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Do the babies grow up? If they do, how long does i..

Guest asks: Added Apr 10th 2012, ID #258395

Question for The Sims FreePlay

Do the babies grow up? If they do, how long does it take?

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Guest answered:
Added 12th Apr 2012, ID #498170
Yes, they do and it's so wonderful Smile it only take like a couple of days.
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Guest said: 31st Jan 2017 | REPORT
The baby in my game will not grow up and I have had it for ages
Guest said: 5th Feb 2017 | REPORT
You need to finish a quest (or a couple) To get them to become a toddler
Guest said: 5th Feb 2017 | REPORT
It totally worked for me!
Guest said: 19th Feb 2017 | REPORT
You need to finish the Life Dreams and Legacies quest for sims to age up naturally. Before that you need to use a birthday cake. Hope this helps :D
CinDeeLM answered:
Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #498655
My babies on sims freeplay have never grown up. I've had one for about 4 weeks and another for about 6 days. I'm on level 33 and have more than 85,000 LP. My babies are always. Interacted with but I still have no idea how to get them clean after they have soiled themselves. I have to use cupcakes to get them "clean" again. AND they're still babies!
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Guest said: 6th Dec 2016 | REPORT
You have to be on level 12 to unleash a growing up quest
Guest said: 18th Jan 2017 | REPORT
I'm on level 14 and I haven't had a growing up quest.What do I do?
Guest said: 25th Jan 2017 | REPORT
You should be able to have a birthday to grow up your baby
Guest said: 12th Feb 2017 | REPORT
I've completed the growing up quest and it still doesn't work!

