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How to Use Synergy Attacks

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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How to Use Synergy Attacks in Marvel Alliance 3: The Black Hand

Synergy Attacks return in Marvel Alliance 3: The Black Order and like the two previous games in the series you will have to work as a team coordinating attacks during co-op battles in order to do the most damage with them. This 'How to Use Synergy Attacks' page will tell you everything you need to know about them.

Synergy Attacks are an important part of Marvel Alliance 3: The Black Orders's core gameplay. They are basically attacks that are performed when character abilities (traits) interact, this happens when two characters use their abilities at the same time. These attacks use the blue part of the meter around your character’s portrait which is called 'EP'.

Single-Player Synergy Attacks

To execute the single-player version of a Synergy Attack you first need to hold down ZR to be taken to a quick menu. Here you will be able to view all 4 of your character's abilities and execute the attack by pressing the right face button (A, B, Y, X) while still holding ZR. Once you do this the game will automatically choose whichever hero you are next to and combine the attack with them accordingly.

Co-Op Synergy Attacks

To execute a Synergy Attack in co-op you must be standing next to whichever player you would like to use synergy with and make sure that you both activate your abilities at the same time. This will mean you will need to communicate with other players beforehand to coordinate your Synergy Attacks.


There are 15 abilities (traits) in Marvel Ultimate 3: The Black Order which make up the different Synergy Attacks, these are listed below.

Area Assault:
Attacks that spin in an area.

A series of successive attacks against enemies.

Your character doles out mighty blows.

An energy beam that shoots out continuously.

Adds Fire to your ability. Deals damage over time by burning a foe.

Causes a powerful explosion.

Your character charges at their target.

Releases multiple explosives at your enemies.

Adds Ice to your ability. Ice causes enemies to freeze.

Causes enemies to go airborne.

A series of successive bullet or beam attacks.

Adds Shock to your ability. Shock weakens and paralyzes enemies.

Slams your enemies down to the ground.

Nullifies foes' damage.

Tornado generating abilities.

Synergy Attack Combinations

Listed below are the Synergy Attacks that can be executed when two of the abilities (listed above) are combined. Different combinations will achieve different results.

Whirlwind + Whirlwind or Bash - Creates an explosive tornado.

Burn or Freeze or Shock + Whirlwind - Creates an elemental infused tornado.

Bash (or another trait that blows enemies away) + Burn or Freeze or Shock - Expands the range of the attack.

Barrage + Area Assault - Deals damage via multiple shockwaves.

Element Barrage:
Barrage or Area Assault + Whirlwind or Burn - Results in a tornado or elemental slashes that can seriously damage your enemies.

Beam + Explosive - Creates an even stronger explosion.

Mega Blast:
Slam + Explosive - Tiny explosions combine to create a big one.

Beam + Safeguard or Area Assault - The Beam trait ability will deal damage while it scatters.

Rapid Fire + Safeguard or Area Assault or Whirlwind - The Rapid-Fire ability will deal damage while it scatters.

Resonant Blast:
Beam + Beam - Turns the two energy beams into a damage dealing sphere.

Shatter Shot:
Rapid Fire + Rapid Fire - Each of the projectiles will explode and deal area damage.

Bash (or another ability that blows enemies away) + Bash (or another ability that blows enemies away) - Creates a shockwave in the surrounding area.

Launch + Launch - Throws the enemies in the area into the air.

Slam + Slam - Creates an earthquake that causes enemies in the middle of your attack to take damage while other enemies affected by it will stumble.

Check out our How to Use Ability Attacks to find out how you get, upgrade, and use this attack in Marvel Alliance 3: The Black Order.

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