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Lucid Adventure Beginner's Guide

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Welcome to our Lucid Adventure Beginner's guide, here we'll provide you with some tips on how to start your game and form a good team. You’ll be going through different chapters in the game’s adventure mode, as well as performing different Challenge tasks as well.

Here, we'll discuss what you need to know in order to get things going. When you start your game, you'll have to go through the quick tutorial session first. So, to start things off, please check our Reroll guide and aim to get an A+ Character.

Recruiting Heroes

After you have completed rerolling for your first A+ character, you should also have another one by default which is Sora. The tutorial session also provides you with an A character through Wolf.

Each day, the game lets you do 5 free normal recruits, and 1 premium Recruit by watching an Ad. You’ll want to have a lot of Premium recruit tickets eventually so make sure to check your attendance, as well as completing your daily and weekly quests.

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Aim to get heroes that are ranked B and above. Any characters below those ranks are far too weak, and they’ll just consume resources. When using the Pub & Bar, hire ranks B, A, and A+.

Learn the different Hero Roles

The heroes in Lucid Adventure are separated into three types. Tank, DPS, and Support. There are sub types as well since these types have differentiating abilities.

Tank: They are the frontline of each team, and they are automatically placed in the front. Thankfully when you start out, you have Sora and Wolf which are both tanks. Getting better ones later on will be needed. There are defensive and offensive types of tanks as well.

DPS: You can have physical, or ranged type of DPS classes. Their range must be accounted for if you’re aiming to deal with enemies up ahead, or if you’re taking down threats from afar. DPS characters are placed behind tanks, and they provide a lot of damage while the Tank is taking the hits.

Support: There are two types of supportive characters, healing and offensive. Healing supports focus on prolonging the life of the team by restoring your Hp. Offensive supports deal magical damage, and they mostly have crowd controlling abilities.

Now that you know the team roles, you need to have at least one of each type in your party. You can have four members total, so the fourth one is your choice.

Hero Information
Hero Information

Complete as much chapters in Adventure as you can

Completing the chapters in the game’s adventure mode will provide you with EXP points. This will level up your account which is important for unlocking other features of the game. Not only that, but your hero levels are based on your current account level. Once you have completed chapters, you can farm repeat chapters as well.

Repeat Chapters
Repeat Chapters

For more information on leveling up your account, check our guide here: Best Way to farm EXP

Claim your Daily Attendance

The game refreshes every 12 AM server time. Each time you log in the game, you’ll find a daily attendance that will provide you with rewards.

Attendance Event
Attendance Event

Claim your Daily Tributes

There’s a reward system available daily that provides you with gold, relic pieces, and possible scrolls. Check your tribute rewards on the main screen by pressing the icon below your character icon.


Unlock Challenges

As you progress through the game’s story mode, you’ll get to unlock challenges which are your areas of farming for more items. Here are the milestones you need to achieve to do them:

Challenge Requirement
Material Dungeon Account Level 5
Sky Garden Level 8
Arena Level 10
Soul Dungeon Level 20
Guild Raid Join / Create a Guild

Once those are unlocked, make sure to run them each day in order to get your rewards. There are restrictions when doing Challenges as well so make sure to check each section.

Guide Image

Complete your Daily and Weekly Quests

Quests provide you with a list of tasks that you can do daily, as well as weekly. This is a good source of getting gold, as well as premium tickets that will help in establishing your team.

Daily Quest
Daily Quest

Complete Achievements

Aside from quests, check your achievements section beside the in-game mail. This provides you with rewards based on your progress in the game. These can include Diamonds, Premium Tickets, and other currencies that you can use in the shop.


Level up your Combat Power and Strengthen your team

Once you have been progressing through Adventure mode, and have unlocked your Challenges, you’ll eventually hit some areas where you cannot progress further. Your characters may be weak versus your opponents, and you cannot defeat them. Once that happens, you’ll have to now focus on strengthening your team.

You can increase your Combat Power by doing the following:

* Level up your Character

* Equip High Tier equipment

* Reinforce and Enchant your equipment

* Reinforce your Character with Soulstones

* Promote your Characters

* Awaken your Character

Hero Stats
Hero Stats

Equipment can be obtained by farming repeat dungeons, or you can unlock items for Crafting by progressing through material dungeons. Your current Hero levels are determined by your Account Level. So, make sure to farm EXP often so you can level up.

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