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Check below for some of the latest and most popular content on iPhone. To find a game try the alphabetical listings just below or use the search option above.

SuperCheats currently has iPhone cheats for 6,195 games, walkthroughs, and 37,448 questions asked with 53,860 answers.

Listing iPhone/iPad Games - F*

Game Name Cheats Hints Q&A Walkthrough AR Codes Screens Videos
F1 2010     YESYES
F1 2016     YES 
F1 Mobile Racing     YES 
F1 Trading Card Game     YES 
F1Challenge     YES 
Fabulous Beasts     YES 
Face It!     YES 
Face Up - The Selfie Game     YES 
FaceMe Backgammon  YES  YES 
Facility 47     YESYES
Faction Wars     YESYES
Faif     YES 
Faily Brakes YES   YESYES
Faily Rider  YES  YESYES
Fairytales of the Unexpected     YES 
FallDown! HD  YES    
Fallen London     YESYES
Fallen World     YES 
Falling Skies Planetary Warfare       
Family Feud & Friends  YES    
Family Games Fun  YES  YES 
FAMILY GUY: Another Freakin' Mobile Game YESYES  YESYES
Family Guy: The Quest for StuffYESYESYESYES   
Fancy Tale  YES  YES 
Fangz  YES     
Fantage  YES  YES 
Fantastic 4 In A Row 2  YES  YES 
Fantastic Beasts: Cases From The Wizarding World  YESYES  YES
Fantastic Beasts: Cases From The Wizarding World   YES  YES
Fantastic Surf     YESYES
Fantasy Arena      YES
Fantasy Baby Animals     YESYES
Fantasy Chronicle     YES 
Fantasy Conflict     YESYES
Fantasy Defense  YES    
Fantasy Forest Story YESYES    
Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD  YES  YES 
Fantasy Safari     YES 
Fantasy War     YES 
Fantasy War TacticsYESYESYES  YESYES
Fantasy Warlord YES     
Fara     YES 
Faraway 2: Jungle Escape     YES 
Faraway 3: Arctic Escape     YESYES
Faraway 4: Ancient Escape       
Faraway: Puzzle Escape     YES 
Farm Away!  YES  YESYES
Farm Fighters      YES
Farm Heroes Saga YESYES  YES 
Farm Invasion USA  YES  YES 
Farm Mania 2 HD  YES  YES 
Farm Ninja     YES 
Farm Rescue     YES 
Farm Samurai Chef     YES 
Farm Story 2 YESYES    
Farming Simulator 14YES YES  YES 
Farming Simulator 18  YESYES YESYES
Farming USA     YES 
FarmVille 2: Country EscapeYESYESYESYES  YES
FarmVille By Zynga  YESYES   
FarmVille: Harvest Swap  YES YES   
Farts VS Zombies     YESYES
Fashion Party Dress Up  YES  YES 
Fashion Star BoutiqueYES YES    
Fashion StoryYESYESYES    
Fast & Furious 6: The Game YESYES    
Fast & Furious: Legacy YESYES    
Fast like a Fox      YES
Fast Striker      YES
Fastar  YES  YES 
Fat Chicken      YES
Fat Jump       
Fat Princess: Piece of Cake YES     
Fate/Grand OrderYES      
Fatty     YES 
FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush     YES 
FCB Pinball     YES 
Fear the Running DEADYES      
Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run   YES   
Feed Al: A Finger Physics Odyssey  YES  YES 
Feed Me Oil     YES 
Feed My Alien     YESYES
Feed them All     YES 
Feeding Time      YES
Fellow: Eternal Clash     YESYES
Fenced In     YES 
Fibble - Flick 'n' Roll     YESYES
Field & Stream Fishing  YES  YES 
Field Day     YES 
Field Fencer       
FieldrunnersYES    YESYES
Fieldrunners 2  YES  YESYES
Fieldrunners Attack! YESYES    
Fieldrunners HD     YES 
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team YESYES    
