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The Sims FreePlay

How can I clean up my "toddler"?

Guest asks: May 22nd 2012, ID #265011

Question for The Sims FreePlay

How can I clean up my "toddler"? It was easy when she was a baby. She turned into toddler and now her's hygiene and bladder turn to red but I can not find a way to change them into green. Please help me?


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Guest answered: Added 22nd May 2012, ID #509068

They take a bath. A parent must be present.

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Guest said: 6th Oct 2017 | REPORT
Guest said: 29th Dec 2017 | REPORT
Guest said: 30th Dec 2017 | REPORT
I did but he I still still dirty
Guest said: 20th Jan 2018 | REPORT
The game wouldn’t let me
Guest answered: Added 28th May 2012, ID #510760

To make the toddler's hygiene green, you need to buy a bath,which cost 500 or more.Then, take the toodler and a sim to give a toddler a bath.

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Guest said: 2nd Feb 2018 | REPORT
guess cant the bath that has a rim around the bath
Guest said: 18th Mar 2018 | REPORT
Buy the cheap bathtub and then have the toddler take a bath or quick dip to get needs up.
Guest said: 16th May 2018 | REPORT
You wrote toodler only 1 o
Guest said: 13th Apr 2020 | REPORT
My sim is refusing to bathe his child tho I don’t know why

Guest answered: Added 2nd Jun 2012, ID #512339

To take care of hygiene,, you have to buy a bath tub. And for bladder, you have to use the normal toilet. HOPE THIS HELPED! Smile

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Guest said: 19th Dec 2014 | REPORT
I didn't.
Guest said: 21st Jun 2015 | REPORT
Well I'll just give it a shower and then have it go swimming
Guest said: 23rd Feb 2016 | REPORT
I noticed I had a plant near the tub so I just moved it aside, Voilà! My toddler was able to take his bath! Thanks!
Guest said: 10th Feb 2018 | REPORT
I'll try that
Guest answered: Added 5th Jun 2012, ID #513034

You need to buy a bath if you haven't already got one and control the toddler so that they tap on the bath and get washed then an Adult will come and watch

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Guest said: 30th Aug 2017 | REPORT
Yes guys, itu works.. toddler can take and bath on the bath tub with parents near bath tub also. Click bath tub when toddler n parents on the bath room. Then click for bathing.. 🤗
Guest said: 12th Sep 2017 | REPORT
I have bath tub but it's doesn't work
Guest said: 28th Mar 2018 | REPORT
The tub can’t be against a wall. You need to have both sides open.
Guest said: 15th Jun 2018 | REPORT
That’s not true
Guest answered: Added 7th Jun 2012, ID #513617

You have to buys bathtub

Guest answered: Added 8th Jun 2012, ID #513932

A little tip to shorten the 1hr45min bath buy the LP bath tub it cuts it down to 15 min. It doesn't work with the fridge for toddlers though.

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Guest said: 2nd Apr 2013 | REPORT
You buy a crib and to make It a toddler you have to bake a birthday cake and click have birthday and same to become a preteen
kayla_dance_girl said: 4th Jul 2013 | REPORT
What does LP stand for?
Guest said: 19th Jul 2013 | REPORT
Life style point
Guest said: 12th May 2017 | REPORT
How do I tell time
Guest answered: Added 9th Jun 2012, ID #514109

To clean, use bath
Social and fun just get another sim
Bladder, use normal toilet
Food, Adult sim
Sleep, normal bed, sofa, etc

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Guest said: 20th Mar 2014 | REPORT
Not normal bed, you need to buy a toddlers bed
Guest said: 3rd Apr 2014 | REPORT
A normal bed worked for me
Guest said: 2nd Nov 2014 | REPORT
Normal bed works too

Guest said: 12th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Yeah it does work
Guest answered: Added 10th Aug 2012, ID #530763

Buy a bath tub and be the toddler than press the tub and it would say have a bath, press it. VALA you're done

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Guest said: 25th Nov 2012 | REPORT
Just a peeve of mine
Guest said: 30th Mar 2013 | REPORT
The bar doesnt move up when I take my toddlers a bath!!! Any suggestions to do?
Guest said: 30th Apr 2013 | REPORT
The first one doesn't clean them, only the second one
Guest answered: Added 14th Oct 2012, ID #544530

Buy a Bathtub. Then you switch into you're toddler and an Adult must not be doing anything so they can help the kid. Click the bathtub and he/she will start taking a bath. Smile Hope this helps!

