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Follow the dark path or use the light

The Isle of the Dead

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Isle of the Dead

Talk to Patty and tell her to set a course for the Isle of the Dead, as it is now time for us to have a chat with her Dad...  We really need to figure out where his Artifact is, and that means getting the password to Garcia's Treasure Storehouse, which you probably figured out is in Antigua at the Large Waterfall, right?  Well I think so anyway.  So off to the Isle of the Dead we go!

When you talk to Patty you learn that Jaffar has been stealing from the crew -- you have to go and have a chat with him before you set sail, so get that done and then chart the course mates!  When you arrive at the Isle of the Dead you will note the ominous environment, sunken ships, and just an overall negativity about the place...  Talking to Patty you learn that the crew are going to hide below decks.  You tell her you will be going alone, and she does not seem to mind that at all...

Take the dinghy and row ashore, and then head inland where you will see a large Temple-like structure.  To the far left above you will find a Level 60 Chest inside of which is some Rum, a Torch, and another special weapon hilt -- Sword Hilt: Stormwind!  Loot those and then head up stairs to flag and complete the quest The Entrance Found.  A native named Tao stops you at the door, and confirms that this is the gateway to the Underworld.

After you exhaust the chat options with him, and you learn that you are supposed to have to be dead to pass through this gate.  As you talk with him you convince him to help you, mostly because of your shared hate of Mara.  It will take some effort to work your way through the chat options, but once you do you learn a lot about the temple and the Underworld, and what it takes to get there.  He explains that you need to drink a potion of False Death before he can take you to the other side...

The Potion of False Death requires six handfuls of Grave Dust and five Black Locust Flowers.  You will be obtaining all of that inside -- and before he opens the gate to let you in, Tao gives you a map of the island.  Sweet!

Dealing with the troubles that Jaffar has created on board.

-- Inside the Gate --

Before you reach the first resource point you will have to do a little fighting, so keep your healing stuff handy, right?  Your first opponent is a Native Warrior, and after that be sure to grab the rare Jester's Cap resource off of the work bench you just passed!  Outside on the stairs you battle a Guardian and a Ghoul pretty much at the same time.  Kill them both but keep a sharp eye on your health, as you will be chugging Grog here mates. 

At the bottom of the steps in the rocks directly ahead is Black Locust 1/5, and Black Locust 2/5 is directly to the right by the torch thingy.  The path splits ahead, so stick to the left-hand side for the moment and you will battle another Ghoul.  Another Guardian is ahead, so you will need to take it down and then search this area for Grave Dust 1/6. 

On a table inside the crypt is a book called The Cut-Throat that talks about the Parrot Wing that we already have.  There is a bottle of Painkiller here as well, then climb the ledge on the left wall and kill the Ghoul and Native Warrior, and loot the Grave Dust from the shelf on the wall -- that is 1/6.

Continue to follow this upper path and you find another Ghoul and Native Warrior -- kill them and then look around for the next two Black Lotus, with Black Lotus 3/5 near the closest tree and Black Lotus 4/5 near the tree on the right.  With those in hand, grab the Statuette from the shelf on the wall nearby, and then go to the far left side of the area and battle another Native Warrior.  After you kill him mine the gold from the vein here and then empty the chest of some Grog, x3 Sword Blanks, a Hammer and 5 gold coins.  There is a Grave Root growing here -- collect it.

Head back to the main area and around on the right-hand side (but not up the ramp, rather beside it), and you will encounter another Native Warrior; after you kill him collect Grave Dust 2/6 nearby the grave here.

Now head to the right of the ramp and mine the gold vein here before heading up the ramp to the next Native Warrior on the right above; kill him and collect Grave Dust 3/6 from just inside the building here.  There is some Jade, a Goblet, and an Old Sword inside for you to loot.  Across the area outside is another pair of Ghouls and a Native Warrior for you to battle, and beyond them on the left-hand side is a second Native Warrior for you to fight.

Out on the ledge of the hut-like structure on the edge of the path is a Jester's Cap on a shelf, be sure you get that, and then backtrack to where the room with the ledge we climbed was and take the left path out of that room, fighting the Ghoul that is patrolling there.  Just ahead you will face another Native Warrior, and then enter into a darker area where you will face a Guardian and another Ghoul!

To the left is a small room in which there is a Grave Root and Grave Dust 4/6 are found.  Directly across from this is another room at which you battle a Native Warrior and Ghoul, and inside find Grave Dust 5/6.  Head outside and to the left, backtracking to the main area where we originally split via what ends up being the middle path.  You fight two sets of two Native Warriors each, and you emerge in the main area where the paths originally split. 

Taking the far left path (what would have been the far right when facing in) you will battle a pair of Native Warriors, a Guardian, and a Ghoul (hopefully not all at the same time) and then you will battle yet another Ghoul at the building on the far right above, and then harvest Black Lotus 5/5 near the grave ahead.  Inside the small building is a Treasure Map, and a bottle of Grog.

In the next building (counter-clockwise) is a Level 20 Chest with a Buccaneer's Knife, Rum, Jade, and 35 gold coins.  After you loot that, grab the rare Swordthorn to the left of the chest, and then head to the next building and collect Grave Dust 6/6 to complete that sub-quest.

