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SALVATION - Aboard the Salvation

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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SALVATION - Aboard the Salvation

The opening section has you running through the halls of the ship to get to the bridge. There are no enemies you just need to Force Grip the door open. Afterwards you will run down the corridor to find a shut down door. Use Force Lightning on the conduit to the left to activate the door. The next door requires you to first Force Grip the part and place it back in the conduit before you Lightning it. Then Force Grip pull open the next door and we are introduced to the Terror Spiders. You'll also learn Repulse at the start of the second group of spiders. Lightning and Repulse do wonders here.

HOLOCRON - Regeneration saber crystal
After the battle put the part back in the door and lightning the conduit to open the door. The Holocron is in the middle of the hall on the other side.

Go forward and drop down into the elevator shaft. Terror Spiders will start dropping in on you. Just stand in the middle and keep readying Repulse until you get to the bottom. Work your way forward killing all the spiders as you go since there is an achievement for destroying 200.

ACHIEVEMENT - Master of Disaster [10/Bronze]
There is an achievement for destroying all the Coolant Tanks on the Salvation. This next room has the first group of 8. 2 per corner. I'll let you know when there are more.

Head through the flaming doors and you'll see Juno on the other side of a Force Field. You can't get through right now so head back the way you came and you'll be introduced to the Terror Troopers. These guys like to do invisible so go into block and when they pop out, Lightning or Mind Trick followed by Saber Combos does wonders. After the battle Force Grip the door part from the fire door and place it into the open slot on the other set of doors. Then Lightning and on your way.

The next hall contains 4 more Coolant Tanks and several more Terror Troopers.

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank
When you go through the next doors there will be a set of doors in front of you and a hall down the right. Turn around and pull the fuse from the door and take it down the long hall. At the end there is a door on the right. Use the Fuse and Lightning to open the door. The last three coolant tanks are in there. Bust all three for the achievement and then get the Holocron that is in the middle of the middle tank.

Now go back to the other door and place the fuse right in front of it in the door and Lightning it open. Go through and see a cutscene then break the glass and start he chase. You'll come to a area of the ship where the wall have been blasted out so we need to jump from ledge to ledge.

HOLOCRON - Blue Bacta Tank
When you get to the open area with the ledge the Holocron is right under you. You need to jump to the fall ledge and then jump back. Don't stay here long as it will drop out.

Now work your way ledge to ledge through this section. Most of the way done you'll come to a room with 3 fuses, you need to Grip one and send it forward down the way to open the next door. When you get to the end there will be another drop down. Soon we are in the engine section of the ship. It's not set up very well as you have to destroy and damage things just to move around in here.

First wait for the red energy fields to stop and then Force Dash through. Jump over the middle cogs and Force Grip the spinning fan to stop it so you can walk right through.

HOLOCRON - Experience
There is a Holocron on the left side of a smaller spinning fan. These stop of their own. So wait for the right moment and jump Froce Dash your way through.

Drop down to the next lower level and we have some more Terror Spiders. Continue jumping and dashing your way to the final area before getting to the actual engine road.

HOLOCRON - Experience
You'll come to a room with two ledges on your side and two ledges on the far side. On the far left is a pipe and the Holocron is on this pipe. Jump Force Dash through it. If you miss you can do it after you clear the room. If you land on the pipe and dash to the other side you can actually pass by the entire encounter.

There is a Terror Giant, Spiders, and Troppers in the room. Take them all out and then use Force Grip on the lift between two ledges to get on top. Make your way to the elevator and you're almost done.

Terror Walker
First we have to lift the 4 pylons in the center. Just keep the Terror Walker to the opposite side and Force Grip them up. This turns off the Walker's shields. Head to him and saber the legs, dashing out of the way when the Walker lifts one to try to smash you. Eventually his head will fall so go to town on that.

When he regains shields 4 fuses on the outer wall will drop out. You need to Grip and Lightning all 4 of these to lower his shields again. Problem is this time there are Spiders and and Terror Troopers in the mix now. Fastest way to put the fuses back is to Lightning the fuse while its in Grip while you are putting it back.

After all four are back in repeat the process of bashing it's legs, followed by its head.

ACHIEVEMENT - Droid Rage [10/Bronze]
You'll get a button sequence to take control of the Walker. Use it to destroy all the smaller Terrors in the room to unlock the achievment and then walk the Walker into the center generator.

Terror Walker

SALVATION - Aboard the Salvation Collectibles

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