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Guest said: 12th Nov 2012 | REPORT
Yep. All you need is a bathtub! Apparently, toddlers love baths! ;)
Guest said: 7th Jan 2013 | REPORT
Can babies take a bath
Guest said: 27th Apr 2013 | REPORT
No babies cannot have a bah however if u press 'change diaper' then the hygiene bar should go up
Guest said: 2nd Apr 2016 | REPORT
Yes they can take a bath
gamergirl101 answered:
Added 9th Dec 2012, ID #555929

For a Toddler to take a bath, You have to buy a big enough bath tub. Try to get a tub with 2 Stars. The 2 star tub that costs 1,800 worked for me :]

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Guest said: 17th Jul 2013 | REPORT
The 1,800 bathtub worked for me also
Guest said: 30th Mar 2015 | REPORT
You can just get one over 500
Guest said: 15th Apr 2015 | REPORT
This helped
Guest said: 12th Sep 2018 | REPORT
I’m in an upmarket house do this bath is kinda cool but the toddler won’t go in
Guest answered: Added 15th Dec 2012, ID #556990

BATH you need bath it gets your todders hygiene up up up!

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Guest said: 12th Apr 2015 | REPORT
The thing is it says "an adult can not fit in the bath" now what.y toddler can bathe
Guest said: 5th Jul 2015 | REPORT
just make sure the bath is not against the wall, try to move it to the middle of the room. both sides have to be available.
Guest answered: Added 19th Dec 2012, ID #558056

A regular 1 star bathtub will do, provided all 3 blocks on the side which the Sims enter from are clear. The Adult sim will sit on the edge of the bathtub near the tap, so ensure that block is clear.

Guest answered: Added 25th Dec 2012, ID #559218

Can you give two Children a bath at the same time?

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Guest said: 13th Mar 2013 | REPORT
i dont think so sorry :(
Guest said: 10th Dec 2013 | REPORT
Yes. Go to the
Guest answered: Added 3rd Jan 2013, ID #561895

Your toddler should be able to use the toilet but it can't use the shower so you have to by a bath for him/her and one of the parents has to help so make sure ones not doing anything when the toddler clicks on the bath.

Guest answered: Added 14th Jan 2013, ID #564773

Try getting a bathtub and having an Adult give them a bath.....

Guest answered: Added 15th Jan 2013, ID #564889

If you mean, how to bathe the toddler, you buy a tub. Then select the toddler and click the tub and a parent will come to aid the toddler in taking a bath.

iamjammy77 answered:
Added 3rd Feb 2013, ID #568943

She can use the toilet now and you need a bath tub in order to was her...

Taylor2021 answered:
Added 15th Feb 2013, ID #571286

A parent must be there to be there with the toddler to have the bath put a bath in the bathroom or wherever you want and make sure the sim you are playing as right now is a toddler tap the bath and then tap have bath make sure there is a parent free to supervise the baby while they have a bath

Hope this helped from taylor2021

Guest answered: Added 22nd Feb 2013, ID #572730

You have to buy a bathtub

Guest answered: Added 23rd Feb 2013, ID #572847

To get the toilet Bar up she/he can use the toilet. To get hygiene up you need to buy a bath tub. Hope this helps. I'm raising a toddler too.

Guest answered: Added 5th Mar 2013, ID #575102

You have to buy a bathtub and click in it with the toddler. You will also need an Adult because they need adult supervision. The cheapest bathtub is $500.

Guest answered: Added 13th Mar 2013, ID #576441

She can go to the toilet and she can have a bath but there needs to be a Adult free to have a bath

Guest answered: Added 16th Mar 2013, ID #577149


click to reveal

Guest answered: Added 18th Mar 2013, ID #577493

You just have to buy a tub and put the toddler in it to get him/her clean. To get the bladder to green put him/her on the toilet. I hope this helps Smile.