Guest answered:
Added 15th Apr 2012, ID #498912
My baby was dirty for 3 days till I moved it's cot away from the wall, so all 4 sides are clear, & have only had it's mother dealing with it. She wets her nappy, which makes her hygiene go red, mother changes nappy, toilet & hygiene go green again. But I wish she'd grow older already!
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Guest said: 15th Sep 2015 | REPORT
Have you done the previous quests? ( in order) or the 'life of your sims', won't change. Before the toddler quest can pop up, the mysterious island needs to be unlocked, and the quest about the horses needs to be finished. There is no cutting corners, I learn, so I am not sure how some people Miss the toddler quest? After I finish one,the next one shows on is obvious, since the blue and white box pops up, about the next quest.
cindysan12 said: 16th Apr 2016 | REPORT
I have been wating for my babies to grow up and i am way past level 12 i am level 44 and i still cant get the baby to grow.. everytime i want to grow the baby up to a toddler it says cant do that until level 12 and i am past that
cindysan12 said: 16th Apr 2016 | REPORT
for you to have the babies cot in a certain place in the room where the parents can get to the baby to change the baby and to feed it and change the Diaper and play with it and to pick it up you can have it against the wall but not where there is a light or something next to it where the parents cant pick the baby up the baby had to be laying down in the cot with the thing laying next to the baby facing the wall and put the child in the cot where the baby is looking at the wall
Guest said: 4th Jan 2017 | REPORT
i am on level 8 and i have got a baby 🚼 will it grow up or do i have to wait until the quests are done? PLEASE HELP!
BlizzGamerChic answered:
Added 16th Apr 2012, ID #499433
In order to have the baby "clean" after a diaper change sometimes you have to change them a lot ( sometimes 8x for me)
Guest answered:
Added 17th Apr 2012, ID #499447
Um well I can't make mine have a baby so how do you.... But my friend said hers grew up in 3 days soooooo I'm guessing that's how !!!!!!!
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Guest said: 2nd Aug 2015 | REPORT
My baby was here for ten months and well...NOTHING
peanuts_mom said: 5th Feb 2016 | REPORT
Ive completed the toddler quest but when I click to have a birthday it says I have to bake a cake. but the cake is 5 life style points which I dont have yet, and then it takes one day to bake the cake... I guess my question is will grow up after that? Or how will I go about getting more lifestyle points faster?
Guest said: 12th Dec 2016 | REPORT
To get more lifestyle points I just watch videos when they appear.
Guest said: 12th Feb 2017 | REPORT
You just have to get past this quest on level 12 and then press on the baby and it comes up with have a birthday and you press that and it will grow older every time you do that but you can't do that every day you can only do it like every two months
Guest answered:
Added 17th Apr 2012, ID #499645
It may take few months.. It's been 2 months now but nothing happend to my baby.. I guess it will grow up in about 5 -10 months..
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Guest said: 28th Jun 2015 | REPORT
Finish your horse quest and after that you will have the toddler quest
Guest said: 7th Sep 2016 | REPORT
What if you don't have the horse quest
Guest said: 30th Nov 2016 | REPORT
I heard that the quest sequence is not the same for everybody.. anyways i see a nanny sitting at the park i think she gives you the quest..but when i tap on her a message pops up saying the dancing quest and horse quest must be cleared first.. my babies will definitely take ages to grow up
Guest said: 12th Dec 2016 | REPORT
Guys I wouldn't complain if it takes a long time for your baby to grow up because it takes 3 years in real life to become a toddler.
Guest answered:
Added 18th Apr 2012, ID #499743
I've had the baby in sims freeplay for about 2 weeks and it's still just an annoying dumb baby. I'm getting really frustrated.
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Guest said: 2nd Sep 2012 | REPORT
For sims free play in order to make a baby go from diapers n crib to a toddler... U have to have a parent make a birthday cake then tap on the baby n have a birthday.... N to bath a toddler u need a tub.... But had any one able to get them to b a kid or a teen?
Guest said: 31st Dec 2013 | REPORT
You need to be levle 11 to age them to a preteen that's what happened to me and then to age them just have a b day
Guest said: 27th Jul 2016 | REPORT
I have passed level 12,and my babies aren't growing
Guest answered:
Added 28th Apr 2012, ID #502236
Ive had a baby 5 weeks + and still hasnt grown up.....not worth it IMHO!
Guest answered:
Added 8th May 2012, ID #504786
I have had mine 2 weeks...and nothing is making her grow! What works?!
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Guest said: 27th Jun 2014 | REPORT
First get to level twelve and bake a cake in the quest for toddlers.Hopefully it will help you
Guest said: 5th Nov 2014 | REPORT
I'm in level 13 but I did not get the toddler quest
Guest said: 27th Jul 2015 | REPORT
U must have other quests waiting for u to complete
Guest said: 15th Sep 2015 | REPORT
I am doing the nanny quest now, which got me exited about unlocking new things for baby. After that, I will go back to the need for steed, though the barn, will cost 200k to build! And I am on Lv. 15. And I have 11 sims, including a baby boy and girl,both single children, plus another single baby for another couple. I try not to use up all my sims count, since I want room for children, I have 4 more spots left. When I created sims I try to have equal men and women.
Guest answered:
Added 14th May 2012, ID #506693
I didn't think my baby was going to grow up but keep interacting with it and eventually there will be an option to "have a birthday" and you have to bake a birthday cake on the stove when it's done click the háve a birthday option again and it will become a toddler ! When it's grown it can go the toilet on it's own and things take longer and you need an adult for most things but they do grow up: I don't know if they become more than a toddler yet though haven't got that far !
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Guest said: 16th Jun 2012 | REPORT
How long does it take?
Guest said: 31st Dec 2012 | REPORT
Keep pressing have a birthday . It will cost you. When its a baby and you have a baby it will grow to become a toddler, if you bake another cake and have another baby, it will grow into a preteen. Afterwards if you choose to have them grow some more, with another baked cake, they will become adults and will have to move out.
Guest answered:
Added 7th Jun 2012, ID #513557
You have to have a birthday cake first then once it's done baking you have a birthday.
Guest answered:
Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #525539
You have to have a birthday for the baby and they will grow up but you have to be on level 16 or 15 to bakr the birthday cake to have the baby. It cost about 10 LP I think
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Guest said: 27th Aug 2013 | REPORT
You don't need to be on level 15-16. I had a baby at level 10 and I've had the option to bake a cake since the baby was born.
Guest answered:
Added 11th Aug 2012, ID #531170
Bake it a birthday cake it costs ten lp but if you save uP you'll have the lp in no time! Smile
Guest answered:
Added 9th Feb 2013, ID #570045
You got to have a birthday
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Guest said: 2nd Sep 2015 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 31st Mar 2013, ID #580052
To get your baby to grow up you need 5 LP as it costs that to bake the birthday cake . The birthday cake will take a whole day to bake unless you pay LP to get it baked quicker.After you have baked the cake your baby will be a toddler it will be able to do things by itself like go to the toilet but it will still need it's parents help with things.After your baby is a toddler , if you have a birthday again it will be a pre-teen and if you have another birthday your child will be about 19 and will move out.After that you will need to have a new baby if you want one. This will cost you quite a lot of LP so you can spend much on furniture or buildings , but all in all it will be totally worth it Smile
Tiffles answered:
Added 22nd May 2013, ID #588777
Babies do grow up, but not in the way you think! You have to buy their birthday! First you have to buy a stove and if you don't have one, then buy one. Then click on the stove and recipes should come up. Click on the birthday cake one ( you must be on level 8 to bake the cake!) it cost 5lp and takes 24hrs to make. Once it's done click on your baby and do have birthday and he/she should instantly become a toddler! You can also give a birthday cake to a toddler and they'll become a preteen! Hope I helped! ;)
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Guest said: 26th Jun 2014 | REPORT
I past level 8 had I can t get the birthday cake😡😠😤. Thanks for nothing !
Guest said: 15th Oct 2014 | REPORT
You have to be 12lvl
Guest said: 22nd Jun 2015 | REPORT
Thx it helped
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Jun 2013, ID #590634
You have to click on the baby and choose the option 'have birthday' and it will grow older Smile
Guest answered:
Added 12th Oct 2013, ID #605376
No. In order for it to get older on the sims freeplay you must bake a birthday cake on your stove and then tap on it to select birthday. That will make it grow older.

