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How To Battle Your Rival

Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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How To Battle Your Rival

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Like any Mainstream Pokemon Game, there will be a trainer from the same hometown as your trainer that will be considered your Rival. This trainer will be seen throughout your journey of the Main Storyline, and he will battle you on a number of these occasions (and even help you out a few of them). Just like your trainer will inevitably do, your Rival's Pokemon Team will grow in both number and strength the further you progress within your journey. Ultimately, your Rival will become the Kanto Region Champion minutes before you do, and you'll actually have to defeat him in order to become the Champion yourself.

You will first encounter your Rival at the start of the game, as he will barge into your house and remind you that the two of you are to get your Starter Pokemon from the Professor this day. After both of you eventually receive your Starter Pokemon from Professor Oak, you will both head off on your adventure in the direction of Viridian City. While in Viridian City, you will be tasked with delivering a parcel back to Professor Oak, and when you do, your Rival will appear and challenge you to a battle with his Level 6 Eevee.

After defeating him, you will be able to proceed back on your journey. However, you will again meet up with your Rival on Route 22 just west of Viridian City. Even though the two of your just battled each other, he will challenge you to another since he recently captured his first Wild Pokemon. He will battle you with his Level 3 Pidgey and Level 7 Eevee.

The next time you encounter you Rival will be in Pewter City; however, he won't challenge you to a battle this time around. Actually, he won't challenge you to another battle until you next meet him, which happens to be in Cerulean City when looking to head north on Route 24. His Pokemon Team will have grown in both size and strength, now including his Level 12 Pidgey, Level 12 Oddish, and Level 13 Eevee. After defeating him, he'll tell you about a talking Pokemon he just encountered within a house on Route 25, which you'll actually find to be the Pokemon Storage Creator, Bill.

After helping Bill turn back into a human, he will give you a pair of tickets to board the S.S. Anne. Of course, you give one to your Rival when you see him next on Route 5. From there, obviously, the next time you'll see your Rival is on the S.S. Anne within the Vermilion City Harbor. Near the end of this cruiser, you'll have your next battle with your Rival, who actually evolved one of his Pokemon recently. His team will now include his Level 20 Pidgeotto, Level 20 Oddish, and Level 21 Eevee. He will tell you how the Captain of the ship can teach your Pokemon the Chop Down Technique, but he's currently feeling a little seasick.

Later on, you will encounter your Rival on the section of Route 2 that you couldn't access earlier in journey, now accessible by going through Diglett Cave. He will arrive directly after you learn the Light Up Technique from one of Oak's Aides on that section of Route 2, and he'll offer to bring you straight to Rock Tunnel (where you'll be able to use said technique). After making it through Rock Tunnel, you come out near Lavender Town. Within Lavender Town is the Pokemon Cemetery known as Pokemon Tower, where you'll next see your Rival. He'll think your Pokemon have died and that is why you are there, and you'll have to battle him to prove to him otherwise. His team will now include two New evolutions: Level 27 Pidegotto, Level 27 Gloom, and Level 28 Jolteon.

You'll see your Rival in Pokemon Tower again after retrieving the Silph Scope from Team Rocket, followed by in the Silph Co Building within Saffron City. While attempting to defeat Team Rocket in Silph Co, you will eventually come across Archer and be forced to battle him and another Team Rocket Member in a battle. Luckily, your Rival will arrive and team with your trainer in order to defeat them. Your Rival will have evolved his Pidgeotto since the last time you saw him, and he'll even have captured the Cubone back from Pokemon Tower. His team will now include his Level 36 Cubone, Level 36 Pidgeotto, Level 36 Gloom, and Level 37 Jolteon.

From there, you will see your Rival on Cinnabar Island after defeating the Cinnabar Island Gym. The two of you will both head to the next and final Pokemon Gym, which just so happens to be back in Viridian City. After heading there and finding that the Gym remains locked, the two of you will then go to Professor Oak to see if he can help. You will find Blue with Professor Oak back in the Pallet Town Lab, and Blue will actually help you in earning access to the Viridian City Gym.

After defeating said Gym, you will again see your Rival on Route 22 on your way to the Pokemon League. He, too, has obtained all eight Gym Badges, and he also intends to challenge the Pokemon League. His team has greatly improved since you last saw it at Silph Co, now including his Level 50 Pidgeot, Level 50 Vileplume, Level 50 Marowak, and Level 51 Jolteon. After defeating him, he will mention how he always felt that he needed to look after you along your journey, but that has now changed based upon your current level of skills. He will then go ahead of you towards the Pokemon League.

Later on, after defeating all four Elite Four Members at the Pokemon League, Professor Oak will arrive and inform you that there is one last trainer you must defeat in order to become the newest Kanto Region Champion. This trainer just recently became the Champion of the Kanto Region, and it just so happens that this trainer is none other than your Rival. His team will now consist of the Following: Level 56 Mega Pidegot, Level 56 Vileplume, Level 56 Marowak, Level 56 Rapidash, Level 56 Slowbro, and Level 57 Jolteon. After defeating him, you will become the Kanto Region Champion and will be entered into the Hall of Fame, returning to your hometown during the credits afterwards.

After beginning the Post Game, your Rival will again barge into you house and chat with you about the the mysterious Pokemon that was spotted in Cerulean Cave. After heading there and capturing the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo, your Rival will again appear as you leave Cerulean Cave. He will mention how another trainer went into Cerulean Cave hoping to capture Mewtwo, stating she is probably still within the cave.

From there on out, the only time you can encounter your Rival is when you challenge the Pokemon League all over again. After defeating all Elite Four Members, you will have to defend your Championship against none other than your Rival. His team will be the strongest it has ever been: Level 66 Mega Pidegot, Level 66 Vileplume, Level 66 Marowak, Level 66 Rapidash, Level 66 Slowbro, and Level 67 Jolteon.
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