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Guild Raid

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What is the Guild Raid Challenge in Lucid Adventure? This is a feature that’s unlocked once you’ve created or joined a guild. Here, you work together with your guild mates in order to take down a series of raid bosses. As you work together and progress, you’ll get to fight tougher raid bosses and get better rewards.

Requirements and Rewards

Entry Requirement: Trial Counts 3/3

Trial Refresh Time: 6 Hours

You have a maximum of 3 Trial Counts for your capacity. Once you run out of tries, you’ll have to let time pass. Raid tries cannot be refreshed through Diamonds. This means that in a maximum of a 24 hour period, you can participate in Guild raids 6 times a day.

The main objective is to damage the raid boss until its HP is depleted completely. A progress bar is shown with the enemy HP and how much is left to be removed. Killing a raid boss with your Guild rewards you with a guild raid box. This provides you with reinforcement seals, Gold, and Relic pieces.

When you damage a raid bosses HP, you get rewards whenever the time runs out or if you get defeated. You get rewarded with Guild Raid Points that you can use in the Guild Shop, and Contributions that you can use in Guild Training.

Main Information Screen

When checking out the Guild Raid, you’ll see two sections available. On the left side you’ll see the current guild boss that is being defeated. You’ll see information with the buffs that your guild has, their HP, as well as the guild damage rank.

On the right side, you’ll find the Monster list as you progress through guilds. Higher level Guild bosses can be fought at the top, so it will require some team effort.

Guild Raid Main Page

Party Formation and Restrictions

You can have a total of eight characters in your team to participate in guild battles. If you press “Enter” you’ll be brought to the party formation screen.

There are two buttons that you can press for forming your party. Front is your main party while Sub is the party that will provide supplementary damage on the back. You can also add supporters as well.

Battle Information

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the current level of the Guild Boss, as well as the restrictions. Keep in mind that some weapons, and attributes are not allowed on specific guild boss runs. You can leave restricted heroes as supporters instead. Each boss has a different restriction, so having a varied team will help.

Raid Battle

Once you have started your raid fight, the boss will be coming from the right with high HP. Your Front and Sub teams will keep on attacking until the time runs out, or if you lose all of your HP.

Boss Battle

The main goal is to take out as much HP as possible, since this is your contribution for the Guild. You can view your damage progress on the window on the left-hand side. Once the match is over, you get Guild Contribution and Guild Raid points.

Participation Reward

Guild Training

The Guild Training button will bring you to the Guild Training section, you can use your contribution and help level up the guild skills. he skills that you can level up will be passive skills that help you in the Guild Raid. You can level up the following raid skills:

* DMG Up

* Crit UP

* Reduce DMG

* KB Evade Up

Guild Skills

Guild Raid Rank

The Raid Info. Button will show you a list of all guild monsters available as well as their rewards. Based on your Damage Rank, you’ll get Guild Point and Guild Contribution rewards. Slay rewards on the other hand, are given to all guild members.

Current Guild Raid Rank

Aside from the boss rank, an overall rank is given out per Guild Raid season as well. This will provide you with guild points and Diamonds. The amount is given to the top 20 players, as well as the rest of the percentage of those who participated.

Overall Guild Raid Rank

Other Information

* Hall of Fame The Hall of Fame button will show you the top player in terms of Damage once the Guild Raid Season ends.

* Personal Rank: The Rank button shows your personal ranking across all types of Challenges in the game. You’ll be able to see your rank in Arena, Sky Garden, Collecting Heroes, as well as Guild Raid.

* Guild Shop: The shortcut to the Guild Shop

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