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Victory Road

Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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Victory Road


At the end of Route 23 is Victory Road. This cave is full of some of the strongest trainers in the entire Kanto Region. You must make it through in order to challenge the Elite Four at the Pokemon League. The final Legendary Pokemon apart of the Legendary Bird Trio, Moltres, can also be found at the end of Victory.

Wild Pokemon
All Floors:
Golbat (15%): Levels 41-46
Machoke (15%): Levels 41-46
Graveler (15%): Levels 41-46
Zubat (10%): Levels 41-46
Machop (10%): Levels 41-46
Geodude (10%): Levels 41-46
Onix (10%): Levels 41-46
Rhyhorn (10%): Levels 41-46
Rhydon (5%): Levels 41-46

First Floor - Special Sapwns:
Chansey: Levels 41-46

Second Floor - Special Sapwns:
Hitmonlee: Levels 41-46

Third Floor - Special Sapwns:
Hitmonchan: Levels 41-46

First Floor:
Coach Trainer Alemana: Level 49 Ditto
Ace Trainer Naomi: Level 47 Kangaskhan, Level 48 Venusaur
Ace Trainer Rolando: Level 47 Rapidash, Level 47 Starmie, Level 48 Victreebel

Second Floor:
Juggler Nelson: Level 46 Hypno, Level 46 Slowbro
Black Belt Daisuke: Level 47 Hitmonlee, Level 46 Poliwrath
Tamer Vincent: Level 47 Primeape, Level 47 Tauros
Juggler Gregory: Level 46 Mr. Mime, Level 46 Alakazam
Poke Maniac Dawson: Level 46 Lickitung, Level 46 Onix, Level 46 Blastoise

Third Floor:
Ace Trainer George: Level 48 Scyther, Level 47 Marowak
Ace Trainer Alexa: Level 47 Dragonair, Level 47 Wigglytuff, Level 48 Hitmonchan
Ace Trainer Colby: Level 47 Electrode, Level 47 Kingler, Level 47 Pidgeot, Level 48 Rhydon
Ace Trainer Carolin: Level 47 Jynx, Level 47 Golbat, Level 48 Arcanine
Coach Trainer Ryan: Level 48 Primeape, Level 48 Gyarados, Level 48 Arcanine, Level 49 Tauros

Obtainable Items
First Floor:
Pikachu Candies: Defeat Coach Trainer Alemana
Leaf Stone: Above Strong Push Stone
TM56: Above Strong Push Stone
Ultra Balls: Defeat Ace Trainer Naomi
Ultra Balls: Defeat Ace Trainer Rolando
Ultra Balls: Near Ace Trainer Rolando
Tough Candy: Hidden Within Rock Near Northwest Ramp

Second Floor:
Poke Balls: Defeat Juggler Nelson
Poke Balls: Defeat Black Belt Daisuke
TM45: Near Black Belt Daisuke
Poke Balls: Defeat Tamer Vincent
Full Restore: Near Tamer Vincent
Poke Balls: Defeat Juggler Gregory
TM49: Near Juggler Gregory
PP Max: Near Moltres Area
Poke Balls: Defeat Poke Maniac Dawson
Pretty Wing: Hidden In Northwest Pillar

Third Floor:
TM51: Near Officer Jenny
Ultra Balls: Defeat Ace Trainer George
Max Revive: Near Ace Trainer George
Ultra Balls: Defeat Ace Trainer Alexa
Max Potion: Near Ace Trainer Alexa
Golden Nanab Berries: Near Ace Trainer Alexa
Ultra Balls: Defeat Ace Trainer Colby
Ultra Balls: Defeat Ace Trainer Caroline
Full Restore: Southeast Area (Accessed By Poke Maniac Dawson On Second Floor)
TM39: Defeat Coach Trainer Ryan
Fresh Water: Within Northwest Water
Mighty Candy: Hidden In Front Of Middle Four Rocks

Post Game
After defeating the Elite Four and starting the Master Trainers Challenge, you will find a couple of Master Trainers within Victory Road. In total, there will be two Master Trainers to defeat.

First Floor:
Hiker Dillan (Master Trainer): Level 70 Graveler

Second Floor:
Scientist Keaton (Master Trainer): Level 75 Golbat
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