/ "Balamb Garden's Arrival at FH" (Disc 2) \____________________________
After drifting for several days, the Balamb Garden has finally undocked
at the FH (also known as Fisherman's Horizons). Squall will be called
by Cid Kramer (the headmaster of Balamb Garden) to apologise the Mayor
of the incident. At the same time, they have company. It is the 
Galbadians! They are searching for the mysterious lady Ellone (or The
"Sis" mentioned in Squall's Dreams). 

Monsters (Fisherman's Horizons)
Elite Soldier
/ "Lunatic Pandora's Arrival at Esthar City" (Disc 3) \_________________
Things are really getting bad.. Upon leaving from the Lunar Gate, after
bid farewell to Squall whom seeks treatment for Rinoa from Ellone, Zell
are being assigned to protect the Matron (Edea, well Edea can protect
herself anyway, why need him to do that?). As the Lunatic Pandora is 
once being brought alive from the face of earth and is heading the Tears
Point. Zell and his company are to head to the City where they will be
brief about the Lunatic Pandora from Dr. Odine. 

Monsters (inside Esthar City)
Elite Soldier

Monsters (inside Lunatic Pandora)
Elite Soldier

/ "Ultima Weapon Quest" Disc 3 onwards \________________________________
Yeah.. the Ultima Weapon is back from FF7.. This Weapon is far one of 
the strongest in FF8. This weapon has a couple of damaging attacks. It's
Light Pillar is indeed a killer (well, Irvine at Level 100 is more a
killer ^_^;). After getting GF Bahamut at the Deep Sea Research Center,
you will see a hole down the path.. this leads to the basement where 
Squall can gain access to the Deep Sea Deposit. You need make use of the
Reserve Steam Pressure to reduce the crystal that is encovering the 
Ultima Weapon. Just have Zell, in the party. Head down to the hole. 
Examine the steam machine located on the left and you will have a short
briefing about the scenario. Just do in 2-2-1-1 RSP usage and have Zell
to handle the last steam machine (refer to Part II for more details). 
Upon that you will be able to access to the Deep Sea Deposit and a whole
hell of them are awaiting for you... 

NOTE: Can't ran away...

Monsters (Deep Sea Deposit)
Ruby Dragon
Iron Giant

/ "NORG's Anger" (Disc 2) \_____________________________________________
After done with the Missile Base Sequence, Squall and the remainding two
characters will head back to Balamb Garden to warn Cid Kramer for the
incoming Missiles. (they have been launched..) This time, there are a
dispute between the SeeD Cadets and Garden. A co-headmaster of the 
Garden, known as NORG is very unpleased with Cid (not his managment but
the fact that Balamb Garden has been involved with opposition against
the Sorceress.) The Garden Faculties along with those Garden cadets that
have not been graduated (well, there are some exceptions..) fought 
against the SeeDs. 

Monsters (Balamb Garden)
T-Rexaur (hopefully you got Siren..)
Glaccid Eye
Bite Bug

Monsters (MD System)
Blood Soul
/ Laguna Dream Sequences (Disc 1 ~ Disc 3) \____________________________
Due to "Sis" Ellone doing, Squall repeatedly have this sequence about 
the past about this guy known as Laguna Loire (that's my fan favourite!)
Generally, you will expect some battle sequences and here is a brief 
summary about the sequences.

Laguna Dream Sequence #1: Laguna and his party on a jounery across the
forests in Galbadia. Intend to meet his dream girl, Julia HEARTILLY at
the capital city of Galbadia, Deling City (Disc 1)

Laguna Dream Sequence #2: Laguna and his party are been instructed to 
investigate the evacuation site found in Centra. Laguna has a bad
feeling about this (well, he bring the wrong map ^_^;, his leg got 
cramped.. as usual.). Ward and Kiros got injured.. (Disc 1)

Esthar Soldier 
Esthar Soldier (cyborg)

Laguna Dream Sequence #3: Laguna is recovering from his injuries at 
Winhill where he is attended by Raine, the owner of the Pub. Next he has
a job of killing off monsters that invaded Winhill. Ellone is a hot-
wanted personal due to her special abilities that allows to transport
back to the past and are heavily wanted by the Sorceress Adel (aka. 
Leader of Esthar). Laguna has to protect her...

Bite Bug

Laguna Dream Sequence #4: Laguna's broke ^_^; He was acting as a knight
at Trabia Canyon where he was on the journey to save Ellone.. Kiros are
to act as the dragon.. but amusingly enough, a real Ruby Dragon appears.
Laguna as a Dragon Slayer!

Bite Bug
Ruby Dragon (BOSS)

Laguna Dream Sequence #5: Laguna is finally at Esthar.. but held captive
^_^;. He was at the Lunatic Pandora Research Center. The people of 
Esthar are pretty upset over Adel's rule and Laguna seems to the best
candidate for the position. Now bracing through all dangers, Laguna 
managed to save Ellone whom was held captive at Odine's Lab.

Esthar Soldier
Esthar Soldier (cyborg)

Well that's all for the sub-quests. Enough Spoilers? ^_^;

/ 1.4 \_________________________________________________________________
The strategies section are back, so that you gamers can help to reveal
some of the top secrets in combat in FF8. If you have one, just feel 
free to submit to me through e-mail at [email protected]
Thanks the following strategies masters, for their awesome strategies!

/ 1.4A \________________________________________________________________
Things that you should know....
- Ways to equip commands (refer to basic tutorial found in Part I)
- Junction magic to your characters' stats, thus bolstering them up.
  (refer to Basic Tutorial found in Part I)
- Ways to get the spells [refer to GF Mag-RF Menu Abilities such as 
  e.g. Hi Mag-RF -> Getting Triple
  Draw Double from Grendel (refer to monster besitary above) and you
  can get Triple by exchange 5x Double for 1x Triple

/ 1.4B \________________________________________________________________
Miscellaneous Strategies
Here you will find some of top killer strategies in detail.. These 
strategies are extremely useful as they help in making life easier for

Defeating Malboros
by Qiao2324 
   Scott Ong ([email protected])
  Malboros can be defeated! Just meet the following requirements 
  - Berserk, Confuse, Sleep and Death (Pain will be quite good...)
  - 3x Initiative (c) [Pandemona, Tonberry, Cactaur]
  - Spd +40% [Pandemona, Cerberus]
  - Spd J [Cerberus, Pandemona] 
  - Auto Haste [Cerberus]
  - Aura [gotten from the Draw Points at the borders of Island closest
    to Hell/Heaven or the shoreline at the tip of Long Horn Island.]
  - Squall's Lionheart or Quistis' Degenarator]
  - Meltdown [needed if using Lionheart, draw from Gayla]
  - Treatment or Esuna [drawn from Mesmerize]
  - Str-J [if have Lionheart, junction to Squall's Str until 255]
  <> With Lion Heart
     Have all status ailment magic junctioned to ST-Def-J to that 
     character and give that character the Treatment command. First of 
     all, have the first character to cast Meltdown to weaken the 
     Malboro. Next after the Malboro have used the Bad Breath, have 
     that character use the Treatment to cure others and have the 
     members casting Aura on Squall. There will be a high probability 
     that Squall will use Lion Heart on the Malboro.... 
     Note: Malboro will not use Bad Breath if a character is still 
           under the status ailments.
  <> With Degenarator
     As you go into the battle, cast Aura on Quistis and have she
     cast Degenarator [first item on the 2nd Specials page.] This
     strategy works well against tough cookies such as the Ruby 
  <> As a Party (NEW!, added by Scott Ong)
     Pretty amazed by this strategy.. You can get 2x Elem-Def-J x4
     One from Alexander and the other one from Doomtrain. Just 
     junction 100x Sleep, Confuse, Pain, Berserk to the character and
     give the character the Treatment command. Once the Malboro has
     used its Bad Breath, have that character cast Treatment on the
     remainding characters. Draw Demi from the Malboro and use on it.
     It will does 9999 HP damage each time.. Attack!

Status Elemental Strategy 
by Markweb Jimenez ([email protected])
  - Junctioned 100x Zombie to the 1st character's ST-Atk-J.
  - Junctioned 100x Pain to the 2nd character's ST-Atk-J
  - Junctioned 100x Death to the 3rd character's ST-Atk-J

  Commands ASCII Diagram
    __________          __________          __________
   |Commands  |        |Commands  |        |Commands  |
   |Attack    |  1st   |Attack    |  2nd   |Attack    |  3rd
   |Magic     |        |GF        |        |Magic     |
   |Recover   |        |Draw      |        |GF        |
   |Draw      |        |Item      |        |Revive    |
   |__________|        |__________|        |__________|

   Start off with the 1st character attacking the monster [make sure 
   that it is not undead]. Have the second character used a Phoenix 
   Down, if it misses have the third character used the Revive Command.
   And the monster will be instantly killed! (if you do not have 
   Revive, just used Life Magic) If the monster is instantly undead, 
   used a Phoenix Down for an easy kill. Death works well against most
   monsters such as Behemoths.

Fighting against Undead 
by Markweb Jimenez ([email protected])
Don't bother to attack, just use a Phoenix Down or cast Life on the 
monster. [Life can be drawn from Mesmerize] Note that you can make 
undead with Zombie, refer to the strategy above for more details. 
Zombie does not work on plants-type monsters such as Ochu and of course 
the undead.

Fighting against the monsters found at the Island closest to Hell
by Scott Ong ([email protected]).
In summary, here is a brief list and their toughest rating. Please read
as it is kinda important for survival. Currently, I am still figuring
out a better objective in defeating the Ruby Dragon. So watch for the
next update. [well, it can't be possible using Degenerator everytime..
unless you are willing to keep Quistis at low HP..]

Name          Difficulty Rating
Ruby Dragon   *****
Malboro       ****1/2
Grendel       ***
Hexdragon     ***
T-Rexaur      ***
Blue Dragon   ***

Ruby Dragon - I think it is the most dangerous monster in FF8. It's 
              Breath [when it is at Level 100] does 9999 HP to any 
              character who has less than 100 Vit Stats. Currently, I
              am still thinking a way to prevent that. I guess the best
              way is to use Degenerator and summon GF Doomtrain.
Malboro - refer to the strategy above.
Grendel - Junction Death/Sleep/Blind to your characters' ST-Atk-J along
          with Elem-Atk-J [Quake, Aero* or Blizzard*]. Well, just 
          attack. Blind junctioned ST-Atk-J is very important.
Hexdragon - Make sure you have high attacking power. Junction Firaga to
            your character's Elem-Def-J to nullify its Breath Attack.
T-Rexaur - Make sure that you have accquired Blizzaga junctioned to 
           Elem-Atk-J. Blind junctioned to the ST-Atk-J is vital or you
           will be its prey.
Blue Dragon - quite weak against status such as Blind, Death or Sleep.
              Quite an easy foe, so no fear.

Defeating the T-Rexaur
by Rob Strokes ([email protected])
The T-Rexaur is weak against Ice. Junction 100x Blizzaga to your 
character's Elem-Atk-J and he/she can does as much as 4000 even with 
the Str stats of 100+. This is due to the weak defense of the T-Rexaur. 
Also junction 100x Blind to your character's ST-Atk-J so it is 
defenceless or use Doom to have the monster met his "doom".

Sleep ST-Atk-J Strategy
by Markweb Jimenez ([email protected])
First of all you must gotten spells such as Sleep, Haste, Slow
<> Sleep:   Funguar 
<> Slow:    LV 20+ Caterchipillar
<> Haste:   Iron Giant, Cactaur
Junction 100x Sleep to Squall's ST-Atk-J and make sure that he has high 
Speed stats. Give him also Auto-Haste. Junction 100x Slow to another 
character's ST-Atk-J. As for the last character, junction 100x Pain for 
his/her ST-Atk-J. Give that character with Slow, the Initiative ability 
first. Just keep on attacking with the third character summoning a GF 
and have the character with Slow, does the attacking first and followed 
Squall doing his job. In this way, you can conserve most of the HP of 
your GFs for BOSS fights.

Easy defeat Iron Giant
by Scott Ong ([email protected])
Very bothering with the Iron Giant attacking your characters with the
Grand Sword which can inflict a minimum damage of 1000+ to all 
characters? Here is a method:
-> Junction 100x Sleep to every characters' ST-Atk-J!
-> Junction 100x Thundaga to every characters' Elem-Atk-J.
-> Equip GFs Diablos, Quezacotl, Lv100 Cactaur
Now as soon as your characters reaches his/her turn, attack the Iron 
Giant and it will be instantly under the Sleep status. Once under the 
Sleep status, summon Diablos and Quezacotl which should last about 2 
summons for each GF (unless superb compatibility). Have one character 
do stocking of Haste, if you don't have or have that character wait 
until the Sleep status wear off. And start to attack again. In this way, 
there is no chance for the Iron Giant to does damage on your characters. 
It also works on monsters such as Behemoth. Blind also workes well.

Easy gaining EXP and AP through escaping
by Prasetia Gunawan
You must have gotten Ragnarok and have GF Odin. Head for the Island
closest to Hell. The monsters give a handsome sum of EXP. Just simply
junction 1x Initiative for each character and run once you begin a
battle [press L2 and R2 to escape] If you are lucky, you will experience 
Odin entering the battle. It is Zantesuken doing the job.. works quite
well for repeated battles.

The Demi HP-Calculator 
by Markweb Jimenez ([email protected])
You may know the monster's current HP by looking at the damage done by 
Demi spell. Example if the damage inflict is 3,600 and you know that 
Demi does 1/4 of damage. Multiply by 3 and you will get 10,800 HP and 
you don't have to trouble yourself in using the Scan spell.

Meteor Destruction 
by Sung Kato ([email protected])
An old strategy which I have forgotten to mention. Firstly you must have 
acquired GF Eden and have Expendx3-1 [or use the Three Stars which can 
be stolen from the Ultima Weapon, or the Card Refinement of Squall's
Card]. Stock Meteor from your fight against Ruby Dragon. Do here is the 
fun. Junction 100x Sleep to every character's ST-Atk-J and cause them in
Sleep status and summon GF Cerberus. Once the Triple Status is on, cast 
Meteor and you will be able to summon it thrice for the price of one 
without the monster attacking.

