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Game Reviews for Final Fantasy VIII


Quick Reviews

Added 29 Oct 2006, ID #14008
final fantasy 8 is one of my favorite final fantasy\'s that maybe because i only just finished it however i still loved it and i love how you don\'t have to wait for the fmv\'s they come straight of the playing screen unlike in other Final fantasy games such as final fantasy 7, final fantasy 10 and final fantasy 10-2 because in them you have to wait for the fmv and i like how the mp system has been removed it makes the game a little better and the storyline is great but i must say that the junction system does get a little annoying any way i would rate this game 10/10 and i beleive there should be a sequel to this game wether it is a movie like advent children or a game like final fantasy 10-2 i dont care there should just be a sequal(i would prefer it be a game though) okay i hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading it
Final Fantasy VIII Review Added 30 Apr 2005, ID #12766
I played this game and it was a REALLY GOOD GAME! It looks like it would take forever to beat, beacause it had four disc, but it only took me about a week like every other game I played. Also this game has good graphics, VERY GOOD MOVIES, and I loved the characters. I would give this game a 5 out of 5 and a 100%.
This is a good game Added 17 Feb 2005, ID #12529
I think that Final Fantasy V11 is a good game because of these reasons.

1. It is an enjoyable game
2. There are lots of funny characters
3. It is a challenging game
4. It is a game with lots of laughs
5. It has a good variety of characters
6. There are good graphics

I hope that you enjoy this game as much as I do I hope that you have fun and happy gaming.
A Little On The Edge Added 8 Feb 2005, ID #12508
OK, this game was alright to play (if you're incredibly that bored) but over all I give it a 4/10, I think this is one of the worst Final Fantasy's Ive played.

The only reason I got it was to add to my collection. I wouldnt recommend getting this game unless you are just collecting the series. The leveling system and GF system was entirely to messed up and easy.

The stupidest part is that you couldnt equip other items, and that the enimies level up to!!! Like I said 4/10.
So close Added 22 Oct 2004, ID #12270
I would give this one a 9 out of 10 becuse it was slightly worse than the prvious Final Fantasy VII (awsome).
Added 12 Aug 2004, ID #12078
Great game!

It has a really good storyline to it and the best part of the game is facing Omega Weapon and trying to defeat him.

I defeated him with Squall at Lv. 90, Zell at Lv. 85 and Irvine at Lv. 79 using 10-20 Megalixers, 2-5 Phoenix Downs, about 5 Auras on Squall, about 3-5 Auras on Irvine and finally using 2 Heroes on Squall!......

I give this game overall of 10/10!
ID #3403

Unlike other games where you have to be a certain level, your enemies level up as you do.So it makes things a lot easier.

The story is one of the best, even for a final fantasy which you would expect(nine was disappointing though).The game is full of cinema scenes.

It's seems like you actually know the caracters.GF's might be a pain to get, but they add alot to the game(I like the traditional summoning better).

No matter who you are there are some parts that make your eyes almost "water" especially the ending. A challenge in the game is the Omega Weapon, who is a punk.

If you beat him though it shows that your pretty good(not as good as me). Pretty close though.(If this review sucks it's not my fault!)

ID #3402

I Give This Game A Perfect 10!!! It Has Great Game Play! Plus The GF's Are Cool.The Cinemas Are Pretty Good Too. A Must For All RPG Fans, And Final Fantasy fans.

It's got great side-quests too. A better looking chocobo this time, and if you collect cards you can become a card guru too.This FF has good characters to go with this superb game.

Squall kicks major butae' in this one. I suggest this game to any one. If you don't like my review you can stick you head up your you no what.

ID #3401

This has to be THE best RPG game I have ever played in my entire life! The storyline is very original and the awesome video clips ( I hope thats what you call them ) Makes the hard boses worth while. 10+/10!! If you've got a life, you'ld play this game

ID #3400

This is a great game.I love it.I am master of Final Fantasy 8.I have all the characters at level 100 and all characters had 9999 hp.I had with all characters each magic exemplar by 100.

I have all the guardian force on level 100.Eden takes a 60000 damage to all opponents in battle when you have it on level 100.Cactuar takes 10000 damage at level 100.

I have all the rare cards.Each exemplar of item i have 100.

I have 1700 battles.I play only 130 hours.

ID #3399

Final Fantasy was very dissapointing for me because the storyline was rubbish and didnt make sense most of the time. Also i like to point out that the GF takes a few minutes to finish, the battle bits are slow and the draw magic thing...well what the point? There isnt hardly any sidequests like FF7 apart from finding the yellow birds and stone things which was pants. The good points i like to say about this game is that the graphics were great, the bosses were challenging and the card game is ok i suppose but it doesn't deserve 10/10, FF8 deserves 6/10. If gamers dont like my review on FF8 well u can kiss my bumhole.

ID #3398

It is a very cool game I give it a 20/10, it is cool how the bosses are.

I love to play THE GAME when I have sometime left.

Now I have played the game 15 times and I'm gonna say it again it is great ---- 20.

ID #3397

I really, really like playing this game! Its very cool especially when I reached disc four.

Moreover, its epic love story (probably) turns the players mind into some dimension which in turn truly exists!

I never saw or played a game more challenging and exciting as this! (Eventhough some people think that this game is corny) But nevermind!

P.S For those who like this game same as me, I really appreciate it! (seems like I'm the creator-developer of thus game huh?!geeks!)

And for those who disregard it, well, I think you're the one who's corny and has no taste!

ID #3396

I give this game 9 out of ten overall 10/10 for graphics 8/10 for gameplay & 9/10 for plot it starts with Squall facing his rival Seifer in a training match.

Squall must figure out what to do with his life but as the plot continues, it reveils the an evil scorceress from the future is trying to take over the world

ID #3395

A great and satisfying game. Final Fantasy has a very wide range of story, adventure and many more.

This game is very realistic but the story-line is lucid to understand. I could give perfect 10, but I hate most is the tiring Draw Command.

Futhermore the sound is very old and perspective might be a bit odd. Truly Rinoa and Squall is a perfect combination for each other.

For RPG gamers I suggest to buy Final Fantasy 8. As I played it, I rated it from 6, 7, 8, or 9.

ID #3394

Final Fantasy is the COOLEST game that I have played and i only started playing it Christmas! The graphics of the short movie clips are AMAZING.

The game also has a good battle gameplay and and an exciting storyline which also makes this game fun and challenging.

As you know I only started playing it and I am only on disk 2 but i am already very excited and i have become a fan of the game as soon as i started PLAYING it!!

This would be a great game for people who love adventure and battle games. In my opinion this game is the best RPG on playstation EVER made!!!

It is an enjoyable game with hours and hours to do of adventure.

This game is TOTALLY COOL!!!!!

ID #3393

I think that FF8 is the greatest game in the whole world. If you don't like it ..... GET A LIFE!!! Play this game it is AMAZING!!!!!

ID #3392
Final fantasy 8 is a savage game in my opinion. the plot was excellent and it was enjoyable. i'd give the graphic 9/10 for the the little movies in between , I'd give b10/10 for plot and I'd recommend it to anyone.

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