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Follow the dark path or use the light

CATO NEIMOIDIA: The Eastern Arch

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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CATO NEIMOIDIA: The Eastern Arch

ACHIEVEMENT - Valet [10/Bronze]
After taking care of the first wave of Storm Troopers pull back by Vader's TIE. Use Force Grip to crush it into a ball and then launch it into the AT-MP for an easy achievement.

Achievement - Valet

Then next platform has a new enemy. Sith Acolytes. These guy are immune to force moves but crumble under sabers. So Dash dodge in close and grapple them for an easy kill.

HOLOCRON - Protection saber crystal
This crystal in on the other platform past the Acolytes. It's behind a stack of boxes so it's not visible right away.

ACHIEVEMENT - Return To Sender [20/Bronze]
You will go down an elevator and there will be a AT-MP right in front of you. Simply Force Grab all its missiles and send them right back for the achievement.

Follow the path around and the Baron will take off in a ship to escape. Enemies will then take some elevators down to get you. Eliminate all of them and then Force Grip the elevators to raise them up little by little. Raise the middle one just slightly, then the right one between the middle one and the high right ledge.

HOLOCRON - Experience
Jump from elevator to elevator and grab this Holocron on the top ledge which is your destination.

Continue down the hall and you'll get to an area with large hanging platforms and you'll learn how to Saber Throw. Use it to bring down the platform to a level you can get to and then Saber Throw the next one and hop over to it.

ACHIEVEMENT - Strike! [10/Bronze]
Inside the Palace there are a few of these spheres to to use. Grab them with Force Grip, use Lightning on them, and then send them down the halls to kill enemies. You need to get 3 with one throw. If you don't get it in this first area don't worry as there are plenty of these around the rest of the level.

There are also a few doors in this area. You can Force Push them open but it's far easier to just saber the glass and jump on through.

HOLOCRON - Fury saber crystal
As you exit the second set of glass doors the Holocron is on the left. You do have to turn to see it so make sure you don't miss it.

Lightning 2 more Jumptroopers and then use Force Grip and a button smash to destroy the force field towers. Then another AT-MP so just deflect its missiles back at it by blocking right before they get to you. Work your way through Storm Troopers to another section now with 2 AT-MPs. Again just deflect their missiles back and it's no problem.

HOLOCRON - Healing saber crystal
When you get back inside there is another sphere. When you remove it, the Holocron is underneath it.

Continue through to more AT-MPs and then a series of Rioters and finally some more Sith Acolytes. Once they are down take the elevator.

HOLOCRON - Blue Bacta Tank
Another run dash sequence. Just double jump dash to maneuver away from the obstacles and storm troopers. About hallway there is a Holocron in the air, you need to double jump dash through. If you miss it just let yourself die for another crack at it.

Then another big drop and boom! we are in another room. Casino time.  Force Push or just break the glass. There is another sphere in here if you need yet another chance at Strike!.

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank
There the Holocron is in the middle of the top force field area of the first casino area.

After all the enemies are dead break through the door on the left. Take out all the enemies and the jump to the second floor area and Saber Throw the top of  the elevator shaft. It will crash out and you can drop down the shaft to the next area.

ACHIEVEMENT - Break The Bank [10/Bronze]
If you haven't gotten it already bust open 10 of the game/slot machines in the area for the achievement.

There is a AT-MP and some Acolytes down here.

HOLOCRON - Experience
There is a Holocron hovering over one of the high bridge areas. Make sure to get it before you drop down the next shaft.

When you drop down the next area is filled with carbonite vapor. There are 2 Carbonite Droids and a ton of extra Troopers. Mind Trick the Troopers and destroy the Droids with your Lightning as you have been.

After destroying the last one Force Push your way through the Carbonite doors. At the end of the hall is a holo of a Fett. Destroy the 3 games machines in front of it and the Outfit Holocron will appear.

Gunship Battle
As you ride the tram use quick Force Grip motions to throw the TIEs into each other. The battle itself is very easy. Stay to the back of the tram and the turret and bombs can't even hit you. Then Force Grip the missiles back to the gunship and the battle will be over very fast.

CATO NEIMOIDIA: The Eastern Arch Collectibles

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Comments for CATO NEIMOIDIA: The Eastern Arch

7 comments, latest first.
Jul 22nd 2011 Guest
along with that take a step forward when deflecting the four all at once
ID #60195
Mar 9th 2011 Guest
It's much easier to deflect the missles back by pushing L2 right before they arrive than it is to use R2 for force push
ID #31991
Jan 25th 2011 Guest
I can't seem to get past this battle, the tram's health is diminishing far quicker than the gunship's and the missiles come too quick for me to grab them all and send them back at the ship, it's quite possible I'm just crap, but is there a trick to this I'm not getting??
ID #26837
Jan 4th 2011 Guest
to do the longest jump, double jump, dash and force push (will perform an extra dash)
ID #24048
Dec 29th 2010 Guest
i cant seem to jump from the last elevator to the platform, any tips
ID #23068
Dec 25th 2010 Guest
Clunky controls on PC have destroyed what could have been a good game. I tried to do as you say but no matter what I do the force grip doesn't grab hardly any of the missiles.
ID #22429
Nov 14th 2010 Guest
I've found it is actually easier to use Force Lightning on the TIEs while on the tram as the lightning jumps from one Tie to another, sometimes destroying three of them before they can fire on the tram.

I've only tried this on a re-play and not on a new game.
ID #18249