The deadly of Doomtrain! 
by r_rjonah
Have Squall being equipped the Initiative command from Pandemona to get 
the first turn in battle right. Make sure that Squall was junctioned the 
GF Doomtrain. Make sure that Squall has a high compatibility with 
Doomtrain is about 1000! Once the battle began, summon the Doomtrain! 
BOOM!! almost all of the monsters have the SLOW, PETRIFY, SLEEP, 
DARKNESS, DEATH, BERSERK, POISON, VIT 0 all in one turn!!! Once it has 
happen just kill the monster IN ANY MANNER YOU WANT!!! But some 
monster are immune to the above effects (one good example is the 
Malboro) but many strong monsters are affected like the RUBY DRAGON, 
IRON GIANT ,BEHEMOTH and almost any other monsters will be affected!

The Murderer.. 
by r_rjonah
First of all, have the following magic being junctioned to the
character's ST-Atk.
Squall --> 100x Death spells, will arise 100% for Sudden Death!
Zell   --> 100x Zombie spells, will arise 100% for Zombie!
Irvine --> 100x Break spells, will arise 100% for Petrify!
Make sure that Squall is protect from Confuse (otherwise, you will be
dead meat in no time if the other characters does not have 100% 
protection against Sudden Death. If the opponent is under Zombie 
status, use Recover for a quick kill. Revive will be much better.

The Stealer of HP
by Scott Ong ([email protected])
Pretty amazed when I first time discovered this. You can get HP too, by
using this superb combo. 100x Drain junctioned to ST-Atk-J. But it is
pretty weak and sometimes causes a huge damage.. Here is a brief 
summary. Typically it seldom works on BOSSES, that's I did not 
mentioned in the walkthrough!

Monster's Element              Elem-Atk-J                Effect
Absorbs Fire                    Fire*                     reduces HP
Absorbs Ice                     Blizzard*                 reduces HP
Absorbs Earth                   Quake                     reduces HP
Absorbs Wind                    Aero/Tornado              reduces HP
Absorbs Poison                  Bio                       reduces HP
Absorbs Thunder                 Thunder*                  reduces HP
Fire no effect                  Fire*                     0 HP
Ice no effect                   Blizzard*                 0 HP
Earth no effect                 Quake                     0 HP
Wind no effect                  Aero/Tornado              0 HP
Poison no effect                Bio                       0 HP
Thunder no effect               Thunder*                  0 HP
Holy no effect                  Holy                      0 HP
*Weak against Fire              Fire* / n/a               increase HP
*Weak against Ice               Blizzard* / n/a           increase HP
*Weak against Thunder           Thunder* / n/a            increase HP
*Weak against Wind              Aero/ Tornado / n/a       increase HP
*Weak against Earth             Quake / n/a               increase HP
*Weak against Holy              Holy / n/a                increase HP
*Weak against Poison            Poison/ n/a               increase HP
Undead                          any element               reduces HP.
Blue Dragon                     any element               0 HP.
Chimera                         any element except        1/2 of ATK.
Strong BOSSES                   any element               0 HP.
Weak BOSSES                     any element               1/2 of ATK
 (e.g. Fujin and Raijin)

* Any element will support the case, unless the monster can absorbs the 
  element damage. Example:
  Snow Lion             Absorption Success Elements
  Weak against Fire     Elem-Atk-J: Fire/Wind/Earth/Thunder/Holy/Poison
  Notice that I did not include Ice element? Because the Snow Lion 
  nullifies Blizzard*. If you don't have any magic junctioned to 
  Elem-Atk-J, it will be still a success. Happy stealing..

Ruby Dragons? No Fear!
by Scott Ong ([email protected])
Ruby Dragons are extremely tough at high level as they could does an
astonishing 9999 HP damage to any characters with a Vitality less than 
100. The Breath carries no element unlike the Japanese version. Just to
reduce the damage, you must get a couple of important magic. Protect is
generally a must as it reduces physical/non-elemental damage by half. 
You must also get GF Cerberus or you need to have a lot of Triple. Make
use of Expendx3-1 as it saves Magic. You need magic such as Regen, 
Firaga [junctioned to Elem-Def-J], Blizzarga or Holy to Elem-Atk-J, 
Aura and GF Doomtrain [if you don't have 100x Sleep to ST-Atk-J and 
100x Meltdown.] Ruby Dragons are strong against Darkness, Poison, 
Petrify, Stop, Silence except for Slow, Vit 0 and Sleep. [if you have
100 quantity of that magic.] Drain to ST-Atk-J works well, but it is
not quite advisble. Instead prefer to use ST-Atk-J with Sleep 
junctioned. Just cast Protect on all characters, after casting Triple
(summon GF Cerberus.). Attack the Ruby Dragon with the characters that
has Sleep to ST-Atk-J only and followed by summoning Doomtrain [or 
Meltdown]. The Ruby Dragons will be greatly weaken and you can easily 
killed it off by summoning GFs such as Bahamut and Eden. You can also
choose to eliminate the Ruby Dragon with Limit Breaks.

Usefulness of Darkside
by Psyco Schizophrenic <[email protected]>
Here is one useful tip. Typically it only works on basic monsters such
as Ruby Dragons except for BOSS (exceptions: Fujin and Raijin). Just
simply has 100x Drain junctioned to ST-Atk-J. Equip Darkside command.
Now just use Darkside [which allows you to attack thrice as much and
also suffer a deflict of 1/10 of the current HP), you will be able to
drain the HP back while inflict as much as 3 times!

Reduce EXP gain
by Scott Ong ([email protected])
A helpful strategy for those whom want to train your characters. I 
myself typically started training when he has accquired LV 20. [for him,
his Strength stats is really good. LV 100, he can already gotten 175+
and that's without any bonus!]
Just give him Str Bonus while he have accquired Str Bonus. There is 
generally three methods to reduce EXP.. and gain a lot of AP:

1. Run! - don't quite like this method as your hands will generally got
   sore if you do that every moment. You will still get a portion of 
   EXP if you have attack the opponent.
2. Fight Cactuars - yep.. They give low EXP and at the same high AP. 
   Seize the opportunity to master Str Bonus for Ifrit, Mag Bonus for
   Siren, HP bonus for Brothers, Vitality Bonus for Carbuncle and Spirit 
   for Leviathan.
3. Use LV Down or LV Up. LV Down will reduce greatly the EXP gain. As 
   the lower levels, the more easier is the fight. The higher EXP, the
   faster the character will level up.

The Well of Souls
by [email protected]
Phase:                After Departing Timber/Before Laguna's 
                      Dream Sequence #2
Location:             Due West of Timber in brown area bordering
                      mountains, between ocean and train bridge
Monster:              Vysage, Lefty, Righty
Requirements:         Squall at Limit Break
                      All characters stocked with Silence and
                      Blind magic
Preferred Abilities:  All characters with ST-ATK-J
                      Squall with Silence
                      2nd Character with Silence
                      3rd Character with Blind
Order of Attack:      Squall, #2, #3
Target Priorities:    Silence Vysage
                      Silence Lefty
                      Blind Righty
                      Blind Vysage
                      Blind Lefty
  First Round
    Squall casts/attacks Vysage with Silence
    #2 casts/attacks Lefty with Silence
    #3 casts/attacks Righty with Blind
  2nd Round (assuming all 1st round attacks succeeded)
    Squall casts/attacks Vysage with Blind
    #2 casts/attacks Lefty with Blind
    #3 waits for 3rd round OR 
  Subsequent Rounds
    Draw and stock magic
  When the Head begins to use Curse (usually at higher
    levels and long after you have stocked all available
    magic) use Squall's Limit Break in the first round
    to KO the Head or Righty. The Curse cannot be
    summoned unless all three are parts of the Vysage
    are there. Silencing or blinding the Head does not
    stop the Vysage from casting Curse.
Each successful battle yields 12 AP and special items.
The most prized of the special items are Life Rings
and Regen Rings. You can also get Lightweights.

Using Siren's L MAG-RF, you can convert the Life
Ring into Life magic and the Regen Ring into Full-Life
magic at this early stage of the game. Otherwise, you
have to wait until the Esthar phase to grab/win these
items or after the Lunar adventure to fly to the
Island Closest to Heaven/Island Closest to Hell to
get this magic from the hidden Draw Points.

100x Lightweights can be converted to 1x Accelerator
after gaining Eden's GFAbl Med-RF in order to have a
GF learn Auto-Haste.

This is also an excellent opportunity to level-up your
characters, level-up your GFs, and add GF abilities.
Coming back at intervals before Esthar will help you
get those costly GF abilities in a short amount of time.

Depending upon your character's levels, you can draw
magic now from the Head (Esuna, Haste, Bio), Lefty
(Bio, Demi, Quake, Regen, Blind, Drain, Slow), and Righty
(Shell, Protect) instead of having to bog down through
later sections drawing from other monsters.

Well of Dark Matter
by [email protected]
Phase:        Deep Sea Deposit, Battle Area #1
Location:     Battle Area #1
Monster:      Tri-Face (occurs at three locations all the time)
              Behind column before reaching Save Point
              Top of 2nd small stairs
              Top of stairs to next screen
   Note:      All monster locations can be reset by doing one of
              the following:
              Going to next screen and returning.
              Going back to Save Point and switching party
              members. Switching junctions is not required.
              Remember to keep Quistis in the middle position.

  . Quistis at Limit Break (Blue Magic - Degerator)
  . Siren at Level 100 with Tool-RF Ability
  . Move-Find Ability

Preferred Abilities:
   All characters with ST-ATK-J and Blind magic junctioned
   All characters with Initiative, Auto-Haste, and/or High
     Speed Junction             

Order of Attack:  #1, Quistis, #3

    #1 attacks Tri-Face with Blind
    If Quistis's Limit Break activates, Quistis casts Blue
      Magic - Degerator [auto-victory]
    If Quistis's Limit Break does not activate, press "O" to
      go to #3.
    #3 attacks Tri-Face with Blind
    Continue to press "O" until Quistis's Limit Break
      activates, then cast Blue Magic - Degerator [auto-
Each successful battle yields 8 AP and special items (8x
Poison Powders, 8x Curse Spikes, or 3x Star Fragments).
The occurrence of Poison Powders/Curse Spikes is about 50/50,
with the Star Fragments being infrequent. Another Rare Item
is Tri-Face's Card.

Using Siren's TOOL-RF, you can convert 100x Curse Spikes
into 1x Dark Matter. The Dark Matter can be used to:
. Have Quistis learn Shockwave Pulsar
. Refine 100x Ultima Magic (Bahamut's Forbid Mag-RF)
. Refine 1x Luck-J Scroll (Eden's GFAbl Med-RF)
. Refine 1x Shaman Stone (Eden's Forbid Med-RF)
. Refine 1x SHaman Stone into
   . 1x Rosetta Stone (Eden's Forbid Med-RF)
   . 1x LuvLuv G (Siren's Tool-RF)

Using Siren's ST Med-RF, you can convert 1x Poison
Powder into 3x Antidotes. Using Call Shop, you can sell the
Antidotes for cash.

In fact, this is an another, excellent location to level-up characters, 
GFs, and GF abilities. You simply run up and down and use the local 
Save Point to assist in resetting the monster locations and switching 
out characters that achieve level 100 with others that haven't.

Remember to equip any Bonus Abilities (HP, Mag, Hit) to specific 
characters in order to get those additional levels in addition to 
experience levels.

I was able to accumulate 7x Dark Matters before all my characters 
achieved Experience Level 100. That provides enough Rosetta Stones to 
have every character have Ability x4 after modification and distribution 
of GFs.

Power-Up with Bonuses
by [email protected]
What you need to do is get through the game on the smallest level 
possible, what I recommend is getting everyone to level 30 and stopping
there. You'll have to use enc-none or run to avoid getting exp. Then 
once you get the 4 bonuses from jumbo cactuar give them all to one 
character, kill the other members of your party and level him up till 
level 100. Then revive another character and give the bonuses to 
him/her and do that until everyone has gotten the bonuses and are at 
level 100. This will add 70 to you base stats. Don't put on the hp 
bonus though. I've played around with the different spells and I think 
I've got a pretty good junction now. Junction the spells like this:

HP- Ultima 
Str- Meteor 
Vit- Meltdown 
Mag- Flare(mag isn't that important), 
Spr- Reflect 
Spd- Triple 
Eva- Tornado 
Hit- Double 
Luck- Aura.
Elem-Atk- None 
Elem-Def- Shell, Life, Full-Life
ST-Atk- Pain, 
ST-Def- Death, Holy, Esuna, Reflect (But if you're fighting Malboro 
        make it Confuse, Sleep, Beserk, and Silence)

Now that you have all magic junctioned up set your abilties. The two 
must have abilties are Vit+%60 and Spr+%60. If you have those the 
ruby dragons breath attack only does 400 damage(pretty good huh?) and 
the last boss becomes a joke because the most damge she ever does 
aside from Gravija is 300 or so. Str+60% is also important on two of 
the characters but the other one should be a healer. What I have on my 
characters is Squall: Vit+60, Spr+60, Str+60, Spd+40 Zell: Vit+60, 
Spr+60, Str+60, Spd+40 Rinoa: Vit+60, Spr+60, Expend3x-1, Spd+40

If you followed my advice you'll have the most powerful characters 
around. Enjoy never fearing any opponent(except the weapons which can 
still kill you with ease)

Fast Levelling Up with Death Combo!
by [email protected] 
I have a strategy for beating practically ANY enemy (the only ones 
i've yet to see it work on are Malboros, Hexadragons, and Ruby Dragons,
and bosses of course.)!  Simply junction 100x death to all of your 
characters' attack. Watch the enemies drop!! It kills them in one hit, 
although sometimes it won't work until 2nd or 3rd hit. It will inflict 
no damage and the monster just fades away in a red transparency (kind 
of like how bosses died in FF3.) GREAT for leveling up, I gained 40 
levels in one day with it!! I'm not exactly sure but I think my rare 
item chance has gone up significantly when using this strategy.. 

The Perpetual Squall's Limit Break.
by Fong Liu <[email protected]>

To do this all you need is:
Aura OR Really low HP for Squall + Hero/Invincible Moon

The method is based on one simple realization: there is a chance for a
limit break whenever you press Circle [that's to change turns for your
characters] while in combat. Every time, you select Squall by pressing 
the Circle button, you give him a chance to use his Limit Breaks.

