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Best Weapons Guide

Nioh 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Nioh 2 Best Weapons Guide

In Nioh 2 there are 9 main weapon types, aside from the ranged weapons like bows or rifles you will be able to try out basic versions of each of them safely in the game's introductory tutorial. Keep in mind that the weapons you use are affected by your character's stats, and their damage increases deponding on the skill points you spend in particular areas. Check out our Best Weapons Guide to get help choosing weapons for your character.

Listed below are the 9 main types of weapons in Nioh 2 and along with their advantages and how they can each be improved.

・Balanced stats
・One of two weapon type with a counter skill
・Improves Significantly With: Heart
・Improves Moderately With: Skill
・Improves Slightly With: Strength

・High Break stat
・Very high damage output
・Improves Significantly With: Stamina
・Improves Moderately With: Courage
・Improves Slightly With: Strength

・Scales with Courage
・Very high attack speed
・High Block stat
・Improves Significantly With: Courage
・Improves Moderately With: Constitution
・Improves Slightly With: Dexterity

・Compatible with Onmyo Magic
・Long reach
・Decent damage output
・Improves Significantly With: Magic
・Improves Moderately With: Skill
・Improves Slightly With: Constitution

Dual Hatchets
・High attack speed
・Good at deplenting Ki
・Can be used for ranged attacks
・Improves Significantly With: Skill
・Improves Moderately With: Courage
・Improves Slightly With: Magic

・Long reach
・Improves Significantly With: Constitution
・Improves Moderately With: Strength
・Improves Slightly With: Skill

Dual Swords
・High attack speed
・High Block stat
・One of two weapon type with a counter skill
・Improves Significantly With: Skill
・Improves Moderately With: Heart
・Improves Slightly With: Strength

・Compatible with Ninjutsu
・Very long reach
・High attack speed
・Improves Significantly With: Dexterity
・Improves Moderately With: Skill
・Improves Slightly With: Strength

・Long reach
・High damage output
・High break stat
・Improves Significantly With: Strength
・Improves Moderately With: Stamina
・Improves Slightly With: Heart

Best Starting Weapons

None of the weapons on offer when you begin Nioh 2 is better than any other and the ones you choose will ultimately come down to your play style. The Axe and Tonfas are the two weapons we recommend for beginners who are new to the game.

The Axe is probably the best starting weapon in the game especially if you are a beginner. It is a simple weapon to use that is able to do plenty of damage and stagger foes, especially when used in a high stance where it can be swung around with a big hit box. The downside to the axe is that it is slow and heavy and lock you into longer attack animations.

The Tonfas are a stick which has a perpendicular handle attached a third of the way down the length of it, and are wielded in pairs. They can only hit one person at a time but will enable you to do rapid strikes in quick succession that your foe will find difficult to block and will add up to significant damage. Tonfas are particularly effective when used in a low stance as they allow plenty of mobility and agility which enables you to dodge around enemies easily.

Best Weapons

Listed below are the the top two best weapons types on offer in Nioh 2 along with recommended skill(s) to use for the best weapon in each category.

Seething Dragon (Switchglaives)

• Whirling Blade
- Active
- Switchglaive Skills

• Incantation Mastery
- Passive
- Onmyo Magic Skills

• Barrier Talisman
- Jutsu
- Onmyo Magic Skills

• Thunderstorm Shot Talisman
- Jutsu
- Onmyo Magic Skills

Firefly Blade (Odachi)

• Cuckoo's Call
- Active

Check out our How to Defeat Tatarimokke guide to find out how you can defeat this boss and get the Soul Core that will enable you to unlock the Yokai Skill Spectral Swarm.

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