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Upgrades Guide

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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Upgrades Guide

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has a skill tree and a class upgrade system which help to a little flavor to the game's combat and allow you to feel a sense of progression that goes beyond simply working your way through each episode's story and searching for collectibles. This Upgrades Guide will help you decide what upgrades to invest your Kyber Bricks.

How to Upgrade

In order to upgrade your characters in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga you will need studs and Kyber Bricks. Studs are collected as you progress through the game and Kyber Bricks are special blue LEGO bricks you will acquire after completing certain objectives, meeting certain level requirements, or by finding them in the game's various hub sections. When you have collected enough studs and Kyber Bricks you need to go to the 'Upgrades' tab where you will be able to find every upgrade in the game separated by the various character classes.


Core Upgrades

Attract Studs:

Collect studs from further away.

Extra Health:

Increase health by an additional bar.

Extra Health II:

Increase health by an additional bar.

Extra Health III:

Increase health by an additional bar.

Ship Enhancements:

Increase the attack power of your ships.

Speedy Sprint:

Sprint More Quickly while exploring the open Galaxy.

Fast Build:

Increase the speed of assembling build-its by hand.

Counter Cash:

Recieve studs for successful combat counters.

Collectible Detector:

Highlight important collectibles in the current area with an on-screen marker.

Melee Attack Power:

Increase the attack power of lightsabers and other melee attacks.

Ranged Weapon Power:

Increase the attack power of blasters and other ranged attacks.

Health Recovery Speed:

Automatic health recovery starts earlier and works faster.


Trick Time:

Increase the duration of Distract and Panic Jedi Mind Tricks.

Force Flinger:

Increase the attack damage caused by objects thrown with the Force.

Mind Master:

Increase the range of effect for Distract and Panic Jedi Mind Tricks.

Jedi Reflexes:

Successful combat counters are more powerful and damage nearby enemies.

Dark Side

Dark Rise:

Boost the power and capabilities of Force Lift.

Force Crush:

Repeatedly damage enemies grabbed with the Force.

Power Push:

Force Push will knock back more enemies and objects over a wider range.

Fear The Dark Side:

Enemies and civilians will have an increased chance of running away in fear and from a further distance.


Armored Disguise:

Adds a defense boost to equipped armor pieces, reducing damage.

Rebel Heart:

Increase how often defeated enemies will drop recovery hearts.

Improved Shield Generator:

Increase the shield for ships piloted by Hero characters.

Hero Terminal Expert:

Hero Terminal interactions can be bypassed or completed for bonus studs.


Extra Ammo:

Weapons found in weapon drop crates carry more ammo, allowing them to be used for longer.

Demolitions Expert:

Grenades cause explosive damage over a larger range.

Defense Droid:

A training remote will provide backup during combat, attacking your enemies.

Villain Terminal Expert:

Villain Terminal interactions can be bypassed or completed for bonus studs.


Expert Climber:

Increase climbing speed.

Advanced Gliding:

Increase speed when using the Glider.


Add new color schemes for Scavenger Tools by rebuilding them to get an alternate color scheme.

Better Breaker Blaster:

Increase the explosive range and damage of the Breaker Blaster, making it more destructive in combat.


Piercing Rounds:

Pierce through cover with ranged attacks, inflicting damage on enemies behind it.

Business Opportunist:

Recieve a stud discount when purchasing rumors and hints in the Holoprojector.

Combat Slide:

Press the interact button while running to perform a combat slide, causing damage to enemies and objects.

Charged Shot:

Hold the fire button, then release when the weapon flashes to fire a charged shot. This powerful shot causes 25% more damage and bounces off of surfaces.

Bounty Hunter

Hidden Bounties:

Collect a bounty of studs from defeated enemies.

Enemy Detector:

Detect enemies through walls and other surfaces.


Bounty Hunter weapons fire a spread of bolts, causing damage across a wider range.

Shock Grenade:

Press interact to throw a Shock Grenade which briefly stuns enemies and disables energy shields.

Astromech Droid


Add a shockwave to stun prod attacks which damages nearby enemies.

Droid Barge:

Press interact while moving to slide into enemies, causing damage.

Astromech Socket Expert:

Astromech Socket interactions can be bypassed or completed for bonus studs.


Project a hologram that distracts nearby enemies for a period of time.

Protocol Droid

Paid Translator:

Receive bonus studs for translating alien languages.

Polished Plating:

Add a chance of deflecting bolts fired from enemy weapons.

Destructive Disassembly:

Release a shockwave when disassembling damaging nearby enemies.

Turret Tune-Up:

Bolts fired from Protocol Terminal Turrets will bounce off surfaces, increasing their chances of hitting enemies.

Best Upgrades

The Core upgrades apply to every character in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and they also tend to be the best, so you should look to grab them all. Two in particular that you should prioritize when you begin the game are Speedy Sprint which will save you a lot of time when you are exploring and Collectible Detector which you should get to Tier 3 as soon as possible as it highlights important collectibles in the current area with an on-screen marker. Listed below are the best upgrades by category.

Best Jedi Upgrade:

Jedi Reflexes

Dark Side:

Power Push


Hero Terminal


Defense Droid


Better Breaker Blaster


Charged Shot or Piercing Rounds

Bounty Hunter:

Hidden Bounties

Astromech Droid:


Protocol Droid:

Paid Translator

Take a look at our Beginner Tips and Tricks to get help in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

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