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Follow the dark path or use the light

KAMINO: The Escape

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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KAMINO: The Escape

ACHIEVEMENT: Stakross Medal of Excellence [10/Bronze]
As soon as you take control after the brief tutorial you will be free falling and it's time to get the first achievement. Stakross is for destroying all the lightning pylons during this first fall. It's very easy. Just spam Force Push and move side to side and it will unlock very quickly.

Achievement - Stakross Medal of Excellence

You'll soon land in a large control room that will be devastated by your landing. A fresh battalion of Storm Troopers will soon enter though. If you are playing on higher difficulty levels I can not stress enough the importance of Block. Block will be your best friend as you use it to gain ground on the enemies. Use Push, Lightning, Saber Combos, etc. Whatever you want to get past these early easy enemies.

Once outside Double Jump over the small gap and continue to destroy Storm Troopers.

ACHIEVEMENT: Sky Killer [20/Bronze]
You'll soon be on a walkway where there are never-ending TIE Fighters coming at you. You need to destroy 15 TIE Fighters for the achievement.

ACHIEVEMENT: Poor Bob [10/Bronze]
While we are at some easy Storm Troopers we can get this aggressive achievement out of the way. First you need to Force Grip a Storm Trooper. While holding him off the ground do a Saber Attack to throw your lightsaber at him, then Force Lightning. Finally hurl him into an object to get the achievement. It's best to do after eliminating all the other storm troopers in the area.

Achievement - Poor Bob

HOLOCRON - Chaos saber crystal
Continue on the path using Force Pull to pull the platform out so you can get across. On top of the area is the first Holocron. It contains a chaos saber crystal.

After dropping down you'll encounter a new enemy. The Imperial Riot Trooper. They are immune to saber attacks but force moves and grapples make short work of them. After a battle with another 2 Riots and a couple Storm Troopers you'll get attacked by TIE Fighters. You have to Force Grip several TIEs for the doors to open.

ACHIEVEMENT: Kamfetti [10/Silver]
To the left of this new area is a large fan. Your goal is to Force Grip all the Storm Troopers in the area and launch 5 of them into the fans. Very easy. There is another fan around the corner.

HOLOCRON - Meditation saber crystal
There is another Holocron at the end of the hall past the fire traps.

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank
As you continue outside you will come to a half circle walkway. The Holocron is out to the left on a small platform.

Continue pushing forward through wave after wave of Storm Trooper. You'll eventually come to 2 giant spinning fans. Use your Force Grip on both to get them to stop spinning. Then continue on.

Use Force Grip on the containers and send them into the far consoles on both sides to drop the force field. Then continue with the killing.

HOLOCRON - Experience
There is a Holocron on the table in the small room.

ACHIEVEMENT - Pied Piper [20/Bronze]
You will land in a room where you will learn the Jedi Mind trick. The Pied Piper achievement is for enticing 10 enemies to leap off to their death with Mind Trick. From now on in this level whenever you get to Storm Troopers use the Mind Trick on them to have them kill themselves.

ACHIEVEMENT - It Burns! [20/Bronze]
ACHIEVEMENT - No Match For A Good Blaster At Your Side, Kid [10/Bronze]
You'll be attacked by turbo lasers and need to drop down into a series of Red Force Fielded area. Force Grip the Storm Troopers and send them into the Red Force Fields until It Burns! unlocks. Then try to draw the rest of the Storm Troopers in the turbo laser fire for No Match. You may need to do this section more then once to get enough turbo laser kills.

Achievement - It Burns!

When you get to the end of the section you'll fight your first Carbonite War Droid. First Force Grip the shield and smash the button indicated to rip the shield of the droid and send it back at him. Then watch out for the carbonite freeze and use Force Lightning to take the droid down. After a few combos you'll get the button sequence event to destroy the droid.

HOLOCRON - Experience
Another Holocron is in plain site as you start this outside area. Simply double jump dash through it.

ACHIEVEMENT - Up, Up, and Away [20/Bronze]
Continue fighting outside and you'll come to some Jumptroopers with jet packs. You need to Force Lightning 20 of these guys. If you want the achievement now, Force Lightning the ones on the area and then jump off to your death to reload the area.

After that a group of Storm Troopers followed closely by another Carbonite Droid. Force Lighting and also overloading the Red Power nodes can do some major damage.

HOLOCRON - Blue Bacta Tank
This Holocron is immediately to your left as you enter the next building.

Now just Dash your way down the hall and back outside. Grab 3 TIE Fighters and throw them at the tower to make it collapse. Then run across it and you'll be told about Force Fury. Activate it and go to town with saber combos on the two AT-STs and that will end the level.

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How do I beat the war droid with the shield in the cloning factory?
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