So here is one possible way to utilize Squall's Perpetual limit break:
(Pre-combat) Make sure Squall has no elemental junctions on his weapon

1) Get Squall as fast as possible--haste, speed etc.
2) Aura Squall somehow. or get him at low HP
3) make the other 2 characters busy (summon a GF or something)
4) Keep pressing the Circle button really fast until you hear the 
   little ring that signals a limit break (you may have to 
   practice this so you don't miss the ring). Use the limit break 
   quick! Don't miss your triggers!
5) Repeat 4 until the other two characters are done with their 
   action. When they are done with their actions make them busy 
   again and keep repeating 4.

Squall does the most damage with his limit break if he's at 1 HP...
so against Omega Weapon, wait for a Terra Break before you use Hero on 

Otherwise, with this technique, EVERY BOSS is eliminated very easily...
INCLUDING Ultimecia. Omega is the only challenge.

Elynoles Extinction!
by Vox Necros <[email protected]>
This sure-fire strategy can be done by juntioniong 100x Zombies to 
ST-Atk-J, which seems to have a 95% chance of zombying the Elynole. 
Then just cast Life on it, and *poof* you win. I've noticed that 
Phoenix Downs always seem to miss it, but haven't had a problem with 
the spell yet. I usually take the thing down before it even gets a 
chance to act, and my characters does have have Initiative ability 
/ 1.4B \________________________________________________________________
Bosses Strategies
Some of the strategies from the contributors. They are pretty efficient.
If you have a problem in battling a BOSS, I will add it here. Just 
submit the status (include GFs you have, level of your characters, name
of weapon) to me and I will try. 
Armagedon Madness I: Defeating the GF Jumbo Cactaur 
by Akuma20000
Basics Requirements:
- Level 60. Have Zell in the party and have his HP keep at the critical
  status, yellow in color. Have tons of Phoenix Downs. Have the other
  characters with the item and Draw.
- Magic needed:
  100x Ultima - junctioned it to Zell's Str stats through Str-J. Triple 
  works quite well too. Get this from the draw points found at the 
  Island closest to Hell/Heaven and the draw point found at the second 
  floor of the windmill at FH. You can get a lot of this at the Shumi
  Village but it is rather costly.
  Meltdown - you can get that from the BOSS or you can get that by 
  drawing from Gayla.
  Slow - you can draw this magic from the Caterchipillar.
  Protect - most monsters have them, refer to Monsters section for more
  Haste - draw from the GIM52A while at D-District Tower or the Iron 
  Curaga - draw from Caterchipillar while your characters are at 
  Level 60+. Mesmerize will be a preferred choice.
  Water - draw from the Grant Mantis. Stock 100x Water and junctioned
  to Elem-Atk-J. If Zell's Str Stats are 255, you can do 9999 HP damage!

Steps in defeating the Jumbo Cactaur
1. Draw Meltdown from the Cactaur and cast on the BOSS, this will 
   decrease the defensive stats of the Cactaur.
2. Have one character cast Slow on the Cactaur.
3. Have the others cast Triple and followed by Haste and Protect
4. Now just keep on using Zell's Limit Break [tap Circle repeatedly 
   until it appears and each of his hits will take over 1000+ and if 
   you're lucky, the rate of critical that will be about 3000+
5. Just using the normal moves, such as Rush Punch and Booya. Let's 
   say you can get 9 seconds for Zell's special technique and for each 
   second you get around 3 hits (each hit giving around 1500 damage) 
   that's a total of 4500 for 1 second and if you can get nine seconds, 
   Zell can easily cause around 40,000+ HP damage!
6. Meanwhile have the other two characters, for healing lost HP and 
   drawing. Don't bother to heal Zell and just keep him at critical
   status so that you can use his Limit Break each time. Just make
   sure that the other characters have maintained their HP above 3000
   (just in case, the Cactaur uses its elbow drop!) If Zell dies 
   just use a Phoenix Down or cast Life on him and that'll be enough

- This strategy isn't meant for people who want to beat the Cactaur
  at low levels. This method has only one aim, that's this consume 
  items and magic spells [such as precious Aura]

Armagedon Maddness I: Defeating the Bahamut 
by Akuma 20000
Basics Requirements
- Have Zell at Level 60 and have him at critical status. Junction 
  powerful magic to boast up his Str stats. Equip Auto Haste and
  3x Initiative [each for one character..]
Magic needed:
- Slow -> Draw this magic from the Caterchipillar
  Meltdown -> Draw this magic from the Gayla
Steps in defeating the Bahamut
1. Cast Meltdown and Slow while have Zell doing his limit techniques.
   Kept everyone's HP above 4000+. You will be able to finish of the
   Bahamut with just two Limit Breaks [9 seconds... it is
   indeed a killer.] Have tons of Phoenix Down in your inventory.
   Meanwhile seize the opportunity to get spells such as Full-life.

The War against Jumbo Cactaur with Water
by Scott Ong ([email protected])
Have you seen Squall does 9999 HP everytime, you uses the Attack 
Command? It is possible.. But you need to get the following ^_^;

Water - draw from the Grand Mantis found at the Lenown Plains. Get 100x
        of this and junction 100x Water to Elem-Atk-J. [well, the 
        Cactaur is weak against that.]
Revive - just in case the BOSS uses its 10,000 Needles.. The Revive 
         Command restore the character's HP back to full health!

Get Squall's Str stats to 255. [Ultima will be the best choice. If you
can't junction Str +20%, Str +40% to boost it to that status.] Have
Squall in Critical Status and you will see the might. I have defeat it 
with the Lion Heart as I have uses Irvine's Pulse Destruction and 
Zell's Armagedon Fist Madness. Lion Heart will be the top option.

Defeat the Odin in less than 3 minutes 
by Markweb Jimenez ([email protected])
First of all, have Squall equipped with Str +20% and Str +40%. This will 
make Squall's Str stats to be increased by 60%! Next have him does 
attack [making him in critical status] and have him using his Limit 
Breaks on the Odin. You will be able to finish the Odin in a turn or 
two.. [this will help to conserve some precious Aura magic] There is a 
way of get Squall in critical status, first have Squall being killed in 
a battle. Next revive Squall with a Phoenix Down and you will be able to 
use Squall's Limit Break easily when you tap Circle repeatedly.

Gun-Destruction Fire against Bahamut
by Scott Ong ([email protected])
Of course, you need the character that most people does not like most..
Irvine Kinneas. But he is relatively one of the most strongest as you 
used the ultimate level up technique (mentioned in the Miscellaneous 

For Irvine.
100x Pulse Ammo - you can get Energy Crystal fast and easy... by defeat
the Elnoyle at Esthar City (refer to Monster Besitary for more info.)
100x AP Ammo - you can get this, by refine Chef's Knife through 
100x Triple/Meteor/Ultima - this works well, if you junction to boost 
his Str-J.
100x Blind - draw from the Grat, or heck, search through the Besitary.
Junctioned it to other character's ST-Atk-J

Have Irvine in critical status (aka. yellow HP.) and tap Circle 
repeatedly to use Limit Break. Note have him attack with a normal 
attack first to inflicit the Darkness status on the Bahamut. Next uses
his Limit Break. Start off with the AP Ammo and then the Pulse Ammo.
You will be able to finish it off within a minute...

Easy Defeat of Diablos (later stages.)
by Scott Ong ([email protected])
Diablos are indeed tough in the later stages. It has awesomely strong
attack against your characters.. (about 2000+ HP for that charge if you
battle it at Level 100). Junction 100x Blind and Sleep to each 
character's ST-Atk-J. Stock up Demi and use the "stocked" Demi and it
will counter with Curaga. Once your characters are on critical status,
attack with Limit Breaks and it is all over.

Defeating Adel (Disc 3)
by Scott Ong ([email protected])
Wonder why I keep on getting e-mails on how to defeat Adel? It was 
beginning to annoy me.. I guess I think I know what's wrong. Remember
that Adel has Rinoa being embedded in her? You can easily defeat her if
you concentrate on her and keep on maintaining Rinoa's HP. I guess the
guy's team will be fine for this battle. Have all GFs junctioned to all
the characters. Particularly make Zell's and Irvine's Str up to at least
190. [For Irvine, get a lot of AP Ammo]. Just keep have Zell and Irvine
doing the Limit Breaks [Irvine: don't use his Flame Ammo and Shotgun 
Ammo as it will inflict more of Rinoa and Adel]. Why not Squall as the
key attacking character? Occassionally he may unleash his Blasting 
Zone.. [remember it does 9999 HP..] Rinoa's HP is at only up to the
maximum as 9034... So do considerate and don't be too dependant on 
Squall. Instead have Squall as the healing party. [BTW, he can also be
a good healer!] I have notice a lot of people has problems in fighting
against Adel as due to low levels and low-level weapons... 

- Make sure you have at least 3x HP-J and junctioned it with your second
  strongest magic. [Full-Life gives the highest boosting.. which you
  can stock it from Master Tonberry, Fujin [disc 3 at Lunatic Pandora],
  and Bahamut [he is a worm if you know its weakness..].
- Get as many Ultima to junctioned to either Zell or Irvine. They are 
  the best fighters besides Squall. Of course, you should have at least
  3x Str-J. Have Zell excute the Armageddon Fist.
- Get as many Curaga as possible. Life is more useful compared to 
  Full-Life as it gives your characters revived from K.O and in critical
  status. If you don't have Life, you better get Phoenix Downs. Always
  kept Squall in his highest HP.

Easy Fight against Ultimecia
by Joshua Banker Rock Hill, SC ([email protected])
Towards the end of the game, everyone should be maxed out with all the
GF abilities. Give everyone Auto-Potion and sell off anything that's 
weaker than an X-Potion. Make 100 X-Potions by using Med LV Up. Also, 
give one person Treatment and another member the Recover command. Don't
waste time with Revive. If you do things right, you won't need to 
Revive or even use a Phoenix Down. Make your party Squall (duh), Rinoa 
and Qusitis. 

A: Squall... two words, Lion Heart. Nuff said. 
B: Rinoa... Limit Breaks Wishing Star (massive amounts of damage) and 
   Invincible Moon (like a Woly War). C: 
C: Quistis... Mighty Guard and Shockwave Pulsar (obscene amounts of 
   damage, possibly the third or fourth most damaging attack in the 

To begin with, waste off anyone starting in the party who is not one of 
the three mentioned above, or let Ultimecia do it while you summon 
Doomtrain (for the Vit 0 effect if nothing else). Once you have all 
three up and running, cast Aura or use Aura stones on everyone and 
start hitting away.

Once the attacks start rolling in, Auto-Potion should kick in. This is
especially helpful when hit with Demi, Gravija and Maelstorm. Also, you
might want to use the Luck + 50% ability to raise you chances of 
getting Gilgamesh and the stronger Limit Breaks.

Easy Battle against Bahamut
by Sami "Elvenlord" Hautamaki ([email protected])
First put Ifrit to Squall and use Str bonus ability. Level Up in order 
to get more strength. Then change Str bonus to Str+20%, Str+40% and get 
HP +80% from Diablos. After that put strong magic to Hp-J (Meltdown is 
good) and very good magic to strength (Ultima is best to this. Get 100x 
of both magic.) Now you should have HP about 9000+ and massive strength 
of 255. Next put good weapon to Squall and give high HP and strength to 
Zell and Irvine.

How I fight. That's dead simple. Use Aura to Squall and use Limit Break. 
Make one or two perfect Limit Break and you should have one badly 
beaten GF. 

You can use this tactic to all other boss too. It's more effective if 
you give Zell and Irvine high strength stats and HP. They are the 
probably the only characters who can do multiple damage when using 

Where to get Aura? You get them from Fury Fragments. 1x Fury Fragment 
can be changed to 5x Aura magic with Supt Mag-RF. It take some time but 
you can get lot of them when you are waiting that Ultima draw point to 

Hint. If character doesn't get limit change characters with O button 
      until they got it.

Easy Fight at Centra Ruins
by Christopher Ong Boon Siong ([email protected])

For this to work get Odin first to remove the time limit. 
Junction to Squall the following: Attack, magic, item and GF only. 
To the 2 other characters: Attack, magic, item and GF. If you have 
recover and/or revive you can replace magic with them. Magic need only 
to be junction if you have Life or Full-life. Junction 100x Death to 

Basically the idea is to have Squall use his Limit Breaks constantly on 
the Tonberry by maintaining a low HP for Squall. As Squall's Limit Break
generally have a total damage hit of more than 9999 if you trigger it 
perfectly and with a chance to include a finishing blow. Thus it is much 
more damaging and faster than the GF Diablos animation. If Squall is 
killed, just use a Phoenix Down or use Life to revive him with the other 
2 characters. This method have another advantage being that Squall's 
Limit Break automatically jumps into battle the next turn even though 
it is not his turn yet. Thus you don't have to spend a long time to 
kill the 20 Tonberries. Just remember to save every time and then and 
definitely after the 19th Tonberry. The only danger is not saving and 
have your entire party killed. 

As for the Tonberry King, the above method can also be use but it is
recommended that the other 2 characters have full HP constantly to 
withstand the junk attack of the king, so as to be able to revive Squall 
after the attack or just alternate healing after the attack and GF 
attacks on the king when the entire party are at full life. 

I accquire the GF Tonberry after getting Odin before atttacking Galbadia
Garden and finished disc 2 with Squall at level 100 and with his 
Punishment, using both Zell (Ehergiz) and Quistis (Red Scorpion) for the

No woes in fighting Sorceress Edea!
by Shawn Nicholas ([email protected])

A way to defeat Sorceress without being touched...  Just junction Sleep 
to ST-Atk-J in one of the character's weapons or cast Sleep on her. 
Boy, what can I say, Edea is sleepy.  She'll sleep throughout the battle 
and all you need is to do is to cast Diablos which drains about 3,000 to 
4,000 HP each turn. The funny thing is that, she still sleeps.. maybe 
under reaches her coffin!

Getting Diablos before the train trip
by Omega 2003 ([email protected])
Diablos' vital statistics: HP: 9200 ~ 9400
Attacks: Demi > removes 1/4 of the character's HP
         Gravija > removes 1/4 of the entire party's HP
         (charge) > physical attack on one member.

