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Catwoman Missions

Injustice: Gods Among Us Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Catwoman Missions

MISSION 021 - Sparring Practice
= Sharpen your skills - MISSION GOAL
= Land a 10 hit combo
= Land 10 Low Attacks

Simply follow the inputs onscreen. For the second goal, attack the opponent with either a f + 3 or b + 3, then follow-up with the Super to achieve the 10-hit combo.

MISSION 022 - Avoid the Lights
= Break into the museum - MISSION GOAL
= Don't move backwards
= Complete the path backwards

Stick to platforming as much as you can. Your attacks are only essential during the airvent segment on the rightside area. Avoid the initial searchlights by stopping in front of them when they are passing the foreground or the background, and take note that jumping over them helps so much as well. The only notable one among the lights is the last one, which patrols all the way past across the fourth searchlight and all the way to the right, passing the airvent. You actually need to break this one once you've reached the airvent. Using d, b + 1 is the best way to hit it safely.

If you want to achieve the second goal, don't use the d, b + 1 whip as stated above, just walk a little closer and hit it with your normal attacks. For the third goal, reach the airvent normally, then stop moving forward. This time walk backwards all the way back to the starting point, then go forward normally again and finally finish the mission.

MISSION 023 – Isis
= Reach the end of the museum - MISSION GOAL
= Don't move backwards
= Meow 25 times

To avoid the lasers, you can either wait for them to move upwards and pass by or jump over them. The easy part for this mission is that the patrolling guards will not see Isis unless the light from the flashlight reaches her. Worth taking note is the fact that if you meow before you reach a guard, the guard will be alarmed by the noise and will immediately flash a light behind them. Grab this opportunity to move forward once they are done flashing the lights.

For the second goal, just don't hit back in your Controls, which means don't chicken out and keep moving forward as much as you can. If you see a guard from far away, stop and meow, then wait until the guard finishes the flashing, then move forward again. Meow 25 times at the very last part.

MISSION 024 - Rumble In the Museum
= Defeat the guards – MISSION GOAL
= Win without dashing
= Flawless victory

To avoid the gunshots and the mines, just stay on the enemies' toes and keep it up close and personal. Since the enemies die in one hit, the best way to acquire the first and second goals is to keep holding uf + 1 to hit the enemies and move forward while jumping.

The last goal is more of a matter of luck. With enough tries, you will eventually perfect the mission.

MISSION 025 - Safe Cracker
= Break into the safe – MISSION GOAL
= Break into the safe using only light attacks
= Win with more than 15 seconds remaining

Very easy mission. For the second goal, mash any 1 attack like crazy. To get the third goal, go for broke and keep hitting the safe with 3 attacks.

MISSION 026 – Bloodletting
= Complete the listed moves – MISSION GOAL
= Complete the list in order
= Survive 8 seconds without being hit

You need to HIT Nightwing with each move in exact order from top to bottom as they appear onscreen. To easily connect the Up Whip, hit him with a b + 3 first, then perform the move afterwards. For the final goal, spam 1, 2, 2 combos and stay in front of his face to not give him any opportunity to deal any damage to you within 8 seconds.

MISSION 027 - Batters Up
= Stop the bats – MISSION GOAL
= Don't get hit by any bats
= Hit the red bat

Bear in mind that if you get hit by ANY 5 bats, the mission will fail. Wait for the bats to gather first, then hit the swarm with a d, f + 1. Position yourself backwards if the swarm is getting higher or lower. Be careful of the bats that fly towards you fast, as they can surprise you if you are not prepared. The last goal is self-explanatory.

MISSION 028 - Cat's Eye
= Defeat Nightwing with the lights out – MISSION GOAL
= Destroy the Batrobot
= Win with a Level Transition

The first goal is pretty straightforward. For the second goal, the Batrobot is located in the bottom left area. Just keep hitting Nightwing and knocking him down on that spot to have the Robot destroyed. For the final goal, you need to make sure Nightwing has very few health remaining so that when the level transition damages him, it will kill him during the process itself. This means you have to leave him with enough health for him to take one hit of b + 3 and some more tiny health left. The level transition is on the left side on the starting area and on the right side of the upper second area.

MISSION 029 - Going Up?
= Reach the elevator – MISSION GOAL
= Complete the path backwards
= Win without jumping

For the third goal, simply dash towards the two initial lasers, then stay still until the first group of lasers deactivates, then just keep dashing all the way through to the end, don't stop at all. To acquire the second goal, jump up to avoid the circling searchlights. For the backtracking part, you have to carefully change your timing since it will be much more different than the normal route, this time you need to wait for the groups of lasers to set off first before you can backdash and backdash-jump over the obstacles.

MISSION 030 - The Getaway
= Steal the Batmobile – MISSION GOAL
= Win with full second Health Bar
= Throw 6 times

1, 2, 2 is your very best combo attack against Batman and Nightwing for this mission. After Batman is down to 25% health, go to the right side area and hit the interactible button to use the red switch and activate the Batmobile.

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