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Deep Jungle

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Kingdom Hearts Guide

Deep Jungle

Deep Jungle

Theme Music: Deep Jungle
Battle Music: Having a Wild Time

Deep Jungle is the final planet on the first ring of worlds, exactly opposite Traverse Town.

Good level: 17
Recommended level: 19
Over-leveled: 22

Movie: Tarzan, Disney 1999

Based on the book by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan chronicles the adventures of a lost child by the same name that was raised by Gorillas in the African jungle. One day, a British expedition lead by a woman named Jane Porter is marooned in the same area Tarzan and his Gorilla friends happen to be in.

Monkey Business

Enemies: Shadow, Powerwild, Bouncywild
Sub-Boss: Sabor
Boss: Clayton/Stealth Sneak
Items: Mega-Potion x2, Mega-Ether, Mythril Shard x3, Potion, Hi-Potion,
       Ether x2, Slide1-6, Mythril x2, Orichalcum, White Fang
Save points: 2 A-type

Trinity Marks:
- Blue #8, 9

Dalmatians: 25-27, 28-30, 31-33 34-36
Keychain: Jungle King

Deep Jungle: Treehouse

As soon as you land from the crash, you're thrust into a fight.


Technically, it's the sub-boss Sabor, but you face him like three times and none of those times is he the slightest challenge.

After you finish off Sabor, Tarzan comes and rescues you. Follow him off the edge, but land on the netting below. Follow the net back under the treehouse to find a chest with Mega-ether. Kay, now follow Tarzan over the edge.

Deep Jungle: Jungle Slider

Not much to do in this area. There is a save point if you want. There is also a Mega-Potion in a chest on the platform near the top of this area. A little searching should bring you across it. Otherwise, jump into the hollow tree.

There isn't anything to sliding down the tree. At least for now. It becomes a minigame later though.

Whee? Never go the appeal.

Deep Jungle: Campsite

Here at the campsite there are two things that you might as well do now. First is looking around for slides for a slide show later. Second is gathering cooking instructions to make home-made Ethers and Hi-Potions. Lets start.









Notes 1

Notes 2

Notes 3

Notes 4

Examine the table, then use Blizzard

Examine the stove, ATTACK the stove to open the door, then use Fire

When you're done, enter the tent in the middle of the area.

Deep Jungle: Tent

A cutscene starts where you're re-united with Donald and Goofy. There is another save point here if you want. Open the chest in here for a Mythril Shard. If you collected all the slides outside, talk to Jane then examine the camera to start a slide show.


Sora notices the picture of the castle, which I'll explain later in the game (actually took me a couple play throughs to notice this ;) )

Anyway, it's blatantly obvious now who you're going to have to kill at the end of this planet. Well, exit out of the tent.

Deep Jungle: Campsite

Sabor shows up for the second time. Fight him off much easier this time with the addition of Donald and Goofy.

Blue Trinity #8

- Look for a Blue Trinity near where you entered the camp by the lab table to release Dalmatians 34-36.

Now follow Sabor deeper into the jungle.

Deep Jungle: Hippo's Lagoon

There are two ways to get to where we're going. We'll take the long way this time and the short slightly-less frustrating way next time we go through. Look for a tree on the left with a vine you can climb up.

Deep Jungle: Vines 1

You have to use the Jump On command to jump from vine to vine. The problem is, some times if your timing is off, you'll jump backward and will end up going the wrong way.


- Give it a try anyway. On your way across you'll come across a chest with Mythril inside.

Deep Jungle: Vines 2

Dalmatians 28, 29, 30

- A 1 implies a 2, no? Lucky us. This time, look for a chest with Dalmatians 28-30 inside.

Upon reaching the end, Tarzan will talk with the king Gorilla. The most likely reason he talks so good English is that he's probably actually talking in Gorilla and they just translated it for us.

Things didn't work out for us. Climb the vine next to Tarzan the leads higher into the trees.

Deep Jungle: Climbing Trees

Blue Trinity #9

Follow the path around to the top. Near the top exit is another Trinity with Dalmatians 31-33.

Deep Jungle: Treehouse

Back up at the Treehouse, Donald saves the Gorilla from being shot by Clayton.

That's all you came all this way for. Further, you came here on a whim, totally lost. Well whatever. Jump back down to the Campsite.

Deep Jungle: Campsite

Back at camp, Sabor attacks... again. This time though, if your fast, you wont even notice him. You'll go into battle mode just as you enter the tent. That is, unless you WANT to fight him.

Deep Jungle: Tent

Clayton gets a scolding from Jane, only to wonder outside and start firing off his gun. Save your game and exit the tent.

Deep Jungle: Campsite


There is a Gorilla surrounded by Powerwilds. Defeat all of them to save the Gorilla and get a gummi piece. Be careful, as Powerwilds are fast and crafty. They are one of the most annoying enemies, as you actually have to think when fighting. Mindless swinging will get you no where, you have to time your attacks.

Head into the Bamboo Thicket behind the Gorilla.

Deep Jungle: Bamboo Thicket

I've always liked Bamboo... Donno why, just do. It's a neat plant....

...Way off subject. More Powerwilds are harassing another Gorilla. Beat them, get another Gummi, move deeper into the forest.

Deep Jungle: Cliff


- One final Gorilla on this side of the map. After taking out the Powerwilds, look for a pole to climb. This leads to a ledge with a Mega-Potion and Mythril Shard in chests.

Head all the way back to Camp. Save, then continue into Hippo's Lagoon.