Guest answered: Added 22nd Mar 2013, ID #578192

I don't know if you have enough money or not but if you do you need to buy a bathtub. An Adult has to be with the kid though.😃

Guest answered: Added 26th Mar 2013, ID #578924

You have to be there for the toddler so basically you have to be in the same room as it.

Guest answered: Added 27th Mar 2013, ID #579011

On my Sims you can't my toddler and I did everything together but she died of weeing herself so I have a new baby now. I did email sims free play but they didnt help!!

HannahlikesPineapples answered:
Added 29th Mar 2013, ID #579641

On my Sims, when the toddler has a bath it only improves the entertainment level - the one on the very far left next to the Social Bar-. The hygiene level never goes up, might any of you know what's wrong?

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Guest said: 13th Feb 2014 | REPORT
Your using the paddling pool.Go to bathroom tab

Guest answered: Added 31st Mar 2013, ID #580154

You are just taking a quick dip, not having a bath.

Guest answered: Added 2nd Apr 2013, ID #580697

You buy it in the bathroom section next to the toilets then buys it and put your toddler in it it will need an Adult though!

WolfGirl2002 answered:
Added 5th Apr 2013, ID #581235

Well first there needs to be a space around the bath for the Adult to sit on the side and the child needs a longer bath not a dip that just makes your playing levl go up

Guest answered: Added 12th Apr 2013, ID #582384

You have to buy a bathtub
Not a shower !

Guest answered: Added 13th Apr 2013, ID #582518

You have to buy a bathtub toddlers can only take baths. Then mom or dad as to give the toddler the bath.

Guest answered: Added 20th Apr 2013, ID #583772

Well you have to buy a bath to get them washed it's in the same place where you buy a shower

Guest answered: Added 25th Apr 2013, ID #584447

You have to buy a bath tub (lowest price is 500simoleons). However, an Adult sim must be present for your toddlernto have a bath!

Hope that helpedSmile

Guest answered: Added 4th May 2013, ID #586018

In order to get your toddler's hygiene to green you have to buy a bathtub and bathe her/him

Guest answered: Added 14th May 2013, ID #587560

You need to buy a bath. When you want to clean up your little toddler, you must have parent supervision so get an Adult sim to watch over you little tike at bath time

Guest answered: Added 19th May 2013, ID #588308

The toddlers should be able to us a toilet and you have to have an Adult sim avaible to give your toddlers a bath. The toddlers need a bathtub and cannot use a shower.

Guest answered: Added 23rd May 2013, ID #588912

All you have to do is buy a bathtub and and have an Adult wash her

Sim777Addict answered:
Added 21st Jun 2013, ID #593193

You have to give them a bath

Sim777Addict answered:
Added 21st Jun 2013, ID #593194

A parent has to be there

Guest answered: Added 2nd Jul 2013, ID #595038

Make the toddler have a bath with a parent other wise it will not have a bath.

Guest answered: Added 16th Jul 2013, ID #596928

You have to buy a bath and then the baby can have a bath !¡¡

Guest answered: Added 19th Jul 2013, ID #597394

It can go to the toilet, all you do is click on the toilet button like you do with every other sim.

Guest answered: Added 1st Sep 2013, ID #602438

They take baths and also use the toliet

Charlie Taylor answered:
Added 22nd Oct 2013, ID #606198

You need to bye a bathtub

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Guest said: 28th Nov 2013 | REPORT
Don't you mean "buy"
Guest said: 1st Feb 2014 | REPORT
Don't correct him/her! It means he got swag like me
Guest answered: Added 25th Oct 2013, ID #606418

Buy a tub

Angelinav0327 answered:
Added 10th Dec 2013, ID #610144

The toddler can use the toilet but you have to buy a bath tub then Adult has to be present when the toddler is in the tub

Guest answered: Added 11th Dec 2013, ID #610225

To wash a toddler you need a bathtub and make sure that one Adult sim is free then use the toddler and tap the bathtub and then you can clean your toddler

Guest answered: Added 4th Feb 2014, ID #616460

Buy a bathtub from the home store. Click (with your toddler sim) "Quick Dip" (1 min) or "Have a Bath" (5 min) on the bathtub. That way, you can bathe your toddler. Then, buy a toilet. Click (again, with your toddler sim) "Use" and your toddler will be clean and not have an accident or have other Sims be disgusted by your little tot.