FIFA 16 Ultimate YESYES    
FIFA Mobile SoccerYES YESYES   
FIFA SuperstarsYESYESYES    
Fight Night ChampionYES YES  YESYES
Fighting Fantasy Legends     YES 
Fighting Fantasy: Blood of the Zombies     YES 
Fighting Fantasy: Creature of Havoc     YES 
Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell   YES   
Fighting StarYES      
FIM Speedway GP 2012  YES  YES 
Final Blade     YES 
Final Clash  YES  YESYES
Final FantasyYES YES    
Final Fantasy 3     YES 
Final Fantasy Awakening     YESYES
Final Fantasy Brave ExviusYES YES  YESYES
Final Fantasy DimensionsYES      
Final Fantasy IX   YES YES 
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the LionsYESYESYESYES YESYES
Final Fantasy XV   YES YESYES
Final Fantasy: All The Bravest       
Final Fantasy: Record Keeper YES    YES
Final Fight     YES 
Final Fortress  YES    
Final Taptasy     YES 
Find The Line       
Find the Word  YES  YES 
Finger Biter     YES 
Finger Bricks     YES 
Finger Dodge     YES 
Finger Kicks  YES  YES 
Finger Physics: Thumb Wars     YES 
Fire Balls 3DYES      
Fire Emblem HeroesYES      
Fire Escape     YESYES
Fire Fu     YES 
Fire Quest - Age of Titans     YES 
Fire Truck 3D     YES 
FireCraft  YES  YES 
Firefly     YES 
Firefly Runner     YES 
FireLords HD YES    YES
Firewater: Cowboy Chase     YES 
FireWhip YES     
First Hero     YES 
First Strike YES   YES 
First Touch Football  YES  YES 
First Touch Soccer  YES  YES 
FirstLetter      YES
Fish FarmYES YES  YES 
Fish Out Of Water  YES  YESYES
Fish vs. Crabs YES   YES 
Fish!     YES 
Fishdom: Deep DiveYESYESYES    
Fishing Manager     YES 
Fishing SuperstarsYES YES  YES 
Fist of Jesus     YESYES
Fit the Fat YES     
Five Nights at Freddy'sYES YESYES   
Five Nights at Freddy's 2       
Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 YES     
Fix-it-up: World Tour      YES
Fixie Joe     YESYES
Flaming Hot Slots     YES 
Flapping OnlineYES YES    
Flappy Bird YESYES    
Flappy Golf 2YES      
Flashbike Arena     YES 
Flashout 2     YES 
Flashout 3D YES   YESYES
FlatFatCat      YES
FlatOut   YES YES 
Flea Symphony     YESYES
Flea Xtinct     YES 
Fleet Glory     YES 
Fleet of One     YES 
Flexy Frogs     YES 
Flick Baseball Pro        
Flick Champions Extreme Sports      YES
Flick Champions Winter Sports YES     
Flick FishingYESYESYES    
Flick Golf YESYES  YES 
Flick Golf Extreme YES   YES 
Flick Hoops     YES 
Flick Kick Football Legends YESYES    
Flick Soccer YESYES  YES 
Flick Soccer 15YESYESYES  YES 
Flick Tennis: College Wars HD     YES 
Flick the Fish     YES 
Flickback     YES 
Flight Control       
Flight Control HD YES     
Flight Doodle     YES 
Fling a Thing     YES 
Flip Chip Shots     YES 
Flip Diving   YES   
Flip Grip     YESYES
Flip Riders     YES 
Flip the Cats     YES 
Flip Them All     YES 
FlipiT     YES 
Fliplomacy     YES 
Flippin     YES 
Flipping Legend     YES 
Flipstones     YES 
Flockers YES     
FloofAttack     YESYES
Flow Free: BridgesYES      
Flower House     YES 
Flubby World     YES 
Fluff Friends RescueYES YES    
FluffyCraft     YESYES
Fluid Football YES   YESYES
Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary  YES  YES 
Fly Birdie: Flappy Bird Flyer YES     
Fly Catbug Fly!       
