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Injustice: Gods Among Us Cheats for iPhone

Cheats and Tips for Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us Walkthrough and Guide

We have 26 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Injustice: Gods Among Us please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Wii U : Xbox 360 : Android : PlayStation 4

You can also ask your question on our Injustice: Gods Among Us Questions & Answers page.

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Injustice Mobile Bonuses

When you complete the following tasks in the Injustice Mobile iOS app the corresponding bonus in the linked console version of the game will become unlocked.
Superman Icon:
Complete the Tutorial.
Wonder Woman Icon:
Complete a battle in Injustice Mobile.
Green Arrow Icon:
Complete 10 battles in Injustice Mobile.
The Joker Icon:
Complete 25 battles in Injustice Mobile.
Doomsday Icon:
Complete 40 battles in Injustice Mobile.
Bane Background:
Collect 5 character cards in Injustice Mobile.
Solomon Grundy Background:
Collect 10 character cards.
Superman's Cape Background:
Collect 15 character cards.

Restore Energy

You can restore energy by manually forwarding your iphones clock or calendar.

Tag In Fresh Characters

A good tactic that allows you to have a whole team to call upon is to tag in fresh characters. If you use the same character repeatedly you will not be able to take advantage of other characters abilities which would be more suited for certain situations.

Cloud Save

Make sure you back up your game save to the Cloud so that if you ever delete your app you will be able to restore all your progress, cards and credits. To activate your Cloud save you just need to log into your Apple Cloud account and play the game.

Block Attacks

The more you advance the more aggresive the computer becomes and being able to block it's attacks effectively becomes vital. To block an attack you press the screen with two fingers. You will lose a small amount of health while blocking attacks.

Use Support Enhancements

It is important that you spend Power credits whenever possible on Support Enhancements to power your fighters up so you increase select abilities like energy regeneration and damage. There are countless modifiers to choose from and they will help you in battle.

Easy Super Heroes

At the beginnning of the game you will receive two super heroes which if you train starting over will earn you more. It is possible to get at least 15 super heroes easily doing this.


It is important that you measure your meter use against the task ahead of you. You need to take into account how many opponents are left on the enemy team and how much health each member of your team has left.

Easy Money

Use Night Wings special attack to kill Bane and earn easy money.

Beating Gold and Silver Characters

Use the following trick to easily beat Batman, Doomsday and prison Superman. To perform it you must have Green Arrow silver in your team as you need the freeze arrow, you will also need two more characters that have the 3rd skill. First freeze the enemy with the freeze arrow then tag in someone with the 3rd skill and use it. Freezing the enemy is important because it does twice the damage of any attack.

Super Moves

You will recieve more power when you land successful moves, when you accumulate enough power you will be able to unleash super moves. Super moves can be performed when you have filled one of the empty containers on the bottom of the screen beneath the character.

Getting More Energy

There are two ways that you can get more energy, you can either get them as battle rewards or buy them on the 'Recharge' screen. Tap on the 'Recharge' button next to your team before you fight to bring up the 'Recharge' screen and see how much energy your team has. If it is low and not up to the task ahead you can always use other hero cards while they recover.

Promote Cards To Elite

If you promote a card to Elite you will increase that character's health and damage. To promote a card you need two of the same card, you can find another copy of the character in the shop or booster pack. To perform the promotion tap on your hero card, then the 'Promote' button. Elite versions of characters are significantly more powerful than basic versions.


When characters are not in use they stay at their current levels, so to increase Batman's overall effectiveness you need to use him as often as possible so he gains new maneuvers and additional energy.

Restore energy

Set date and time one day later if you have no energy left. Then go back to the game and your energy is restored!

Upgrade Characters

Buy upgrades whenever possible so you are able to increase the damage of the special attacks you already have or to find a new one in a booster pack. Tap on your hero card and tap on a special attack to upgrade it. This can be done either by buying an upgrade or using any upgrades you already have.

Energy refilling

Once your energy runs out when your playing just go to settings and put your date forward by a day which will automatically refill you characters energy then you can go back to the right day and nothing will happen to your characters energy. It's so simple.

ACTUAL Energy Refill

The actual and probably only way to refill your energy now, is to simply;
1. Open up Injustice: Gods Among Us and also your iPad Settings.
2. After you feel you need to refill energy from playing, go to Settings. Make sure you have an internet connection as well.
3. Go to Date & Time. Adjust the time to advance 2 hours and turn off the iPad/iPhone COMPLETELY.
4. Turn on the iPad/iPhone and jump into the game. There! Your energy is refilled!
Now this does take some time but it is worth it.


Make sure you keep an eye on how much energy each of your cards has as it will be drained by fighting. Energy naturally recovers over time or if you do not want to wait you can instantly fill a card's energy to full by using Recharge.

Injustice gods Among us New Money glitch for IOS/Android

Step 1:Go to battle select and pick a Battle
Step 2:Go to Edit team then pick a character with a Promotion
Step 3:Press store in the bottom right hand corner
Step 4:Go to sell as fast as you can
Step 5: If the character shows up you've done it right
Step 5:If it doesn't show up then try another character
Step 6:Then promote that character
Step 7:Exit out of the character Menu then sell that character SELL AWAY!!!!! And it keeps going on until you hit another tab from the store
If it doesn't work for you Try another Character I would Prefer Batman,The Flash, And Aqua man IF you have any problems about this cheat Talk to me about it and this cheat is not mine I give credit to Rifts Gaming here's the video link to my steps GIVE ALL THE CREDIT TO..

NEW Energy refill

When you run out of energy and have no refills simply close the game go to your settings change your date and time to a day later then turn off phone turn back on then go back on the game

Unlimited Energy Refill

When you have run out of energy on your players, simply exit the game and change the clock on your iphone/ipad/android ahead a few hours. Restart the game and the energy will be refilled.

Arkham Batman and Batgirl

This cheat is for people who have Arkham Batman and Batgirl. When you unlock Arkham Batman's super move put Arkham Batman and Batgirl into a team and when the battle begins you will have all 3 bars of energy straight away therefore your first enemy will be knocked out.

Fast Way To Grind Money

I've got two of these cheats:
1. Keep doing Bonus Battle 1 (use 1 strong character, 2 weak ones, change all after half their energy is drained)
2. Keep doing Battle 33 over and over, start over when you reach the Supermans or Batmans, but if you have 3 gold characters or very strong silver characters,you might be able to manage.
TIP FOR BLACK ADAM REGIME: complete Bonus Battle 5

Flip Glitch: Gets you tons of credits, and booster packs!

Before you begin: Make sure your Home Button is on the right/left side, and you should have at least 8,000 credits before beginning this cheat
Step 1: Open Injustice App and go to Store.
Step 2: After you have entered the Store, click the home button.
Step 3: Turn your device around 160°.
Step 4: Do this step quickly! Open Injustice App, and click on Bronze Booster Pack two times, and Most Wanted Pack multiple (3 or more) times.
Step 5: If you did Step 4 correctly, the Bronze Booster Pack should pop up. Click confirm for 8,000 credits.
Step 6: You should get Most Wanted Pack instead! May not always work, though!
Look up Flip Glitch on YouTube, if I do not post a video on this site.

Getting More Credits

If you need more credits you can either replay battles you have completed or buy more Power credits by tapping the 'Credits' button next to your credits total on the bottom of the screen.

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