Now that we have all of the ingredients it is time to head to the end of the path to the Shrine and lay on the Alter so that Tao can whip up the Potion and lead us in!

-- The Underworld --

At the top of the steps going into the Shrine there are some Native Warrior guards who have to be dealt with, after which we talk to Tao and tell him that we have all of the ingredients.  He hands us the potion and instructs us to lay down on the alter after we drink it...  We do just that, and then we falsely die?

As we awaken we unlock the Achievement "Ghost Pirate" (20 GP) for completing this quest line and entering the Underworld.  Tao tells us what we need to do, and we flag the quest The Skull Sceptre.  Well done so far, mates!  Bear in mind that he had a price for helping us, and so we need to help some tormented or confused souls -- something like that :O

On the table to the right of the door is a Potion and an Old Coin -- take both since the Old Coin is actually the Legendary Item of that name, and we need that! 

On the right after we exit the Shrine we meet with Nahele, who tells us her story, and it turns out that she was one of the four people who originally trapped Mara!  She explains that she needs to make the Skull Sceptre -- and if we bring her the materials she will make it for us.  She needs trophy of a hunter, spear of a warrior and the spoils of a thief.  She also needs an item that belonged to the dead spirit that you wish to call back.  This flags the quest The Artist's Curse.

Motega is on the other side of the area across from her, and when you talk to him you learn that he is being punished for rebelling against Mara.  He is one of the four, it seems.  We need to help him slay the Silverback -- this flags the quest The Hunter's Curse.

Follow Motega into the "cave" and kill the Silverback to complete the sub-quests and obtain his reward.  After he thanks you his soul is at rest and disappears!

-- The Area Above Where We Killed the Silverback --

Climb up the ledge and head into the area above where we killed the Silverback, and you find a Confused Ghost who after you talk to him you flag the quest The Split Soul.  Further up the path is Akando, who says he was waiting for you...

Akando is another of the Chiefs, and he wants you to help him.  He tells you how Mara did him dirty, and asks you to steal the item that she used to curse him.  This flags the quest The Thief's Curse.  He tells you that you will need the help of a Voodoo Witch.  Once you accept this flags the quest Akando's Chest.

Inside the room near him is his chest, which is a Level 60 so you should be able to pick it no worries!  Do so, loot it clean, and that completes the quest Akando's Chest.  Now head back to him and tell him, and you set free his soul.  He tells you to keep the Diamond and that completes his quest!

As you continue to search this area you find the red 'X' for the Treasure Map and dig it up to obtain a Diam,ond, 500 gold coins, a Crown, a King's Masj and -- wait for it...  A Hook Hand!  The Hook Hand is of course the Legendary Item so that completes that sub-quest!

-- The Warrior's Curse --

Backtrack to the ledge and jump down and then take the exit to the right, heading up to the Arena area, where you meet Kusko, who wants to battle you!  He is another of the four, and his curse is to find his equal in battle -- all that you need to do is beat him and you will set him free!

Just kick his arse and you win, he is free, and you get what you came for!  After you win and chat with him, he tells you that he is finally free and gives you his Spear - you know, the item we needed?  He thanks you again, says goodbye, and zap!  At peace.  Man we are really good at this!

After you loot the buildings in the Arena area, head back to the Artist and talk to her, and she takes all of the items you obtained plus Steelbeard's hat and then she gives you the Skull Sceptre.  She is now at peace, she bids you well, and she tells you that she believes that you can succeed where they failed -- then she disappears.

Fast-Travel to the Entrance and talk to Tao, telling him that you have the Skull Sceptre.  He agrees that you fulfilled your end of the bargain and now he will do the same!  He heads to the edge and he summons Steelbeard for you!  Sweet!

A long overdue chat with the Ghost of Captain Steelbeard

-- Steelbeard's Ghost --

Of course he arives on a ghost Pirate Ship!  The reunion is just what I expected it to be, with an angry Pirate Captain!  His arrival completes the quest Steelbeard's Ghost, and you can now talk to him...  You have to drag it out of him but he does tell you where the Artifact is -- that completes the quest Talk to Steelbeard's Ghost.  He gives you the map and the password to the door, and now you know where the Artifact is!  Well, we hope...  I mean what if Garcia did find it?

Steelbeard disappears at this point and we need to head back to the ship and talk to Patty.  Tao tells you that you can use the Skull Sceptre yourself -- you are that strong in the arts of Voodoo he claims -- so you can use the thing to summon Steelbeard even when you are not in the Underworld!  Sweet!

Fast-Travel to the Alter, use it, and then Fast-Travel to the ship, and there talk to Patty and tell her what has happened.  She tells you which way up is, and then you tell her what her father did... 

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May 4th 2013 Guest
Use the monkey to get the ingredients.. Then run to the alter .. That way you only fight 2 warriors. Get the monkey with level 8 cunning and monkey trainer
ID #280071
Mar 15th 2013 Guest
I found one of the most effective ways to defeat the Guardians in the Underworld was to run into one of the small rooms and step back a ways...The Guardian was too big to enter, so he stayed outside the doorway swinging his battle hammer. I had to time my left hand pistol shots, but within a few minutes the Guardian was down and I was unharmed.
ID #263824
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