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Fort Stars Cheats and Tips

Android, iPhone/iPad
Last Updated: by Dennis

Fort Stars is a free-to-play strategy game that is available on iOS and Android that includes base building, recruiting heroes, and card elements. The objective of the game is to build a fort, putting up defenses such as traps to protect it while also raiding other players forts for their loot.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include how to get cards and upgrade them as well as the quickest way to get them if you are a new player. As well as these cheats and tips we also have a neat mini-guide here which goes into more details on some of the tips we have below:

Getting Cards

Early in the game you should focus on getting Hero cards and Spell cards with your gold. Only afterwards look to getting the room/building cards. As the game progresses and you begin to know exactly what rooms you will be using to build your base and what weapons or spells you are taking into battle you can switch the order of the cards you prioritize.

Always Upgrade Cards

In Fort Stars you should start upgrading your cards as soon as you are able to. This makes Fort Stars different to other games that are similar where you are advised to wait a while before upgrading. The reason you should upgrade straight away is that you have a limited amount of gold that you can hold at once and if you reach that limit all extra gold is wasted so it makes sense to use it upgrading cards even if you have no intention of using them.

Upgrade Hero Skills

It is important that you constantly upgrade your heroes. Don't just wait until you have enough cards to level them up, invest in upgrading their skills whenever you are able to do so. Although this will be expensive you will find it is worth it. Check out our How to Upgrade Cards page to learn how this is done.

Spell Cards

The extra cards you have are called Spell cards and you can only bring 3 of them into a battle. It is recommended that you bring the most useful spells that cost the least.

Know Your Heroes

It is important that you make sure you know the strengths and weaknesses of your heroes and what their skills are capable of doing so you know exactly when to use them in a battle to get the most benefit.

Single Player Missions

Early in the game it is advised that you focus on the single-player missions even though the game will try and force you into playing multiplayer battles. Playing the single-player missions will give you a chance to learn the basics of the game while also allowing you to unlocking new heroes and card upgrades quickly.

Get Additional Loot

Consider replaying single-player missions every now and then so you can get some additional loot which will usually be in the form of extra cards. The advantage of doing this is that you are shown beforehand what card you are going to get which enables you to focus on getting more of the cards you want to upgrade.

Perfect Base

Although there is no perfect base design you will discover that saving your Mines is more beneficial than saving your Throne Room. Therefore it is recommended that you place the Throne Room closer to the entries. By doing this your enemies will automatically go to it and destroy it before getting to the mines. This means that although you will lose the battle you will still keep your resources. Check out our How to Move your Base page to learn how you can change the location of where your base is situated.

Join a Guild

Consider jointing an active guild as doing so will enable you to take advantage of certain benefits such as donating cards to unlock a chest full of rewards.

If you are looking for help for a specific part of the game, then check out out Questions and Answers page to read some FAQs for Fort Stars, or even post your own:

Fort Stars Walkthrough and Guide

Latest updates to our guide:


Fort Stars FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

How do you get PEP
You can steal it from other players in Multiplayer and Kingdom Raids, harvest it in your Fort with PEP Pump or it can be given to you as a reward in Fort Challenge and Daily Missions. You can also get PEP in Weekly Tour prizes.
What is PEP?
PEP is used to upgrade your heroes abilities. PEP stands for 'Performance-Enhancing Potion'.
Where do you get gold?
Your Gold Mine will produce gold over time which can be collected and added to your storage. Gold can be earned from Vaults and from destroying gold mines and gold storage rooms during matches. It can also be earned from Kingdoms (Matches, Gold Rush, Kingdom Games), Trials, and Guild Donations.
What are Trials?
These are a series of challenges where the objective is to prove yourself as a great team captain. Trials matches can be replayed each day and participating in them will guarantee a card reward.
How do you earn battlestars?
When raiding you earn 1 battlestar for destroying the Throne Room and another two can be earned for destroying 40% and 60% of the rooms. When defending your fort you will earn a battlestar for every Star that is KO'd.
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