Deep Jungle: Hippo's Lagoon

This time, rather then going all the way through the vines, use the hippos in the water to jump across the swamp.

One of them raises and lowers, so watch for that. The final one is deceptively far from the final platform. Once on it's back, you'll have to utilize every inch to reach the platform with the chest.

If you miss, swim back over to the sinking hippo and wait for him to lower a bit so that you can get on and jump back over to the next-to-last platform.

Dalmatians 25, 26, 27

The chest contains Dalmatians 25-27. Climb the pole to get into the Vines area, then climb the vine next to you to reach Climbing Trees.

Deep Jungle: Climbing Trees

The fourth Gorilla and fourth set of Powerwilds. Continue into the Treehouse area when you're finished.

Deep Jungle: Treehouse

You'll have to follow the tree limb all the way to the top, then work your way around the wood planks to get into the treehouse where the final Gorilla is.

Once you've saved him, jump down into the Campsite.

Deep Jungle: Tent

Talk to Jane and save your game. As you exit the tent, a gunshot rings out from the Bamboo Thicket.

Deep Jungle: Bamboo Thicket


Sabor attacks for the (thank goodness) FINAL time. Things like Team Rocket. This time he's at least hard to hit, as he jumps in and out of the Bamboo forest.

Once he's done, there's trouble at the Campsite. Fight your way through the Heartless all the way to the Climbing Trees area.

Deep Jungle: Climbing Trees

Giant Purple... Thing

- There are infinite Powerwilds and Bouncywilds in this area. If you really want the EXP, this is a good place to do it. Besides that, lock on to the large black thing on the side of the tree and beat on it till it is destroyed and frees Jane for some reason.

Jane tells everyone that Clayton is, surprise, evil. Run back to camp, save, and enter the Cliff area.

Deep Jungle: Cliff

Boss Fight: Clayton

Part 1: Clayton Powerwilds

Clayton only has one attack: Shotgun. The only real thing he has going for him is the fact that he can heal himself endlessly. For now, take out the Powerwilds so you can focus on Clayton. Keep hammering Clayton till the next part of the battle starts.

Part 2: Clayton Stealth Sneak

It's still the same fight as before, only it's one large Powerwild, more or less. Focus on the Stealth Sneak. It's main attack is to kick with it's hind legs, which isn't that effective.

Once it takes some damage, it'll shake Clayton off it's back and start using an energy type attack. This attack is easily dodged and slow moving, so just keep pounding him.

After he's down, beat on Clayton some more till it's finally over.



In the end, Kerchak will give you the gift of launching you into there home, in the waterfall area.

Deep Jungle: Waterfall Cavern

This area is a pain to navigate. The camera goes crazy and the platforms are misshaped. Do your best to reach the top, and look out for three chests, Shell-G, Mythril, and Orichalcum, all on the far side of the entrance.

Mythril Shard



Deep Jungle: Heart

This is the area with the Keyhole. Later, you'll come back for the White Trinity, but that's a ways off.

You'll be warped back to the Tent with your new Navi-G piece. Hop in your ship and head back to Traverse Town.

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Dec 7th 2015 Guest
ID #631803
Dec 7th 2015 Guest
I fell off how do i get back on
ID #631783
Aug 23rd 2015 Guest
Sabor is female, just so you know
ID #601592
Jul 20th 2015 Guest
Help! How do you get back to the keyhole once you have the white trinity?
ID #587159
May 9th 2015 Guest
Hey I finish the keyhole,but at the camp,the game stopped when sora speak and showed a bubble, its not stopped but I can't change it.. I push Cross button but it can't change anything.. Can someone help me?? #sorry my bad english#
ID #554174
Feb 24th 2015 Guest
Thanks this exactly what I needed oh for those who need help to get back to traverse town you have to go to wonderland first
Then go it works!!😊and for those who have trouble defeating claton keep trying! I haven't even beat him yet so don't feel bad .😊
Like the bible says: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Keep trying and good luck!!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
ID #520765
Mar 22nd 2016 Guest
you are so cool and I like what you said about the bible
ID #641919
Sep 18th 2014 Guest
wow it was hard but i think i managed to get it i am really not sure?!
ID #449220
Sep 1st 2014 Guest
How do u get in the boat at the tree house?
ID #443388
Mar 30th 2016 Guest
Wait till you get gliding power from Peter Pan around the end of the game
Then go back and you can glide to it.
ID #643722
Jul 24th 2013 SouthernGod'sGirl21
Actually, to the bit about having to time your attacks more with that one monster, I did as I normally do, and I got past them just fine.
ID #300029
Apr 4th 2013 Guest
There is a person called emiruHD he does 100% walkthroughs and can beat Clayton easily idk how he does it?
ID #270603
Mar 14th 2013 Guest
Always go after Clayton. I managed to beat him on the first try by cornering him and keeping him away from that damned lizard. Just try cornering him and fighting him; also use Fire if you can because that helped me out a lot with trying to fight him. When you're trying to use potion to heal yourself, go away from them; it helped me, it might just help you out as well. Just keep trying if you don't do it on the first try. I promise you that you'll beat him.
ID #263535
Aug 4th 2012 Guest
How do you get into the heart of the jungle?
ID #172267
Jul 16th 2012 Guest
person who culdnt get to traverse town- u need to go back to wonderland and then from there go to traverse town. it wont let u go because its not a "normal drive"
ID #164873
Jun 14th 2012 Guest
It's hard to defeat clayton. :(
ID #152851
May 28th 2012 tigerlil8
guy about the red trinity you get after deep jungle keyhole sealed
ID #146195