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Follow the dark path or use the light

SALVATION - Battle for the Salvation

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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SALVATION - Battle for the Salvation

The Imperials are coming to our party and they don't have an invitation. The whole mix of enemies will be coming one pod at a time. Minor enemies from the first, but soon AT-MPs and AT-STs and Stromtroppers from 2 more. Mind Trick the first group to help you and then concentrate on reflecting AT-MP missiles back their way.

HOLOCRON - Experience
There are a group of snipers on the upper right. Jump up on the middle ledges and then dash over to the snipers and eliminate them. The Holocron is in an escape pod in the back of this area.

After that Saber Throw the 2 locking pylons in the main area and then you can move out of here.  Follow the hall until you have to jump back down into the engine room area. This time you need to Force Grip the small cogs and move them into the crossed rotating electrical field to short them out.

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank
You will come to a section of red cogs that are glowing that you need to Lightning to blow them up and get past. The Holocron is in the middle of these cogs.

Continue through killing all the enemies down here until you get to the end. On the left side is a small chamber with some cogs you can jump up on to get to the next area. Head back into the main engine room and eliminate all the enemies.

HOLOCRON - Meditation saber crystal
Right in the hallway. Can't miss it.

You'll soon be back into the long cavernous area jumping from platform to platform. The only difference is the Imperials trying to blast you now. Once back on actual decking a Wardriod will come out of an Imperial pod. This one has flames, but is destroyed the same way as the carbonite droids.

HOLOCRON - Incineration saber crystal
Make sure to check its pod before moving on for the saber crystal.

It's all a straight forward path from here working your way through Wardroids and Terror Troopers as you double back on the path you took in the last chapter.

HOLOCRON - Blue Bacta Tank
This Holocron is in the side room where you destroyed the last three coolant tanks. It's in the middle of the front tank again. This time they are already destroyed and the door is open. (Since you did do it last level right?)

HOLOCRON - Experience
As you continue working your way back to the bridge you'll finally have to take a new path as the way is blocked ahead of you. Force Grip the broken elevator UP so that you can go under in. Turn around when you land and jump up to the small dark alcove. The Holocron is in there.

You'll come to an unmanned Turbo Laser. Kill the Imperials and then fire the laser. Afterwards grab its fuse and use it to open the next door. Inside there are 3 more lasers and also a ton of Imperials. Clear out the riff raff and then head to small back room and grab the fuse from that laser. Grip it back to the one fallen in the middle of the room and then use the Turbo Laser to blow yourself a hole to continue.

Now you're going to find yourself with a real laser. Kill all the enemies and as you make your way around back the thing will get blasted.

HOLOCRON - Experience
This one you have to work for. Head to the front of the laser and there will be two large crates. Stack them one on top of the other near the Holocron. Now head around back of the laser and hug the left wall. If you go down the middle the game will advance. Double jump to your crates, then double jump dash to the Holocron. You just got the hardest one.

Now go back on top of the laser and stand in the middle and you'll have a button smashing sequence and then you'll take out the star destroyer. Now its just a spider filled platform ride back to the bridge. Repulse, repulse, and repulse some more.

SALVATION - Battle for the Salvation Collectibles

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Apr 4th 2013 Guest
Throw the flames back at them like missiles
ID #270336
Jul 22nd 2011 Guest
dont try taking them out all at once
ID #60196
Jul 19th 2011 Guest
i need help beating the four flame throwing robots
ID #59326
Nov 22nd 2010 Team SuperCheats
If you need further help, please just ask here or make a question :
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ID #18933
Nov 20th 2010 Guest
This Guide is pretty worthless, all it tells you about is the holocrons. There are no strategies or how to get past a certain point. rate it a 1 of 10
ID #18800