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Batman Missions

Injustice: Gods Among Us Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Batman Missions


MISSION 011 - Sparring Practice
= Show Nightwing how rusty you are - MISSION GOAL
= Land a 10 Hit Combo
= Hit Nightwing 15 times in the head

Very simple mission. The Super Move takes care of the second goal while hitting Nightwing with standing L or jumping moves constantly will accomplish the final goal.

MISSION 012 - Baffled Bats
= Apprehend Raven - MISSION GOAL
= Use an Interactive Object
= Win a Clash

This is still a pretty normal match aside from the Scarecrow statys effects like screen-tilting, slowdown time, etc. The only status effect you need to be concerned is the reverse Controls, when this happens I would suggest holding the opposite direction to keep moving forward and keep hitting Raven with Combo Attacks. Don't be afraid, it's much easier to fight your way through instead of trying to block several moves in succession with reverse controls. The interactible object is on the right side area. For the final objective, get to your second life bar and reach full super meter status. Let Raven do her own Clash first, just make sure you DON'T spend any meters on her Clash. Now do your OWN Clash, this time use ALL of your super meters to wager on your own Clash to guarantee the win.

MISSION 013 - Grenades and Grundy
= Apprehend Grundy - MISSION GOAL
= Win without missing a grenade
= Win without using grenades

Pick up the grenades littered across the arena. Press any button after picking up the explosive to lob it over to Grundy. Second goal is self-explanatory. For the final goal, you need to do it on another mission attempt. Keep hitting Grundy with aerial attacks and jump-ins to avoid the Throws and keep jumping behind him. Save your meters for Grundy's Clash as your Super Move will barely do any damage anyway.

MISSION 014 - Pie in the Face
= Reach Joker and Harley - MISSION GOAL
= Don't move backwards
= Avoid 10 pies

Move to the right to reach your goal. To avoid the teeth, just jump forward. For the pies, move forward to avoid most of the pie Throws, while for the arching pies, move slowly and let the pies hit the ground first. Second goal is very simple to understand. For the final goal, wait for the pies to either pass over your head or let them drop to the ground before you move ahead..

MISSION 015 - Killer Croc
= Apprehend Killer Croc - MISSION GOAL
= Dodge 10 Shoulder Charges
= Flawless Victory

Keep hitting the prisoners with a Batarang – b, f + 2, in order to beat them. Killer Croc kills you in 3 hits so be careful. To get the second goal, stay as far to the back as you can, wait for Croc to scream and initiate the shoulder charge, then jump forward to avoid his ram. The final goal means you cannot be hit even once.

MISSION 016 - Deathstroke Destroy
= Destroy the APC - MISSION GOAL
= Win with at least 10 seconds remaining
= Make 5 rockets hit the APC

Stay at the far left and jump away to avoid The Joker's rockets. To make the rockets hit the APC, stand beside the APC and keep hitting it with melee moves, then wait for the Joker to taunt and shoot the rocket, then jump back to the left to make the rocket connect to the APC.

MISSION 017 - Evil Duo
= Apprehend Harley and Joker - MISSION GOAL
= Win using only Special Moves
= Execute a Combo greater than 30%

To achieve the second goal, use Straight Grapples and Slide Kicks when the enemies close in, while spam Batarangs when they are far away. You can use Specials and the Super Move to get the second goal. Combo Attacks count as Normals so avoid them totally. Connecting the Super Move will net you the final goal.

MISSION 018 - Cat Nap
= Save the guard and stop Catwoman - MISSION GOAL
= Reflect the rocket at the last second
= Don't miss a Parry

The control for the parry is d, b + 3. The second goal can be received by delaying the Controls and wait at the very last second for the rocket to reach you, then perform the parry input. The last goal is achieved together with the main mission goal.

MISSION 019 - Heli-Battle
= Destroy the helicopter - MISSION GOAL
= Survive 8 seconds while fighting the guards without getting hit
= Execute a combo greater than 20%

Hit the guards with a jump + 3, then follow-up with a ground combo attack to finish them off fast. Jump over to avoid the helicopter gun sweeps. After the last soldier drops the rocket launcher, pick up the rocket launcher after the helicoper stops firing to keep yourself safe. For the second goal, simply keep doing double jumps on the first soldier to buy yourself the required 8 seconds. As mentioned above, the jump + 3 into ground combo attack can almost always guarantee a 20% combo for the third goal.

MISSION 020 - Dark Night Vision
= Apprehend Bane - MISSION GOAL
= Win with a throw
= Never reach max Super Meter

Simple enough mission, even with the night vision gimmick and all. Second goal is pretty self-explanatory. For the last goal, always meter burn your specials whenever you build a meter to keep it from reaching full meter status.

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