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Follow the dark path or use the light
Final Fantasy Hub


by aslanboy

U                  U      L                  TTTTTTTTTTTTTT               I                   M          M
U                  U      L                              T                          II                 M M      M M
U                  U      L                              T                                            M   M   M    M
U                  U      L                              T                           I               M     M M      M 
U                  U      L                              T                           I              M        M         M          
U                  U      L                              T                           I             M                     M    
U                  U      L                              T                           I            M                       M
 U                U       L                              T                           I           M                         M
   UUUUUUUUU        LLLLLLLLLLLL               T                           I          M                           M

EEEEEEEEEEE             CCCCCC               I                  AAAAAA
E                           C                          I                 A         A
E                          C                           I                A           A
E                         C                            I               A             A
EEEEEEEEEEE         C                            I              AAAAAAAAAA
E                         C                            I             A                A
E                         C                            I            A                  A
E                          C                           I           A                    A
EEEEEEEEEEE            CCCCCCCC            I           A                     A


before you fight this crazy old hag you should know this: her GF is tougher than her,
her 1st and last forms are easier to beat, its only griever that you should have some hastle with

NOTE: before the battle, card mod bahamuts card into 100 megalixers

Characters: Squall, Zell, Quistis

These three are the best characters in the game, Squall has the limit break lion heart, zell has duel, and Quistis 
should have learnt mighty guard, which is AWESOME.

GFs: All characters should have these GFs:

Squall/ 1st character: Cactuar, Leviathan, Carbuncle, Alexander and Eden

Zell/ 2nd character: Ifrit, Brothers, Pandemona, Cerberus, Bahamut

Quistis/ 3rd character: Shiva, Siren, Diablos, Doomtrain, Tonberry King

You shouldnt need GFs, they're only there for abilities

Abilities junctioned should be:

Squall: Expend 3-1, Initiative, str+60% and HP+(Up to 9999 health)

Zell: Auto Haste, Initiative and HP+(Up to 9999 health)

Quistis: auto protect, Initiative and of course HP+(Up to 9999 health)

All of these three characters should be level 100 and be very strong.

NOTE: Aura junctins well to strength, but you're going to be using alot of them,
so just junction something good to them.

WARNING: when you start the battle, you may not get any of these characters in battle,as she randomly selects people, so just use attack
               until they die, then we get the good gang in, and start the strategy. 

Have Zell cast triple on Squall, Squall use meltdown, then Quistis use Ultima or flare,
Squalls ATB should be charged now, so get him to use triple aura on everyone, then have Zell duel and 
Quistis use mighty guard or, if Ultimecia uses Maelstrom, have her use megalixer to heal up all nice. 
Repeat this on Griever, and look out for shockwave pulsar, it does alot of damage! If he uses it, use another megalixer,
and dont forget to cast meltdown!

Ultimecia and Griever will now merge, and turn inot something so hideous, you would think THAT would kill you, hoofreakingrah.
Watch out for these dodgy little things that apeear next to her call helixes, as they let her use an attack call great attraction,
which smashes aload of planets into, ouchie, so heal up, then use a limit break on one of them, and it should die.
After a while, her ass will fall off, nearly beaten her! keep on attacking her and she will blow up, its over now.....

Just joking! you still have to fight her one more time, but this one is only second hardest so you shoudn't have much problems, 
she will use an attack called hells judgement throughout the battle which reduces everyons health to 1, so INSTANTLY use a megalixer
and you will be fine, you should know the drill by now, meltdown/aura/limitbreaks

NOTE: her bottom half will randomly appear and cast a spell called apocolypse, 
          which does about 3000 damage to your party, megalixer it, then continue the 

          Congratulations! when you beat her you will get this really cool and FUNNY FMV, but i wont spoil it for you, happy
          but kicking!!!!!