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Follow the dark path or use the light

On to Antigua at Last

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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On to Antigua at Last

Upon our arrival in Antiqua there are a few minor tasks that we need to complete, starting with a meeting with Rick the Storehouse Master on the docks.  You chat with him to learn that the other ship in port belongs to Captain Slayne!  Rick tells you where the Captain's House is and then tells you that now is not a good time to be selling you anything...  This flags the quests Powder Kegs and A Treasure on Antigua.

In the pub you can talk to Morgan and flag the quest The Helmsman, and you can learn a bit from Harvey about Captain Slayne -- at least you can learn what he thinks of his Captain.  Harvey confirms that Slayne has the Dagger on board, and suggests that you talk to Alvarez if you want to know more about it...  A chat with Spence the bartender reveals that the port has fallen on hard times thanks to Mara and the Kraken.  In fact that is why the bar is short on pretty much everything you want to drink!  Talking more on the subject causes him to offer you the quest Procure Fresh Supplies from Tacarigua -- that is to say, go to Booze for a shipment of Rum!

-- A Quick Run to Tacarigua --

After you flag the quest from Spencer you may as well jump in your boat and head back to Tacarigua to chat up Booze, get the cargo loaded, and head back to Antigua to deliver it.  Who knows, you just may make a friend out of the deal!  Well, maybe not a friend, but you do earn 1000 gold coins and a few hundred Glory so it is not really a bad thing...

Re-Supplying the Rum on Antigua

-- Emma the Port Witch --

The building behind the pub is where you will find Emma, a witch of sorts, who you can buy some Voodoo resources from, and she has an Alter if you need it, and quite a few recipes as well.  She also has the Legendary Item the Voodoo Needle, which is 2000 gold coins -- just suck it up and pay the cost on that, and it is a done deal!

She has something to say about Captain Slayne...  There is an Alter here that you can use, and if you look on the fireplace there is a book to read that flags the quest for the Legendary Item The Broken Rattle.

Head down onto the beach and you find Quinn, who says he has some special and rare items that he wants to sell to you!  Basically he has two items to sell to you, but you have to buy them before you learn what they are.  One is 200 gold coins, the other is 300 gold coins.  The first item is a Treasure Map, the second is the Tavern Key!  This flags the quest The Treasure on a Rocky Plateau on Antigua.  Quinn is also a merchant of a mixed bag of items, some Voodoo as well, so check out his wares.  The chest here has a Curse Doll, Grog, some Lead Shot and 15 gold coins if you want them...

-- The Back Alley and the Jungle --

In the alley behind Emma's shop you will find Wilson the Armorer -- he explains he is not making any sales until the trade embargo is lifted, but you can nick a sword blank from a barrel here and if you chat him up you will flag the quest Pure Luxury -- assuming you can figure out who the lady is that Wilson has a fancy for that is...

Head outside of town along the road out of the alley and you will run into a Pirate named Bill, who warns you that if you head into the jungle you are on your own!  He is not talking about regular animals, but the Sunken! 

Follow the path past him and you will find Miles by a pond -- he asks for Rum -- if you ask him for water he tells you now water is available due to the embargo...  This flags the quest Water Barrels...  You get to meet Butch a little farther down the path, but as there is no dealing with him and you will have to deal with him later, just have a chat and then move on...

Down towards the beach you can fight some beasts for Glory and resources, find yourself the odd chest to loot, and get some exploring in.  It is a good idea to do this but not a good idea to go alone, because there are some monsters out there you may need help killing!

Keep in mind that this area is worth exploring though it can be a bit complicated in keeping track of where you have been and where you have not -- the thing is there is a lot of Glory to be had as well as a fair bit of resources and money, so as I say, taking the time now to go ahead and explore the areas outside of town before you progress the quests is really a good and worthwhile activity!

In the Fisherman's Hut you will find a book The Courageous Man -- that talks about the Peg Leg we already found -- and a chat with Eddie the fisherman reveals the fate of his mate Duncan, and that flags the quests The Hobgoblin, The Missing Fisherman, and Fresh Fish.

-- The Hobgoblin --

As you work your way along the beach you will find the entrance to a large cave, and inside of it will be a Hobgoblin as well as an army of other beasts.  Slay them and be sure to mine the ore vein here, pick up the odd loot, and explore the cave to find Duncan! 

Duncan is so relieved to have been saved by you that he rewards you with the Treasure Map he has, and that flags the quest The Treasure in the Grotto on Antigua.  Well done mates!  The treasure mark is on an alcove on the way out, so why not dig up the chest, as it contains a Gold Nugget, 500 gold coins, and a pair of idols!  Head back to the shack to let Eddie know that Duncan is safe and he is so relieved that he ignores the ban on trade and rewards you with the Fish Barrels you were seeking, completing that sub-quest!  Well done!

As you continue to explore the area you will come to a narrow area with a Claw Monkey and a Chest -- after you kill it and loot the chest, climb the ledges all the way to the top to find the location with the red 'X' for the Treasure on a Rocky Plateau on Antigua (map) and loot that to find a Black Pearl, Ruby, 200 gold coins, and a Golden Plate.  Remember that you should hold on to gems, jewels, and the odd pearl as those are used in recipes -- but you can sell the plate!

Finding the Legendary Left Boot and unlocking Storyteller

-- Finding Mac's Tower --

In addition to Hobgoblins you will also find a lot of Claw Monkeys, a Gorilla, an Alligator or two, some Sunken Ones, and other significant beasts to kill, as well as more than a few chests!  You will eventually locate Mac's Tower -- and Mac -- and chat him up to learn about him and hear some of his stories.  He only tells you so much and then asks you to do a quest for him -- Rick the Storehouse Manager in town was supposed to deliver a package of supplies and food to him but it is overdue.  He asks you to get it for him -- and that flags the quest A Package for Mac.

Fast-Travel back to town, talk to Rick, and he remembers that he was supposed to deliver the food and forgot.  You tell him you will do it, and he agrees, then you tell him about one of the treasures and in exchange for that he will deliver your powder kegs.  This completes the quests Powder Kegs and A Treasure on Antigua.  Fast Travel back to Mac's Tower and talk to him to deliver the supplies.

Now that he has his food he is happy to tell you more stories -- you can ask about Garcia and Steelbeard, and then about Mara.  What he has to say about her is not good news, but Mac knows a lot and it is worth asking and knowing, so be sure you do that.

As you explore further you will find the Large Waterfall, and toward the back of it, the Strange Gate upon which is written the instructions "Speak the Password" and this flags the quest The Password!  Since you do not know the password, for now this has to go on the back-burner, so backtrack to the main path and continue exploring to find the Legendary Item the Left Boot at the upper left-side of the map, unlocking the Achievement "Storyteller" (10 GP) for collecting 10 Legendary Items for your efforts!  Well done mates!

Just up the hill from where you found the boot is another Heroes Crown, which is a rare resource so you will want to grab that...  Farther along the coast you will find a cave in which there are some chests and the book A Pirate's Life which flags the Legendary Item quest The Hook Hand, which it explains is found on the Isle of the Dead.  Follow the upper branch of the tunnel to find a Level 60 Chest and an ore seam.  This branch of the tunnel lets out at the graveyard near the port city, and you will find a rare resource here called Grave Root that you should collect.  If you head to the right and along the beach in addition to some Giant Crab you will find another rare resource, Sharpeye, so collect that as well before you head back to the ship to heal and save and get ready to resume the story and quests as you have pretty much explored the island completely!

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