Recommended Party: Squall, Selphie and Zell

Zell                        Command: Attack  GFs: Ifrit
HP-J        100x Esuna               Magic       - 100x Blind
Str-J       100x Fire                Draw
Elem-Atk-J  100x Thunder             GF
Squall                      Command: Attack  GFs: Siren, Quezacotl
HP-J        100x Esuna               Magic       
Mag-J       100x Blind               Draw 
ST-Atk-J    100x Sleep               Item
ST-Def-J    100x Silence
Selphie                     Command: Attack  GFs: Shiva
Str-J       100x Fire                Magic       - 100x Blind
Spr-J       100x Esuna               Draw        - Full-cure acquired

Just keep on casting Blind, until GF Diablos is under Darkness status.
Just draw in Demi magic and stocked until it is about 150+ Demi. While
drawing GF Diablos will be using his Gravija or casting Demi. Don't
heal your characters as these magics only reduces the HP. Once the
characters are in critical status, have Squall unleashes his 
Renzoukuken and Zell doing his Duel. While Selphie should be cast 
Full-cure on the entire party through her Slots Limit Breaks. Just
repeated the process and you will be able to kill off GF Diablos in
no time. Full-cure is essentially as there is an odd chance of GF 
Diablos using the charge..

Hints: stock Blind from the BOSS Fight against Granaldo
       stock Fire from Elite Soldiers, G-Soldiers during Dollet exam
       stock Esuna from Biggs while battling at Communications Tower
       stock Silence and Sleep from Grat found in Balamb Garden-
       Training Center.

Easy defeat of GF Diablos with GF Carbuncle
by [email protected]
If you don't want any risk in fighting this mean GF. Just get GF 
Carbuncle which can be drawn from Iguions. Demi can be reflected by
the Ruby Light! But make use you uses item as your healing items so that
you will not lose out that much.

Foolproof against Adel
by Jason Kennedy ([email protected])
It is possible to defeat Adel at level 40. With a party combination of
Squall (at level 41), Selphie (at level 21), and Irvine (at level 23)
To beat Adel at such a low level, Cerberus must be cast, and you must 
have at least 50 Cure spells (preferably Curaga) with each player. A 
Cure spell must also be cast on Rinoa every so often. Ok, here is how 
you do it...

1) Cast Cerberus
2) Cast Haste on all three players (repeat this when necessary)
3) Have Squall do the attacking
4) Have the other 2 players cast Thundaga or Firaga
5) Cast Curaga when necessary

I only had one character die once with this method, and that was 
because I didn't cure when I should've. It seems pretty foolproof. 


/ 1.4C \________________________________________________________________
Defeating the Weapons
The Weapons are the most toughest BOSSES in Final Fantasies as the 
nightmares such as the Diamond, Ruby, Ultimate, Emerald and Sapphire 
Weapon from FF7 and Omega Weapon from FF5. I myself have come up with 
some strategies. Whom is going into the battles? Actually for myself, 
I believed that every character is good! 

----[ Character Analysis ]----

Squall Leonhart
Of course you don't have the choice of not using him. But he is indeed 
a great character and perhaps the most damaging Limit Break (physical) 
when you have gotten his Lion Heart. Extremely dangerous if you have 
junctioned his Str to 255. How to get Lion Heart, refer to Part II or
the Weapon Upgrading Guide (sigh..)

Zell Dincht 
Don't look down on this super hyperactive kid. He has great Speed 
stats and can does a handful amount of damage when you chain his 
moves when executing his Limit Break. Hmm.. Armageddon Fists.. (the
chain between Rush Punch and Booya)

Irvine Kinneas 
The most well-rounded character with decent attacking power and 
defense stats. He could easily knocked down any formidable foe if you 
have Pulse Ammo in the inventory. Best if you have junction Drain to 
his ST-Atk-J! He can be a superb character if you have train him with
Cactaur junctioned with all the bonuses. Simply a dangerous man..

Quistis Trepe 
She is also a great character plus she has a move [Mighty Guard] that 
could cause Haste, Protect, Float, Shell, Regen and sometimes Aura! 
Best of all, her Shockwave Pulsar could does over 9999 HP damage to all 
foes! Monsters (except for certain monsters such as Tonberry) have the
most fear for her Degenerator.

Selphie Tilmitt 
Probably the best support character. Even though her offense isn't 
great compared to Quistis, but she could make something like cast 
Full Cure and Wall on the entire party. She can does more damage with 
her awesome trademark "The End". However her Rapture does not work 
that well... Her Strange Vision has an amazing hit rate of 255%!

Rinoa Heartilly 
I would recommend her if you does have enough Hero. Make sure that you 
have acquired Invincible Moon and Angelo will be able to cast 
Invincibility on the entire party. Her Angelo Cannon is also rather 
massive, could does over 9999 HP damage when she has acquired high

I myself have made the following combinations (they may not 100% 
worked, so don't sue me ^_^;) but most of them worked for me. 

Top Combinations of Party!   
|          |          |          |          |          |          |
|  Squall  |  Squall  |  Squall  |  Squall  |  Squall  |  Squall  |
|  Irvine  |  Quistis |  Selphie |  Zell    |  Zell    |  Irvine  |
|  Zell    |  Rinoa   |  Rinoa   |  Rinoa   |  Quistis |  Selphie |

ESSENTIAL WEAPONS                
Preferred if you have gotten their best weapons. Lion Heart is a must 
when battling against Weapons. Refer to The Weapon Upgrading section 
for more details. I myself think that characters such as Zell and 
Irvine will not be great if they does have their ultimate weapons. I 
have noticed that the better the weapon, the better the hit rate. 

Magic is really important.. if you don't have them, your attacking
power will not be too good.. So here is the list where you will get
the spells.

<<< Curaga >>>
An important factor for tough battles as they could recover most of 
damage. Make sure that all characters have them. You can get this by 
drawing from Mesmerize at high levels or Caterchipillar.

<<< Meltdown >>> 
This magic can lowers the defensive stats of the BOSS, thus weakening 
them. For example, if Squall inflicts 4000+ HP damage with his 
Renzoukuken, now when Meltdown is being cast on that foe, he can do up 
6,000+ damage. You can obtain this spell by drawing from Gayla.

<<< Full-life >>>
This magic is great as it could revive a death character back to full 
health. You can get tons of these from the Draw Points found at the 
borders of the Island closest to Hell/Heaven. You can also stock up 
this from your fights against the King Tonberry and the Bahamut.

<<< Aura >>> 
A very important magic. This magic will allows you to unleash the 
character's Limit Breaks! You can get this from the Draw Points found 
at the borders of the Islands closest to Hell/Heaven. You can also 
stock up during the last battle against Seifer at the Lunatic Pandora.

<<< Haste >>>
It is impossible to have three Spd +40% [if you are willing to sacrifice 
Irvine's Card..], This magic will do it's best as you will be able to do 
a lot of turns before the Weapons have reaches their turns. You can 
draw this from the Iron Giant and GIM52A 

<<< Regen >>>
This magic allows you to restore HP once the character have reached his/
her turn and this magic works its best against the Omega. You can draw 
this spell from the Behemoths. Quite good support [however I still 
prefer the previous Regen where it restores 1 HP for every second..]

<<< Ultima >>>
Used for junctioning to your characters' stats thus bolstering them up. 
You can get most of these from the Draw Points found at the borders of 
the Island closest to Hell/Heaven or pay 5,000 gil at the Shumi Tribe 
[where you find the elevator]. There is another one found the second 
floor of the windmill in FH.

<<< Triple >>>
Quite a good spell in bolstering your character's abilities. You can 
draw this from the BOSSES fight against Cerberus and the Odin. You can 
get this magic by converting 5 Double Magic to 1 Triple Magic through 
Hi-Mag-RF Menu ability [Alexander]. You can get Double magic by drawing 
from Grendel. It works like the All Materia in FF7

<<< Meteor >>>
Quite a good spell when comes to junction against the character's Str 
stats. You can get this by drawing from the Ruby Dragon. I would 
recommend to draw from the draw points found at the Island Closest to

<<< Death >>>
You need this spell to protect your characters from death-type attacks 
such as LV 5 Death [Level 100 characters will die instantly.] You can 
draw this from the Tonberry.

Essential GFs [don't bother to summon it unless the character has high
compatibility against it, use GF comptability items to do this. To 
improve comptability such as Eden, summoned them frequently!]
GFs FOR Squall Leonhart
<> Cerberus --- of course you have seen it appearing in most parts of
   my strategies against BOSSES. Actually while fighting against 
   Weapons, there is no need in summoning it but make sure that it has
   the following abilities:
   - Auto Haste (c), Spd +40% (c), Spd-J (j), ST-Def x4 (j)
<> GF Quezacotl, Shiva, Bahamut, Tonberry
   - HP-J, Mag-J, Str-J, Str +60%, Mag +60%, Auto Protect, Ability x4, 
     Initiative, Vit J [make sure that it has hit at least 200]
GFs FOR Second Character [the character whom has lower Speed stats]
<> Pandemona -- Another great GF when comes to Speed. This fact actually 
   allows your characters to select his/her commands before the BOSSES 
   does its turn.
   - Spd +40% (c), Initiative (c), Str-J (j)
<> GF Brothers, Alexander, Carbuncle, Doomtrain
   - HP +80%, HP-J, Vitality J, Revive, Ability x3, ST-Def x4, Str-J
GFs FOR Third Character [the character whom has higher Speed stats]
<> Cactaur -- Another great GF which can helps in building up a 
   strong character with all bonuses such as Str Bonus, HP Bonus
   and much more. Train the character with Vit Bonus equipped.
   - Initiative (c)
<> GF Ifrit, Diablos, Leviathan, Siren
   - HP-J, Str-J, HP +80%, [Enc-None], Str +40%, 
     ST-Def x2 (junction against Death), Ability x4 (use a 
     Rosetta Stone if you have one, just eliminate SumMag +10%
     from any following GFs), Recover, Mag-J

What you should see from your battle menu....

    Squall         2nd Character     3rd Character
  ___________       ___________        ___________
 |Commands   |     |Commands   |      |Commands   |
 |Attack     |     |Attack     |      |Attack     |
 |Magic      |     |Magic      |      |Magic      |
 |GF         |     |Item/Draw  |      |Item/Draw  |
 |Draw/Item  |     |Revive     |      |Recover    |
 |___________|     |___________|      |___________|

/ Ultima Weapon \_______________________________________________________
The Ultima Weapon is back.. (it was named the Ultimate Weapon in FF7..)
It is more ferciously looking and it carries the Ultima Weapon (Cloud
Strife's Ultimate Weapon). It has a couple of new attacks and most of 
them are quite mean..

Here is the summary of its attacks:

Ultima Weapon's Combat List
(sword swipe) 
Description:  The Ultima Weapon charges forward and along with the
              sword slash.
Damage:       Medium
Avoid:        Junction Magic to Eva-J to avoid the attack.
Quake (all)
Description:  The Ultima Weapon casts Quake on all members. 
Damage:       Average
Avoid:        Junction 100x Quake to every characters' Elem-Def-J
Light Pillar (one)
Description:  A blast of light energy arises from the Ultima's Torso
Damage:       Extreme
Avoid:        Can't avoid but can reduce damage by having 255 Def Stats.
              Your character's HP should drop to 1 if I'm not wrong.
Gravija (all)
Description:  The Ultima Weapon summons a black ball of Gravity energy
              that attacks all members.
Damage:       Medium ~ Extreme
Avoid:        Can't but he is helping you to get critical status ^_^;
NOTICE |_______________________________________________________________
**IMPORTANT **  Remember to Eden from the Ultima Weapon [remember to   |
                equip at least one character with the "Draw" Command]  |
NOTE: You can also get Eden from Tiamat found in Ultemicia Castle      |

Speed Battle against Ultima Weapon
By Sung Kato ([email protected])

The best way to tackle the weapons is to acquired Squall's Lion Heart [
his ultimate weapon which can does 17x 9999 HP damage to any foe at the
Str Stats of 255.] Don't bother in summoning GFs because even though 
they does damage, but now that your characters can do comparable damage. 
Summoning a GF requires time, and speed is the key to victory in 
defeating the Weapons. Start the battle by cast Meltdown [all your 
character's ATB Time Bar should be full as you can automatically 
selects the command immediately as you started the battle. Cast Haste 
on the characters with the lowest Speed stats. Have Squall or someone 
else casting Aura on Squall and have him does the Renzoukuken. If your 
party is being hurt by the Ultima Weapon, use Recover to restore lost 
HP and cast Full-Life on death characters [which can be drawn from the 

The Light of War
By Scott Ong ([email protected])
Speed is everything for this war.. Junction 100x Ultima to Squall's 
Str-J and make sure it is 255. Make full use Lion Heart as it will be
the most damaging attack. Junction 100x Quake to all character's 
Elem-Def-J. Make sure that you have all GFs (except for Eden or you can
get that....) Okay make sure you have a couple of Aura magic or Aura 
Stones. It is very important. How to get Aura, scroll to the essential
magic section.

- Give every character Initative (from Tonberry, Cactaur, Pandemona)
- Junction Spd-J for every characters (Auto-Haste is a top option for
- 1000 compatibility with Cerberus for Squall. 
- Juntion 100x Quake to every characters' Elem-Def-J.
- Make sure you have aleast 50x Regen, Aura, Meltdown.
- If you have gotten Quistis, make sure you have Mighty Guard. and she
  must be in critical status.
- 50x Mega Phoenix in your inventory or Phoenix Down. Phoenix Pinion 
  is essentail in case of accident ^_^;

Starting off...
- Cast Mighty Guard or having in this sequence.
  Summon Cerberus and have the two character cast Meltdown on Ultima
  and the other character cast Regen on all characters.
- Next turn, cast Aura and Curaga to restore lost HP from the sword
  swipe attack. Use Phoenix Down (if one character is down) or Mega
  Phoenix if other two characters are down.
- Once in Aura, use Squall's Renzoukuken... Continue to have other do
  the healing [Zell and Irvine can also join in the fight too, but 
  make sure at least one of them do the healing]

Ultima Weapon to be finished in 2 minutes.
by BoBaFeT & Sephiroth <[email protected]>

First of all, you must have Aura magic. Next you must have Irvine in 
your party. You also need to have AP Ammo which you can buy this in
Esthar. You must use Aura in battle on Irvine this way he will get his 
Limit Break every time you can choose him. Now you must use AP Ammo and 
you will shoot 9999 points of damage every time you shoot on the Ultima
Weapon. Irvine's strength must be 255.
/ Omega Weapon \________________________________________________________
Defeating The Omega Weapon
The nightmare from FF5 is back.. more powerful and it's a killer. When
I first play against it in the Japanese Version, I thought that it was
just like the Ultima (not that though).. but surprising it is a killer.
My party HP is less than 9999 as I have just fought the Tiamat.. Here
you will find the strategy to kill it! If you defeat it, you will find
the Proof of Omega.

