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DPS Tier List

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What are the best DPS characters in Lucid Adventure? In this game, there are several characters which excel in offense with Different Weapon Types. Their focus is to deal damage to take down enemy HP while tanks try hold off much of the damage.

We have included characters from rank A+, A, and B due to the game's gacha pull rates. Characters on C and below don't make it due to their poor stats. Take note that Tier Lists are subjective and they are only meant as guidelines for making your team. This list provides no particular order, but it lists what we think of the best characters of this category as of February 18, 2020.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Rank A+: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is a rounded DPS character, focusing on dealing damage and increasing his power. His Triple Slash skill enable him to deal damage and increase his accuracy, plus increasing his evasion therefore he can withstand some damage by avoiding it. He also has Moonlight Slash Tornado which deals damage to all enemies within his range, extra damage is given out to stunned enemies. Once you begin increasing his grade level, he’ll get bonuses for increasing his attack.

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Rank A+: Lila is well rounded with her abilities since she can focus on damage and able to boost her party, she also has a Triple Slash skill like Hardcore Leveling Warrior which deals damage and increases accuracy and evasion. Her skill, Mixer – Meat Grind, let’s her deal damage to all enemies within her range and it has a chance to stun them. This is good as a crowd controlling tool to lessen damage taken. Once you level her grade, she’ll provide benefits to the party by increasing their attack as well as their damage reduction.

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Bamboo Spear Man

Rank A+: Bamboo Spear Man focuses on dealing damage and providing debuffs. His Multi-Stab skill lets him deal damage to all enemies in his range multiple times, and he has Predation of the Strong which also deals damage, with more damage given if enemies are bleeding. Increasing his grade lets him deal debuffs such as bleed, and he can increase his damage rate when dealing critical damage.

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Rank A+: Armes focuses on dealing damage, but she has slightly lower HP. Her Headshot skill deals very high attack damage to enemies who are farther away from her, so it’s good to use her if there’s another character maintaining your distance. Her other skill, Departure! Santa Maria, enables her to deal damage to enemies within range, it’s best used on many enemies since hitting 3 or more lets her restore her MP. Increasing her grade provides her with buffs like increased crit rate, she can also gain invincibility for a short period.

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Rank A+: Kyo is a ranged DPS with high attack power. Frost Arrow enables her to deal damage to the furthest enemy within her range, and she has a chance to freeze them which is good for crowd control. Arrow of Death lets her deal damage, and provide extra damage to enemies that are poisoned. When her grade is increased, she can deal poison to her enemies by chance which compliments her skill, she can also gain attack increasing bonuses.

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Rui Rui

Rank A: Rui Rui has moderate HP and defensive capabilities. Her skill, Warcry, enables her to increase her damage reduction in order to prolong her survivability. Her other skill is Mythical Duo and she can deal damage to all enemies within her range and stun them by chance which is useful for letting your team mates help take them down. Once her grade is increased, she gains attack bonuses and she can heal herself whenever she uses special skills.

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Ranker 76

Rank A: Ranker 76 has high damage, but she may be on the frail side in terms of HP. She focuses on damage overall. Her Thrust skill lets you hit all enemies within her range while her Unstoppable Rush lets you to deal damage to enemies in range, and bleed them. Bleeding will deal damage over time which is good since this status affects all who got hit. Once you’ve increased her grade, she can get increased attack power and deal extra damage to bleeding enemies.

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Korean Ninja

Rank A: Korean Ninja has moderate stats, focusing on dealing damage and inflicting statuses. He has a basic Thrust skill which deals damage to all enemies within his range. He also has Skill: Taiji Dagger which deals damage to all enemies within his range, and it gives him a chance to poison them which deals damage over time. Increasing his grade lets you deal more damage and have a higher chance of poisoning.

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Debtor Ethan

Rank B: Debtor Ethan should be one of the starting basic characters that can help you through your initial run. He has his basic skill, Frenzy, which lets you to deal damage to enemies and increase your attack speed for a few seconds. Sweep is another skill which lets him deal damage, and provides a chance of knocking enemies back for crowd control. Increasing his grade increases his HP stat, and he can also gain increased attack damage.

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Rank B: Keynes is a fairly easy character that you can recruit early on, he’ll be enough as a starting dps character. His thrust skill deals damage to all of his enemies within his range. His other skill is Frost Grenade which deals damage and has a chance for freezing them for a short period, this lets him have some crowd control. Increasing his grade provides him with more hp, critical damage rate, and extra damage when using skills.

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