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How to use Amrita to Yokai Shift

Nioh 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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How to use Amrita to Yokai Shift

A new currency has been introduced to Nioh 2 called Amrita, this ancient yellow substance and can be used to initiate a Yokai Shift which is a mechanic that allows your character to become possessed by their Guardian Spirits and enact powerful attacks and special moves. Check out our How to use Amrita to Yokai Shift guide to find out how you can utilise your character's demon heritage to become a monster for a short amount of time in battle.

What is Amrita

In Nioh 2 Amrita is used to initate a Yokai Shift, it is a yellow substance that can be used to level up your character and comes in the form of yellow orbs which are dropped by enemies when you defeat them. Amrita is tied to your Yokai heritage and can be used to initiate a Yokai Shift which is determined by the Guardian Spirit you picked at the start of the game.

How to Collect Amrita

You will be able to collect Amrita in Nioh 2 naturally by killing Yokai, opening chests, and destroying crates. You will know when you have collected Amrita by the golden orbs that flood into your body. When you then find a Shrine you will be able to use them at the 'Level Up' menu to boost your preferred stats. If however you die in combat or fall off a ledge before you reach a Shrine you will lose all of your Amrita. You will though be given a chance after your first death to return to where you died and retrieve the Amirita you lost along with your Guardian Spirit. You are also given the option to pay to recall your Guardian Spirit from a Shrine outside of battle if you think it would be too difficult to retrieve your Amrita without it.

How to Yokai Shift

Before you can Yokai shift and turn into your character's half-demon heritage you need to collect Amrita. In the top corner of your screen you will see a circular symbol which will display the icon of your chosen spirit. Once you have collected the required amount of Amrita this icon will glow indicating it is ready to use. You unleash the Yokai Shift by pressing Triangle and Circle together. The Yokai Shift does not last long and if you take damage from enemies during this time the gauge will deplete further. Whilst in Yokai Shift mode you can tap Triangle and Circle again to use your ultimate Yokai power.

What are the Yokai Shift Forms

There are three different demon versions your character can Yokai Shift into. All three grant bonuses to your character's attack and defense stats but vary when it comes to their strengths and playstyles.

The Brute form is a heavy-hitter that can both dish out the damage and take it. Suited for blunt offensive.

The Feral form is lean, fast and mean relying on chaining together blistering combos while staying light on its feet.

The Phantom form is built to exploit range and magic, it is able to cast lethal projectiles while maintaining a safe distance.

Check out our Where to Farm Soul Cores guide to find out where you can find these important items in Nioh 2 which allow you to add magical attacks to your repertoire.

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