Some Shocking statistics:
Omega Weapon 
Level 100 HP: 1,161,000 (if Squall's Level is 100)
              Str 255! Mag 255! (well, quite shocking huh?)

Attack List of the Omega Weapon
LV5 Death (all)
Description: A devil rises from the ground and attacks all characters.
Damage:      n/a (if fully protected), Extreme (if not protected)
Avoid:       Anyone with levels,multiple of 5 will be killed. Junction
             100x Death to ST-Def-J to prevent this.
Meteor (all)
Description: The characters are being transported into space and thus 
             a meteorite shower is formed.
Damage:      Average
Avoid:       Just simply increase Vit-J and Spr-J
Ultima (all)
Description: A green ball of energy appears just like a explosion of
Damage:      High
Avoid:       Increase Mag Def by junction magic to Spr-J
Gravija (all)
Description:  The Omega Weapon summons a black ball of Gravity energy
              that attacks all members.
Damage:       Medium ~ Extreme
Avoid:        Can't but he is helping you to get critical status ^_^;,
              But make sure that your character's HP are kept at its
Light Pillar <Licht Saule> (single)
Description:  The Omega Weapon launches a beam of light energy from its
              torso. (rapid firing)
Damage:       9999 HP, Danger!
Avoid:        Use a 9999 HP GF as your block shield.. Or resurrect your
              characters using Mega Phoenix or Phoenix Down. 
              Invincibility from Hero works well..
Megido Flame <Megid Flamme> (all)                                    
Description:  The Omega fires a beam that attacks all characters.
Damage:       9998 HP to all characters, Extreme
Avoid:        Same as above. But it will be better if you have some 
              Phoenix Pinion in your inventory.
Terra Break <Terra Brake> (all)
Description:  The Omega leaps in mid-air and blast down with flames of
              energy on the entire party. 
Damage:       Does random, multiple hits. Medium to Extreme damage.
Avoid:        Very hard to dodge. High Vit can minimize the damage to 
              200 HP only.

- All characters' HP must be 9999 HP.
- Get all GFs to Level 100, As for Eden, LV 70 is already more than
- Get 3x ST-Def-J.
- Get 100x Ultima for each character and junctioned to Str-J. Add some
  Str +20%, Str+40%, Str+60%, to reached 255.
- Get aleast 2x Phoenix Pinion - you can get more through the following

Getting Phoenix Pinions
Why need this? You are facing the toughest BOSS in FF8 and you need to
guarrantee that you can stay in the battle for a long time.

(1) 50x Phoenix Down -> 1x Mega Phoenix [or buy at Esthar Shop]
(2) Get 3x Mega Phoenix [use Quick Gil Cheat... refer to Part II]
(3) Convert it Phoenix Pinion (3 Mega Phoenix :1 Phoenix Pinion) through
    Tool-RF (GF Siren)

Getting Holy War (it is rather tedious..)
Yeah.. This is rather tedious. You need to get a lot of items (
especially Cursed Spikes) where you can get Heroes through several 
refinement sections. However, there is an alternate way and that is
through Card Mod-RF where you can change: 
BTW, a Holy War is equalvent to 3x Heroes..

Card Mod-RF
Gilgamesh's Card: 1x -> 10x Holy Wars
Laguna's Card: 1x -> 100x Heroes

The tough way..... (extremely tedious)
In summarising, you need to get 10,000 Cursed Spikes to get 1x Holy War!

(1) Get 100x Cursed Spike (win from Imp [rare], Forbiddon [rare], 
(2) Convert 100x Cursed Spike in 1x Dark Matter through Tool-RF (GF
    Siren must be at Level 100)
(3) Tool-RF List (GF Siren) 
    1x Rosetta Stone --> 1x Shaman Stone (Water Gate Incident)
    1x Hungry Cookpot --> 1x Shaman Stone (UFO Incident)
    1x Mog's Amulet --> 1x Shaman Stone (Pocketstation)
    1x Dark Matter --> 1x Shaman Stone (the tedious method..)
Scott: "Don't be shocked.."
(4) Forbid Med-RF (GF Doomtrain)
    10x Shaman Stone --> 1x Holy War Trial (^_^; feel like crying huh?)
Scott: "The next step will make you vomit blood"
(5) Med LV-Up (GF Alexander)
    10x Holy War Trial -> 1x Holy War

So in "5" steps you can get a Holy War ^_^;
So now you will know the importance of the Card Game? The Pocketstation
also plays a vital role in the game, as you can get these items easily..

Speed Battle against Omega Weapon
by Sung Kato ([email protected])
This method works with the Offensive Team [Squall, Zell and Irvine]
Have Zell as the healer for this battle. Make sure that everyone has
100x Death being junctioned to the character's ST-Def-J. Make sure that 
both Irvine and Squall's Str stats has hit 255. First of all, have Zell 
casting Triple on himself, have the rest does the attacking. Have Zell
cast Aura on the entire party. Next have Squall and Irvine executing 
their Limit Breaks. Meanwhile, have Zell cast Haste on the entire 
party. Continue your attacks until the party's HP have drop to one.. 
Next have Irvine casting Recover on Squall while Zell [whom have Mag 
255] casting Curaga on Irvine and himself. If the Omega has killed one 
of the members, revive him with Revive or Full-Life [if you use Life/
Phoenix Down/Mega Phoenix, has that character summon a HP 9999 GF to 
withstand the damage for him. Continue your endurance and you will be 
able to trash the Omega.

The Extreme Combat
by Scott Ong ([email protected])
Members required: Squall, Quistis and Zell
Others: - 100x Ultima junctioned to Str and get 255 for both Squall and 
        - Get about 40x Aura
        - 100x Death and junctioned it to ST-Def-J
        - 100x Triple or high affection with GF Cereberus. (refer above)
        - 100x Haste 
        - Mighty Guard (use Barrier (steal from Behemoth)
        - 3x Intitative (Pandemona, Cactaur, Tonberry)
        - Lion Heart (ugh.. if someone asked me about this.. I gonna to
          kill him. Explain a couple of times already...)

Start off..
(1) - Cast Aura on everyone.
(2) - Have Quistis cast Mighty Guard. Squall using Renzoukuken and Zell
      uses Armageddon Fist. [Switch turns, don't have both to attack at
      the same time.]
(3) - Omega should be casting the Lv5 Death already. Cast Regen on 
      everyone. (hopefully that you are lucky..) Have Squall continue 
(4) - Omega will now be casting the Meteor. STOP Attack! Use Recover and
      Curaga and keep HP to its maximum.
(5) - Omega will be using its Megid Flamme which does 9998 HP. Use a
      Megalixir/Recover/Mega Phoenix (if someone's killed)
(6) - The Omega may switch its combat tactics from now onwards.. So be
      carefully of Gravijia. Again use Recover and Curaga to restore
      back to full health. If it uses Licht Scale.. revive that 
      character immediately. It has to be a 3 on 1 fight. 
(7) - Next the Omega will uses a series of spells such as Ultima, 
      Demi to attack. So seize the opportunity, still have Quistis as
      the support member.
(8) - Once the Omega has uses Lv5 Death once again.. it is back to
      (1). Keep up the edurance and you will be able to beat it!

Rush Hour.. Holy War Attack!
by [email protected]

Firstly you have to level up all GFs and characters until it reached 
level 100 and the GFs have learned all the abilities (not necessarily), 
and you must have gotten the best weapon. 
After that, junction the GF to your character as you wish, try to get HP 
with 9999, in example; here is the character i've used,

Zell at HP 9999 and level 100
Squall at Level 100 and his best weapon Lion Heart
Irvine with hp 9999 and level 100

Don't junction Eden to Squall, because Squall's only attacking arsenal 
is his Limit Break. Remember that, you must have a lot of Holy Wars, 
which you can obtained from by using Card Mod on Gilgamesh card.
Get a lot of Aura spells which can be gotten through Supt Mag-RF [1x
Fury Fragment [mugged from Blue Dragon] --> 5x Aura]

During battle,
The first thing you do, cast Aura onto Squall and have the other use 
Holy Wars and another summon a GF [note: you must cast Aura to Squall 
first before using the Holy Wars, if your magic will cause a miss)
After that, continue with Squall unleash his Limit Breaks and summon GF 
Eden without worry getting hit with the enemy. But don't forget to cast 
Aura on Squall again, after the effect of Holy Wars have worn off, and 
used another Holy War. Keep on continuing using this pattern, and the
Omega will be dead meat in no time..

Fighting Omega without Aura
by oDiN ([email protected])
1. All you need is your three best characters (I really don't care who,
   besides Squall and Zell of course) equipped with Initiative and the 
   BEST junctions (probably all best magic junctioned to Spd-J, Str-J, 
   Spr-J, Eva-J and Vit-J). 

2. Characters at Level 100 and 100 Deaths at St-Def-J and at least 
   everyone must have the Item command and Holy War as first selection 
   in the Battle. 

3. EXTREMELY LOW HP (probably 800-1000 HP is enough) but be sure that 
   your characters have their max base HP (1000/9999). Remember this: 
   you want Zell's 12-second Duel, Squall's Lion Heart and Irvine's 
   slow Time Bar do you? And since you may want the idea of not 
   wasting any Aura spells because it's junctioned to a stat, a low HP 
   increases the chances of a better Limit Break rather than an Aura 
   spell (heck, its my opinion)

4. A couple of Holy Wars or Rinoa's Invincible Moon (for the holy wars:
   Card Mod Laguna card, then Med Lev Up all 100 Heroes into 10 Holy 
   War-Trials, then 10 Holy War-Trials into 1 Holy War or Card Mod 
   Gilgamesh card for 10 Holy Wars).

5. Speedy characters but leave a weak character because you want him/
   her to do the Holy War thingies and probably a cast of Meltdown to 
   lower Omega's vitality stats (junction 100 Triple to Spd-J plus a 
   couple of Spd+% percentages, it's up to you plus the Initiative 
   ability for all three characters from Pandemona, Cactuar and 


If Omega Weapon will use a Physical Attack at the start of the fight:
Answer : Junction lots to Vit-J plus lots of Vit+% percentages and lots
         to Spd-J and Eva-J if you don't have Vit-J junction. 
If Omega will use LV5 Death at the start of the fight:
Answer : Junction 100 Death to St-Def-J beforehand or any level that's 
         not a multiple of 5.

1. Use this character lineup:
   First : your average fighter, probably a support member for using 
           Holy Wars and casting Life/Phoenix Downs/Mega Phoenix
   Second : Squall
   Third : your next strongest fighter, also a speedy, but fighting, 

2. Your first member must use the Holy War (scrap Aura, you'll have 
   low HP and higher chances of a stronger limit break).

3. Heck, you know what to do right now, do you? If not, cast Meltdown, 
   then LION HEART! DUEL! SHOT! Those interactive Limit Breaks can 
   surely bring Omega Weapon down easily.

4. If you lose Invincibility status, use any of your characters to 
   Holy War (you have speedy characters, so you may outrun Omega 
   Weapon's attacks before he uses the deadly Mendigo Flame (9998 
   damage) or Terra Break (meteor-like attack that deals 5000-9000).

5. Well, that's about it! Just repeat these four steps and Omega'll 
   go down fast. (Lousy suggestion : since you'll be gaining 250 AP 
   afterwards, I suggest that you move Eden's learning to Expend-3x1, 
   that is if you're not done researching all those high-priced 
   abilities. Lousy, isn't it? :)

NOTE that you can _lower_ the damage done by the Terra Break IF you 
     junction to 255 Spirit (magic defense). One time Krysta (the 
     crystal boss in the balcony at the back room of the chandelier) 
     casted Ultima on me and did about 200 damage!

ALSO NOTE that above I said 'the BEST junctions (probably all best 
magic junctioned to Spd-J, Str-J, Spr-J, Eva-J and Vit-J)'. It's 
actually optional to junction to Eva-J and Spr-J/Vit-J but it's 
better to play safe in case you lose Invincibility status and Omega 
suddenly attacks you.

Defeat Omega at Ease
by [email protected]
Note: Refer to Power Up with Bonuses for the preparations section

After fighting him several times I think I found a pretty good strategy
that works. You need to refine the Gilgamesh card to get 10 holy wars,
Laguna too if you want extra insurance. This strategy is a bit risky 
but overall it kills him fast and is easy to pull off. Simply go into 
battle with Squall at about 400 or 500 hp to eliminate the need to 
cast Aura on him (and he seems more likely to pull off Lion Heart the 
lower his HP are). When the battles starts have the first character 
cast haste on Squall and the second character cast meltdown on Omega 
and then the third use Holy War. Then just hit round after round of 
Renzouken. Squall doesn't seem to like using Lion Heart on Omega Weapon
so don't expect him to use it too much. Of the three times I fought 
Omega Squall only used Lion Heart once. The Holy War seems to wear off 
of Squall before the others using this strategy so either use Hero on 
him or just use another Holy War. You should only have to use 3 or 4 
Holy Wars because Squall can get in about 5 or 6 limit breaks every 
Holy War.
/ 1.6 \_________________________________________________________________
Ultimate Weapon Upgrading Guide
First of all, I need to start off with the following facts [some of 
them are good news and bad news..]

1. You don't necessary need the Weapon Mon Magazines to get the 
   weapons. I have actually play back an old file [which I have 
   forgotten to get the magazine, Weapon Mon 1st Issue]. As a result,
   I ended training and gotten numerous amounts of ingredients for the
   Lion Heart. As I was about to tune up Irvine's weapon, Exector, 
   which is found Weapon Mon Aug. I found the Lion Heart is 
   upgradeable.. as I have gotten the requirements! So it is not 
   necessary to get them unless you have gotten the requirements.
2. Squall's Lion Heart can't be gotten in Disc 1... Why? In Disc 1,
   you are only limited to travelled within the Galbadia Continent 
   which makes it impossible to get to the ingredient, "Dragon Fang"
   However, it's possible to get it at Disc 2 onwards. I have found 
   another place to encounter Blue Dragons. Plus it applies to almost 
   all other characters. You may need to play card intensively.. by
   getting over 20x Elynole's Card [that's mad..] and converts them 
   through Card-Mod-RF. Still, I would prefer to get the first few
   weapons before that fight begins.
3. Rare Items such as Moon Curtains, Med Kit, Doc's Code can't be 
   gotten from battles, instead you need to undergone a couple of 
   refinement process. This makes me earned for the Accessories to
   come back. This will work much easier if you have gotten a 
   Pocketstation. [unfortunately, I don't own one.]. For those whom have
   read the Monsters FAQ (also found in GameFAQs), you will seen the
   ultimate disaster in getting 1x Holy War..
4. Certain weapons required items are very hard to get... Examples are
   Adamantine, Energy Crystals etc. [the monsters that own them are
   even more tougher. One good example is the Ruby Dragon, which has
   an awesome HP of 89,100 at Level 100] But it's possible to defeat it.

