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KAMINO - The Confrontation

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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KAMINO - The Confrontation

I hope you not only love Double Jump Dash but are really good at it because that is pretty much all this level is. Start but working your way around the interior hall talking out enemies as you go.

HOLOCRON - Disintegration saber crystal
When you get outside you will see the saber crystal in front of you on a half circle platform. Before you drop down Force Grip the crate that is beside you on this high area and move in front of the platform. Then hop down and use the crate to get Holocron.

ACHIEVEMENT - Amplified [10/Bronze]
There are large energy coils in this next area. To get the achievement you need to Grip throw 10 Imperials into them.

HOLOCRON - Shock saber crystal
You'll do yet another drop down into a room with a ton of Spiders. After taking them all out the saber crystal is right in the room.

First we need to clear the ground area. We are going to have Jumptroopers, Sith, Terror, everyone is coming to the party. Watch your back and eliminate people as soon as they arrive with grapples.

ACHIEVEMENT - Top of the World [10/Bronze]
For this achievement you need to make it all the way to the top without falling once. One fall and its restart mission. This is not a fun achievement with the lack of precision in jump dashing. Always try to end your dash at the widest part of any area and jump a little early. I died so many times to simply falling off the edge when I was no where near the edge. Work your way up moving the large long circular sections up, down, left or right as needed. About halfway up you'll come to a door and you need to Force Grip open.

HOLOCRON - Experience
Then in the final section you'll get to a series of rotating circle platforms with glass chambers on them. There is pretty much a Terror Trooper on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE PLATFORMS. At the top level you'll see the yellow Holocron inside one of these. Smash it open to get the last Holocron.

KAMINO - The Confrontation Collectibles

Prepare yourself for the most boring boss battle in the history of the world. 90% of this battle is Vader jumping away from you, pulling in a bunch of clones, you Mind Trick them to fight Vader, then you beat on Vader. Get a button sequence and then REPEAT. A LOT. An insane number of times. The only times I died was from bad jumps.


Vader Battle


At the end pick a path. Dark or Light. If you want both achievements and both endings, as soon as you pick one and get the achieve drop to dash and reload and you'll be right at the decision.

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Comments for KAMINO - The Confrontation

6 comments, latest first.
Jun 6th 2014 Darkrai Slayer
There is no need to use the box. Go around the far side, after you defeat the troopers and the two walkers, turn back to face the round thing that the holocron is on. There is a small ledge. Hop on that, and you can double jump dash to the top of the thing, then its just a short walk to the disintegration saber crystal holocron
ID #394630
Mar 14th 2014 Guest
how do you get the second dissinagration saber
ID #364197
Jul 10th 2013 Guest
quickest, most boring, Xbox game i've ever played. -_-
ID #296497
Feb 18th 2012 Guest
ID #116086
Jul 28th 2011 Guest
awesome game
ID #61991
Jan 12th 2011 Guest
You can't actually defeat Vader until the end (And only if you choose the dark side) The easiest way to get to that point is to follow him to each platform. The clones will follow you. Mind control the blue ones to attack him, destroy the other ones (As they do nothing but spin around and hit you with their light sabers). Watch out for the special moves if you are on the edge of the platform as I fell off twice. I chose the good side of the force at the end, but it was a complete anticlimax to the game. All in all, only took 8 hours to complete the game in hard mode.
ID #25080