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How to Earn Studs Fast

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How to Earn Studs Fast in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The main currency used in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is studs, and they can be used to purchase many essential things in the game, these include core upgrades, class upgrades, and rumors. This How to Earn Studs Fast guide will tell you everything you need to know about this currency.

What are Studs

The currency used in the LEGO series of games is studs, and they can be acquired a number of ways. These include destroying structures in the environment, completing puzzles, defeating enemies, and earning combat bonuses. It is essential that you focus as much on earning studs as you do on the main objectives of a mission to get as many studs as possible, this will mean searching every corner of an area for stray studs. The studs that you collect will repopulate after restarting a mission or returning to an area.

Stud Rarity and Value

Studs come in four different colors and those colors determine the rarity and value of the stud.

Silver Studs

The most common stud is the silver studs, and they are worth 10 per stud.

Gold Studs

These are rarer than the silver studs and worth 100 per stud.

Blue Studs

Blue studs are rare and are often found off the beaten path in shadows or hard-to-reach spots, they are worth 1,000 per stud.

Purple Studs

The rarest studs in the game are the purple studs, and they can only be found hidden in certain areas. They can also be found during missions in the place of Minikits after you have already collected them, they are worth 10,000 per stud.

Best Level to Farm Studs

There are some levels when it comes to farming studs in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga that are better than others. One of the best levels to farm studs is Episode IV: A New Hope - Stay on Target which is the scene at the end of the movie where the Rebel Alliance attack the Death Star by flying X-Wing fighters through the trenches to your target, this level does not take long to complete, and you will not have to stray off the main path to collect studs. The X-Wing you pilot uses auto-targeting, so you only need to keep firing and make sure you don't crash. You will earn most of your studs from destroying turrets and the TIE Fighters. This mission takes about 7-8 minutes to complete, and you can potentially earn around 100,000 studs.

Attract Studs Upgrade

You can get a lot more studs if you have the 'Attract Studs' upgrade. This upgrade can be found under the Core Upgrades tree and once you have it in your possession will make any studs fly to you whenever you are close enough to them. This upgrade will save you a lot of time as you will not have to spend time running around in circles picking stray studs up after destroying a LEGO structure. The Attract Studs upgrade has three tiers, each increasing the distance which studs will be attracted to you.

Stud Multipliers

Although Stud Multipliers are costly and require Datacards to acquire they are worth the investment. Stud Multipliers can be unlocked under the 'Extras' tab in your holoprojector menu.

Studs x2:

Multiplies the amount of LEGO studs collected times 2 (costs one million studs)

Studs x4:

Multiplies the amount of LEGO studs collected times 4 (costs two million studs)

Studs x6:

Multiplies the amount of LEGO studs collected times 6 (costs eight millions studs)

Studs x8:

Multiplies the amount of LEGO studs collected times 8 (costs 48 million studs)

Studs x10:

Multiplies the amount of LEGO studs collected times 10 (costs 384 million studs)

Stud Multipliers are stackable which means if you unlock them all you will earn 3,840 times more studs, it is recommended that you use your earnings to purchase them as soon as possible. Below is a list of the studs and what you can earn from each of them if you have all the Stud Multipliers.

Silver Stud:

38,400 per stud

Gold Stud:

384,000 per stud

Blue Stud:

3,840,000 per stud

Purple Stud:

38,400,000 per stud

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