MoonlightCloud answered:
Added 2nd Apr 2014, ID #621332

They take a bath. A parent must be present.

Guest answered: Added 4th Apr 2014, ID #621465

To make a toddler Hygene Bar go up,You have to select the toddler,click the bathtub,pick the selection -Take a Bath- then the Adult sim will wait for the toddler to come then will sit on the edge of the bathtub watching over the toddler Smile Hope this helps!

Guest answered: Added 16th Apr 2014, ID #622484

Buy a bath tub not stand showers....... Tub only and use your toddler to take a bath. Thanks

adrianathesim answered:
Added 9th Aug 2014, ID #635831

They're needs to be a parent/Adult sim present when your toddler is in the bath. That may sound like the adult sim or parent can just stand there in the bathroom and watch the toddler in the bathroom, but it's not. Having a regular bathtub, whether it be 1 star or 3 stars isn't enough. The trick is, there MUST BE a place for the mom/dad/adult sim to SIT on the edge of the bathtub in order for them to stay right next to your toddler. Before I figured this out, I had a regular 2 star bathtub with a black outside that cost §1,800, I still keep this bathtub in my bathroom of my main house where my toddler is. At first whenever I tried to give my toddler a bath in my regular bathtub a message kept popping up that read "Hold on there! There's not enough room in this bathtub for a parent!" that made me think that I needed to buy the VALENTINES/HEART SHAPED BATHTUB for §5,500 because I thought they meant that the parent or adult sim had to be taking a bath with your toddler in order for it to work. I knew that the heart shaped bathtub already held two people for the reason that it's a romantic bathtub. Anyways, I bought the heart shaped bathtub and placed it wherever it would turn green (keep in mind that it must have room on both sides because it's purpose is to hold two people at once). Once I had placed the bathtub where it would fit, I made sure that the Plumbob (green diamond) was over top my toddler and I clicked on the the heart shaped tub and clicked QUICK DIP for 45 seconds and my toddler and one other adult sim got the action Bar over their heads and the adult sim stayed put as the toddler walked to the bathtub, once my toddler reached the bathtub the other sim followed, the toddler did a little jump and spin thing and was left in his underwear and then he hopped in the bathtub and then the other sim sat down on the trianglish shaped part one either side of the lower part of the heart shape and a bath for the toddler was complete in 45 seconds and then I simply put the heart shaped tub away in my inventory until my toddler needs to be cleaned again. He CAN'T use a sink to get clean like the other adults and he CAN'T be alone when taking a bath. As far as I know the ONLY bathtub that works for a toddler is the heart shaped one, but looking through the bathroom tab in my Home Store, I just recently noticed that there is a 2 STAR WHITE BATHTUB FOR §1,600 THAT HAS A LEDGE THAT A SIM MAY BE ABLE TO SIT ON.
NOTE: I have no clue if the bathtub for §1,600 that I just mentioned will work for a toddler because I have never tried it. Buy it at your own risk. SIDE NOTE: I know 100% that the heart shaped bathtub works to clean your toddler as I have stated above.
Finally, I know this is long and really detailed with probably a lot of unnecessary info, but I just wanted everyone who has been asking and those who have been giving the wrong information that this correctly works. Also I spent like 30 minutes typing this on my iPhone for y'all so it'd be appreciated if y'all would actually take the minute or two to read this. Thanks and good luck!

