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Fashion Story Cheats for iPhone

Cheats and Tips for Fashion Story


We have 15 cheats and tips on iPhone. We also have cheats for this game on : Android

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A few hints...
1. I've found that if I keep redesigning my store (rearranging racks, tables, display items, mirrors, and changing rooms, changing the floor and wall, etc), I can always get to a point where I get all happy customers and every single one that walks in the store will buy something.

2. A couple things I don't understand.. First, is why people block their doors at night? If you leave the..
Mirror placement
If you place your mirror and cash register near the "exit," some of your customers who will insist on coming in around the cash register area will see themselves in the mirror and go directly to the cash register and leave happy.
How To Get Gems (if your over level 7)
1) go to catalog 2)place an order for example button up tops keep ordering a bunch of those until you get a two at the top of that item. Notes: other numbers you get at the top will give you cash add me RonikaJ and Ronika10
More hearts from the customers
You guys should try putting the mirrors by the tables and the racks near the changing rooms it's the only the way to keep them from having a broken heart. Smile
How to earn cash faster than the usual?
Here's what I do. Somebody gave a hint how to make orders faster; by adjusting the clock on your ipod/iphone/ipad. What happened to mine is that the orders did finished but the boutique was out of sync and my clothes on the rack are gone but EARNED all the money immediately. Other orders did expired. But what you will do is Get back on your normal time and the orders' time will also go back but,..
How to move objects like clocks, doors and wall mirrors.
How to move clocks and wall mirrors:
Just STORE the objects then place it anywhere you like.

How to move the door? :
Well, this case is different. You can only move the ONLY if you have another one. (cost 10 gems). If you already bought 1, store the first one then place it anywhere. Then store the other one again and place it anywhere.
Blocking cashier and customers out
Ok say that you run out of clothes and you don't want broken hearts put a rack or table in front of door and to block out a cashier put cash register in front of object tada!! Enjoy the two cheats
Zoom in / Zoom out
I didn't realize this til after I had been playing for a little bit but you can zoom in or zoom out on your store to see closeup or see a lot more on your screen. Very helpful for redesigning and when placing orders on racks. Pinch and stretch to zoom out / in.
See What Other People Are Ordering
If You Have a Neighbor And They Send you a Gift. Don't Gift Them Back. Go To Someone's Shop Then click in Menu Then Comments Go To The Gift Someone Sent You. Click Use. Now You Can See What there Ordering!
Visit neighbors every 24 hours to get a daily bonus of coins and or XP. Neighbors can help out up to 6 times every 24 hours and you can send and receive gifts from this person.
Visit different people on the community list and each person, go look at their wall. People post their storm ID on peoples walls so you can add like 3-4 neighbors OR MORE per person you look at in the community. I got 120 neighbors in 30 minutes doing this.
Look at peoples ordered clothing
I reccomend you don't do this because it works I hv tried it , 1. Enter someones place 2. Go into you're gifts and accept em all. 3. Press use gift 4. U will be in their catologSmile add me: PinkPetal3
Gems for Cash
This is the only real way to get gems in fashion story quicker than completing the ordered items.

1) ***Save up your cash. You will need it.***

2) Once you have around 100,000.00 (depending on the cost of the item being ordered) begin placing orders. I suggest starting with the lower cost items first.

3) As you place the orders you will be awarded 6+ experienc..
The Real Way To Get Gems (FREE NO MONEY TO BE SPENT)
Many people are wanting gems now a days but don't want to waste their coins earned, or iTunes money on the app for gems. Here's is a total FREE way to get gems:
1) Click on the little phone on the top left corner of the app
2) There should be rewards at the top saying something like "Download this app expires in 5 days" now at the bottom it doesn't show any rewards. That's the point. D..
Time Changing
Well, this isn't really a cheat but it still works! Ok so lets say you order a dress that takes 3 hours to sew. If you want to speed the time up, go to Settings (on your Ipod or Iphone) and then go to General. From there go down to date and time. You simply change the time (and date if you like) to the time of your choice. From there go back to your game and have fun creating the store of your d..
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