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Fallout Shelter iPhone/iPad Cheats and Tips

We have 26 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Fallout Shelter please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Android

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Bonus Caps

Always look to rush production in rooms when the chances of failure is low so you get a bonus number of caps when successful.


You can earn more Caps than you normally would if you have a Dweller exploring the Wastlands instead of working on production. The more time that the Dweller spends exploring the better their earning will be, just remember that they will require half of the time they spend exploring to return to your vault.


You can increase the stats of your Dwellers by building specific rooms. Build a lounge to increase charisma, classroom to increase intelligence, weight room for strength, and Athletics room for agility.

Stongest Dwellers

Send your strongest Dwellers into the wastelands so they earn XP and search for salvageable items and bottle caps. To send a Dweller out into the wasteland you just need to drag them into the world in front of the vault.

In-Game Resources

To make progress in this game it is vital that you familiarise yourself with the three in-game resources (Energy, Food, and Water) as these make your underground world function. Energy is required to keep the lights and electricity flowing through the vault, and food and water is needed to ensure that your Dwellers don't starve to death or get irradiated.

Random Caps

It is possible to get Caps randomly from rooms, you can improve your chances of this happening by increasing the number of rooms that you have that are producing something you can collect.

Wasteland Equipment

It is important that you make sure that any Dwellers you send out into the wastland have the proper equipment otherwise they will not survive long and you will be forced to spend valuable caps reviving them.

Faster Resources

Populate each room with as many Dwellers as you can because the faster the work gets done the faster the resources will be created.

Fast Resources

If you exit the game and advance the time on your device at least 15 minutes your resources will have noticeably increased when you next open the game.

Low Resource

When you find that you are low on a resource but have enough energy to keep the rooms going you can instantly replenish a small amount of that resource by building a room of the resourse that is needed.


You will be awarded a Lunchbox when you either complete an objective listed in your Pip-Boy or play seven consecutive days. A Lunchbox will contain one of four random prizes, these are Caps, stimpacks, equipment and new Dwellers.

Nuka-Cola Bottler Room

The highest room that you can unlock is the Nuka-Cola bottler, this room becomes unlocked at 100 Dwellers.


You can increase the happiness of your Dwellers by sending a male and female couple into the Living Quarters to have a baby. If their messages appear to be positive, they will return to their own room to conceive a baby.

Resource Rooms

Make your first priority when you begin the game making sure you get a room to cover every resource available as a steady store of each one will be needed.

New Wastelanders

You will increase the chances of new Wastelanders appearing at your vault if you send Dwellers into the Wastland as often as you can. Sending Dwellers into the Wasteland that have a high Charisma stat will also help.

Populating Rooms

Make sure that when you are populating rooms with Dwellers you pay attentioon to the numbers above their heads as these indicate how well suited a Dweller will be to that particular room. To keep a rooms production optimal you need to have happy Dwellers.


Caps are can either be earned by completing objectives or from the Lunchboxes which are rewarded when you complete the objectives listed in your Pip-Boy. Caps are used to upgrade facilities, remove rocks and to add rooms and features.

Selling Items and Weapons

You can always sell items and weapons that you do not have currently equipped by tapping the Pip-Boy icon at the lower right corner of the screen to display it's menu and then selecting the Crates icon to access your storage.

Connect Rooms

When you connect up to three rooms of the same type by placing them next to each other you will increase their stats. Doing this will also make them cheaper to upgrade and they will perform better.

Unhappy Dwellers

If you grow the vault too quickly the lack of food and water will make the Dwellers unhappy. Make new Dwellers sit outside of the vault where they will be content until you have dedided what to do with them. They will not need food or water as long as they are outside the vault.

Increase Vault

One way that you can keep your vault growing is to equip one of your male Dwellers with charsima enhancing items, place them in a living quarters and then send your females in there one after another so that you get a constant string of pregnancies.

Lunchbox Dwellers

You will find that the Dwellers that you get from the Lunchboxes will have a higher level and there is the possibility that they will be a special character.

Wasteland Loot

You can check to see what loot your Dweller has found in the wasteland by tapping the button on the top left of the screen and then tapping on their icon. To collect the any loot they have collected you need to call them back to the vault.

Building Rooms and Facilities

Try to keep some kind of order when building rooms and facilities so you are able to keep a track on what is going on. Build your facilities close to others so you give yourself the option of merging two similar room types that are beside each other.

Objectives List

Complete the following objectives to earn the corresponding reward.

Assign Two Dwellers to the Right Room:

25 Caps

Collect 50 Water:

1 Lunchbox

Collect 2,000 Water:

1 Lunchbox

Equip 1 Dweller with an Outfit:

1 Lunchbox

Collect 5 Weapons:

150 Caps

Raise the Endurance of 5 Dwellers:

1 Lunchbox

Send 1 Dweller to the Wasteland:

25 Caps

Send 3 Dwellers to the Wasteland:

100 Caps

Collect 2,000 Food:

1 Lunchbox

Raise any Special stat of 9 Dwellers:

220 Caps

Successfully Rush 1 Room:

1 Lunchbox

Have 10 Male and Female coup..

Dweller's Special Stats

Keep an eye on each Dweller's special stats (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck) and assign them to rooms where you can take advantage of it.

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