adrianathesim answered:
Added 9th Aug 2014, ID #635845

I just recently posted a very long, detailed answer to this question that is waiting to be submitted, I wanted to edit one thing, but it's not letting me so I'm just going to add on in this new answer. So as I had stated in my previous answer, you MUST have a bath tub that is big enough but also has a visible ledge for an Adult sim to sit on, like the 2 star white tub for §1,600 or the 3 star heart shaped/valentines day tub for §5,500. I would like to make it clear that I AM WRONG. I have just recently learned that all you need is ANY BATHTUB. I was unaware of this because I have a regular bathtub in my bathroom and no matter what, it never let me clean my toddler because it kept saying there isn't enough room for an adult in the bathtub. The way my bathtub was placed in my bathroom was tucked in the corner next to the sink with the tab where the water comes out in the corner which was unreachable. What I just tried and just learned was, with some help of some of the answers already posted for this question, there just needs to be a place for an adult sim to sit. Originally I did think that meant there had to be a visible ledge for the adult to sit on. So what I did with my regular bathtub was move it back one space so that the tab was accessible, once it was I told my toddler to go take a bath, he walked over and waited and then the only non-busy mother went over, the toddler got in the bath and the mother sat down on the corner next to the tab. SO TO CORRECT MY PREVIOUS ANSWER: You DO NOT need to have a bathtub with a visible ledge and any bathtub will work to clean a toddler as long as the front of the tub where the tab is can be accessed. I apologize for the confusion and if my previous answer was already submitted and posted, I do hope that no one has seen it and wasted money on an expensive bathtub that they do not need.

Guest answered: Added 16th Dec 2014, ID #649502

Well, I'm not sure about the hygiene, but you can make her/him use the toliet and it will help the bladder.

Guest answered: Added 23rd Dec 2014, ID #650529

You put the toddler in the tub and mom or dad will help her or him

Guest answered: Added 14th Mar 2015, ID #657969

Use a bathtub which can be found in the bathroom section of the home store

Guest answered: Added 21st Mar 2015, ID #658444

It is the same way as adults just taking baths require adults.

Guest answered: Added 25th Mar 2015, ID #658764

I bought a bath that had a yellow rubber duck in it and it worked

Loldontknowwhattouseasaname answered:
Added 5th Jun 2015, ID #664060

All you have to do is have a parent in The same house as the toddler and you have the toddler as your currently selected sim(the on the little diamond thing is above) and select one of the options on the bathtub. And Adult has to be present to help bathe the toddler, and you cannot use a shower it has to be a tub. For the toilet just press the toilet and select the "use toilet" option.

Guest answered: Added 13th Jun 2015, ID #664518

In order to make your toddler bathe. Put one of their parent in bathroom. Then make toddler to click on BATH TUB. Then he can bathe. Enjoy Smile

Guest answered: Added 28th Jan 2016, ID #676452

But I can't do it. Action failed beacose there is not enought room for an Adult at the bathtub. What can I do? Please answer. Thanks in advance.

Guest answered: Added 16th Feb 2016, ID #677049

I'm not sure about the hygiene, I'm struggling with that myself, but toddlers can use the toilet like Adult Sims, so I hope that helps for the bladder part!!!

Guest answered: Added 26th Sep 2016, ID #683915

They can take a bath and use the toilet

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Guest said: 23rd Oct 2016 | REPORT
That happened to me too but when the game updated it started going up again and I took here baths
Guest answered: Added 12th Feb 2017, ID #687323

You have to buy a tub with at least 2 available spaces and click the toddler to take a Buick dip or take a bath and then your Adult sim will clean the sim

Guest answered: Added 23rd Jun 2017, ID #690746

You have to have an Adult sim in the bathroom with the toddler when you click have a bath

Guest answered: Added 11th Sep 2017, ID #692649

I've found, the heart shaped bath is the one to use. You use the toddler and press the heart shaped bath then press quick dip, a parent goes with your sim and sits on the edge, you must have both side open and able to get to.

Guest answered: Added 12th Jan 2018, ID #694584

1. You have to make sure that the Adult had enough space to stay on the side of the bath
(You can do that by either purchasing a 3 stars bath, moving your bath tub in a more spacious room or make your room bigger)
2. Make sure that an Adult in the house is not busy
(It doesn't need to sit down.. It can be wherever)
3. Make the toddler take a bath
(The free Adult will just follow the toddler and sit on the edge of the bath tub helping)

Guest answered: Added 30th Jan 2019, ID #700571

You could make the make a bath under Adult supervision.

Guest answered: Added 13th Jul 2019, ID #704764

Theres a certain tub toddlers can bathe in and you will have to to potty train your toddler Sims

Guest answered: Added 26th Aug 2019, ID #705700

To make the bladder Bar green just get your toddler to sit on the toilet and her/his bladder bar will go up. To make the hygiene bar green have an Adult available and tap on a tub as a toddler, your adult will supervise the toddler as he/she bathes, then the hygiene bar will go up.


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