Locations of Junk Shops
-| Balamb Junk Shop - left of the screen of the town centre.
-| Deling Junk Shop - in the Parade road
-| Dollet Junk Shop - found within Noutilus
-| FH Junk Shop     - found on the right of town centre, cross the 
 |                    planks
-| Esthar Junk Shop - it's Don Juan's Shop!
-| Man at Garden    - it's the Card Magician Joker! You will find him
                      at the Training Center (randomly)

I hopefully you basically know the menu set-up look like. If not, refer
to the diagrams below [this diagram looks identical to the Junk Shop
  |                 Title of Junk Shop                |
  |  Squall Leonhart                                  |
  |               |                                   |  
  | Steel Pipe    |    Revolver            100        | 
  | 1        (3)  | |> Keer Trigger        200        |
  |               |    Cutting Trigger     400        |
  | Screws        |    Flame Saber         600        |
  | 2        (30) |                                   |
  |               |___________________________________|
  |               | Strength 45%  -> 48%^             |
  |               | Accuracy 255% -> 255%             |

Well, time for some explanations. The numbers in the brackets are 
those that you have in your ITEM inventory. If the numbers on the left 
exceed the numbers in the brackets, then you will be unable to perform 
an upgrade. 

In case, my English is a bit too hard to understand...

      _ _ _ _ _ the name of the ingredient
| Adamantine       |
| 1           (0)  |
  |             \_ _ _ _ _ available in your item inventory
  |__ requirements

In this above case, you can't perform an upgrade. The weapon [as you
may guess it's the Lion Heart]. Why, you don't have the item produce an
upgrade. (0) is definitely less than 1. It is pretty easy to understand.

If that's not clear, there's nothing I can do...

Note that you can de-graded your weapon back to it's original form, but 
the used materials will be gone forever. If the number 48 is yellow in 
colour, that means there is an increase in attacking power. But if the 
colour of the digits is red, which means that your previous upgraded 
weapon is much better than the weapon you have chosen to upgrade to. 
[For example, Flame Saber is obviously a better weapon compared to the 
Cutting Trigger.]

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE (regarding combat)
You can't get an item from a monster by winning IF you had steal from a 
monster during combat. How to equipped Mug? Refer to Basic Tutorial.

1. You fought 2x Adamantoise and you mug one of them [get an item, 
   let's say Whisper for an example.]. You will not get Adamantine 
   even though you have defeat the other one. Adamantine can be ONLY
   obtained if you defeat BOTH Adamantoise and do not mug them!
2. You fought 1x Ruby Dragon and you mug it [get: Inferno Fang] and 
   when you defeat it you get nothing.
3. You fought 1x Ruby Dragon and defeat it. You will mostly get Fury
   Fragment or Inferno Fang [between level 20 ~ 40] or Energy Crystal
   [level 80 and above]

Okay, time for the requirements..

Lion Heart                                S q u a l l    L e o n h a r t
Name:              Adamantine 
Quantity needed:   1x
What it does:      GF learns Vit +60% Ability
Where to get it:   Defeat 2x Adamantoise / Mug BGH251F2 during FH 
                   (Disc 2)
Encounter Monster: Long Horn Island, it's located in the northwestern
                   area of Galbadia. North from the forest at Dollet,
                   you will find a stretch of land that resembles a 
                   horn. You will encounter it on the shores (rarely)
Card Mod:          Minotaur's Card --> 6x Adamantine
Refine:            10 Orihalcons -> 1x Adamantine [GFAbil Med-RF].
Name:              Dragon Fang
Quantity needed:   4x
What it does:      Dragon fang with recovery force
Where to get it:   Defeat 1x Blue Dragon
Encounter Monster: - Island closest to Hell (about 1/10 chance)
                   - Winter Island (where you find the Shumi Tribe), 
                     go near the mountains. (about 3/10 chance)
Card Mod:          n/a
Refine:            n/a
Name:              Pulse Ammo
Quantity needed:   12x
What it does:      Ammo that contains powerful energy
Where to get it:   Through Ifrit's Ammo-RF [you must gotten F Mag-RF]
                   * 1x Power Generator --> 20x Pulse Ammo
                   * 1x Laser Cannon    -->  5x Pulse Ammo
                   * 1x Energy Crystal  --> 10x Pulse Ammo
Encounter Monster: I would recommend you to get Energy Crystal as there
                   is a huge variety of monsters that possess it. The 
                   rest considered "extremely" rare. To get Energy 
                   - Defeat Level 80 and above Ruby Dragons/ Behemoths
                   - Defeat Level 50 and above Elynoles
                   I would go for Elynoles as there is a secret area
                   where you can encounter them to as much as you 
                   want! Refer to Section 5.10 for more details.
                   If you have problem doing that, level up to level 80
                   and the commonly found Ruby Dragons. [you can 
                   encounter more frequently at hilltops of Esthar.]
Card Mod:          10x Elynole's Card --> 1x Energy Crystal
Refine:            n/a

Shooting Star                             R i n o a    H e a r t i l l y 
Name:              Windmill
Quantity needed:   2x
What it does:      Windmill containing wind energy
Where to get:      Defeat Abyss Worm/ Thrustaevis
Encounter Monster: Abyss Worm 
                   Galbadia- Dingo Desert (Outside D-District Prison)
                   Esthar- Khaskabald Desert 
                   Great Plains of Galbadia
                   Galbadia- Montersou Plateau (hilltops)
Card Mod:          1x Abyss Worm's Card -> 1x Windmill
                   1x Pandemona's Card -> 100x Windmill
Refine:            n/a
Name:              Regen Ring
Quantity needed:   2x
What it does:      GF learns HP +20% Ability
Where to get:      Defeat Torama
                   Defeat Chimera
                   Defeat Mesmerize
Encounter Monster: Torama: Great Plains of Esthar (after Lunar Cry)
                   Chimera: Island closest to Heaven/ Khaskabald Desert
                   Mesmerize: Trabia-Bika Snowfields/Hawkwind Plains.
Card Mod:          10x Chimera -> 1x Regen Ring
Refine:            n/a
Name:              Force Armlet
Quantity needed:   1x
What it does:      GF learns Spr +40% Ability
Where to get:      Defeat Malboro/Ochu 
                   Brought at Esthar Pet Shop with Familiar for
                   20,000 gil.
Encounter Monster: Malboro/Ochu - Island closest to Heaven
Card Mod:          n/a 
Refine:            10x Mag-J Scrolls -> 1x Force Armlet [GFAbil Med-Ref]
Name:              Energy Crystal
Quantity needed:   2x
What it does:      GF learns SumMag +30% Ability
Where to get it:   Defeat Behemoth (rare).
                   Defeat Elnoyle.
                   Defeat Ruby Dragon (Level 80 and above)
Encounter Monster: Behemoth/Elnoyle - Esthar City
                   Ruby Dragon - Esthar- Nortes Mountains /Island 
                   closest Hell.
Card Mod:          10x Elnoyle's Card --> 1x Energy Crystal
Refine:            n/a

Ehrgeiz                                            Z e l l   D i n c h t
Name:              Adamantine 
Quantity needed:   1x
What it does:      GF learns Vit +60% Ability
Where to get it:   Defeat 2x Adamantoise / Mug BGH251F2 during FH 
                   (Disc 2)
Encounter Monster: Long Horn Island, it's located in the northwestern
                   area of Galbadia. North from the forest at Dollet,
                   you will find a stretch of land that resembles a 
                   horn. You will encounter it on the shores (rarely)
Card Mod:          Minotaur's Card --> 6x Adamantine
Refine:            10 Orihalcons -> 1x Adamantine [GFAbil Med-RF].
Name:              Dragon Skin
Quantity needed:   4x
What it does:      Durable dragon skin
Where to get it:   Defeat high levels Anacondaur. (rare)
Encounter Monster: Galbadia- Hasberry Plains [forests and hilltops]
                   Timber- Vaulny Canyon [forests]
Card Mod:          n/a
Refine:            n/a
Name:              Fury Fragment
Quantity needed:   1x
What it does:      Stone that contains morale
Where to get it:   Mug Blue Dragon or Defeat (low levels) Ruby Dragon.
                   Defeat Grendel (rare).
Encounter Monster: Blue Dragon - Trabia- Winter Island, Island closest 
                   to Hell.
                   Ruby Dragon - Island closest to Hell/Esthar- Nortes
                   Mountains/ Centra- Lenown Plains 
Card Mod:          4x Blue Dragon's Card -> 1x Fury Fragment
Refine:            n/a

Save the Queen                                 Q u i s t i s   T r e p e
Name:              Malboro Tentacle
Quantity needed:   2x
What it does:      Allows Quistis to learn Blue Magic, Bad Breath.
Where to get it:   Mug/Defeat Malboro
Encounter Monster: Island closest to Heaven/ Esthar- Grandid Forests
Card Mod:          4x Malboro's Card -> 1x Malboro Tentacle
Refine:            n/a
Name:              Sharp Spike
Quantity needed:   4x
What it does:      Long sharp claw
Where to get it:   Defeat/Mug Death Claw/Grand Mantis.
Encouner Monster:  Death Claw - Galbadia Garden (Disc 2), Centra- 
                   Lenown Plains (forests)
                   Grand Mantis - Centra- Lenown Plains
Card Mod:          1x Grand Mantis' Card -> 1x Sharp Spike
                   1x Death Claw's Card -> 1x Sharp Spike
Refine:            n/a
Name:              Energy Crystal
Quantity needed:   4x
What it does:      GF learns SumMag +30% Ability
Where to get it:   Defeat Behemoth (rare).
                   Defeat Elnoyle.
                   Defeat Ruby Dragon (Level 80 and above)
Encounter Monster: Behemoth/Elnoyle - Esthar City
                   Ruby Dragon - Esthar- Nortes Mountains /Island 
                   closest Hell.
Card Mod:          10x Elnoyle's Card --> 1x Energy Crystal
Refine:            n/a

Exector                                      I r v i n e   K i n n e a s
Name:              Dino Bone
Quantity needed:   2x
What it does:      Large dinosaur bone
Where to get it:   Defeat T-Rexaur [mug at low-levels]
Encounter Monster: Balamb- Accauld Plains (forests), Island closest to
                   Hell/ Balamb Garden- Training Center
Card Mod:          1x Armadodo's Card -> 1x Dino Bone
                   2x T-Rexaur's Card -> 1x Dino Bone
                   1x Sacred's Card -> 100x Dino Bones
Refine:            n/a
Name:              Moon Stone
Quantity needed:   1x
What it does:      Holy moon stone with monsters living inside
Where to get it:   Mug Torama / Mug Elnoyle.
Encounter Monster: Both - Esthar City
                   Torama - Great Plains of Esthar/ Deep Sea Deposit
Card Mod:          n/a
Refine:            n/a
Name:              Star Fragment
Quantity needed:   2x
What it does:      GF learns SumMag +20% Ability
Where to get it:   Mug Iron Giant/ Defeat high levels T-Rexaurs
Encounter Monster: Iron Giant - Deep Sea Deposit/Lunatic Pandora/
                   Esthar City.
                   T-Rexaur - Balamb Garden- Training Center/ Balamb-
                   Accauld Plains/ Island closest to Hell
Card Mod:          3x Iron Giant -> 1x Star Fragment
Refine:            n/a
Name:              Screws
Quantity needed:   18x
What it does:      Use to remodel weapons
Where to get it:   Mug or defeat Geezard / Defeat GIM-47N
Encounter Monster: Geezard - Galbadia- Montersou Plateau/ Dollet- 
                   Hasberry Plains/ Great Plains of Galbadia/ Timber-
                   Vaulny Canyon.
Card Mod:          1x Geezard's Card -> 5x Screws
Refine:            n/a

Strange Vision                            S e l p h i e    T i l m i t t
Name:              Adamantine 
Quantity needed:   1x
What it does:      GF learns Vit +60% Ability
Where to get it:   Defeat 2x Adamantoise / Mug BGH251F2 during FH 
                   (Disc 2)
Encounter Monster: Long Horn Island, it's located in the northwestern
                   area of Galbadia. North from the forest at Dollet,
                   you will find a stretch of land that resembles a 
                   horn. You will encounter it on the shores (rarely)
Card Mod:          Minotaur's Card --> 6x Adamantine
Refine:            10 Orihalcons -> 1x Adamantine [GFAbil Med-RF].
Name:              Star Fragment
Quantity needed:   3x
What it does:      GF learns SumMag +20% Ability
Where to get it:   Mug Iron Giant/ Defeat high levels T-Rexaurs
Encounter Monster: Iron Giant - Deep Sea Deposit/Lunatic Pandora/
                   Esthar City.
                   T-Rexaur - Balamb Garden- Training Center/ Balamb-
                   Accauld Plains/ Island closest to Hell
Card Mod:          3x Iron Giant -> 1x Star Fragment
Refine:            n/a
Name:              Cursed Spike
Quantity needed:   2x
What it does:      Allows Quistis to learn Blue Magic, LV? Death
Where to get it:   Defeat Creeps, Death Claw, Forbidden
                   Mug or defeat Tri-Face.
Encounter Monster: Creeps - Ultemicia's Castle, Galbadia Garden
                   Death Claw - Centra- Lenown Plains, Galbadia Garden
                   Forbidden - Centra Ruins, Esthar- Nortes Mountains
Card Mod:          1x Tri-Face Card -> 1x Cursed Spike
Refine:            n/a

Well, that's all for weapon upgrading. If it isn't clear, there is 
really nothing else that I can do.