Guest answered:
Added 10th Jan 2014, ID #613921
You don't wait for your baby to grow up; you get to choose when. When you're up to Level 11, you will be able to bake a Birthday Cake from the stove. (you need to buy a stove for your baby to grow up) I think the birthday cake takes about 1 day to bake, so you have to wait 1 day unless you use LP. (lifestyle points) After the cake is baked, collect it and then click on your baby. Click the option 'Have Baby' and your baby will grow into a toddler, which takes 3 seconds. I hope this helped!
Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jan 2014, ID #615372
Everyone keeps asking how you make the kids grow up, but… do they HAVE to grow up? I want two kids to be the same age, but I don't think I'll be able to get them within a very close time period. Help!
Bcklymis answered:
Added 1st Jun 2014, ID #626453
I don't even have a toddler quest to get my baby to grow up and I'm past the level so it won't let it have a birthday or let me bake a cake this is driving me nuts
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Guest said: 10th Aug 2014 | REPORT
You have to complete other quests before you are ready to do the quest for toddlers. I'm on the quest before and I'm still waiting to age up my babies
Guest said: 14th Dec 2014 | REPORT
Guest said: 3rd Oct 2015 | REPORT
The last comment says that it starts on level 11 and I'm on level 14
Guest answered:
Added 14th Jul 2014, ID #632700
It is really simple but it took me a while to figure out. So you interact with the baby and "have a birthday" but you also have to make a birthday cake! But after you do those steps you will have a cute toddler! :D

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Guest said: 22nd Jul 2014 | REPORT
How do you make a birthday cake
Guest said: 14th Dec 2014 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 24th Oct 2014, ID #643959
Just received my new baby girl and she is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!! But I hope it doesn't take too long for her to grow and mature into a toddler and throughout her life!? How long will it take? For my baby to mature, do I have to complete the "Life And Legacies" quest?

Guest answered:
Added 19th Dec 2014, ID #649820
Ok, so here's how you age them: When you get to Level 12, complete the "A Quest for Toddlers" quest. Then, click on the baby. One of your action options will be 'Have Birthday.' Press it. Obviously. Smile
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xiamyourkingx said: 22nd Dec 2014 | REPORT
Im on level 12 but the birthday cake isnt avaliable what do i doo
Guest answered:
Added 14th Jun 2015, ID #664569
Your babies will only grow up automatically if you have completed the life dreams and legacies task/quest which is like the last one so if your on level 14, you wouldn't have reached it yet. Since you haven't completed this quest yet, you will need to buy a birthday cake for 5LP and make your baby "have birthday" once the cake is done and that will grow it into a toddler
Guest answered:
Added 14th Aug 2015, ID #668946
Well, you have to complete "a quest for toddlers" and once you have completed that you can bake a cake for 5 LP and it takes 24 hrs, after that you select the baby you want to grow into a toddler then you press have birthday and kapeesh you have yourself a toddler!!

I sincerely hope this has been helpful!!
Suzi Soul answered:
Added 5th Sep 2015, ID #669841
To age an infant sim to be a toddler you must first complete the 'A quest for toddlers' quest which is attained at level 12
Guest answered:
Added 11th Dec 2015, ID #674419
I need your help ! I havent finish 'Nanny know best ' .. But I have infant and I change infant to toddler by using birthday cake. But the task need to give soft food by infant. I don't have infant also because it's was chance to toddler. Now I can't finish the task. How can I do ?
Guest answered:
Added 7th Mar 2016, ID #677555
First of all you have to be on level 12 then there will be a quest for toddlers that lets you have a birthday but to have a birthday you need a stove then you need to bake a birthday cake then have a birthday!🎉
cindysan12 answered:
Added 2nd May 2016, ID #679150
I have 6 babies and I am at Level 46 and I still can't Grow the babies up and everytime I click on have Birthday it says have to wait till level 12 and I am way past that and how can I grown them up and I just recieved the Toddler bed
Guest answered:
Added 7th May 2016, ID #679264
You have to be at level 15, and do the "preparing for preteens" quest complete. You also have to have the elementary school built.
Bailey1357 answered:
Added 4th Oct 2016, ID #684130
If you keep letting the Sim
Baby practice walking,balancing,and exercising it will grow faster

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