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How to Defeat Tatarimokke

Nioh 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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How to Defeat Tatarimokke in Nioh 2

Tatarimokke is a Boss in Nior 2 that is the spirit of a dead baby which inhabits the body of a giant owl Yokai. This boss deals severe Ki damage and can control the brightness of an entire area. You will encounter Tatarimokke in the main mission 'A Way Out'. Check out our How to Defeat Tatarimokke guide to find out how to defeat this creature to get the Soul Core it drops when killed.

Tatarimokke is basically a huge owl that can perform different attacks using its beak, claws, and wings. You will find this boss in a cave in the 'A Way Out' mission, the area the fight will take place is an irregular platform where poison orbs are found near the buildings which you can use to increase your damage to the boss. As this battle takes place in a cave which is an enclosed area it is vital that you time your blocks perfectly as there is not a lot of space to manoeuvre. When you attack Tatarimokke you need to aim for its eyes. Once you have destroyed all three you will have taken away the creatures ability to fire its devestating laser beam from them.

The wing attacks of Tatarimokke are weak and you will be able to easily block them without worrying about sustaining Ki damage. You need to keep blocking its wing attack until it performs its burst attack. You will know when it is about to use this attack by the red aura that appears around the boss. When this happens use your burst counter in order to destroy Tatarimokke's eyes.

If at any point during the battle you are dragged into the Dark Realm you will experience difficulty spotting Tatarimokke before it attacks so you will need to alert. The boss will spawn a red orb that summons minions which can deal a lot of Ki damage and leave behind Yokai pools. In order to leave the Dark Realm you need to destroy the red orb while avoiding damage.

Listed below are the different attacks Tatarimokke will perform during the boss battle

Beam Attack:
A lethal red beam that Tatarimokke shoots out from his eyes.

Beak Attack:
Tatarimokke comes forward to grapple you with its beak and deals you a lot of damage.

Wing Attacks:
Uses the wings to attack from the sides.

Feather Attack:
A ranged feather attack that comes in a wide arc in front of him.

Claws Attack:
Tatarimokke fires a two-hit combo forwarded with its claws.

Spinning Attack:
It will spin dealing AOE damage around him.

Once defeated Tatarimokke will drop its Soul Core which can then be attuned with a Guardian Spirit to unlock the Yokai Skill Spectral Swarm.

Check out our Where to Farm Soul Cores guide to find out where you can find these important items in Nioh 2 which allow you to add magical attacks to your repertoire.

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