/ 1.7 \_________________________________________________________________
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Q: Why you haven't answered my e-mail?
A: There perhaps may be a few reasons:
   - school [I still got tons of assignments/projects/tests]
   - the answer can be found in the FAQ [if you haven't received the 
     e-mail for two weeks]. I always check my e-mail during weekends/
     holidays, unless I am really busy for that week.
   - Other things may coped up.
   Note that if you can't contact me, feel free to contact other FAQ
   writers for the particular game. But I will be free most of the time
   during school vacations.
   - I may be busying playing the game to uncover more secrets.
/ 1.8 \_________________________________________________________________
Frequently Asked Questions
For this section, you will find all those frequently asked questions and
the key events of the game. Note that these are the questions, which I
will not reply anymore. BTW, if you have problems regarding BOSS fight,
please check out both Part I/II for the guides that you need.

Last Updated: 14/10/2000

The list may be expanded depends on the number of e-mails that I have
recieved on that particular topic. 

1.   How do you junction commands?
A:   You can ONLY junction commands (such as Magic, Item, Draw, etc.) 
     and abilities (Mag-J, Str-J, Str+20%, SumMag +20%, Counter, Cover, 
     etc) if you have a GF equipped for the characters. To equip a GF,
     select the character and Junction from the main menu. Next pick a
     GF and you will be able to equip the command! You can more help 
     from the Tutorial Menu in the game.

2.   How many GFs are there?
A:   There are a total of 16 GFs [GFs with abilities] and the 
     miscellaneous GFs. I have include the list and the brief method on 
     getting them. 

     The sixteen Guardian Forces
     Name             Method           Location/ Conditions        Disc
     Quezacotl        Access           Balamb Garden Network,       1~3
                                       Balamb Garden 2F 
                                       Classroom, Squall's desk

     Shiva            Access           Balamb Garden Network,       1~3
                                       Balamb Garden 2F
                                       Classroom, Squall's desk

     Ifrit            Defeat it        Fire Cavern                  1

     Siren            Draw             Dollet Communication         1
                                       Towers, BOSS: Elvoret

     Brothers         Defeat it        Tomb of Unknown King         1~4

     Diablos          Defeat it        Magical Lamp - gain         1~4
                                       from Cid before SeeD
                                       mission. Use it.

     Carbuncle        Draw             President's Residence,       1
                                       Deling City, BOSS:

     Leviathan        Draw             Balamb Garden Basement,      2
                                       BOSS: NORG

     Pandemona        Draw             Balamb Town, BOSS:           2

     Cerberus         Defeat it        Galbadia Garden, Main Hall   2

     Alexander        Draw             Galbadia Garden,             2 
                                       Auditorium, BOSS: Edea      

     Doomtrain        Access           Solomon's Ring found at      3~4
                                       Tear's Point. Get 6x   
                                       Malboro's Tentacle, 6x
                                       Steel Pipe and 6x Remedy+

     Bahamut          Defeat it        Deep Sea Research Center,    3~4
                                       Must have Ragnarok airship.

     Cactuar          Defeat it        Cactuar's Island             3~4
                                       Must have Ragnarok airship.

     Tonberry         Defeat it        Centra Ruins, defeat 20      3~4
                                       Tonberries and King 
                                       Tonberry. Must get Odin
     Eden             Draw             Deep Sea Deposit, BOSS:      3~4
                                       Ultima Weapon. Must get
                                       Must have Ragnarok airship


     Miscellaneous GFs
     Name             Method           Location                    Disc
     Chicobo          Item             Summon Mother Chocobo.      2~4
                      (Gyshal Greens)  Use item, Gysahl Greens to
                                       summon it. Gysahl Greens 
                                       can brought from Chocoboy
                                       at Chocobo Forests.

     Moomba           Item             Get Friendship item using   2~4
                      (Friendship)     Pocketstation.

     MiniMog          Command          Get Mog's Amulet using      2~4
                      (Mog's Amulet)   Pocketstation. Use the 
                                       item on one of the 16
                                       GFs. Use command to summon
                                       it. [MiniMog]

     Phoenix          Item             Get it by solving puzzles   2~4
                      (Phoenix         at Shumi Village or 
                      Pinion)          WinHill. Get it by 
                                       refining 3x Mega Phoenix 
                                       --> 1x Phoenix Pinion via
                                       Siren's Tool-RF. 

     Odin             Battle           Defeat it at Centra Ruins.  2~4
                      (based on        It will appear randomly at
                      Luck and no.     beginning of the battle. 
                      of Death 
                      Spirit items)

     Gilgamesh        Battle           Defeat Seifer with Odin     3
                                       acquired. Note: Odin will
                                       be lost. If you haven't
                                       gotten Odin at that time,
                                       Gilgamesh will be lost.


3.   I had forgotten to draw a GF! Are there any other methods to get 
A:   YES! You can get the GF by drawing it from the BOSSES found in the
     Ultimecia's Castle. Refer to Disc 4 walkthrough for more 
     information. I did not include in the walkthrough as this will
     help to avoid spoilers. BTW, some of GF summoning items [Solomon's
     Ring for Doomtrain and Magical Lamp for Diablos] can be retrieved
     from the Pocketstation.

4.   I had sold the Magical Lamp! Is there a method to get it later in
A:   Unfortunately no. In fact, that's the only Magical Lamp you can 
     get from playing the game. You can get more Magical Lamps as you
     can get it from the Pocketstation. [Refer to Pocketstation guides
     that found in GameFAQs. You can find more information under the
     Pocketstation section in Part II. Please note that I don't own a 

5.   What is the purpose of SeeD tests?
A:   Note for all new players, you can only get cash through your SeeD
     salary. You will get your salary, once Squall has become an 
     official SeeD member after Dollet's test at Disc 1. The SeeD level
     will change if you do any of following:

     SeeD Test
     Method                                                Effect

     Answering SeeD tests with correct answers. Access     Increase 
     SeeD test from Tutorial menu --> TEST menu.           SeeD level.

     Continue with the story of the game                   Increase
                                                           SeeD level.
     Finish Train sequence in Disc 1 upon first try        SeeD level

     Walking around the world map, field terrains without  Decrease
     doing anything.                                       SeeD level


     SeeD levels do not increase every time. In fact, it increases
     based on the number of steps that Squall walk on the terrains. 
     Hence, do not try to not overdo it as it will decrease your SeeD 

     The higher SeeD level, the more cash [in gil] that you will
     receive each time. For the test answers, refer to the walkthrough
     for disc 1.

6.   I have seen a UFO moving around in a random battle and nothing 
     happens..  What was that?
A:   It is the UFO Sighting Incident. There are four sighting spots
     which is being marked on the world map found at 
     <>. Just go there with Diablo's 
     Enc-None and move around to have a random battle. For more
     details, refer to the World Tour under the Disc 3 Walkthrough.

7.   Why I can't convert 100x Curse Spikes into Dark Matter through GF
     Siren's Tool-RF, in order learn Quistis' last Limit Break, 
     Shockwave Pulsar?
A:   In order to do that, GF Siren must reach LV 100. Otherwise, you 
     will not be able to do the refinement. As for the help in getting
     Curse Spikes, you need to defeat the Imp, Forbidden or Malboro.

8.   Is it true that you can't have both items obtained from stealing
     and defeat monsters?
A:   Yes. You can get only get one of the items. For example, let's 
     says you encountered a battle with 2x Adamantoises, you defeat 
     them without any characters using the Mug command. You will get 
     the item won from battle, such as Adamantine, Whisper, Orichalons 
     based on Squall's level.
     If you mug any of the Adamantoises, you will DEFINATELY NOT get 
     Adamantine [which can only be obtained by defeating both 
     Adamantoises]. Instead, you will get other items such as Whispers.

9.   How do I get Squall's ultimate weapon and Limit Break, Lion Heart?
A:   To get Squall's ultimate weapon, you must have the following
     1x    Adamantine
     3x    Dragon Fang
     12x   Pulse Ammo

     << Recommended Methods >> - these are the easiest methods
     Adamantine - you can get this by defeat Adamantoises found shores 
     of Dollet, Long Horn Island [to find the location of Long Horn 
     Island, view the world map at].

     Dragon Fang - head towards Trabia area where you find the Shumi 
     Village. Note that from the world map's point of view, you will
     find a row of mountains behind the village. Just walk closely 
     against mountains and you will encounter Blue Dragons. Defeat it
     to get Dragon Fang.

     Pulse Ammo - you need to get Energy Crystal. Get 20x Elynole's card
     via card playing and you can convert them into 2x Energy Crystals
     through Quezacotl's Card-Mod RF. Next convert the Energy Crystals 
     through Ifrit's Ammo-RF. You will get 20x Pulse Ammo. 

     Now go to any of the junk shops found in the game and pay 2000 gil 
     to remodel Squall's gunblade into Lion Heart. I have explained in
     more details under the Ultimate Weapon Upgrading section.

10.  Where are the Islands closest to Heaven / Hell?
A:   It is kind of difficult to explain using words. You can get find 
     the locations of them on a world map at my website 

11.  I can't locate the Deep Sea Research Center! Where can I find it?
A:   To locate the Deep Sea Research Center, you need the Ragnarok 
     airship. Pilot the airship to the extreme low-left corner of the 
     world map. 

     Move the Ragnarok low by press Down button. When you move the 
     Ragnarok, you should see water splashing... Next navigate around 
     that corner and you should find the Deep Sea Research Center. If 
     you have any problems, get the world map mentioned in the above 

12.  Why is there a screen showing "censored" when I used the Devour
A:   It was just like that! ^_^;

13.  Question on Card Games
A:   Well, it consists of a huge portion of my e-mails. Here is a 
     section for it:

     Rare Cards - it is true that there is only one version of rare
     cards, not after time compression has occurred. To get back the
     lost rare cards, you need to defeat the CC Group Members at 
     Ragnarok airship in Disc 4. (provided that you have defeat them 
     in Disc 2.). You can get them back even after you have refined the
     card using Quezacotl's Card-Mod.
     Card Queen - the Card Queen is really tough as she changes the
     card rules and moves from areas to areas, which made her an 
     extremely tough opponent. If you need more help, get FF8 FAQ
     Part II at and refer to the Card Queen's
     Side Quest.

     Obtaining cards - besides getting it by winning the card game, 
     you can also get cards by defeating enemies or using the card 
     command to convert dying enemies into cards [does not work on
     BOSS and human beings]

     Card Rules - It will be very difficult to explain the rules in
     a few sentences, hence there is a need to read the Card section
     of FF8 FAQ Part II.

     Abolish a Card Rule - a lot of gamers get frustrated regarding
     the random rule as it will force you into a bad situation in the
     card game. To abolish that rule, you can either play in a region
     where there is no such rules. One perfect example is Balamb area.
     Rules will be added as soon as you started in an area where there
     are new rules.

14.  Tough Battles - answers found at my Monsters FAQ @ GameFAQs
A:   It seems that a lot of people are having trouble regarding combat
     in FF8. There are a few reasons for the toughness and one of them 
     is that monsters levelling up as your character does. There are 
     few methods to be stronger than your enemy:
     The hints are:
     - by remodelling the characters' weapons 
     - get stronger spells via item refining. 
     You can get a lot of rare items via cards. This means if you want 
     an easy life in the game, play cards often!

15.  Can I get into the cities during Disc 4?
A:   There is no way that you can get into the cities in Disc 4. Those
     barriers do not allow you to make contact with the city. I know
     the following question will definitely pop up if this happens...
     * how do I remodel my weapons? - you can remodel your weapons by 
       using GF Tonberry's Call Shop or Call Junk Shop menu ability via
       the Ability menu. 
16.  I have sold the Magical Lamp. Is there any other way to get it?
A:   Finally found the answers for this... You can't draw Diablos from
     any of the bosses [bosses at Lunatic Pandora and Boss Sphinxaur in 
     Ultimecia's Castle]. Once you sold it, you got to reset if you 
     don't own a Pocketstation or Gameshark. It is still possible to 
     complete the game without GF Diablos, but it will definitely be 

17.  Where are weapon monthly magazines?
A:   You don't need these items as it is compulsory to remodel your 
     characters' weapon. In fact, the weapon's name will appear in the 
     Junk Shop's menu once you have obtained its requirements. Here is a 
     short list of weapon magazines:

     Weapon Monthly March  - you will get this by defeating Elvoret at
                             Dollet's Communication Tower in Disc 1.
     Weapon Monthly April  - you will get this from Squall's desk after
                             completing the sequence in Training 
                             Center. (after the ball dance)
     Weapon Monthly May    - you can find this in the sewers while 
                             controlling Rinoa. Refer to walkthrough for
                             more information.
     Weapon Monthly June   - defeat BGHZ51F2 at Missile Base
     Weapon Monthly July   - found it in Balamb Garden's Training Center
                             after Disc 2.
     Weapon Monthly August - found it near the Gargoyle in Trabia 

18.  Why I can't get the second vase piece (found at the statue) in 
A:   Well, this is really my error and thanks to those whom have help me
     in solving this and that is you really need to have Irvine in your 
     party. I guess it was perhaps due to the itching hands of 
     Irvine ^_^;) Remember the time when he messes up the guns in Zell's
     room [for those whom have Irvine in your party]

19.  Where can I locate the Tomb of Unknown King?
A:   It seems that this type of question is one of hardiest for me to
     answer. Imagine explaining the location using words. It was 
     actually located on a peninsula, which is northeast from Deling. The
     tomb is quite small in size and if you still have the problem, get
     the world map found at <>.

20.  How do I use the character's Limit Breaks?
A:   First of all, your characters need to get to "Crisis" conditions. 
     It will be fulfilled when:
     - the character's HP turns red/yellow
     - Aura is being cast on the character

     Next to use the Limit Break, just tap Circle button (menu button)
     and you will eventually see a golden triangle on the right side of
     "Attack" or "Mug". Press right and you will be able to execute the
     Limit Break.

     General Tip on getting Aura.
     Aura is a magic that allows your character to get Limit Breaks
     easily. To get Aura magic, you need to get Fury Fragments which 
     can be mugged from Blue Dragon found at the mountains near Shumi
     Village. [you don't need to stand on the mountain, just go near 
     it]. Next just convert the Fury Fragment into 5x Aura magic 
     through Leviathan's Supt Mag-RF
21.  How do I return back to the Lunatic Pandora after I have finished
     the "Ragnarok crash scene" in Disc 3?

A:   You can choose to exit the Pandora after your Ragnarok has made 
     its way to the Lunatic Pandora in Disc 3. To exit, just to talk to 
     Selphie. From there, you can enjoy yourself for the quests or do
     some level up. After you are done, proceed to the bridge [or 
     controls room] and talk to Selphie and you will be back at the
     Lunatic Pandora!