Fly Gaga     YES 
Fly Nano Fly      YES
Fly with Me     YES 
Flybros     YES 
Flyff Legacy     YES 
Flyhunter Origins YES   YES 
Flying Hamster  YES  YESYES
Flying Kritters     YESYES
Flying Princess     YES 
Flying Saucer     YES 
FMdB     YES 
Folded Flyer  YES  YESYES
Follow the Rabbit     YES 
Fondue Maker       
Food Burst     YES 
Food Pop     YES 
Food Processing     YESYES
Food Run     YESYES
Food Street     YESYES
Foodie the Bug     YESYES
Foodie Yama YES     
Football Director     YES 
Football Drama     YES 
Football Heroes  YES  YES 
Football Keepy Uppy Champion     YES 
Football Kicks Frenzy       
Football Kicks: Title Race YESYES  YES 
Football Manager Classic 2015  YES  YESYES
Football Manager Handheld 2011YESYESYES  YES 
Football Manager Handheld 2012YES YES  YES 
Football Manager Handheld 2014     YES 
Football Manager Handheld 2015  YES  YES 
Football Strike  YES  YESYES
Foozles  YES  YESYES
For the Tribe       
Forge of Empires  YES  YESYES
Forgotten Forest: Afterlife     YESYES
Forsaken World     YESYES
Forsaken World Mobile     YESYES
Fort StarsYES YESYES   
FortCraft     YES 
Fortress Fury     YES 
Fortress Kings  YES   YES
Found: A Hidden Object Adventure YESYES    
Fouring Cursed Diamonds     YES 
Foursies     YES 
Fox Tales  YES  YES 
Fractal: Make Blooms Not War     YES 
Frantic Frigate  YES  YES 
Freak Factory     YESYES
Freak Tower YES     
Free Kick 2012      YES
Free Wild Animals Puzzles for Kids and Babies     YES 
Free Zombie Hero: Kill Angry War Ninja     YES 
Free-App Hero  YES  YES 
Freekick Battle  YES   YES
Freeze!  YES   YES
Freja and the sequel       
French Cycling Tour 2010     YES 
Frenzy Drive      YES
Frenzy PopYES    YESYES
Friday the 13th - Killer Puzzle     YES 
Fridge Words     YES 
Friend Fighter     YES 
Fris      YES
Frisbee Forever 2  YES  YES 
Frog Orbs     YES 
Frogger Decades  YES  YES 
Frogger Pinball      YESYES
Frogger Pinball Frenzy     YESYES
Froggies     YES 
Froggy JumpYES      
Froggy Jump 2      YES
Froggy Ribbit     YESYES
Frombie Run     YES 
Frongo     YESYES
Front Line Commando: D-Day  YESYES    
Frontline - The Longest Day     YES 
Frontline Commando YESYES    
Frontline Commando 2 YESYES    
Frontline Commando: WW2 YESYES    
Frontline Tactics     YESYES
Frontline: Road to Moscow     YES 
Froot n Nutz     YES 
Frozen Free Fall YESYES    
Frozen Synapse     YESYES
FRS Ski Cross     YES 
Fruit Blast Mania  YES  YES 
Fruit Folly      YES
Fruit Ninja HDYES YESYES   
Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots  YESYES  YES
Fruit Rumble      YES
Fruit Rumble Begins     YES 
Fruit Steps     YES 
Fruity Jelly     YESYES
Fruity Slots Classic       
Fruity Slots Evolved     YES 
Frutorious     YESYES
FTL: Faster Than LightYESYESYES    
Full Ahead!     YES 
Full English YES     
Full Metal MonstersYES      
Fullmetal Battle     YESYES
Fumes Stunt Racer     YESYES
Fun Memory     YES 
Fun Steps      YES
Fun Town     YESYES
Funky Bee     YES 
Funky Disco Bears     YES 
Funpark Friends  YES  YES 
Fur Fighters     YES 
Furdemption     YES 
Furfur and Nublo     YES 
Furiends     YES 
Furmins     YESYES
Fury of the Gods YESYES    
Futurama: Game of Drones  YESYES   
Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow     YESYES
Future Sense     YES 
The Falling Dead     YES 
The Famous Five     YES 
The Feeble Files   YES YES 
The Few     YES 
The Forest of Doom     YES 
The Forgotten Spell     YES 
The Frostrune      YES
The Frostrune     YESYES