22.  Is it possible to do the Lion Heart Limit Break each time once you
     have acquired the Lion Heart gunblade?
A:   No. The occurence of the Lion Heart Limit Break depends on chance.
     You can't control it. But Lion Heart seems to appear more 
     frequently, once the entire party is down to critical status.

23.  How do I get Limit Breaks for every characters?
A:   Squall  - Upgrade his gunblade and Squall will learn new Limit 
               Breaks. [see Part II for more details.]
     Quistis - Get Blue Magic Items [refer to Part II item bestiary on
               how to get them] and use it on Quistis.
     Zell    - Get Combat Kings and select the item and Zell will learn
               the new Limit Breaks automatically.
     Selphie - Get it from her Limit Breaks. While you are choosing the
               type of spells, you can find her Limit Breaks [including
               those that are not uncovered.]. Cast it and Selphie will
               have that Limit Breaks.
     Rinoa   - Get Pet Pals and select the item. Next check the status
               screen and select the limit break that you wish to teach
               Angelo. Hence walk around on the terrain for a while. 
               Once the gauge has built up, Rinoa will learn the Limit
     Irvine  - Get the Ammo and he will have new Limit Breaks. Some of
               the rare ammo are quite hard to get.

24. How do I enhance my character's statistics?
A:  Through the junction system. The junction system is a system that 
    could enfuse magic to your character's atttributes, hence making 
    them stronger. See Basic Tutorial for more information. BTW, the
    effects of Junction are affected by the following:
    . Number of magic: The more you have, the better the effect of the
      junction system.
    . Types of spell: The stronger the spell you have, the better the
      effect the junction has on the character.
    Junction also allows your characters to equip commands and 
    abilities. There is no accessories/armor in the game. Please read
    the Basic Tutorial thoroughly. You need to have junction abilities
    [i.e. abilities that are ended with "-J"] for boosting your 
    character's statistics.

25. How do I upgrade my weapons in FF8?
A:  You can't buy new weapons instead you can tune them up through Junk
    Shops. But in order to do this, you need to have specific 
    ingredients such as M-Stone Piece, Sharp Spike, Dragon Fang, etc.
    Of course, not everything in the world is free. You need to pay a
    small sum to upgrade them to new models [you can choose to upgrade
    or downgrade.] Everytime you attempt to remodel the weapon, the 
    ingredients will be used up. If you want to upgrade back to the 
    same weapon, you need to get new ingredients. To upgrade a weapon in
    Disc 4, just get GF Doomtrain [Call Junk Shop menu ability] and do
    the following:
    1) Activate your menu.
    2) Select the Ability header.
    3) Select Call Junk Shop
    4) Do what you normally do at Junk Shops.
    It's pretty simple huh? BTW, don't try to force your way in the 
    towns, as it is impossible!

26. How I mug an item?
A:  This one is pretty hard to explain if you don't know anything about
    junction commands or abilities. First of all, you need to get a GF
    ability called "Mug" [from Bahamut or Diablos, requires 200 AP to
    master]. Next equip GF Bahamut or Diablos with the mastered Mug 
    ability. After you have equipped the commands, you will be able to
    select the type of character/party abilities. Choose Mug and add it
    to one of the ability slots. If you equip the ability, you should 
    see the attack command is being replaced with Mug. If that happens,
    you are on the right track.
    Just go to a random battle and look for the monster that you want
    to steal an item from. Remember to watch for the top status bar 
    after your character has performed the attack.

27. How do I junctioned commands?
A:  Before I start this, I need to explain that GFs are extremely 
    important as they worked like Materia in FF7. Without them, you 
    can't have other commands besides attack. First of all, you need to 
    get a GF. [If you have seen through the ability list in Part II, you
    should noticed that all the 16 GFs have Magic, GF and Draw.]

    To equip a command, do the following step-by-step and make sure that
    you are in the main menu.
    1) Select Junction from the main menu
    2) Select the character who you want to junction GFs with.
    3) Select Junction command from the Junction Menu. Select the GFs
       that you want to equip with. Press Triangle once you are done.
    4) You should be brought to the Auto screen if you have magic in 
       that character's magic inventory. Choose either Atk, Def or Mag.
       If your character don't have any magic, you will be brought to
       the Ability sub-menu directly. Press Triangle once you are done.
    5) At the ability screen, you should see the command list of the
       character with the slots along with ability slots. On the right
       is the list of commands available (if the cursor is pointing at
       either one of the three command slots, they are found under the
       Attack command) and list of abilities available (if the cursor
       is pointing at either one of ability slots.) Just pick and choose
       from the list. Duplicate commands will only appear once. [For
       example, as I had mentioned earlier, that all 16 GFs have the 3
       basic commands, GF, Magic and Draw. These commands will appear 
       only once even if you have more than 1 GFs equipped.] Press
       Triangle once you are done.

28. Where do General Caraway go after he had brought you to the Gateway?
A: It is pretty funny that I got such e-mails more than twice ^_^;). 
   After Caraway have move away from the Gateway, head towards the left
   side of the screen. You should be brought to the front screen where
   you see crowds and the gateway. Notice that there is no people on the
   left side of the crowd. Just walk down and exit from the screen. You
   will meet Caraway there.

29. Who is Squall's father?
A: This may be a piece of spoiler [heck, anyway by typing out the FAQ,
   I had already spoiled the game...]. There is my evidence to support
   that Laguna Loire is Squall's father!

   A) If you re-visit Winhill, you will found out that the photo of the
      family (Laguna, Raine, "Squall" and Ellone) is missing. The photo
      is found at Raine's House [next to the pub]
   B) Laguna has probably left Squall in the hands of Edea before 
      leaving for his journey to rescue Ellone. You had see sequences of
      Squall standing in the rain feeling bored and Laguna talking to
      Edea... (btw, this may be wrong as it is my own assumption)
   C) If you talk to Ward or Kiros, you make get more information leaked
      out about Squall and Laguna [that's a pretty good hint by the 

30. Have you heard any rumours about FF8?
A:  Definitely yes! Of course, FF8 is such a great RPG and there are 
    also have some loopholes just like FF7 and so you can expect some
    rumours about the game.

 A) Getting Cloud Strife
    Well, I myself is also a fan of Cloud. But I don't have sufficient
    proof that Cloud is in the game. But based on gameshark, it is not
    possible to have Cloud. This always works btw. But here are some 
    rumours [they seems a bit reasonable...]
    1) Have 16 gameovers at the Island closest to Hell. Upon the 16th
       continue, Cloud will appear... 
       My Reply: This is definitely not true!
    2) During the battle against the Iron Clad [the BOSS at the missile
       base], you can mug an item from the BOSS which allows you to
       summon Cloud Strife! [Cloud will appears and do his Omnislash
       Limit Break!]
       My Reply: Haven't tested it yet as my party was too strong...
       I have killed that stupid Iron Clad with a few attacks...

 B) Getting GF Griever/ a hidden GF
    You can get GF Griever in Lunatic Pandora. You must have all the
    weapons, 666 items or something to that nature. Also in Balamb, 
    next to Zell's house, an old man makes reference to an old story/
    My Reply: 
    . About the ridiculous 666 item:
      This isn't true as it is impossible to have 666 of an item type.
      So give up your hopes... [That 666 items requirement is actually
      taken from Occult Fan III, which refers to GF Doomtrain ^_^; If
      you break the numbers up along with other issues, you should get
      6x Steel Pipes, 6x Malboro Tentacles, 6x Remedy+]
    . An old man...
      Well, I guessed this may be partly right... I'm not sure about
      this anyway. But since half of the rumour is wrong, it is just
      as good as the rumour is false.

C)  Getting Seifer after Dollet Mission
    I know that there will be a lot of Seifer's fan hoping that this 
    could be true. Well, I have recently received a rumour regarding

Luckily for us, FAQ writers for FF8, Rinoa did not die in the game...
Otherwise we may be facing problems like resurrecting Rinoa... *Phew*
I have excluded some of rumours to save me from e-mails probing...
BTW, here is a point of advice from me and that is don't be cheated by
rumours. (Provided that there is sufficient proof to prove it... at 
least a screenshot of the rumour. Like showing Cloud fighting against
any monster that's included in FF8.)

31. Why can't I equip Card Mod-RF on my character?
A:  You can't equipped that on a character. There are several types of
    abilities and below is a short summary on the abilities types:

    Type         How to use it?
    Character    You need to equip it to enable its effect. Go to
                 Junction menu and choose the fourth tab, Abilities.
    GF           Automatically takes effect once the GF has mastered
                 the ability. Note that the learnt ability only applies
                 to that GF, which has the ability in its slot.
    Junction     It allows some of the Junction options to be enable on
                 the Junction status screen. For example, if the
                 equipped GFs does not have any Str-J, the Str option
                 will be greyed out. There is no need to equip the 
                 ability, just equiped GF to enable its effect.
    Menu         One of the abilities that can't be equipped. You can
                 access this ability under Ability sub-menu of the main
                 menu. [Card Mod-RF is a type of menu ability]
    Party        Same as character ability, need to equip, followed the
                 same method as character.

32. Is it possible to defeat the BOSS at lower levels compared to the
    statistics that you have given in the FAQ?
A:  Of course, you don't need to go to that extreme ^_^;). This is one
    of the reasons which makes FF8 different from FF7. Monsters, 
    including BOSSES get level up as your characters level up [in 
    proportion to Squall's level.], which means the higher Squall's
    level is, the more HP or level will be the BOSS.

33. How do I get Mog's Amulet?
A:  This is one time that can only be achieved by playing the Choco
    World. Besides, I have stressed on this many times...

34. How do I get more Rosetta Stones?
A:  To get more Rosetta Stones, you can either use the refinement method
    or search method. Rosetta Stones can be refined using a Menu 
    Ability. [please refer to Menu abilities, FF8 Part II FAQ]

35. How do I get Zell's Armageddon Fist?
A:  This is actually a move that invented by one of FF8 gamers, Kaze
    Yagami [beats me why everyone choose to use to this name...]. It is
    actually a chain between Punch Rush, Booya, Punch Rush, Booya....
    [I guess you should know that flow...]. It is named this, because of
    its killing effect.

36. How do I exit from Ultimecia's Castle in Disc 4?
A:  A simple analogy... How do you exit from your home? Of course,
    through the door! or the window [unless you are Spiderman or theft,
    otherwise I have no comments ^_^]. Just go back to the main hall
    and exit the door. Go to the chain and choose any of the doors to
    get back to the world.

37. Must I followed the story sequence based on the walkthrough?
A:  YES! All except for World Tours [or sub-quest which other FAQ 
    writers call it.]. If you don't follow in order, like going to 
    Galbadia Garden before you have finished up with Timber story
    sequence, you will find Galbadia Soldiers surrounding the building.

38. Does Ultimecia's castle contains every single enemy?
A:  YES! You can find virtually all the monsters that is available in
    the game. But some of them don't appear that frequently like 
    Malboros, Tonberries and Elynoles. I have managed to encounter an
    Elynole on my trip up the clock tower...

39. When and where is the best place to level up all your characters?
A:  It depends only on your character current level. IMO, I guess it is
    best not to stress on your character's current level, as certain 
    enemies are really a killer even it is only a level 15 monsters.
    The area where you get most EXP is from the enemies in the Island
    closest to Hell and Heaven, don't know where it is? Refer to the
    maps found at my website <>!

40. No Alexander, No Doomtrain? --> Getting Remedy +
A:  Getting Doomtrain is one of hardiest feature in FF8, you need to get
    in pursuit of items and met its requirement to get it. First of all,
    you need to get all the requirements of 6x Steel Pipes, 6x Malboro
    Tentacles and 6x Remedy+ (!). After gotten the requirements, use 
    the item "Solomon's Ring" to get GF Doomtrain. The key link between
    Alexander and Doomtrain is the requirement of Remedy+. If you don't
    have Remedy+, you can't get GF Doomtrain. To get Remedy+, you need
    to use Med LV Up [menu ability] to convert 60x Remedy [which can be
    bought from shops]. As for the other requirements, please refer to
    the walkthrough or FF8 FAQ Part II.

41. Gilgamesh interrupted my fight against Adel and kill Rinoa!
A:  One comments: The gamer is really unlucky ^_^;) You really needs to
    depend on luck and pray hard that Gilgamesh does not appear.
    Actually, IMO, I guess you need to make sure that at least one of
    members has most of the HP as this reduces the appearance of

42. How to get back Odin after I have gotten Gilgamesh?
A:  Sorry pals, as there is no way to get back Odin after Gilgamesh...
    Odin is already killed in half by Seifer in the battle at Lunatic
    Pandora [Disc 3], that's why Odin can never appear, beside its
    sword is already taken by Gilgamesh ^_^; so how is it going to 
    attack? Besides in FF8, there is no lance for Odin...

43. How does the Rare Item takes it effect?
A:  It is one of doubts which still remains a mystery for me... 
    Typically, Rare Item is party ability and takes effect after you
    have finished the random battles and just increase the "chances" [
    I don't how it was being measured, but according to my gameplay, it
    seems to give me more GF type items and rarer items, but decreases
    the rate of junk items (which is more cheaper...)]

44. Why I have never found Selphie's Limit Break <The End>?
A:  IMO, you need to take a lot of patience in getting this. The End
    appears about 1 out of 100 tries while using the Slots. You need to
    press "Do over" [1st option] and switch and switch... until you
    found the spell... But if you miss it, it WILL take you more longer
    to find it again in next try! Besides you can't use The End at your
    will since it is an instant killer spell!

45. Is it possible to complete the game without all GFs?
A:  Of course, the completion of the game depends on your will. If you
    want to have an easy fight, I would recommend you to get all GFs. In
    other words, it is not necessary to get all GFs to complete the
    game. The aim of this walkthrough is just to give you a clearer


Important Notes
Things can't be done without a gameshark/pocketstation:
- Get Apocalypse magic before the fight against True form of Ultimecia.
- Get another Magical Lamp besides the one you get it from Cid.
- Get Ribbon/Mog's Amulet/Friendship item.
- Rare GF Abilities such as Supt Mag-RF, Discount, Awarness, etc.

Things that never can be done...
- Enter towns in Disc 4
- Find the gateways to the chain road in front of Ultimecia's Castle 
  before Disc 4.
- Find the white SeeD Ship after you return from space visit.
- Read the Girl Next Door (it is a junk item...)


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